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Martial Peak – Chapter 5623, Hey, Ha!

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In the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land, there were several helpless and furious Black Ink Clansmen looking upwards, watching as one of their Territory Lords was about to resist three moves from Yang Kai to decide his fate.


The Black Ink Clan felt helpless because they weren’t strong enough and couldn’t interfere in this matter. When Yang Kai killed those Black Ink Clansmen just now, he showcased such great strength that the Feudal Lords here knew they couldn’t compete with him.


As for why they were furious, that was because even though Yang Kai’s reputation resounded throughout the 3,000 Worlds, it was far too arrogant of him to say that he would let an Innate Territory Lord live if he resisted three attacks from him.


No matter how strong Yang Kai was, wanting to kill an Innate Territory Lord in three moves was too presumptuous. 


The other two Territory Lords were also watching nervously while their Divine Senses flickered as they silently conversed with each other. According to their understanding of the black-faced Territory Lord, they estimated the probability of him still being alive after three attacks was quite high.


Like the black-faced Territory Lord, they thought that since they were Innate Territory Lords, they could withstand three attacks no matter how strong Yang Kai was. They confidently believed that they could return to their Black Ink Nests to recuperate as long as they didn’t die on the spot.


However, despite their silent conversation, they didn’t intend to interfere with this matter as they didn’t want to draw fire to themselves. 


Even if they banded together now to face Yang Kai, the chances that they would all then die were extremely high.


Immediately after the black-faced Territory Lord protected his Soul, the Black Ink Cloud around him expanded to a 1,000-kilometre radius. While the Black Ink Cloud hid the Territory Lord’s aura, it also moved towards Yang Kai.


The Territory Lord wanted to seize the initiative to attack!


As an Innate Territory Lord, he had his own principles and pride; therefore, he couldn’t sit back and wait for his doom when facing such an aggressive enemy. He understood that in battle, the one who attacked first had the advantage.


The dense Black Ink Cloud spanning 1,000 kilometres in all directions was enough to confuse any enemy’s senses; moreover, this was a Black Ink Cloud condensed by an Innate Territory Lord, so if Yang Kai wanted to kill him, he would have to dive into the Black Ink Cloud first!


With a bold strike from the Territory Lord, the distance between them quickly decreased.


Inside the Black Ink Cloud, the black-faced Territory Lord was still guarding against Yang Kai’s mysterious Soul attack, but all he saw was Yang Kai stomping one foot forward hard before squatting slightly. Both his hands were clenched into fists that were placed on either side of his waist, with his left fist forward and right fist curled back.


It was just an ordinary stance one took before making the most standard of punches.


However, no matter how ordinary this stance was, it still had great power when it was executed by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. More importantly, the Eighth-Order Master before him right now was the publicly acknowledged strongest of them all!


Instantly, the entire atmosphere in the Ancestral Land changed. It was like the World itself had transformed into an Ancient Ominous Beast, making every inch of the space dangerous and filled with murderous intent.


The Black Ink Clansmen below instantly felt chills as though there was a sword hanging above their heads, ready to drop at any moment.


On the other hand, the two Innate Territory Lords watching from afar stiffened as their expression turned stern. At that moment, they suddenly had a terrifying feeling as though a vicious beast was eying them, and any sudden movements would lead it to strike.


And all of this was just from the residual power Yang Kai was giving off.


They found it hard to imagine how much pressure the black-faced Territory Lord was currently facing as he was the actual target of Yang Kai’s wrath. They previously felt there was a high chance their black-faced companion would make it out of this duel alive, but they were quickly losing confidence in that prediction.


As for the black-faced Territory Lord himself, he was currently feeling a sense of unparalleled crisis. Even though he was hiding inside a huge Black Ink Cloud while constantly changing his position, that feeling didn’t fade in the slightest.


Refusing to just stand there waiting for death, he exerted more power and used a Secret Technique to instantly triple his speed.


It was at that moment that Yang Kai finally moved. His right fist slowly moved forward, seemingly pushing through unbearable resistance as he thrust it forward. As his fists continued to slowly extend out, space itself seemed to compress layer upon layer.


When Yang Kai’s fist finally fully extended, the entire World rumbled in response.


The 1,000-kilometres-wide Black Ink Cloud that was charging at him abruptly stopped just 100,000 kilometres away from him. The originally fiercely roiling Black Ink Cloud instantly froze and became perfectly still, as if a rushing river had suddenly turned to ice. Even the tiniest of waves were frozen in place.


“Hey!” At that moment, Yang Kai let out a low growl.


That growl was like a trigger as the “ice” exploded, and the 1,000-kilometre Black Ink Cloud was instantly shattered into wisps of black mist that revealed the black-faced Territory Lord hidden inside.


In fact, it wasn’t the Black Ink Cloud dissipating, but rather the space which encompassed it fragmenting. That was because the strength coming out of Yang Kai’s fist was filled with incredibly dense Space Principles.


Like the broken fragments of a smashed mirror, many pieces of the Void brushed past the black-faced Territory Lord’s body, leaving all sorts of deep cuts on him. He was just fortunate that he possessed incredible strength and durability, or else he would have been cut into pieces by the Void Cracks then and there.


Even if he did keep his life though, he was as haggard as could be.


Looking into Yang Kai’s eyes across the gap between them, the black-faced Territory Lord was filled with terror and reluctance. Unleashing a fierce roar, he tried to break free of the Space Principles’ entanglement, but like a mortal caught in a swamp, the more he struggled, the deeper he sank. Forget charging out to meet Yang Kai, just moving forward at all proved almost impossible.


Yang Kai drew back his right fist with a calm expression. 


At the same time, he thrust his left fist out.


