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The tremors and thunderous commotions within the Barren Territory calmed down as soon as the Black Ink Giant Spirit God stopped struggling. It sat in the void, with the arm that penetrated the boundary wall secured from the other side as it stared at Yang Kai with intense rage.


Technically speaking, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was both Mo’s Creation and Mo’s Soul Clone. It meant that there was no big difference between Mo and it. Apart from the vast difference in strength, it inherited all the thought processes and experiences of Mo.


It was not easy to anger such an ancient Supreme Being, which has survived for millions of years, to such an extent.


During the battle in the Barren Territory, it was attacked repeatedly by Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Even the Dragon and Phoenix Clan Leaders had joined in on the assault. The wounds they caused were far more severe than what it was suffering just now. Later on, it was shackled in place by the two surviving Ninth-Order Old Ancestors, but even then, it was not as angry with them as it was now.  


To it, all the resistance of the Human Race was just an appetizer before Mo’s unification of everything was complete. Not only would it not be angry, it felt that it could have some fun along the way.


However, what Yang Kai did today really upset it.


Not only did the pure and flawless white light reopen its wounds that took thousands of years to heal, but it also wiped away a large portion of its power!


In a mere dozen breaths, Yang Kai ruined thousands of years of cultivation.


The pure white light had caused its heart to be filled with rage.


“You worm! You have truly enraged this Supreme One!” Bellowed the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, causing the entire Barren Territory to reverberate.


Yang Kai taunted in response, “Come and kill me then!”


In Wind Mist Territory, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing were immediately put on edge. There was nothing they could do if the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was willing to sacrifice its arm in order to get out of their restriction.


Of course, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s powers would be severely impacted if it lost an arm; however, even if the Black Ink Giant Spirit only had one arm, two Ninth-Order Masters were still no match for it.


They were secretly praying that this damn brat would not provoke this monster again, because if it really got upset, the situation would only get worse.


Though the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was furious, it had no intention of sacrificing its arm to get out of this trap. The two Ninth-Order Masters were relieved when it did not move its locked arm.


Yang Kai, however, did not stop provoking it. When he saw that Black Ink Giant Spirit God was not moving, he increased his taunts, “It looks like you are all talk! If you don’t kill me today, I will kill you in the future! Not only will I kill you, but I will also go to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction to destroy your lair and slaughter your true body!”


The two Old Ancestors who had just heaved a sigh of relief were now anxious again. They wanted to yell at Yang Kai to shut the hell up!


Worse, Yang Kai’s threats were the most shameless of boasting! Instead of getting more upset though, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God calmed down considerably and, after sizing up Yang Kai, said, “I’ll look forward to the day when you can say that in front of my true body!”


It was as if he had heard something very interesting and wanted to witness it with his own eyes.


Yang Kai nodded his head very seriously and replied, “Hope you meant what you’ve said!”


After saying that, he bowed at the boundary wall that the arm pierced and said, “Many thanks for your efforts, Old Ancestors, this Junior will take his leave now!”


Turning around, he shot away towards the Territory Gate.


He had achieved the purpose of this trip.


He said that he was here to collect some interest, but that was only part of the reason. Yang Kai was aware of the possible consequences of attacking the Black Ink Giant Spirit God with Purifying Light. If he was just here to collect some interest, then how was it possible for him to do something so risky?


His real purpose here was to weaken the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


He already had this idea when he last came to the Barren Territory; however, he had not done so because at that time, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was still badly injured, so there was no need to aggravate it.


Now, after thousands of years of recuperation, if Yang Kai did not weaken it, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God might become strong enough to free itself.


For this reason, Yang Kai was willing to utilize 2 million Small Stone Race Soldiers, and a mountain of Yellow and Blue Crystals!


However, this tactic could only be used once. The Black Ink Giant Spirit God would never give him another chance to weaken it like this again.


Although it could not move from where it was, it was still able to destroy a Small Stone Race Army far away from where it sat.


While the Barren Territory was in turmoil, a figure rushed through the Territory Gate between the Barren Territory and the No-Return Pass and arrived at the other side.


A short while later, the Royal Lord gathered the Territory Lords in the Grand Hall.


On the bone throne, the Royal Lord looked over at the figure sitting on his left side and nodded approvingly, “Your analysis is impeccable, Mo Na Ye. Yang Kai is really coming to take revenge!”


Mo Na Ye stood up and bowed, “Many thanks for your compliment, Sir. I’ve studied Yang Kai closely; after all, he is currently the biggest threat to the Black Ink Clan.”


Mo Na Ye was able to become a Pseudo-Royal Lord after the sacrifice of 12 Territory Lords. He had been cultivating in retreat for the past 100 years or so and had now adapted to his new strength.


