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Martial Peak – Chapter 5649, Yang Kai’s Attack

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The No-Return Pass was now in the hands of the Black Ink Clan, so how could he just barge through the Territory Gate?


It was different now compared to previous years. During the battle between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan in the Barren Territory, the corpse of the Old Ancestor of Azure Void Pass was distracting the Royal Lord’s attention. The Black Ink Clan never expected that Yang Kai would return from the Barren Territory to rescue the captured Ji Lao San.


The situation between the two races appeared stable, and the Black Ink Clan’s control over the No-Return Pass was far stronger than before. If there was an ambush against a Human Race Master at the Territory Gate, then he would be walking right into it.


Therefore, after he left the Barren Territory, he hid his tracks and passed through one Great Territory after another to reach the Black Territory. Thereafter, he entered Black Ink Battlefield silently from the Black Territory.


This was the only known other passageway connecting the 3,000 Worlds and the Black Ink Battlefield, and only Yang Kai could pass through it. Every time he passed through it, he would block the way back and seal it up. Thus, the Black Ink Clan should never be able to find out about the existence of this passageway. Even if the Black Ink Clan investigated, after how much his mastery over the Dao of Space had improved, they would never be able to discover the existence of this secret passageway.


This passageway had helped Yang Kai several times.


He was currently somewhere within the Blue Sky theatre. Naturally, Yang Kai could no longer see Blue Sky Pass, a structure that had stood for countless years. 


On the way, he encountered some Black Ink Clan mining teams, but Yang Kai did not pay any attention to them, and it only took him two to three months to reach the periphery of the No-Return Pass.


Such speed was only possible because he was well-versed in the Dao of Space.


However, when he entered the Black Ink Battlefield and started to head toward the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai suddenly had an ominous feeling as if something bad was about to happen.


The closer he got to No-Return Pass, the stronger the feeling became. When he arrived outside the No-Return Pass, the uneasiness had reached its peak. Now, looking at the huge great pass, it was like a beast that was ready to devour anyone foolish enough to approach.


It was a warning!


Perhaps because his Dao of Time had improved again, which enabled his perception of the potential future crisis to become sharper.


Since there were great dangers ahead, the wisest thing to do was listen to his gut and retreat immediately. Even if he wanted to seek revenge on the Black Ink Clan, the No-Return Pass was not the best choice.


There were many Territory Lords in the Great Territory battlefields. The Ancestral Land battle was the first one in which Black Ink Clan broke the agreement without warning. If Yang Kai really wanted to kill some Territory Lords to ease his anger, the Black Ink Clan would just endure the losses and not engage in a battle with him.


However, he had to come.


The Black Ink Clan’s ability to turn an Innate Territory Lord into a Royal Lord had to be investigated no matter what. He would not worry about it if it was an exception. However, if it became a possibility, then the Human Race had to be careful in the future.


So, without further delay, Yang Kai rushed boldly toward the No-Return Pass.

He considered hiding his aura, but since a Royal Lord was present here, there was no way he could effectively do that. Thus, instead of sneaking around and hiding his power, it was better to come openly and blatantly.


Yang Kai’s speed is extremely fast. The moment his aura was exposed, he used Instantaneous Movement and dashed to the top of a High-Rank Black Ink Nest. He then fiercely smacked down on it.


The huge Black Ink Nest rumbled and disintegrated from top to bottom like a mountain of jade pillars.


Although the Black Ink Nest was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan and could spawn countless Black Ink Clan members, it was not strong enough to withstand an attack by a top Eighth-Order Master like Yang Kai. Even a random Third or Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could destroy a Black Ink Nest with a single blow.


Yang Kai had done this previously. At that time, he destroyed six High-Rank Black Ink Nests.


It seemed that the Black Ink Clan had learned from their mistakes. After he destroyed one, there were no more signs of High-Rank Black Ink Nests nearby. The High-Rank Black Ink Nests were now positioned far away from each other. Thus, even if Yang Kai could destroy one of them, he would need time to destroy the second one. 


