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Martial Peak – Chapter 5630, Bright Light

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Fortunately, the interruption ended as swiftly as it arrived. 


In the meantime, the Ancestral Land’s time had rewound to almost thousands of years ago, and Yang Kai saw incidents that happened then. 


Once again, he saw himself moving around the Ancestral Land. 


That scene was when he first arrived at the Ancestral Land. Back then, the Kun Clan had forced him to open the land that had been sealed for ages, and it was also the first time he saw a Black Ink Giant Spirit God. 


Everything was going backwards as the time rewound while Yang Kai, the bystander, watched everything that made the Ancestral Land what it was today.


At the same time, the omnipresent Ancestral Strength was still continuously flowing into his Dragon Form, causing his Dragon Vein to constantly grow stronger.


His original Dragon Form was 70,000 metres long, and his Dragon Clan bloodline was extremely pure. At that point, it would have been difficult for him to refine his Dragon Vein further without massive amounts of time. That was why his Dragon Form only grew about 1,000 metres after leaving the Dragon Pool.


In such a state, only by returning to the Dragon Pool to cultivate would he have any possibility of quickly improving his Dragon Vein.


But now, his Dragon Form was obviously changing as he continued to absorb more Ancestral Strength. As his Dragon Vein grew stronger, so did his attainment in the Dao of Time, which then increased the speed at which time was being rewound.


For the first two years, the Ancestral Land only rewound through some 40,000 or so years. In the following two years, 50,000 years passed by. Two more years later, 60,000 years…


Yang Kai had now witnessed historical moments that happened in the Ancestral Land over multiple millennia and soon even reached the incident during the Late Ancient Era where the Third Generation Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress made a blood sacrifice to seal the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


After watching that incident, Yang Kai became even more silent.


This review of time was now significantly longer than when he was cultivating in the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, as he had only spent some 4,000 years there. This journey back through the Ancestral Land’s past had lasted millions of years already, and he might need to spend a similar amount of time to return to the present!


Outside the Ancestral Land, the Black Ink Clan’s Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array was still operating. Since no external forces were attacking this Grand Array, the Territory Lords only had to keep it active, which didn’t require much strength at all, so they didn’t feel tired.


However, they didn’t dare to slack off. It had now been several decades since they first set up this Grand Array, but they hadn’t seen any traces of Yang Kai. Only the continuous surging of Ancestral Strength below indicated that Yang Kai was still cultivating.


At the same time, Di Wu had been familiarising himself with his strength. After the time he ignorantly barged into the Ancestral Land and caused a commotion, he didn’t dare to step foot into the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land again.


He couldn’t use his full strength under the suppression of the rich Ancestral Strength and was afraid of encountering Yang Kai under such conditions; therefore, he could only stall for time, hoping that the Ancestral Land would someday be depleted of Ancestral Strength.


During these dozens of years, though he didn’t personally head back inside, he had ordered the Territory Lords to head inside the Ancestral Land to check the situation. However, the reports he received were disturbing. Even though several dozen years had passed, the Ancestral Strength was showing no signs of being depleted. It was as if this mysterious energy was completely inexhaustible.


The Royal Lord had sent people over from the No-Return Pass to check on them a few times. Di Wu didn’t dare lie, so he reported everything that happened honestly. The Royal Lord wasn’t upset with him though and only instructed him to wait for the perfect opportunity. When the time came, he had to kill Yang Kai in the Ancestral Land. In that sense, the Royal Lord wasn’t worried about waiting.


After getting the Royal Lord’s reply, Di Wu felt more assured and was filled with determination as he waited. 


100 years passed, but the situation inside the Ancestral Land remained unchanged. By now, Yang Kai had rewound through untold ages. Currently, he was witnessing an abundance of Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land. There were even some species that Yang Kai had never seen or heard of before. This was during the Early Ancient Era when the Monster Race ruled the Universe and the Divine Spirits’ glory had faded. Despite that fact, the Ancestral Land was still a paradise for the Divine Spirits.


Rewinding further, he witnessed an unimaginably huge battle that happened in the Ancestral Land. That battle was an internal struggle between Divine Spirits. Those large bodies were as tall as the sky and broad as the Earth, and during that period, the Ancestral Land was actually far broader than what it was now.


That war resulted in many Divine Spirit species, and an enormous amount of Divine Spirit Sources, shattering. Even a vast stretch of the Ancestral Land was destroyed.


Further back was the Primordial Era. 


This was the time when the Divine Spirits ruled, and it was also when they were at their prime. They were so strong they were practically invincible. If they hadn’t gone through that internal war, the Monster Race wouldn’t have had a chance to rise up.


Yang Kai suddenly had a strange feeling, like he was witnessing something unfathomable. That feeling started vague, but as time passed and the longer he witnessed the Ancestral Land’s reverse evolution, the more that feeling became obvious.


At this moment, the rewinding of time was extremely fast, and many scenes were rushing by as though they were only flashes of memory. If Yang Kai hadn’t become one with the Ancestral Land and was currently relying on it to look back in time, he wouldn’t have been able to see those scenes at all.


