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Martial Peak – Chapter 5641, Your End Has Come

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The Black Ink Cloud was destroyed, revealing Di Wu’s figure, before the Sun and Moon Divine Seal slammed into Di Wu’s face and silently entered his body. 


Di Wu instantly felt like he had been struck by lightning, and his body visibly shook. 


When the profound Space-Time Strength exploded, it was like a million tiny millstones began grinding inside him, causing his Pseudo-Royal Lord aura to weaken at breakneck speed. 


At the same time, Di Wu could feel his vitality rapidly draining away. The strange strength inside him felt like innumerable sharp daggers slicing into his five viscera and six organs. 


[What is this Divine Ability!?] 


Di Wu was absolutely terrified.


The newly formed Sun and Moon Divine Seal wasn’t as imposing or overbearing as the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, but it was far more deadly. After all, the Seal was the result of Yang Kai’s comprehension after balancing the Dao of Time and Dao of Space, so it was impossible for it not to have improved. 


The power of this new Divine Ability didn’t disappoint Yang Kai. Di Wu’s aura constantly weakening was the best evidence of its efficacy.


At first, the Ancestral Land already had a trace of suppression on Di Wu’s strength, and after being bathed in rich Purifying Light, Di Wu lost a huge amount of his strength, affecting his foundation. He was not a real Royal Lord, but a Pseudo-Royal Lord that was created through the Source Fusion Technique. 


Previously, at the No-Return Pass, the Royal Lord had been struck by a similar blast of Purifying Light, and although he was injured seriously and had 10% of his heritage wiped away, his foundation remained stable. It was a different case for Di Wu because once his Pseudo-Royal Lord foundation, which was already unstable, was affected, there was a huge possibility that he would fall back into the Innate Territory Lord Realm.


He couldn’t accept that, and the Royal Lord wouldn’t forgive him if that happened. 


The Black Ink Clan had paid an enormous price to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord, which was why Di Wu chose to escape in the end. Unfortunately, Yang Kai had blocked his escape. Now that he was struck with the Sun and Moon Divine Seal, Di Wu’s already weakened Pseudo-Royal Lord foundation finally reached the point of rupturing. 


At that moment, dense and viscous Black Ink Strength began pouring out of his body, but it wasn’t by his own doing; instead, it was a sign of his inability to control his own strength. 


Di Wu’s expression became extremely pained. He was using all his strength to suppress the rioting strength inside his body, but the Sun and Moon Divine Seal was still wantonly destroying him from the inside, so how could Di Wu succeed?


When Yang Kai noticed Di Wu’s state, he was puzzled but didn’t think too much of it. 


He summoned the Azure Dragon Spear again and stared coldly at Di Wu, “Sir Royal Lord, your end has come, suffer death!”


Those words Di Wu had spoken before were returned to him. Who would have thought that their situations would make a complete turnaround after just a few days?


Once those words were spoken, Yang Kai thrust his spear at Di Wu. When the light from the spear bloomed, a myriad of Dao Strengths wove together, giving the spear an unstoppable momentum.


Di Wu roared madly as he counter-attacked, and the two figures instantly became entangled with each other. 


Even with the suppression from the Ancestral Land, and after being weakened by Purifying Light and the Sun and Moon Divine Seal, Di Wu still had the strength to fight. However, his strength was constantly slipping away, and as time passed, he would only become feebler. Once his Pseudo-Royal Lord foundation fully cracked, he would return to his original Territory Lord state.


Although Yang Kai didn’t know much about the Royal Lord before him, he noticed the madly decreasing Black Ink Strength and thought that this newly advanced Royal Lord did not seem to have a stable foundation; otherwise, such a situation wouldn’t have happened. 


When Yang Kai first met this Royal Lord, he didn’t have any intention of fighting him because he knew he wasn’t a Royal Lord’s opponent. Fighting such a strong enemy would only make things difficult for him with minimal chances of success.


However, a series of accidents changed the battle and caused it to escalate to this point. On the other hand, Di Wu was not an unbeatable Royal Lord anymore. He was now an enemy that could be killed!


While the two of them were fighting, several powerful auras approached from all directions. 


They were the Innate Territory Lords managing the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array. They noticed the situation had grown dire and came to help. 


If Di Wu died here, they wouldn’t be able to explain themselves to the Royal Lord after returning; therefore, they couldn’t stand by and watch as Di Wu was killed. 


Moreover, there were 12 of them, so if they worked together with Di Wu, they wouldn’t need to be afraid of Yang Kai. 


There was only one problem with their plan. 


Without them powering the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array, the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking effect would disappear, so no one would be able to stop Yang Kai if he decided to escape. 


In other words, the moment they decided to stop operating this Grand Array, their mission to surround and kill Yang Kai had basically failed. 


But at this moment, they couldn’t care too much about it because if Di Wu died, it would be meaningless to keep the Grand Array running. After all, Yang Kai could easily break through it. This Grand Array was sealing an extremely vast region, so it wasn’t very sturdy. 


The aura from the many Territory Lords approaching was very obvious, so Di Wu and Yang Kai could sense them coming. Di Wu’s flustered expression calmed down slightly, probably because he thought he had a chance to survive, but at the same time, he felt a little humiliated.


He was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and he led so many Innate Territory Lords here to kill Yang Kai, but still failed. Not only did he lose a million soldiers and eight Innate Territory Lords, but he was also heavily injured to the point of his foundation almost rupturing. 


In the end, he still had to rely on the other Territory Lords to come to his rescue. Now, he didn’t even know how he would explain himself to the Royal Lord after returning to the No-Return Pass.


