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Martial Peak – Chapter 5637, A Huge Mistake

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When Yang Kai was only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he had used his identity as Void Great Emperor to borrow the Star Boundary’s World Strength. It was only through that method that he could deal with Zuo Quan Hui, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Thousand Cranes Paradise.


During that battle where he used the Star Boundary’s World Strength, Yang Kai’s strength advanced from Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm to Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, which helped him solve the crisis he was facing. 


This time, though it wouldn’t increase his Order, he might be able to take advantage of the favourable conditions and advantageous position here to overcome his enemy!


Moreover, this was what Yang Kai had secretly planned for long ago. If he were forced to face the Royal Lord, he knew he had to borrow the Ancestral Land’s strength. It was just that his anger got to him, and he exposed this secret method far earlier than he wanted to. 


A loud humming sounded all across the Ancestral Land. The Ancestral Strength, which had been gradually thinning out throughout the past 300 years suddenly became dense again. It was as though the Ancestral Strength hiding deep inside the land had surfaced and surged in response to that one sentence from Yang Kai.


Not only that, the Ancestral Strength from the entire Ancestral Land was gathering towards Yang Kai’s body from all directions. Then, the Ancestral Strength formed a layer of brilliant protection around Yang Kai’s figure in the blink of an eye.


While watching the scene, Di Wu felt his face twitch. It didn’t matter if this change only affected Yang Kai, but following the increase in density of Ancestral Strength, Di Wu realised that the suppression this land had on his strength also increased. 


The most important sign was that he felt his Black Ink Strength circulation become sluggish when he tried to use it. 


He only attacked after waiting 300 years because of the Ancestral Land’s restriction on his strength. Before, that suppression was very obvious, and he wasn’t confident in dealing with Yang Kai if he managed to lure the latter out.


He only acted after the Ancestral Strength had thinned out significantly and the restriction on his strength was almost nonexistent, so he never expected everything would change again with just a few words from Yang Kai. 


The original confidence Di Wu possessed was replaced with a sense of danger. 


Before he could think more about it though, a bright light suddenly appeared before him. It was Yang Kai, and he was actively attacking Di Wu. The pain in his Soul and rage from being beaten had made Yang Kai lose his rationality. He didn’t even use the Azure Dragon Spear and instead raised his bare fist and threw it out at Di Wu. 


At the same time, the dense Ancestral Strength had formed a dense protective light barrier around his skin and even fit to his fist.


This punch was powerful and heavy as Yang Kai had used all his strength. If that fist landed on a Universe World, it would undoubtedly be destroyed. 


Even a Master as strong as Di Wu couldn’t react in time as Yang Kai was too fast. Along with the use of Space Principles, Yang Kai literally instantly appeared before Di Wu. 


In his rush to protect himself, Di Wu could only cross his arms in front of him. 


The punch landed on the spot where Di Wu’s arms crossed, and when it struck, Di Wu sank back and the Black Ink Strength around him was scattered. Even standing mid-air, there were obvious signs that his knees were buckling and almost made him kneel. 


Realizing this, Di Wu was enraged and gathered all his might to throw a punch at Yang Kai’s face as Yang Kai was throwing his second punch.


Right after throwing that punch, Di Wu gained an understanding of how much the Ancestral Land had affected his strength. 


The Ancestral Strength didn’t restrict his strength too much, only shaving about 10% off his peak, which was still within an acceptable range. It seemed like the surging of Ancestral Strength was just an illusion and wasn’t as bad as he had imagined. This wasn’t surprising as Yang Kai had kept devouring Ancestral Strength these 300 years, so the Ancestral Land had been severely depleted. Even though there were some left behind, it didn’t amount to much. Therefore, Di Wu only had to persevere, and Yang Kai’s state after borrowing the land’s power would soon fade on its own. 


If Di Wu’s strength had been suppressed by over 30%, he would have to think about whether he should retreat now. 


With two loud booms, both fists hit their respective targets. 


Di Wu was sent tumbling backwards quite a distance while Yang Kai was sent flying away. Neither of them had gotten the upper hand in this round. 


In regards to absolute strength, Di Wu was definitely stronger than Yang Kai, so when both of them punched each other, the force Yang Kai received was much greater. 


However, the Ancestral Land had dampened Di Wu’s strength somewhat while adding a protective layer that had weakened his attack further; as such, Yang Kai wasn’t at much of a disadvantage. 


Yang Kai managed to stop his figure in midair and didn’t pause for a moment before charging at Di Wu like a madman. 


He arrived before Di Wu in an instant and threw another punch.


Meanwhile, Di Wu was dumbfounded. 


He had previously fought with Eighth-Order Humans, but never had he encountered such a situation. More importantly, his opponent seemed like he had lost his rationale and thus became hard to predict. 


When faced with an unreasonable Yang Kai’s intense close-quarters attack, Di Wu could only give it his all to resist. 


At that moment, the two figures flickered about the Ancestral Land, constantly entangled in a brutal brawl. The scene was extremely lively, with neither side acting like a powerful Master would. 


This scene was captured by the eyes of the four Territory Lords at the outskirts of the Trapping Array and even the other Territory Lords who were powering the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array, and all of them were shocked. 


Despite the scene looking a little childish, the Territory Lords could clearly feel the horrifying power being delivered by those attacks. Every punch and kick unleashed in this battle caused the Territory Lords to shudder. 