However, his situation was essentially the same as that of Di Wu who was killed by Yang Kai. Although he had the power and might of a Royal Lord, he could not control or restrain it very well.


This was a drawback that was difficult to solve for Pseudo-Royal Lords as the power they obtained was gained through the Source Fusion Technique and not from their own cultivation. Thus, it was naturally difficult to attain true Mastery over it.


Of course, even if Mo Na Ye was never able to overcome this problem, he was already extremely satisfied.


He was an Innate Territory Lord before, and would never have arrived at his current position without careful planning. When the tide of the new Black Ink Clansmen rose, the number of new Ninth-Order Humans and Black Ink Clan Royal Lords would definitely be significant. While Innate Territory Lords could be considered the backbone of the Black Ink Clan Army, a lone Territory Lord could not decide the future situation of the two Races.


Even if a Pseudo-Royal Lord was slightly inferior to a real Royal Lord, Mo Na Ye had already slogged for so many years for this position. It did not matter if he was slightly inferior as he was happy with making any progress at all. Furthermore, he had always been wiser and more resourceful than the rest of the Black Ink Clan, so he was confident that he would not be worse off than any other Royal Lords in the future.


The most important factor was with this new strength, if ever he encountered a Ninth-Order Master, even if he couldn’t defeat them in battle, he could always escape. If he was still an Innate Territory Lord, any Ninth-Order Human would be able to squash him.


After becoming a Pseudo-Royal Lord, Mo Na Ye even had his own seat during these gatherings. He no longer had to stand with the rest of the Territory Lords, which was a clear display of status.


His seat was to the left of the Royal Lord, which was an indication of his importance.


It could be said that today’s Mo Na Ye was third only to Mo and the Royal Lord. It was a huge honour to stand above billions of Black Ink Clansmen. This honour originally belonged to Di Wu, but unfortunately for him, he had messed up and gotten himself killed.


“From what Sir said, that Yang Kai has already arrived?” Mo Na Ye asked.


The Royal Lord nodded, “According to the news from the Barren Territory, Yang Kai is over there now.”


Mo Na Ye exclaimed in surprise, “So fast? He arrived much earlier than expected.”


He had thought that Yang Kai would have to cultivate for about 200 years this time to fully recover given the severity of his wounds. After his defeat in Acacia Territory, Mo Na Ye gathered all the information he could find about Yang Kai and now had a fairly good understanding of his character and behaviour.


From that point on, he paid close attention to Yang Kai’s movements.


In fact, his speculations weren’t entirely wrong as Yang Kai had yet to fully heal, it was just that the latter had decided to take action now rather than wait.


The Royal Lord continued, “The Arrays that have been set up around the Territory Gate and are ready to be activated. If Yang Kai dares to show up, he will walk right into our trap. Mo Na Ye, this time, I will leave the task of capturing this nuisance to you. I hope that you will not let me down, “


Mo Na Ye rose again and bowed, “Rest assured, Sir. If Yang Kai dares to show up this time, he will not be able to go back.”


The Royal Lord nodded with satisfaction, “I will remain here and only enter the battlefield if Yang Kai enters our net.”


Mo Na Ye was relieved to hear what the Royal Lord said. He was not eager to repeat Di Wu’s mistakes, where he fell in the Ancestral Land along with eight Territory Lords.


Although the results were unexpected, it was obvious that the Black Ink Clan had severely underestimated Yang Kai’s means.


This time was different. The No-Return Pass was the base of the Black Ink Clan with a true Royal Lord, a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and 100 Territory Lords that could be mobilized.


If Yang Kai rushed in through the Territory Gate and fell into their pre-arranged Array, he would have no hope of escape unless he was a Ninth-Order Master.


Mo Na Ye rolled up his sleeves and suddenly understood Di Wu’s urgency back then. This was his first battle after becoming a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and he was dealing with a pillar of the Human Race at the heart of Black Ink Clan. If he managed to capture Yang Kai, then his achievements would be unquestionable and his position in the Royal Lord’s heart would be firmly established.


At his command, 50 Territory Lords were deployed and lay in wait around the Black Ink Nests near the Territory Gate. They waited for Yang Kai to show up and then they would activate the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array.


Mo Na Ye would not be hiding nearby, but further away, inside a High-Rank Black Ink Nest so he could use the undulating aura of the Black Ink Nest to conceal his presence.


A Pseudo-Royal Lord could not fully utilize their power or control their aura; thus, Mo Na Ye could only do this to avoid Yang Kai noticing him.  


The trap was set and now, they lay in wait for him to show up.  


They waited and waited, but there were no signs of Yang Kai. All was quiet at the Territory Gate. Even the Black Ink Clan squads that were supposed to deliver supplies from the No-Return Pass to the 3,000 Worlds were temporarily halted.


Mo Na Ye waited patiently, but as time wore on, he grew more and more anxious.



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