It wasn’t until one moment that all the Divine Spirits on the Ancestral Land had completely disappeared, and the entire land was filled with an ancient and barbaric aura that a bright light flashed across the land before everything returned to stillness.


Yang Kai felt his heart skip a beat as he suddenly felt anxious. Then, for the first time, he took the initiative to activate the Time Principles to affect the huge Ancestral Land.


The rate of time rewinding slowly and gradually came to a stop. 


It was then that Yang Kai was able to get a closer look at this land. 


The Ancestral Land of this Era was different from all other Eras because this was what it looked like before Divine Spirits and Ancestral Strength existed. 


In this era, the Ancestral land was only a vast, empty expanse. Such an ordinary World could be found everywhere in the 3,000 Worlds of this time.


Yang Kai didn’t see the bright light from before and knew he had gone too far back in time. After that realization, he couldn’t help but feel anxious as he vaguely felt he had missed something of critical importance. 


It was meaningless to continue looking back in time as the Ancestral Land was now just an ordinary continent. Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to get any new information if he just let things proceed. 


How this continent became the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land was the most important piece of information, and that bright light that flashed past just now…


Yang Kai immediately surged his Time Principles, making the Ancestral Land lock onto that specific time and dig into the memories branded deep inside it.


Slowly, time began to flow again, but this time, it wasn’t flowing backwards but forwards from the point at which Yang Kai had stopped!


The vast and barren land was quiet and without any vitality except the lush green forests.


Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the sky and illuminated everything. The light was so bright that it lit up every part of the continent that would be the Ancestral Land. 


When Yang Kai was rewinding the time, he caught a glimpse of the Primordial Light, but it flashed by so fast that even he couldn’t be sure he could capture its true appearance. That was why he decided to use Time Principles to take a closer look. 


Never had he seen such a bright and powerful light. It was as if all the colours in existence had combined into this ball of light but didn’t fuse. Every colour was radiating its own glow.


This scene made Yang Kai subconsciously think of the Primordial Light he had been searching for!


Yang Kai suddenly had the urge to laugh. He had spent hundreds of years visiting one Great Territory after another, trying to find any trace of the Primordial Light only to come up empty. Then, he came to the Ancestral Land and decided to abandon his search. However, he didn’t expect that he would be able to see the Primordial Light while looking into the Ancestral Land’s past!


How could he have stumbled upon such fortune?


After thinking about it, Yang Kai thought this was a pre-ordained result.


Since the Primordial Light had a close connection to the Burning Light, Serene Glimmer, and all Divine Spirits, of course, Yang Kai would see something related to it in the Ancestral Land’s past. 


This was also why Yang Kai came to the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land in the first place. But he didn’t expect that the connection would be so direct and that he would manage to see the Primordial Light’s actual form while rewinding time.


This was certainly the most important moment for this World, so Yang Kai focused all his attention and carefully observed what happened, not daring to miss the slightest detail.


He had a feeling that he might be able to solve many mysteries surrounding the Primordial Light today. 


However, an external force suddenly attacked at that moment, surprising Yang Kai and almost severing him from this strange situation. 


Yang Kai was shocked and quickly calmed himself down before focusing his attention on controlling Time Principles to make time flow forward faster. 


He didn’t know what was happening outside and only knew that he had seen the Black Ink Clan set up some sort of Grand Array outside the Ancestral Land when he just began peering into the past. Therefore, he suspected that the external attacking force might have something to do with the Black Ink Clan.


If he didn’t speed things up, there was a huge possibility that he would be completely interrupted and forced out of this mysterious state, which was naturally something he couldn’t accept.


It had been extremely difficult for him to come this far, so she couldn’t stop at the cusp of success, only to return empty-handed.


He quickly felt rage rising up inside him, but the destabilization of his mood seemed to disrupt his state of mind even further, so he quickly calmed himself and discarded all distracting thoughts. 


Soon, he saw the bright light sweeping down from the void. Thousands of colours flickered within the light, making for a beautiful sight. That light was flawless, just as one would expect from the first light in this World. 


However, Yang Kai soon noticed that the Primordial Light was extremely unstable. The countless colours within the light were in conflict with each other, and even the light’s true form showed signs of collapsing. 


After observing it for a while, Yang Kai realised that this was the Primordial Light after it had separated out the powers of the Yang and Yin. It already had some deficiencies, so it was no longer in its perfect state!


Before coming here, the Primordial Light had lost the power of the Yang and Yin. After countless years of confusion and silence, those two most fundamental energies would transform into the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer. Since those two had conflicting powers, they then unconsciously created the Chaotic Dead Territory.


How could the Primordial Light maintain stability when it had lost its two most fundamental energies? 


In a blink of an eye, the Primordial Light ruthlessly crashed down onto the most primitive continent from billions of kilometres away. At that instant, the light enveloped every inch of the Ancestral Lad, and the thousands of different colours splashed out across the World.



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