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Martial Peak – Chapter 5632, Mysterious Light

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Instantaneous Movement was indeed one of the most mysterious and unpredictable techniques among Space Techniques, and Yang Kai relied on it to escape from many Masters in the past. However, the Black Ink Clan’s arrangement prevented this Secret Technique from activating. With the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking in effect, everywhere inside this Grand Array was cut off from the outside, meaning if one wanted to leave, one had to destroy the Grand Array first. 


It wouldn’t be easy to break such a Grand Array though. Not only was a Royal Lord targeting him, but Yang Kai was sure that this Grand Array had other functions besides being Heaven Sealing Earth Locking. The thunderbolt that hit him just now was obviously created by this Grand Array because Black Ink Clansmen didn’t have such an ability.


Having charged out in a fury but being met with such an awkward situation, Yang Kai couldn’t care about being angry anymore. Adding on to the fact that his consciousness had witnessed millions of years of the Ancestral Land’s history, he was still a little muddleheaded and knew this wasn’t the time to get entangled in a battle with the Black Ink Clan. At the very least, he had to figure out his current situation first. 


Thinking so, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, and his figure flickered before instantly disappearing. 


He didn’t use Instantaneous Movement to leave; instead, he escaped into the depths of the Ancestral Land and concealed his aura. 


The Ancestral Land was incredibly firm, and even Di Wu, a Pseudo-Royal Lord, couldn’t cause any real damage to it despite attacking with full force. However, Yang Kai didn’t feel any resistance from the land when escaping to its depths. 


That was because this land had shown its pampering attitude towards Yang Kai. This was just like how he was a Star Boundary’s Great Emperor and could instantly travel to any corner of it with just a thought as long as he was within its borders. Although he wasn’t the Great Emperor chosen by the Ancestral Land’s World’s Will, he was not far from it. 


Next, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense flowed out like the tide and quickly examined the Ancestral Land and its surrounding void, which was indeed enveloped by an unknown Grand Array that had sealed this place and separated it from the outside world.


Yang Kai’s face fell. It was bold of the Black Ink Clan to come after him, but judging by the arrangements they had made, they did have the capital to do so. With a Royal Lord overseeing the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array and who knows how many Innate Territory Lords hiding in the dark, the Black Ink Clan could take the risk to fight for victory. 


[How many years has it been since I came to the Ancestral Land?]


Calming down, Yang Kai began estimating the days and soon felt relieved. 


Thankfully, it had only been 300 years!


When he saw an unfamiliar Royal Lord, Yang Kai worried he had spent thousands or even tens of thousands of years in the Ancestral Land, but it seemed only 300 had passed.


Though 300 years wasn’t a short amount of time, it wasn’t too long either as Yang Kai had just previously spent 1,700 years in retreat.


In such a short period, the situation between the Black Ink Clan and Human Race couldn’t have changed much.


However, since that was the case, where did this unfamiliar Royal Lord come from? Logically speaking, a Territory Lord wouldn’t have grown to become a Royal Lord in such a short time frame. Could it be that this Royal Lord had been hiding in the dark all this while?


But that seemed impossible because if the Black Ink Clan had a second Royal Lord available, they wouldn’t have hidden him away. With the situation on the battlefield, if the Black Ink Clan deployed a Royal Lord, the Humans would at least have to give up a few more Great Territory Battlefields and countless more of Eighth-Order Masters would have died in battle. 


Yang Kai couldn’t figure this point, and soon worried about something even more disturbing. If the Black Ink Clan had a second Royal Lord, would there be a third, or perhaps even more?


If that were the case, the Humans would be in trouble.


Temporarily discarding such worries, Yang Kai calmed down and tried to reach the World Tree, thinking of using Old Tree’s power to help him get out of this situation.


If he succeeded, he could instantly head to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. He had done something similar before in Acacia Territory back then. The Black Ink Clan still couldn’t figure out how Yang Kai left Acacia Territory with more than 10,000 Human refugees when they had blockaded all the Territory Gates and never saw a trace of Yang Kai. 


As Yang Kai had refined thousands of Universes Worlds back then, he and the World Tree’s connection couldn’t be broken. Even in a place like the Black Ink Battlefield that wasn’t possible. 


In fact, even now, there was still a connection between them, but Yang Kai’s plan of using the World Tree’s strength to escape this situation proved impossible. Unless he could break the seal of the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array, he wouldn’t be able to head to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. 


Though Yang Kai had somewhat expected this, he still felt frustrated. 


After figuring out his situation, and having spent time in a type of cultivation trace, Yang Kai was no longer so anxious. Now, it seemed like this wasn’t a well-thought-out conspiracy enacted over thousands of years by the Black Ink Clan, but just a plan which took advantage of fortuitous circumstances. His long stay in the Ancestral Land had simply allowed them to act against him. 


If he hadn’t remained in the Ancestral Land for so long, or fallen into a near unconscious state because he was witnessing the Ancestral Land reminiscing about its past, he wouldn’t have been oblivious to the changes in his surroundings. 


It wasn’t that Yang Kai wasn’t cautious enough, there were just some unexpected things in this world that could not be avoided. 


Moreover, he was only trapped here, which couldn’t be compared to the benefits he received while witnessing the Ancestral Land’s evolution. 


[That multi-coloured light entity…] Even when he recalled that moment, Yang Kai couldn’t hide his shock. The World couldn’t have such a magnificent light anymore. 


