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Martial Peak – Chapter 5631, Both Were Surprised

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The Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array outside the Ancestral Land, the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array, was still active.


Meanwhile, inside the Ancestral Land, Di Wu was recklessly releasing his strength to vent his rage.


300 years had passed. He had been waiting here for 300 years, but there were still no signs of Yang Kai. Although the Royal Lord in the No-Return Pass didn’t urge him, he knew that not taking down Yang Kai after such a long time showed his inability.


It wouldn’t be too bad if he were a Territory Lord, but now that he was a Royal Lord, though not a true Royal Lord, he still represented the peak of the Black Ink Clan. 


Before, Di Wu dared not head too deep inside the Ancestral Land because he was still unfamiliar with the huge, new power inside him. Also, the extremely dense Ancestral Strength of this place had a massive suppressive effect on him.


Back then, he wasn’t confident in defeating Yang Kai even if he managed to lure him out.


So many years of waiting weren’t in vain though, because 200 years ago, the Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land began gradually decreasing and thinning out day by day.


Until this day, the amount of Ancestral Strength remained stagnant.


Now, although there was still Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land, it wasn’t nearly as dense as it was 300 years ago. It was at a level that Di Wu could tolerate.


Of course, the more important reason was that he had finally gained more control over his strength after so long.


It was impossible to fully control the strength he obtained from the Black Ink Nest and 13 sacrificed Territory Lords because if he could, he wouldn’t be a Pseudo-Royal Lord but a real Royal Lord.


In other words, by using the Source Fusion Technique, the total strength Di Wu possessed wasn’t any less than a real Royal Lord, but his ability to control that strength was inferior to one.


Now that the environment had changed and he had gained better control over his strength, Di Wu finally had the bravery to attack.


Every time Di Wu attacked with his majestic Black Ink Strength, the Ancestral Land would tremble. If this had been an ordinary Universe World, it wouldn’t have withstood the ruthless bombardment of a Pseudo-Royal Lord and might have been shattered already.


However, the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land was different. This was a continent that had existed since the Primordial Era and had nurtured numerous Divine Spirits. Whether it was the land’s robustness or the strength of its Grand Dao and Principles, all were far beyond ordinary.


While Yang Kai was looking into the past, he even witnessed the internal war between the Divine Spirits. There were countless powerful Divine Spirits involved in that battle, including many on as strong as the Dragon Emperors and Phoenix Empresses, which made it difficult to estimate how many Divine Spirits had died in that battle. That war was definitely among the most shocking the Universe had ever witnessed, with few if any matching its magnitude and intensity. 


Even that great battle that involved the entire Ancestral Land didn’t destroy this World though and only damaged it somewhat, so how could a lone Pseudo-Royal Lord be capable of that?


Therefore, Di Wu couldn’t help but be dumbfounded after releasing a series of attacks. The Divine Spirit Ancestral Land was far more mysterious than he imagined, and most importantly, his actions seemed to have evoked hatred and resistance from this World.


The Humans had an old saying: The World lives. Even a relatively young Universe World like the Star Boundary had its own Will, let alone one as ancient and vast as the Ancestral Land. When the Primordial Light fell onto the Ancestral Land and turned into numerous colourful rays of light, the Ancestral Land’s consciousness appeared. As a result, this World’s Will was far stronger and purer than other Universe Worlds.


If this wasn’t the case, the Ancestral Land wouldn’t have shown such favouritism to Yang Kai. All of this was because the Ancestral Land could feel the Golden Divine Dragon Source inside Yang Kai was one of those colourful rays.


Of course, Di Wu’s efforts weren’t totally in vain, as he had almost shaken Yang Kai from his strange state.


If he had succeeded, Yang Kai would have been frustrated to the point that he spat blood.


After using so much time to witness the Ancestral Land’s history and evolution, he had reached a moment of critical importance, so failing at this point would be too much to bear.


Luckily for him, he quickly calmed down his emotions after noticing the strange sensation.


“Come out!” Di Wu’s roar spread throughout the entire Ancestral Land, especially in the direction the Ancestral Strength was moving in. He could roughly guess where Yang Kai was hiding, but since he couldn’t break the Ancestral Land apart, he didn’t have a way to get Yang Kai to come out.


He had been waiting here for long enough and wasn’t willing to continue idling; so, he decided that no matter what, he must make Yang Kai come out of hiding and kill him.


Suddenly, a resounding dragon roar came from below the surface. It sounded furious, and Di Wu could clearly feel a powerful aura rising from below.


Di Wu wasn’t surprised but happy because, to him, making Yang Kai come out was the most difficult task. As for killing Yang Kai, Di Wu thought that it wouldn’t take too much effort to kill him, so he immediately prepared.


Right after he had readied himself, that strong aura closed in. Following that, a huge Golden Dragon Head suddenly appeared from the ground.


That Dragon Head had two horns with thick Dragon Scales all over its body. Its Dragon Beard was swaying under its widely opened mouth that looked like it could bite away a mountain. The Dragon’s mouth bit down fiercely at Di Wu as though it was about to swallow him whole.


Time Principles surged, and even with his newfound strength, Di Wu couldn’t help but fall into a daze. Luckily for him, he instantly woke up and quickly retreated.


The Dragon chased after him with eyes that were filled with fiery rage, seemingly wanting to burn him to ashes.


