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Martial Peak – Chapter 5645, Returning To The Barren Territory

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Once bitten, twice shy. Yang Kai had already caused a huge scene in the No-Return Pass once; thus, the Royal Lord would definitely be worried about Yang Kai coming back.


He would not be able to protect the numerous Black Ink Nests in the No-Return Pass on his own.


This was not a solo life-and-death battle. Considering the strength of a Royal Lord, he was naturally not afraid of an Eighth-Order Master, even if that Eighth-Order Master had killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


However, if Yang Kai really appeared at the No-Return Pass, then his purpose would not be to fight with the Royal Lord nor the Territory Lords, but to destroy High-Rank Black Ink Nests.


High-Rank Nests were the root of the Black Ink Clan right now. The Black Ink Clan Army was created through the various Black Ink Nests, and all Mid and Low-Rank Nests shared an intrinsic link to the High-Rank Black Ink Nest which spawned them. The Source Fusion Technique also required a High-Rank Black Ink Nest to be sacrificed. Once the High-Rank Black Ink Nests were all gone, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to replenish their numbers and would not be able to grow stronger. Eventually, they would die out.


Thus, even if the Royal Lord was strong, if Yang Kai avoided fighting him and instead targeted the Black Ink Nests, it would be impossible to stop him on his own.


It wasn’t just that though; there was also a possible new Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master the Royal Lord needed to be wary of!


Therefore, he needed assistance.


He could not count on the Innate Territory Lords and could only hope for help from a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


However, in all these years, the Black Ink Clan had only ever created a single Pseudo-Royal Lord, Di Wu.


Which Innate Territory Lord did not aspire to become a Pseudo-Royal Lord? In the anticipated final confrontation, the role Innate Territory Lords could play would diminish significantly. Perhaps, they would one day encounter a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and be killed by them.


Mo Na Ye also wanted to become a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but he was not one of the Royal Lord’s favourites. How could he receive such benefits for no rhyme or reason? If he had such an opportunity, then it would have been him and not Di Wu who was selected in the first place.  


Now, he had an opportunity. The other Territory Lords were still shocked by Yang Kai’s terrifying powers, which highlighted Di Wu’s incompetence. They were all intimidated by the Royal Lord’s anger; however, through this crisis, Mo Na Ye was able to spot a light.


The 12 Territory Lords who had escaped were how he could potentially make a breakthrough!


These 12 Territory Lords were now considered to be guilty of serious crimes. If nothing was done, they would probably be sent to the six Great Territory Battlefields by the Royal Lord to fight against the Eighth-Order Humans for an extended time as punishment for their crimes.


However, this was not what Mo Na Ye wanted to see. With just a few words, he was able to influence the Royal Lord’s decision on the fate of these 12 Territory Lords. Throughout everything he had said, at no point did he mention any of his own ambitions. This spoke volumes of his intelligence.


In contrast to Mo Na Ye’s exuberance, the 12 Territory Lords were extremely frightened.


They did not flee from the Ancestral Land just to be sent to perform the Source Fusion Technique. While they could become a Pseudo-Royal Lord if they succeeded, their hopes of success depended on the number of sacrifices before them.


No one could guarantee that they would be successful. Just as Di Wu never guaranteed his success.


Di Wu simply had better luck, and the accumulation from the Source Fusion Technique was sufficient by the time it was his turn.


However, the Royal Lord had already given the order, so they could not refuse.


“Don’t say this King isn’t giving you a chance. All of you enter the Black Ink Nest together. Who succeeds or fails will depend on your own abilities,” the Royal Lord said indifferently.


The 12 Territory Lords all replied bitterly, “Yes!”


The last time the Source Fusion Technique was performed, there 13 Territory Lords were sacrificed in a row before Di Wu succeeded. This time when all 12 of them entered the Black Ink Nest together, if one Territory Lord had enough luck, he might be able to succeed. At least, this was better than having no hope at all.


The 12 Territory Lords left the Grand Hall together and found a High-Rank Black Ink Nest and entered it. Soon, many auras merged and a lot of commotion came from within the Black Ink Nest.


Half a day later, the auras began to disappear one by one until finally, 22 days later, the last one faded away. Many Territory Lords in the Grand Hall now appeared excited.


If the 12 Territory Lords were all sacrificed, then the chances of success for the next one who entered would increase significantly; however, the Territory Lords knew that this opportunity would not be given to them.


Many pairs of eyes looked towards Mo Na Ye, who had gained the Royal Lord’s favour. It was most likely that the Royal Lord would choose him.


As expected, the Royal Lord turned his head towards him and said, “Mo Na Ye.”


Mo Na Ye stepped forward as he suppressed the excitement within him and replied calmly, “Sir.”


“If you were to perform the Source Fusion Technique next, what do you think are your chances of success?”


Mo Na Ye pretended to ponder for a moment and then replied, “70%!”


The Royal Lord frowned slightly. Although 70% was fairly good, there were still some risks. Such a wise and resourceful Territory Lord like Mo Na Ye was incredibly rare, it would be a pity if he died trying to execute the Source Fusion Technique. As such, the Royal Lord called out, “Who is willing to perform the Source Fusion Technique?”