Naturally, the Primordial Light that was born at the beginning of the Universe was the most magnificent of all lights!


Towards the end of the rewound time, Yang Kai saw the Primordial Light crash onto the Ancestral Land and explode. A myriad of colourful lights dispersed and melted into this ancient and barren World, turning it from ordinary to extraordinary. Later, this vast land gradually became a land filled with a mysterious energy that still existed today.


The places where those colourful streams of light landed had experienced the passing of countless years before gradually giving rise to the Dragon Clan, Phoenix Clan, and many other Divine Spirit Clans. In the end, this land became the Divine Spirits’ birthplace and homeland.


More importantly, this was also why the Divine Spirits’ strength could restrain Black Ink Strength to a certain degree.


The Divine Spirits were the same as the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer. They were all born from the Primordial Light, so all of them came from the same Source. The rumour that said the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer were the progenitors of the Divine Spirits was just nonsense. The more accurate description would be that the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer were the Big Brother and Big Sister of all Divine Spirits because they were the ones that were first separated from the Primordial Light. 


Those two had lived since the Primordial Era until now, and their strength was pure and unchanged throughout history. On the other hand, the Divine Spirits had gone through generations after generations of inheritance, so the characteristics of their strength had diverged from the Primordial Light over the aeons and had a less obvious effect on Black Ink Strength compared to the Purifying Light. 


When Yang Kai saw what finally happened to the Primordial Light, he knew that it was impossible to find it because how could he search for something that didn’t exist anymore? Unless he could really turn back time and return to the Primordial Era to stop the Primordial Light before it disappeared, but that was not something a Human could do.


Luckily, Yang Kai had long given up hope of relying on the Primordial Light. The Humans had to rely on themselves to eliminate Mo.


Since Humans had become the favourite of this era, Yang Kai naturally had to take up the responsibility of protecting it! If he couldn’t even take up such a small responsibility, he would have no right to exist. 


As for the Primordial Light, Yang Kai had a general understanding of its history and end, but there was one thing he cared about. 


While he was watching the Primordial Light crash onto the Ancestral Land and explode, he could vaguely make out a blurry and distorted Human figure at the place the light landed…


However, the rays of light were too intense, so he couldn’t make out what that was.


[Does the Primordial Light have a connection with Humans as well? What could it be?]


While the Monster Race were the descendants of the Divine Spirits, created to battle one another, Humans had been born from the Universe’s Energy itself. The Primordial Era and Early Ancient Era all had traces of Human activity, but the Humans were far too weak back then. So, no matter whether it was the Divine Spirits or the Monster Race, they all saw Humans as ants, unworthy of their attention. 


It wasn’t until the Late Ancient Era when Cang and the other Martial Ancestors were enlightened by the World Tree and created the Open Heaven Realm Cultivation Method that true Masters began emerging from the Humans who could resist the rampant Monster Race and Divine Spirits. Later, it was the Human Race that gradually assumed the position of rulers of the Universe. 


Humans were born weak and couldn’t even be compared to the average Beast in their formative years, but perhaps because of their humble beginnings, Humans had infinite possibilities for their futures. 


Yang Kai soon stopped thinking about this matter because he had decided not to insist on finding the Primordial Light, and it was meaningless to think about these things at the moment. The most important thing now was to solve the problem he was currently facing. 


Since a Grand Array had sealed this place and stopped him from escaping, his only option was to fight his way out. 


Even if it meant fighting a Royal Lord, Yang Kai had to try. Among his current means, the Soul Rending Thorns were still the sharpest weapon he had to deal with a Royal Lord. The Soul Rending Thorns were what played the biggest role when he killed a Royal Lord outside the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon.


Back then, he had used four Soul Rending Thorns consecutively, which caused him to fall into a dazed state, but with how strong his Soul was now, Yang Kai estimated he could use five Soul Rending Thorns at once and still barely maintain lucidity. 


No matter how that Royal Lord guarded himself, five Soul Rending Thorns could critically injure his Soul.


Moreover, Yang Kai’s strength had reached the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so he was far stronger than he was when he had just come out of the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon. 


He was able to kill that Royal Lord back then mainly because he was lucky, but luck was never something one could rely on.


However, Yang Kai soon brightened up because he discovered that his Dragon Vein had grown significantly stronger after 300 years of cultivation. 


Just now, though he had managed to battle the Royal Lord in his Dragon Form for a short while, he didn’t pay any attention to the changes in his Dragon Vein. After examining himself though, Yang Kai could feel that his Dragon Vein seemed to have hit a bottleneck. It was the bottleneck between the Ancient Dragon Realm and the Divine Dragon Realm!


If he could achieve a breakthrough, he would be able to advance from an Ancient Dragon into a Divine Dragon!


This realization greatly enthused Yang Kai.


A Divine Dragon was an existence on the same level as a Royal Lord or Ninth-Order Master. Also, in general, a Divine Dragon would be stronger than other Masters in the equivalent Realm. 


When Yang Kai met Fu Guang in the depths of the Dragon Pool, the latter was in the same state as he was currently. But Fu Guang was now a White Divine Dragon. 


Even without transforming into his Dragon Form, Yang Kai knew that he had reached an astonishing 99,999 metres in length. Once he could take that last step forward, he could reach the 100,000-metre mark and regain the glory of the Third Generation Dragon Emperor whose Source he had inherited.



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