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Martial Peak – Chapter 5633, Changes In Himself

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If so, he wouldn’t be embarrassing the Third Generation Dragon Emperor who had passed away.


Yang Kai’s Gold Divine Dragon Source came from the Third Generation Dragon Emperor, and the Third Generation Dragon Emperor didn’t only have a 100,000-metre Dragon Form. 100,000 metres was only the minimum required length to reach the Divine Dragon Realm, while only the strongest among Divine Dragons would have the right to be crowned a Dragon Emperor and command the Dragon Clan.


During the Third Generation Dragon Emperor’s Era, there wasn’t just one Divine Dragon in the Dragon Clan, so being able to stand out among all the Divine Dragons meant that the Third Generation Dragon Emperor was indeed unmatched. 


But even such a strong Master had paid the ultimate price along with the Phoenix Empress of that era just to suppress and seal the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, which clearly showed how powerful a Black Ink Giant Spirit God was. 


In regards to the speed of cultivation among Dragons, Yang Kai was ridiculously fast. 


Looking at today’s Dragon Clan, he could be said to be the second strongest Dragon after Fu Guang.


He had expected his Dragon Vein to be refined because Ancestral Strength constantly flowed into his Dragon Form while he had been hiding deep below the Ancestral Land these 300 years. It would be stranger if his Dragon Vein had not been further refined. 


At this moment, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land had thinned out a lot because of him.


The refining of his Dragon Vein had caused his Dragon Form to grow from 70,000 metres to 99,999 metres. 


As for the increased length of his Dragon Form, though it didn’t bring any benefits to his Open Heaven cultivation, his strength had undoubtedly increased. At the very least, the intrepidness of his physique and ability to withstand punishment had increased appreciably, which would be of great importance when battling the Royal Lord later.


However, the benefits didn’t stop there. 


The Dragon Clan’s Bloodline Talent was the Dao of Time, so the more refined their Dragon Vein was, the higher their attainments in the Dao of Time rose. That was one of the benefits gained from inheriting a Divine Spirit Bloodline. The Dragon Clan didn’t need to have strong comprehensive skills. As long as their bloodline reached a certain purity, they would naturally comprehend things that ordinary people couldn’t.


Yang Kai could clearly feel that his attainments in the Dao of Time had greatly increased. 


Since coming out of the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, his Dao of Time could be said to have reached the Seventh Level, Standing Above All Others Within Sight. 


All these years of constantly absorbing the things he gained from the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, he had gone much further in this stage,


Now, following the growth of his Dragon Vein, Yang Kai’s attainment in the Dao of Time had entirely surpassed the Seventh Level and reached the Eighth Level, Summiting the Peak!


It was now on the same level as his Dao of Space.


All this while, Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Space had always led his attainments in the Dao of Time. This wasn’t only because he had been cultivating the Dao of Space for longer, but also because he had a natural aptitude in the Dao of Space.


If he hadn’t obtained an extremely pure Dragon Clan Bloodline, there was a huge possibility that he wouldn’t have any attainments in the Dao of Time at all.


Now that his attainments in these two Grand Daos had become even, they had a huge effect on him. 


The first was that time in his Small Universe now flowed even faster. 


If the previous speed of time in his Small Universe was between six and seven times faster than in the outside world, it was now 10 times faster. The faster flow of time in his Small Universe meant that his heritage would increase faster as well. Of course, this didn’t hold much meaning to Yang Kai anymore because he would soon reach his innate limit in the Open Heaven Martial Dao. Once he reached that peak, his heritage and Realm wouldn’t improve no matter how much strength he accumulated.


However, if he could break through the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm’s restrictions, this change would become very meaningful. The Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm was a new start, and a 10 times flow rate of time in his Small Universe could help him save many years of bitter cultivation. 


While the changes in his Small Universe’s time flow were directly affected by his advancement in mastery of the Dao of Time, there was another effect that wasn’t so direct. 


That was with his strongest Secret Technique, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. 


A long while ago, Yang Kai had noticed that because his attainments in the Dao of Time and Dao of Space had some disparity, he would always feel like there was something incomplete with the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, limiting its power. 


The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was a Secret Technique that combined both Grand Daos to create a brand-new Space-Time Strength. Since his attainments in the two Grand Daos were different, with one slightly higher than the other, this Space-Time Strength was unstable. That was why he couldn’t perfectly combine the full strength of those two Grand Daos.


Yang Kai had previously surmised that when both these Grand Daos had reached the same level of mastery, he might be able to use the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel’s complete power. 


But after so many years, even he didn’t have a way to force the two Grand Daos into a balanced state. That was, until today!


Since Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Space and Dao of Time had both reached the Eighth Level, how much power would he be able to exert when he used them to activate the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel? At the thought of that, Yang Kai became excited and secretly decided to test this out as soon as possible.


With the growth of his Dragon Form, improvement of his Dragon Vein, and new attainments in the Dao of Time, Yang Kai’s overall strength had increased dramatically over the past 300 years. 


So what if he had to face a Royal Lord? Since he couldn’t escape, he would just have to kill his way out!


However, he first needed to understand the Black Ink Clan’s plan. When he was fighting with that Royal Lord earlier, everything happened too quickly and he was too muddle-headed, so he didn’t have time to carefully assess the situation. The only thing he knew was that there was a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array outside the Ancestral Land, a Royal Lord waiting for a chance to strike, and an unknown number of Innate Territory Lords lurking in the shadows, observing the situation!


At the same time, in the sky above the Ancestral Land, the arrogant expression on Di Wu’s face was gone, replaced with one of uncertainty. 


After becoming a Pseudo-Royal Lord and gaining tremendous strength, he was confident that he could succeed in killing Yang Kai, but how could he have anticipated that a single clash with Yang Kai would terrify him so greatly? 