As soon as he said that, a group of Territory Lords became excited and all of their eyes lit up and were about to answer, but Mo Na Ye did not give them a chance as he quickly cupped his fist and said, “Sir Royal Lord, please allow me to try.”


The Royal Lord frowned and said, “But there is still some risk. If you die from the Source Fusion Technique…”


Mo Na Ye interrupted the Royal Lord and quickly said, “If I am too afraid to try when I have a 70% chance, then what use could I possibly be to Sir Royal Lord in the future? Even if I were to fail, I can still lay the foundation for my other comrades to succeed, so I will die with no regrets! Sir, please give me a chance!”


This was a tactful statement. Originally, the other Territory Lord’s were upset with Mo Na Ye for not letting them speak out; however, after hearing this and seeing Mo Na Ye’s sincerity, their resentment quickly dissipated. They now felt that Mo Na Ye’s dedication to the Black Ink Clan’s great cause was both respectable and admirable.


“Please allow me, Sir!” Mo Na Ye pleaded again.


He would not give up this opportunity to the other Territory Lords no matter what happened; after all, he had meticulously planned for this moment. Although there was a risk of failure, the chance of success was decent. If the other Territory Lords managed to grab this opportunity, then it would be a case of desperate to cry but unable to shed any tears.


The Royal Lord seemed to hesitate in deciding, but Mo Na Ye had already expressed his willingness to risk his life. If the Royal Lord still refused now, then he would seem very biased against Mo Na Ye.


He had no choice but to nod and agree, “In that case, go ahead!”


Mo Na Ye’s eyes lit up with joy, “Many thanks, Sir!”


He turned around immediately, walked out of the Grand Hall and entered the High-Rank Black Ink Nest. His aura began to fluctuate.




The Divine Spirit Ancestral Land remained undisturbed for nearly 100 years before a figure finally emerged from its depths. It was Yang Kai.


After 100 years of recuperating, his wounds had now completely healed.


With the Soul Warming Lotus, even the most serious injuries to his Soul could be restored, though this time it had taken quite a bit longer as the damage resulting from using five Soul Rending Thorns at once had been quite serious.


Yang Kai was not only healing during the past 100 years though. He had also been reviewing his new comprehension of the Grand Daos of Time and Space, which he benefited a lot from.


If he performed the Sun and Moon Divine Seal again right now, it would be much more powerful than his previous attempt.


Although he was here for more than 100 years, Yang Kai quickly realized that the Ancestral Land’s situation had not changed much and its Ancestral Strength was still very weak. In such an environment, even if a Divine Spirit was cultivating in the Ancestral Land, they would not benefit much.


It would take a long time for this World to fully recover.


Yang Kai bowed and gave a respectful salute to this World. If the Ancestral Land really had a Will, then it must be able to feel his heartfelt gratitude.


He then straightened up and took off into the sky.


Yan Kai left the Ancestral Land, travelled across the Divine Ability Sea, passed through the Shattered Heaven, entered a Territory Gate, and arrived at the Barren Territory.


He did not come here to enter the No-Return Pass from the Barren Territory though. Although this route was the fastest, it was also the most dangerous.


The No-Return Pass was now in the hands of the Black Ink Clan, and not only was there a Royal Lord stationed there, there was also a large number of Territory Lords. Yang Kai did not know the situation at the Territory Gate either, so if he just barged in, and there was some kind of ambush, he would have sacrificed himself for nothing.


After all, he had done this before, so the Black Ink Clan must have taken appropriate precautions by now.


The reason why Yang Kai came to the Barren Territory was because he wanted to check out the situation of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God here.


Thousands of years had passed since the battle in the Barren Territory. During these thousands of years, the two Ninth-Orders Old Ancestors were unable to move at all. Likewise, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was also unable to extricate itself. Although they were separated by the boundary wall of the Great Territories, they were literally chained to each other.


At least, that was the case initially, because at that time, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was seriously injured!


It was pursued from the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land into the Barren Territory. Then, as it passed through the battlefield, it was bombarded by the Human Race Army and numerous Masters. Thereafter, it was attacked by numerous Ninth-Order Old Ancestors and was severely wounded. Old Ancestors Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing found the opportunity to secure its arm through the Territory Wall between the Barren Territory and Wind Mist Territory, but they were forced to remain in Wind Mist Territory as a result.


However, Yang Kai now wondered if the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had restored itself after all these years. If it was restored, the two Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t restrict its movement by themselves.


If this Black Ink Giant Spirit God broke free, it would undoubtedly deal a devastating blow to the Human Race.


The Human Race was currently incapable of resisting a Black Ink Giant Spirit God!


Yang Kai was amazed by how quiet the Barren Territory was when he entered.


The last time Yang Kai came over, Giant Spirit God Ah Er and the other, unshackled Black Ink Giant Spirit God, were locked in a brutal battle that shook the entire Great Territory, so it was odd that everything was so calm right now.


Yang Kai used his Divine Sense and very soon, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


He saw that in a vast void, these two Giant Spirit Gods, who had been fighting for thousands of years, were now entangled in a physical stalemate, one of them body-locking the other, while the other head-locked the first.


There was no telling when they ended up in this grappling hold, but it was clear that both had fought viciously as there were wounds all over their bodies. There were even big chunks of their flesh drifting about, looking like asteroids in the void.



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