In that moment of running and chasing, the Pseudo-Royal Lord and Dragon leapt 1,000 kilometres into the sky, and it was only then that Di Wu caught a glimpse of what this Dragon looked like. 


It was a huge Dragon Form that seemed to be 100,000 metres long! Though the Dragon Head was right before him, the Dragon Tail seemed to stretch out forever, and the Dragon Pressure was so strong that it was like a furious wind that shook the world around it.


Di Wu felt his heart sink, [Is this guy… Yang Kai?]


He couldn’t help but doubt whether the intelligence had been mistaken because the being before him wasn’t an ordinary Dragon, or even a powerful Ancient Dragon, but quite possibly a Divine Dragon!


According to the information the Black Ink Clan had obtained, while Yang Kai possessed a potent Dragon Clan bloodline, he was still far from becoming a Divine Dragon. Yang Kai’s Dragon Form was supposed to be just 70,000 metres long.


But the Dragon before him… was unquestionably 100,000 metres in length.


A 100,000-metre-long Dragon was a Divine Dragon, a Master superior to ordinary Royal Lords and Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Not to mention Di Wu, who was a mere Pseudo-Royal Lord, even the Royal Lord back at the No-Return Pass would have to act cautiously if he encountered a Divine Dragon.


However, there was only one White Divine Dragon left among the Dragon Clan, and that Divine Dragon had flown into the depths of the Black Ink Battlefield over 1,000 years ago, disappearing without a trace. How could there be a second Divine Dragon here now?


Along with everything he saw these past 300 years, Di Wu immediately concluded that the Divine Dragon in front of him was indeed Yang Kai, and these years of cultivation allowed him to gain significant growth!


[This is bad! My Pseudo-Royal Lord strength is enough to crush an Eighth-Order Master, but if Yang Kai has become a Divine Dragon… I’m the one in danger of dying today!]


While Di Wu was panicking, Yang Kai was also shocked and half of the rage in his eyes faded.


[A Royal Lord? How could there be a Royal Lord here?]


Previously, an external force almost interrupted his hard work of many years, so Yang Kai was naturally furious. After witnessing the Primordial Light landing on the Ancestral Land and what happened shortly after, he furiously charged out from the depths of the Ancestral Land.


It seemed like he had been too lenient and determined to adhere to the agreement between the two Races. The Black Ink Clan might have forgotten what it felt like to fear him, so Yang Kai had decided to teach them a lesson about the consequences of enraging him.


Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai wouldn’t be so reckless and would instead examine the situation before devising a plan, but his strange experience made his consciousness spend millions of years in the past, so his subconscious took over and did everything instinctively under the influence of his rage.


When he felt the aura of the Black Ink Clansman in front of him though, he finally regained his senses.


The Black Ink Clan wouldn’t challenge him if they weren’t confident that they could kill him. So, the Royal Lord before him was undoubtedly the Black Ink Clan’s trump card.


[Has the one at the No-Return Pass come all the way here? Wait! This Royal Lord isn’t the one from the No-Return Pass.]


Yang Kai had encountered the Royal Lord from the No-Return Pass a few times, so he knew what he looked like. However, the Black Ink Clansman before him was someone he had never seen before.


[The Black Ink Clan actually has a second Royal Lord!] Yang Kai was shocked. If the Black Ink Clan had a second Royal Lord, wouldn’t that mean they could have a third or a fourth?


At that instant, Yang Kai suddenly had no idea how many years he had spent in the Ancestral Land. Could he have been here for a few 1,000 years? If not, how could the Black Ink Clan have a new Royal Lord?


But no matter what it was, he couldn’t remain here and fight a meaningless battle!


The escaping and pursuing pair were both lost in their own thoughts at the same time, but came to their senses just as quickly. Following that, the Dragon released a powerful Dragon Breath from its huge maw, which became a blast of raging golden fire threatening to burn the sky down.


In response, Di Wu threw a few punches that were surging with Black Ink Strength with all his might.


A loud boom sounded in the air, and the Dragon Breath was put out while the Black Ink Strength dispersed.


Yang Kai and Di Wu were both sent flying.


The huge Golden Dragon suddenly shrunk and returned to Human Form. Then, Yang Kai immediately flew away without turning back. He didn’t have any intention of fighting a Royal Lord.


With his current strength, it was still quite difficult for him to kill a Royal Lord, and he was anxious to find out what had happened in the outside world. How long had he been here, and what was the state of the Human’s side?


However, he had only flown a short distance when he heard an angry roar from above, “Get down!”


Immediately after that, the Void trembled and a huge bolt of lightning came crashing down on him. 


Although the bolt wasn’t overpowering, it wasn’t weak either. 


Not expecting to encounter an ambush, Yang Kai looked up and saw a Territory Lord holding an Array Banner while pointing at him from afar, looking nervous but feigning calm.


Yang Kai coldly snorted before manipulating Space Principles, preparing to flee. 


But just as his Instantaneous Movement activated, it sputtered and he was ejected from the Void. That short pause caused the thunderbolt to hit him directly, making him tremble. Even a few strands of his hair were made to stand on end.


[A Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array!]


At the thought of that, Yang Kai’s face fell as a memory from the depths of his mind emerged. He vaguely recalled that when he was looking back in time, he saw a group of Territory Lords setting up some sort of Grand Array outside the Ancestral Land. Now it seemed like they had sealed the Ancestral Land.


[No wonder the Black Ink Clan dared to attack me. It’s because of this!]



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