Yang Kai was just a half-step away from becoming a Divine Dragon, and in his fluster earlier, Di Wu nearly turned around and ran. Luckily for him, Yang Kai ran even quicker, or else he might have humiliated himself.


Now that Di Wu carefully thought back on the previous exchange, though Yang Kai’s aura was indeed powerful, it had not yet reached the stage of a Divine Dragon. Di Wu had previously felt the aura of the White Divine Dragon back at the No-Return Pass and clearly remembered that it was far more imposing and majestic than the aura Yang Kai exuded. 


[Although that guy has grown significantly while cultivating in the Ancestral Land, he has still yet to break through that final barrier, so he should still be an Ancient Dragon.]


Having realised that, Di Wu felt relieved. If Yang Kai really had become a Divine Dragon, Di Wu would have no choice but to flee.


Di Wu was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, while Yang Kai could be regarded as a Pseudo-Divine Dragon, so the two were on par, with neither side being the genuine article. In fact, being a Pseudo-Royal Lord meant that he was the stronger of the two because he possessed the raw strength of a Royal Lord. Even if he couldn’t control that strength properly, he still had it, as opposed to Yang Kai whose total strength was still lacking by comparison. 


Now that Yang Kai had gone into hiding though, things had become difficult for him because,  if he couldn’t damage the Ancestral Land with his strength, he wouldn’t be able to find Yang Kai. In short, although the Black Ink Clan had cut off Yang Kai’s hope of escape with the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array, as long as Yang Kai didn’t reveal himself, there was no way for them to kill him.


This was what troubled Di Wu the most. Before coming here, he didn’t expect the situation in the Ancestral Land would turn out like this. 


Di Wu could sense Yang Kai’s Divine Sense probing around, checking the situation, but he couldn’t pinpoint where the latter was, so he could only sit and wait. 


Just as he was thinking about how to lure Yang Kai out, he suddenly felt the latter’s aura appear somewhere inside the Ancestral Land.


[Over there!]


Di Wu turned his head and saw Yang Kai’s figure shooting up into the sky. Then, he immediately moved his body and shot towards Yang Kai while shouting, “Stop him!”


They couldn’t let Yang Kai hide within the depths of the Ancestral Land again!


As Di Wu shouted his order, a thick bolt of lightning shot down from above. The Innate Territory Lords responsible for maintaining the Grand Array had activated one of its functions, a Killing Array.


Numerous lightning bolts appeared in the sky, resembling a Thunder Dragon flying through the sky and instantly stopping before Yang Kai. Yang Kai’s figure flickered across the sky as he easily dodged the attack, but the Thunder Dragon chased him as if it had a mind of its own. At the same time, more bolts of lightning rained down from above. 


Yang Kai managed to dodge many of these attacks before finally arriving at the edge of the Grand Array. With the Azure Dragon Spear in hand, he unleashed a powerful thrust. 


Space shattered, and even the Grand Array shook, revealing the figure of an Innate Territory Lord in one of the Array Nodes. He was the one who first summoned lightning bolts just now. 


When the two pairs of eyes met, the Innate Territory Lord shivered as he was filled with terror. 


Among all the Humans, there were a few Masters that the Black Ink Clan was wary of, but there was only one that inspired fear in all.


This couldn’t be helped as too many Innate Territory Lords had died at Yang Kai’s hands. Even if three Innate Territory Lords ran into him, their deaths were almost assured if they couldn’t quickly receive assistance from more Territory Lords. 


Even though they had the Grand Array as a barrier between them, the Innate Territory Lord didn’t feel the slightest bit secure. He would have long fled by now if he didn’t need to operate the Grand Array.


However, he was a crucial part of this Grand Array, so he couldn’t escape. The only thing he could do was to fiercely gather his strength while channelling it into the Array Banner, trying to strengthen the barrier in front of him.


Fortunately, Yang Kai only attacked once before he immediately flew away with no intention of striking again.


It wasn’t because he didn’t want to strike again, but because he couldn’t. The Royal Lord was about to arrive, and lightning bolts were closing in on him from all sides. Any delay could land him in a critical situation. 


However, that one spear attack gave Yang Kai some insight into this Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array and he realized it wasn’t nearly as sturdy as he originally thought. With his strength, he could easily break through this Grand Array given half a cup of tea’s time without any distractions. 


Of course, Black Ink Clan wasn’t going to give him a chance to do that. 


With the continuous strikes condensed by the Territory Lords operating the Grand Array, Yang Kai soon noticed that the bolts of lightning were increasing in number so rapidly that there was almost no place for him to run anymore. 


Therefore, he could only use Space Principles to exile his body to the Void. 


The moment his figure turned illusory, the many lightning bolts hit their mark. Since Yang Kai had phased his body though, he managed to avoid most of the attack while the remnants didn’t have enough power to harm him.


This was the biggest advantage of having an extremely pure Dragon Vein. The Dragon Clan was unparalleled when it came to physical resilience and even had a high degree of resistance when it came to most Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities. So, it wouldn’t matter if he was hit by some of the attacks. 


But before Yang Kai had the time to recover, four figures suddenly jumped out at him, each charging at him with their auras blazing.


They were four Innate Territory Lords that had been hiding nearby. These four Innate Territory Lords had linked their auras in a Battle Formation which Yang Kai was very familiar with!


Frowning, Yang Kai muttered, “Four Symbols Formation!” 


The Three Fortunes, Four Symbols, Five Elements, Six Paths, Seven Stars, Eight Desolations, and Nine Palaces were the most standard Battle Formations of the Human Race which were used by its soldiers on the Black Ink Battlefield in particularly dangerous or dire circumstances; for example, when their Warships were destroyed.



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