[Has the killing star grown to such an extent?]


The fear the Black Ink Clan had for Yang Kai basically flowed from the fact that he had a strange Soul Secret Technique. Even strong Innate Territory Lords could be crippled by that technique, resulting in their swift execution. That was why they would all quickly protect their Soul whenever encountering Yang Kai. 


On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan wasn’t too concerned with Yang Kai’s raw strength. 


Yang Kai was acknowledged to be stronger than any other Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but there was still a limit to that strength. If they didn’t count the strange Soul Secret Technique, they estimated that two or three Innate Territory Lords would be enough to resist Yang Kai. 


That was the objective and impartial analysis given by all the Territory Lords that had encountered Yang Kai, which also formed the general impression the Black Ink Clan had of him. 


That was why Di Wu felt like Yang Kai was a toothless tiger that would be easy to deal with after he used up his Soul Rending Thorns. Not only did Di Wu have such thoughts, but the other Territory Lords did as well. They all believed this was the best opportunity to kill Yang Kai because if the latter managed to recover and regain the use of that strange Soul Technique, they would be in trouble. 


But when Di Wu and Yang Kai seriously began fighting each other, the Black Ink Clan Masters finally discovered the horrible truth that reality was far different from how they had imagined. 


Though Yang Kai was indeed at a disadvantage in this clash, the fact that he could still fight with a Pseudo-Royal Lord to this extent and not get killed immediately was a shocking revelation. 


Of course, the Ancestral Land’s restriction and assistance played a part in this, but that did not diminish the astonishing strength Yang Kai possessed. 


It seemed like the past 2,000 years of cultivation had allowed this killing star’s strength to grow to a truly unprecedented height for his Eighth-Order cultivation. 


The Territory Lords were shocked and couldn’t help but secretly feel lucky. It was fortunate that this Human couldn’t reach the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm in this lifetime, for if he could, even the Royal Lord would have had endless sleepless nights. 


At the same time, the battle raged on, and Di Wu found a chance to escape from Yang Kai’s entanglement before opening up some distance between them. Then, Di Wu repeatedly used Secret Techniques from afar to target his opponent. 


Di Wu had also noticed that Yang Kai’s actions seemed a little strange. It was obvious that his mysterious Soul attack had drawbacks, which caused Yang Kai to lose rationality and recklessly charge at him. This, to Di Wu, was quite an opportunity. 


Powerful Secret Techniques were released from the Pseudo-Royal Lord hands one by one, and that dense Black Ink Strength continued to pummel Yang Kai, causing him even more discomfort and damage. Even the layer of Ancestral Strength protection was constantly breaking apart and restoring. 


Fortunately, the Ancestral Strength was still continuously gathering over, creating a strong protective layer around Yang Kai. 


Without entirely destroying that layer of protection, it would be impossible for Di Wu to give Yang Kai a fatal blow. 


Occasionally, Yang Kai would also take advantage of an opening and appear before Di Wu and give him a few punches. Whenever that happened, Di Wu would feel extremely distressed. 


It wasn’t easy to escape from an opponent proficient in the Dao of Space and Di Wu was just lucky that Yang Kai was basically moving completely on instinct. Otherwise, if Yang Kai had used his Space Principles consciously, Di Wu would have had to engage Yang Kai in close quarters even if didn’t want to. 


The firm body of a Pseudo-Divine Dragon wasn’t something a Pseudo-Royal Lord like him could compare to. 


A while later, Di Wu saw that the protective layer around Yang Kai’s body had been completely restored again and finally gave up on the idea of fighting Yang Kai alone. 


He insisted on fighting Yang Kai alone until now because this was his first battle as a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and his opponent was Yang Kai. Therefore, he wanted the credit all to himself so that he could enjoy all the glory before the Royal Lord back at the No-Return Pass. 


But since that no longer seemed possible, there was no need to force the issue.


When he escaped Yang Kai’s range again and threw another Secret Technique at him, Di Wu roared, “What are you waiting for!?”


The four Territory Lords standing outside the battlefield secretly complained but didn’t hesitate to attack Yang Kai with their Secret Techniques. 


Yang Kai had just steadied himself when he was enveloped by the Secret Techniques coming from afar. The Ancestral Strength gathered around his body instantly broke, and his figure flew out and tumbled like a sack. 


Right after landing on the ground and spitting out a mouthful of Golden Blood, Yang Kai became aware of the cool feeling in his mind, causing his consciousness to wake up a little. 


The Soul Warming Lotus had kept working to mend his injured Soul this whole time, but since his Soul was injured quite seriously, it took a while to have any noticeable effect. 


Yang Kai was confused by his current situation and the danger around him, but he didn’t have time to think about it as several Secret Techniques were already flying his way again. 


Instinctively, Yang Kai wanted to use his strength to protect himself, but before he could, the Ancestral Strength, once again, gathered around him and formed a thick barrier. Unfortunately, even this protection didn’t last a single breath before breaking apart again. 


Feeling those Secret Techniques landing on his body, Yang Kai felt his five viscera and six organs churning and an immense pain coming from his bones, a number of which were now broken. 


Yang Kai’s heart sank as his blurry consciousness became clear again. Everything that happened quickly flashed across his mind and he realised that he had unconsciously made a huge mistake and inexplicably caused this to happen.



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