It seemed like he didn’t need to explain anything… 


Just as his expression calmed down, it changed again because a Small Universe portal suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai and a large number of 1,000-metre-tall figures leapt out one after another. 


Small Stone Race Masters!


In an instant, nearly 300 of these 1,000-metre-tall Small Stone Race Masters appeared, each of them radiating extremely imposing auras that made it obvious they had the strength of Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. 


Of course, since they didn’t have much sentience and acted entirely out of instinct, their combat capabilities were far lower than Eighth-Order Masters. 


Moreover, ordinary Eighth-Order Masters were weaker than Innate Territory Lords. 


However, none of that mattered with this kind of advantage in numbers. 


300 Small Stone Race Masters was an enormous lineup. 


All the remaining Black Ink Clansmen were thoroughly shocked because. From what they knew, the Small Stone Soldiers were a very special Race that was difficult to nurture. After some 3,000 years of war, the Small Stone Race had basically been wiped out. Even if there were still some, there wouldn’t be many. 


Yang Kai summoning the 3 million Small Stone Race Soldiers was already very shocking for the Black Ink Clan.


Back then, Di Wu even specially observed the Small Stone Race, trying to see whether there were any of these more powerful Masters among their ranks, but he never spotted any. 


Since Yang Kai could summon so many Small Stone Race, how could it be possible that he didn’t hide any Small Stone Race Masters? It was just that Yang Kai didn’t want to bring them out. 


When they witnessed so many Small Stone Race Masters appearing before them, the Black Ink Clan realized their mission to surround and kill Yang Kai had failed before it even began. However, Yang Kai kept this advantage hidden and continuously used his discomfited state to give the Black Ink Clan false hope. He even exposed a number of his tricks and trump cards just to grind away at the Black Ink Clan’s strength. 


At this moment, he finally showed his final hidden hand, as if to spell out for them how hopeless and pitiful all their plotting truly was. 


Eight Territory Lords were dead, and a Black Ink Clan Army of 1 million soldiers was wiped out. Also, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, Di Wu, was seriously injured and the existence of the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array was exposed. 


These were the losses the Black Ink Clan had suffered in this battle, but what about Yang Kai? Some serious injuries? 3 million dead Small Stone Race Soldiers? Did any of that even matter?


Di Wu felt both aggrieved and angry at the same time, [What a scheming bastard!]


The instability of his state of mind caused his Pseudo-Royal Lord foundation to falter even more. Adding on to Yang Kai’s constant attacks, he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. 


After getting summoned, those 300 Small Stone Race Masters dispersed in all directions, roaring as they charged at the approaching 12 Innate Territory Lords. 


The Territory Lords were stunned at the same time and didn’t know whether to continue forward or retreat. 


If they continued trying to save Di Wu, they would inevitably be besieged by these Small Stone Race Masters, with each of them having to face at least 20 on their own. Even if these Small Stone Race Masters didn’t have much sentience, their incredible strength wasn’t easily dealt with. Once the Territory Lords were surrounded by these Small Stone Race Masters, death was basically guaranteed. 


But it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to retreat either. 


At that instant, the Territory Lords were caught in a dilemma. 


“Run!” Di Wu roared through gritted teeth, “Head back and report to Sir Royal Lord that Di Wu has failed his trust and deserved his death!”


Hearing what Di Wu said, the Territory Lords all turned around and ran. If they had decided to run themselves, they wouldn’t have been able to explain it to the Royal Lord, but now that Di Wu had ordered them to do so, they no longer had a reason to hesitate.


Meanwhile, the Small Stone Race Masters were chasing after them. 


Back on the battlefield, Di Wu seemed to have come to a decision after shouting his order. 


At first, he thought that though he was in a critical situation, he still stood a chance to escape, but after the appearance of those Small Stone Race Masters, that last hope was thoroughly destroyed. 


When even the possibility of survival disappeared, he actually felt a sense of relief. 


The surging Black Ink Strength inside his body that he was trying hard to suppress was now free of restraints as he roared, “Yang Kai, so what if you win against me today? This Universe belongs to the Black Ink Clan!”


At that instant, black filled the sky as the dense and fierce Black Ink Strength turned into a huge tornado that was madly spinning with Di Wu in the centre. 


Yang Kai suddenly felt pressured. 


He had fought against many Black Ink Clansmen, killed Territory Lords, and even won against a Royal Lord, but never had he seen such a fierce and dense Black Ink Strength coming from a single Black Ink Clansman before. 


[This isn’t normal,] at a glance, Yang Kai could see that Di Wu was about to suffer a fatal backlash from his own strength. 


The best choice now would be for him to escape the battlefield because it was impossible for Di Wu to maintain this state for long; however, Di Wu seemed to have noticed Yang Kai’s plan. Since Di Wu had decided to use his death to show his loyalty and resolve, how could he let Yang Kai escape that easily?


Since he had to die here, he would at least bring Yang Kai with him! 


“Enough nonsense! Today, either you die, or I perish!” Yang Kai roared while madly gathering the strength in his Small Universe before channelling it to his spear. Space-Time Strength hovered around him while the Ancestral Land thrummed. What was left of the Ancestral Strength flowed in from all directions and turned into a bright barrier around his body. 


As the Matriarch, this was the last protection the Ancestral Land could give her favoured son.


The next moment, Yang Kai boldly charged at Di Wu. 


When the bright and dark lights smashed together, the entire World shook as Space ruptured. Both lights exploded, enveloping 100,000 kilometres in a blinding brilliance. 


At that moment, it seemed like time itself had ceased to flow.



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