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Martial Peak – Chapter 5622, Resist Three Moves and You’re Free

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In the sky, Yang Kai slowly withdrew his palm. A large palm print had appeared on the ground, and not only did it crush the Feudal Lord, but also the Black Ink Nest below him was smashed to pieces.


That movement wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small either. Soon, even more Black Ink Clansmen were attracted by the noise.


Inside the area covered by the Black Ink Nests, numerous Black Ink Clansmen were alerted by the movement and came over to investigate. When they discovered Yang Kai’s aura, they immediately became excited. 


Their lives in this vast land were too bitter and boring as there was nothing to do but resist the suppression of the strange force. It was unheard of for a Human to barge in here, so how could the Black Ink Clansmens’ violent desires not be stimulated?


Soon, numerous Black Ink Clansmen arrived from all directions.


Yang Kai laughed out loud, “Very good!”


If these Black Ink Clansmen didn’t take the initiative to attack, Yang Kai couldn’t start a killing spree because of the agreement between the two Races. Back in Azure Sun Territory, it was also those three Territory Lords who struck first, justifying him to kill them.


Facing the incoming Black Ink Clansmen, Yang Kai charged forward. Instantly, Yang Kai was like a tiger in a herd of sheep, utterly unstoppable. Though he was surrounded by countless Black Ink Clansmen with Black Ink Strength surging everywhere, none of them was his match.


In a blink of an eye, Yang Kai had moved thousands of kilometres away from his original spot, and unleashed a reign of terror in his wake, destroying Low-Rank Black Ink Nests and leaving fresh corpses. 


Although Yang Kai didn’t exert too much of his strength, he could still kill these Black Ink Clansmen with a single punch or palm. He was almost at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and the strongest among these Black Ink Clansmen were Feudal Lords, so how could they hope to stop him? To put it bluntly, Yang Kai could ruthlessly kill all these Black Ink Clansmen with a single sweep of his Dragon Breath. The huge difference between their strength was not something these Black Ink Clansmen could make up for with numbers alone. 


A loud roar suddenly came from the distance, “Yang Kai, stop!”


Yang Kai was instantly frustrated, [Did my identity get exposed so quickly?]


It wasn’t because Yang Kai didn’t take care to hide his strength, but that the Black Ink Clan had been tracking him. Before this, he had been visiting one Great Territory after another in search of the Primordial Light. He didn’t even leave out the Universe Worlds taken over by the Black Ink Clan and personally went over to investigate each and every one of them. 


It could be said that the Black Ink Clan knew his whereabouts at all times because everywhere he went, the Black Ink Clan in that Territory would use their Black Ink Nests to report it as soon as possible.


This meant that it was only after Yang Kai entered the Chaotic Dead Territory that the Black Ink Clan lost track of him. 


The Black Ink Clan seemed to know that he had been searching for something recently, but they had no idea what it was. Also, orders had been passed down from the No-Return Pass saying that the Black Ink Clan was not to interfere no matter what Yang Kai did. History had proven that if not provoked, Yang Kai would maintain the agreement, so the best option was to just let him be. 


All the Black Ink Clansmen in all of the Great Territories had received these orders, so many who were overseeing each Great Territory were on edge, afraid that Yang Kai would suddenly appear in their territory and lash out.


Of course, the Ancestral Land had received the order from the Royal Lord as well. 


Everything happened so suddenly that the Feudal Lords didn’t have much time to think about it, but how could the Territory Lord overseeing this place not know what was going on? When he sensed the eruption of battle, he immediately used his Divine Sense to scan the place and realized Yang Kai had come.


There were three Mid-Rank Black Ink Nests in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land, so three Innate Territory Lords had been dispatched here to act as supervisors. 


The Territory Lord who just spoke up was a black-faced individual that seemed to resemble a Human at first glance, but he was taller and much bulkier than a Human. 


However, some Masters were skilled in Body Tempering amongst the Humans and had figures that weren’t much worse than this Territory Lord’s.


Since those Black Ink Clansmen and Black Ink Nests killed and destroyed by Yang Kai were all under his jurisdiction, he was naturally furious and called out. But Yang Kai didn’t seem like he was going to stand down, so the Territory Lord became even more furious and threw out a punch from afar while roaring, “I said stop!”


Yang Kai’s palm slammed down again and destroyed another Low-Rank Black Ink Nest before he faced the punch coming from afar without any intention of dodging and accepted it. Instantly, his body trembled, and a shimmer of light appeared across his body. He wasn’t the slightest bit injured by the attack. 


He then turned his head to look at the black-faced Territory Lord charging at him and asked, “Did you just attack me?”


Both of Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as a trace of cunning flashed in their depths, making him seem overjoyed. 


The black-faced Territory Lord was beyond furious at first, but when he met those eyes, he couldn’t help but be reminded of what happened in Azure Sun Territory. He silently cursed himself for letting his anger take over and cause this situation. 


Hurriedly stopping, the Territory Lord stammered, “It wasn’t me… I didn’t…”


Since the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3,000 Worlds, this Territory Lord had been ordered to oversee the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land and used Black Ink Strength to corrupt this piece of land, so he had not battled a Human Race Master in several millennia. 


However, with the use of his Black Ink Nest, he could still gather information from battlefields without having to leave this place. 


There were quite a lot of Masters amongst the Humans, and there were even a few that were stronger than Innate Territory Lords, but no matter how strong, all Humans had their limits, except for one who defied all reason. 


During these recent years, a single Eighth-Order Master named Yang Kai undoubtedly shone the brightest. From what this Territory Lord heard from the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai had gone to the No-Return Pass alone, killed several Territory Lords, and destroyed many High-Rank Black Ink Nests before escaping from the pursuit of the Royal Lord.


