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Martial Peak – Chapter 5624, From Adopted to Favourite Son

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Soon, all the Black Ink Clansmen in the Ancestral Land had curried away, leaving only their Black Ink Nests of various sizes behind.


Even after leaving the Ancestral Land, the Black Ink Clan didn’t dare to stop as they were afraid the killing star might suddenly chase after and slaughter them ruthlessly.


Under the two Innate Territory Lords’ lead, the Black Ink Clansmen ran for their lives.


In the meantime, Yang Kai floated above the Ancestral Land, silently feeling the land’s slight changes. 


If he were to say that the feeling he had when arriving at the Ancestral Land was like coming home, now he felt like this World had given him a trace of recognition. 


Was it because he chased away the Black Ink Clan who came here and committed such outrage? Yang Kai didn’t know the answer, but the feeling of being recognised by the Ancestral Land didn’t seem false. With his current Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation and the Dragon Vein from his 70,000 metre-long Ancient Dragon Form, he could feel even the subtlest change in the World around him. 


Suppose that the Ancestral Land was a Matriarch, and all the Divine Spirits were her children. This land had nurtured generation after generation of Divine Spirits from the Primordial Era to now.


Therefore, the Ancestral Land had many, many children.


When the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3,000 Worlds, even the Ancestral Land couldn’t escape their grasp, so the Divine Spirits were forced out, leaving the Ancestral Land, their Matriarch, alone and without anyone to rely on.


The Black Ink Clan, who moved into the Ancestral Land, were the ruthless invaders of this land. They hatched numerous Black Ink Nests here, trying to turn this place that had been here since ancient times into their territory. Perhaps they could even crack the secret behind why the Divine Spirits could resist Black Ink Strength and find a solution in time.


As the old and lonely Matriarch couldn’t stop them on her own, she could only silently resist. That was until Yang Kai came and chased all the Black Ink Clan away.


Like any Universe World, the Ancestral Land had its own Will and acknowledged Yang Kai’s actions. 


Yang Kai wasn’t a true pureblood. He started out as an ordinary Human, but was lucky to gain the Golden Divine Dragon’s Source through an opportunity in his youth. Coincidentally, that Golden Divine Dragon Source originally belonged to the Third Generation Dragon Emperor.


After so many years of constantly refining his bloodline and cultivating in the Dragon Pool, Yang Kai had managed to purify his bloodline and become a real member of the Dragon Clan. Now, he also had the right to enter his name in the Dragon Tome.


However, Yang Kai was still nothing more than an adopted son to the Ancestral Land. In comparison to her biological children, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t be given as much attention and favour. It was the same with Humans. Even if their children were good-for-nothing, they were still their blood-related children.


What Yang Kai did today successfully helped him move closer towards the biological son level from the adopted son level. 


This period was when the Ancestral Land was at its loneliest and most helpless. Even the Divine Spirits found it hard to do anything, but Yang Kai, the adopted son, came and chased away all the invaders. 


That was why Yang Kai immediately felt the slight change between this land and himself after he drove out the Black Ink Clan. He felt as though this land was more affectionate to him, and there was even the feeling of the omnipresent Ancestral Strength entering his body.


Such a feeling made Yang Kai raise an eyebrow. [The one who nurtured numerous Divine Spirits. I guess Matriarch would be a fitting way to address it. I wonder if she really exists…]


If chasing away the Black Ink Clan could cause such a change, what about removing all the Black Ink Nests and dispelling all the Black Ink Strength?


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel some anticipation; so, he didn’t hesitate as playing tricks with the World’s Will was unnecessary. It was better to simply be straightforward.


Moreover, even without the favour of the Ancestral Land, Yang Kai would still remove the Black Ink Nests and Black Ink Strength here.


With a wave of his hand, all the Black Ink Nests were uprooted from their positions and thrown inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe to be suppressed and sealed. Then, Yang Kai used Purifying Light to dispel all the Black Ink Strength still lingering in the land.


Yang Kai’s hard work, or rather his filial piety, wasn’t in vain because, following the removal of Black Ink Nests and Black Ink Strength, the connection he felt with this land became even closer. When all the Black Ink Nests and Black Ink Strength were cleaned out, Yang Kai could feel that he had surpassed the level of a biological son and jumped straight into being the Matriarch’s favourite son!


It was as if what was left was for the Ancestral Land to reveal its kind smile and compliment Yang Kai for being a good boy.


The sky cleared as Ancestral Strength flowed into Yang Kai’s body from all directions, making his Dragon Vein stir to life.


This made Yang Kai feel elated because he felt all his efforts weren’t in vain.


At first, he was thinking about finding an opportunity to visit the Dragon Pool someday to continue refining his Dragon Vein, but now it seemed like he didn’t have to go through that trouble because it seemed that cultivating in the Ancestral Land would have a similar effect.


The Ancestral Strength inside the Ancestral Land was the most primitive Divine Spirit power that any Divine Spirit could absorb and refine, just like how any cultivator could refine World Energy. 


That was also why those Divine Spirits scattered outside instinctually wanted to return to the Ancestral Land. While being here, they could greatly improve their strength and bloodline. It was especially so for young Divine Spirits because living in the Ancestral Land could greatly shorten their growth period.


Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate though, because the aim of his journey here wasn’t to refine his Dragon Vein but to find clues about the Primordial Light.


Now that he was here, he still didn’t have any idea about how to find those clues.


Worse, looking around probably wouldn’t be of much use because the clues about the Primordial Light couldn’t be seen.


After one month, Yang Kai had almost circled the entire Ancestral Land, but still couldn’t find anything.


But that was reasonable because, if there were any unique clues, it was impossible for those Divine Spirits living here not to know about them.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel defeated, and wondered if his approach was all wrong. 


While strolling around, Yang Kai suddenly came to a huge empty area. This was where the Ancestral Strength was the strongest, seeming to be the centre of the entire Ancestral Land. It wasn’t the geological centre, but rather the core of its power.


Also, this was the exact place where the Third Generation Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress sealed that Black Ink Giant Spirit God. They had even sacrificed half of the Ancestral Land’s territory and used the Sacred Treasures from 16 of the Divine Spirit Clans to form a Grand Array to transform this place into one giant seal.


This place continuously extracted Ancestral Strength to grind away the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s Black Ink Strength; therefore, this place was considered the centre of the Ancestral Land, making it the optimal location to suppress the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


Yang Kai sat down cross-legged, thinking of whether it was plausible to put his hopes on the Primordial light to defeat the Black Ink Clan.


According to what he knew, the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer certainly had a high possibility of being forces separated from the Primordial Light. The Divine Spirits might also have a connection to the Primordial Light, but Yang Kai had no clue about what that connection was. 


The Primordial Light no longer had the same appearance as before, and no one knew what was left of it after separating the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer. 


Yang Kai estimated that he had to find something like a medicinal catalyst to help Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan fuse together and rebuild the Primordial Light.


Without even mentioning whether he could find a catalyst he had no clue about, even if he did somehow accomplish that, would he really be able to use that to fuse Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan back together?


And if he was, would Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan still exist in this world?


That thought had been on his mind since he left the Chaotic Dead Territory.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had been nothing but good to him. Purifying Light was something essential for the Humans to defend against the Black Ink Clan, and the Small Stone Race Soldiers nurtured by the two of them had provided the Humans enormous help during many instances. 


In the Humans’ eyes, even though those two had been living in the Chaotic Dead Territory all this time, and never descended the mountain to directly help them, they had still made massive, irreplaceable contributions to the war effort.


If wiping out Mo required sacrificing Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s lives, Yang Kai would never agree to it, no matter the reason. 


He never had a chance to think carefully about this matter before, or perhaps he had unconsciously been avoiding doing so, but now that he calmed down and began to ponder the issue, he suddenly felt as though had betrayed Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.


Could those two not have thought of what would become of them if Yang Kai ever found the fusion catalyst?


Of course they had. When Yang Kai went over and saw them trying to fuse together, though it seemed like they were playing around, would they have even attempted such a monumental thing without considering the consequences?


They had provided so much assistance to the Human Race, but never asked for anything in return, so how could Yang Kai just discard them after all they had done? If the only way for the Human Race to survive was to betray their greatest benefactors, repaying kindness with enmity, would they even be worthy of continuing to exist?


Once Yang Kai changed the way he thought about this matter, the issues that had been plaguing him for so long melted away. Relying on external forces and the benevolence of others to end this tragedy was nought but an act of desperation born from weakness.


Even without the Primordial Light, was there really no other way to completely eradicate Mo?


Cang and the others could use the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction to seal Mo, which meant that Mo wasn’t omnipotent. The Human Race couldn’t do anything about Mo now purely because they weren’t strong enough! 


If the Human Race could transcend their current limits, they wouldn’t even have to bother about all this complicated Primordial Light or Darkness.


In the end, the fundamental problem was strength!


It wasn’t enough to be in the Eighth-Order or Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Humans had to at least reach the Creation Realm, like Mo, to be able to defeat it. Cang and the others couldn’t reach that peak, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t.


New talents appeared in each generation, and though the great achievements of their forefathers were admirable and worthy of praise, that did not mean the descendants should stop striving to outdo them. 


Perhaps the Ancestral Land felt her favourite son’s strong desire for power, or maybe realizing it could not escape unscathed from a disaster that threatened her whole family, the Matriarch who had always been fair to every Divine Spirit, finally revealed her doting side to Yang Kai. 


The entire Ancestral Land suddenly began shaking, and an unimaginable amount of Ancestral Strength from all directions flowed towards Yang Kai like a torrent and poured into his body. 


Yang Kai’s figure trembled, but he was only surprised for a moment before calming down. He then opened his heart and mind to accept the World’s gift. 


He was currently almost at the peak of the Eighth Order, but Ancestral Strength wasn’t of any help to his Open Heaven Realm cultivation; instead, it was extremely beneficial to his strength as a Divine Spirit. 


Yang Kai could feel his Dragon Vein surging. Following the Ancestral Strength entering his body, he felt like he had lost control of the suppressed Dragon Force within him and tiny Dragon Scales began appearing on his outer skin.



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