But this time, his left fist moved extremely fast, so fast that even the other two Territory Lords who were watching closely couldn’t tell just how this punch was delivered.


While they were still in a daze, the punch was already sent out.


Their hearts were already stuck in their throats after witnessing how frightening the power of the previous fist was. They didn’t know what this punch could do.


However, from what they saw, this fist seemed extremely ordinary, as though Yang Kai hadn’t even exerted half as much strength as before. What’s more, the black-faced Territory Lord didn’t appear to have suffered any further injury. 


But soon, they discovered something was wrong. When Yang Kai delivered his first blow, the black-faced Territory Lord was still pushing his strength wildly despite the awkward situation because he was desperately trying to defend himself. 


With his Innate Territory Lord strength, it wouldn’t be hard for him to break free of his current situation. With just one or two breaths of time, he could escape from the shattered space; however, Yang Kai clearly wasn’t going to give him that chance. During a battle between Masters, life and death could be decided in the blink of an eye, let alone one or two breaths.


After the second fist attack was delivered, the black-faced Territory Lord stiffened in place and stopped moving altogether. A multicoloured river of light seemed to have appeared in a flash as time constantly warped in the local space.


“Ha!” Yang Kai released a guttural shout.


[Success.] Yang Kai stood up straight and unclenched his fists, placing one on his dantian as he exhaled lightly.


The Dao of Time and the Dao of Space were the most powerful Grand Daos he mastered and were also the most mysterious and unpredictable. With his almost peak Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm strength, using these two Grand Daos had become even easier for him. 


Back at the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, Yang Kai had reaped many, many benefits but was unable to completely digest them. 


If the three-attack challenge hadn’t restricted that black-faced Territory Lord, he wouldn’t have been in such a haggard state. Yang Kai was sure that in a battle with no constraints, he could kill this Territory Lord in 10 moves, but by goading his opponent into a duel of sorts, Yang Kai managed to release all his strength at his target without having to worry about other distractions. Though it seemed like a good plan, it was actually quite foolish.


Moreover, this was the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land. Yang Kai was now a Pureblood Dragon Clan member and an extremely powerful Ancient Dragon. In this place, every Divine Spirit was protected and favoured by the World itself. The previous two punches he delivered not only housed his own strength but also received a boost from this land. 


Just like how Yang Kai could borrow the Star Boundary’s power to defend against enemies stronger than himself, he could also borrow the Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land.


Therefore, that black-faced Territory Lord could not withstand two attacks!


Taking advantage of the terrain and the opponent’s mental state was perfectly normal in battle. The black-faced Territory Lord only had himself to blame for being unlucky.


As the space had been frozen and the time had been distorted, anyone who barged inside here would feel their minds become stagnant and their bodies become stiff; however, Yang Kai was an exception.


Using Space and Time Principles to capture an Innate Territory Lord was still a difficult task as all Innate Territory Lords could easily escape the interference caused by these two strengths and restore their freedom in short order. 


However, the Space-Time Strength Yang Kai used to warp both Space and Time all at once was far more difficult to resist and break free from. Therefore, despite being an Innate Territory Lord, getting out of this trap would require much effort and time on his part. 


Yang Kai raised his finger and slowly pointed it at the Territory Lord’s forehead. 


“M-Merc…” Before the black-faced Territory Lord finished his first word, Yang Kai’s finger had already touched his forehead. 


The Territory Lord felt his head tremble violently, and when Yang Kai withdrew his finger, there was a blood-red hole in the Territory Lord’s forehead. His eyes quickly dimmed and Black Ink Strength leaked out of the hole but was quickly trapped by the surrounding Space-Time Strength and was unable to disperse. 


Meanwhile, Yang Kai’s expression looked calm, even somewhat bored as he felt that this Territory Lord had lost before he could really experiment with his new strength. 


The two Territory Lords watching from afar were now feeling like someone had pulled their Souls from their bodies. Their knowledge of Yang Kai came from the intel they received from elsewhere, so they only knew he had killed quite a lot of Territory Lords by relying on a special Soul-type artifact. As such, there would always be slight Spiritual Energy fluctuation every time he attacked. 

But this time, they didn’t sense Yang Kai using any kind of Soul-type attack. He only used two seemingly ordinary punches to easily incapacitate an Innate Territory Lord who was just about as powerful as they were on the spot before casually walking over and executing him with a poke to the forehead.


This Human was far stronger than those reports described!


Such a strong Human Master was the Black Ink Clan’s greatest misfortune!


Once the two Races started their final conflict in the future, there was no telling how many Black Ink Clansmen would die at this Human’s hands. 


“I’ll give you a cup of tea’s time to scram; otherwise, this King doesn’t mind none of you ever leaving here!” Yang Kai glanced over and ordered. 


Once he said those words, the Black Ink Clansmen, who were still in a state of shock, became frantic and immediately sped off. Even the two Territory Lords shivered and quickly flew towards their Black Ink Nests. 


Ordinary Black Ink Clansmen could easily leave this place, but they couldn’t because their Black Ink Nests were still here. If they lost their Black Ink Nests, they wouldn’t have a place to recuperate after being wounded. 


Moreover, each Mid-Rank Black Ink Nest was extremely important to the Black Ink Clan. 


The Feudal Lords with Low-Rank Black Ink Nests had similar thoughts. 


At that moment, Yang Kai roared, “Everything in the Ancestral Land is mine, you dare try to take my things away!?”


With a loud clap of thunder, the Feudal Lords who were trying to remove their Black Ink Nests abruptly halted. 


The two Territory Lords exchanged bitter looks as they felt unresigned. Still, they knew they couldn’t take their Black Ink Nests away now.



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