Later, news came from Profound Nether Territory, saying that the number of Territory Lords killed directly or indirectly by Yang Kai had reached over 30. 


News that came from the Acacia Territory said that 10 Territory Lords had worked together to besiege Yang Kai, but seven of them died while in the end, Yang Kai and the over 10,000 Human refugees mysteriously escaped.


Fortunately, after Yang Kai returned to Profound Nether Territory, he made peace with the Territory Lords there, allowing them to finally breathe a sigh of relief. 


300 years later, Yang Kai appeared in Twin Poles Territory and killed four Innate Territory Lords in a single battle, forcing the Black Ink Clan there to retreat to their camps in panic. The Black Ink Clan didn’t dare to come out and were even forced to take the initiative to offer peace. 


In the subsequent peace talks, the Black Ink Clan established numerous restrictions on Yang Kai and finally restrained the Humans’ most terrifying killing star. 


During the 1,700 years after that, there were no signs of the killing star on the battlefields, so the Territory Lords didn’t have to be on edge anymore because the Black Ink Disciples they corrupted occasionally all confirmed that Yang Kai had been in retreat all this time. 


Once those 1,700 years were up though, Yang Kai exited his retreat and instantly killed three Acquired Territory Lords in Azure Sun Territory. Later, no Territory Lord dared to challenge him as he was allowed to wander around freely.


Following that, Yang Kai began his long journey… until this day when he appeared in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land. 


Despite the fact that the black-face Territory Lord hadn’t fought with a Human Master in many centuries, he knew that he wasn’t this killing star’s opponent. Amongst all Innate Territory Lords, his strength only ranked somewhere in the middle, and he personally knew several Territory Lords who were stronger than him that had died at Yang Kai’s hands. 


If those Territory Lords had died, would he be able to survive if Yang Kai attacked him?


He attacked in a moment of anger and didn’t consider the situation too seriously. Moreover, his attack from a distance had only been intended to get Yang Kai’s attention and stop him from killing more of his subordinates. Therefore, Yang Kai only had to dodge slightly to not get hit by that punch. 


The reason Yang Kai didn’t dodge was not that he couldn’t, but that he didn’t want to. 


Those three Acquired Territory Lords from the Azure Sun Territory died because they had no eyes and accidentally offended this killing star…


[I have also offended him today…] The black-faced Territory Lord instantly felt chills enveloping his whole figure. 


“You dare to attack me? Good, very good! Then I’ll attack you too!” Yang Kai had a wicked grin as he raised his large fist and acted like an angry child who stubbornly wanted revenge.


[This time, I can finally have a good battle. I’ve been in retreat for so many years, and, regrettably, I have no way of testing out my current strength. Those three Acquired Territory Lords in the Azure Sun Territory were only the appetisers. If I want to test out my full strength, I have to find an Innate Territory Lord, but none of them have dared to challenge me so far.]


The black-faced Territory Lord immediately turned around and ran without intending to fight Yang Kai. A Black Ink Cloud rolled in and encased the Territory Lord’s figure while he screamed frantically, “Save me!”


He was naturally screaming towards the other two Territory Lords overseeing this place. Those two had also swept over the moment they sensed the fallout, but they had frozen in place after hearing the black-faced Territory Lord screaming Yang Kai’s name. 


Most Territory Lords weren’t that fearless; in fact, many feared death greatly, so if they could stay out of this mess, they were more than happy to do so. 


“Accept three of my moves! If you can survive, I will let you off! Refuse, and no one can save you today!” Yang Kai’s voice was like a gust of cold wind blowing from the depths of Hell, making that Territory Lord shiver even more. 


However, besides being terrified, the Territory Lord also felt a sense of hope. 


[If it’s just three attacks, I might be able to resist them! After all, I’m still an Innate Territory Lord, so of course, I’m not weak! No matter how powerful this killing star is, he’s being too arrogant!]


Thinking so, the black-faced Territory Lord decisively stopped, and his voice echoed from inside the Black Ink Cloud, “Really?”


The Territory Lord knew he couldn’t escape because, according to rumours, Yang Kai had astonishing attainments in the Dao of Space and was unmatched when it came to fleeing and chasing. Therefore, trying to outrun this Human was impossible. 


Also, it wasn’t realistic to hope that the other two Territory Lords would come to his aid because they were trying to stay out of this situation. Otherwise, they would have come forward and helped him long ago. 


His only hope now was that Yang Kai meant what he said. 


Yang Kai approached the black-faced Territory Lord while speaking slowly, “I can even keep the promise I made with the Black Ink Clan, so what’s there for you to worry about?”


That made sense. 


Although this killing star had caused the Black Ink Clan to suffer a huge loss, he had integrity. Since they made peace, he had never voluntarily broken the agreement. He only attacked those Territory Lords in Azure Sun Territory because they attacked him first. The Black Ink Clan couldn’t complain about him acting in self-defence. 


“Deal!” The black-faced Territory Lord gritted his teeth and accepted the challenge. He had three attacks to decide his fate, and he didn’t believe that he would be that useless. All sorts of intel on Yang Kai appeared in his mind, and he immediately used his Divine Sense to protect his Soul. 


[This guy has a special artifact that can injure others without them noticing,] Amongst all those Territory Lords Yang Kai killed, many of them were killed because of that special artifact.


Therefore, the black-faced Territory Lord felt that his Soul was the most important thing to protect. 


If it were 2,000 years ago, the Territory Lord’s decision would have been a smart one, but now that Yang Kai’s strength had increased significantly, and he was itching to test the extent of his power, he naturally wouldn’t be using the Soul Rending Thorn.


The black-faced Territory Lord was only giving himself false hope when he used his Divine Sense to protect his Soul.



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