The moment the High-Rank Black Ink Nest was destroyed, a figure emerged from the ruins, but it was a Territory Lord.


After feeling Yang Kai’s murderous intent, he turned his head and exclaimed, “Yang Kai!”


Yang Kai’s reputation was evident when he was immediately recognized by a random Territory Lord.


The Territory Lord was terrified and had no intention of fighting with Yang Kai. He turned around to run away but the Void suddenly froze and his vision dimmed.


When he looked up, he saw a huge palm descending from the sky to slap his head down.


The Territory Lord was using Black Ink Strength like mad, but it was difficult for him to resist the terrifying power of this palm, and was directly slapped.


Yang Kai withdrew his hand, he was slightly stunned that this Territory Lord was far too weak.


It soon dawned upon him that this was not an Innate Territory Lord, but an Acquired Territory Lord. He had been hiding in the Black Ink Nest to cultivate but had suffered an untimely death.


Killing the Innate Territory Lord or the Acquired Territory Lord did not make much difference to Yang Kai. But if he had to choose, he would rather kill the Acquired Territory Lord.


This was not because the Acquired Territory Lords were weaker and easier to kill, but because Acquired Territory Lords had the potential to become Royal Lords. By killing more Acquired Territory Lords, he could prevent them from ever becoming Royal Lords.


Exterminating the Black Ink Nests and killing the Territory Lords seemed to be tedious, but in fact, it was extremely fast.


However, at that moment, he sensed a powerful aura.


[The Royal Lord is here!]


Yang Kai was not surprised. The Royal Lord was always here at No-Return Pass. Since he came to cause trouble, it was natural that he came out.


The moment he manipulated Space Principles, his Qi fluctuated violently, and in a flash, the Void was like a lake that had a boulder thrown into it.


The Void rippled and Yang Kai’s body swayed.


Although the Instantaneous Movement was successful, his position was vastly different from where he was supposed to be.


It was too late to reposition himself. The Royal Lord came from the depths of the No-Return Pass with a terrifying power and appeared close to him in the blink of an eye. His voice thundered. “Die!”


He raised his hand and brought his palm down at Yang Kai. The power of this palm turned Heaven and Earth upside down. Although Di Wu had the strength of a Royal Lord when he was at the Ancestral Land, the difference was immense.


Yang Kai hastily took up the Azure Dragon Spear. With the subtle Space-Time Strength lingering on the long spear, it managed to stab the Royal Lord a dozen times.


Each time Yang Kai and the Royal Lord moved, they would leave a vivid residual image in place, as if they were portraits painted by the most skilled artists.


The figures of the Royal Lord and Yang Kai could be seen everywhere throughout the Void, filling up the huge Void in the blink of an eye.


A group of Territory Lords that had rushed out from the depths of the No-Return Pass were dumbfounded. They could not tell which of those figures was real and which were just residual images.


However, they did not worry about those. Dozens of Territory Lords ran toward the battlefield. More than ten Territory Lords tried to set up a formation to block Heaven and Earth. Those Seventh-Order Black ink Disciples who were good at Dao of Spirit Arrays had developed the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array. Though they were saved by Yang Kai, and had now returned to the Human Race’s side with a large number of Small Stone Race soldiers, they had still left behind Arrays and Formations that they made or shared with the Black Ink Clan. Thus, although they were no longer present, the Black Ink Clan could still set up the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array.


The remaining Territory Lords formed the Four Gates or Five Elements Formation and were ready to go to the battlefield for support.


When they arrived at the battlefield a figure fell out of the sky. Its face was pale and a long spear lay next to its body. His chest was sunken making him look quite miserable.


It was Yang Kai!


Yang Kai was satisfied with his face-to-face encounter with a Royal Lord, even though he was knocked away in just three breaths.


Back then, when he was messing around at No-Return Pass, he did not dare to fight with this Royal Lord because he would most likely fall and not be able to perform a Space Secret Technique with his strength at that time.


That would be playing with his life. Thus, when he faced the Royal Lord, he immediately ran.


After three thousand years, he met the Royal Lord again. Although he was still far from being a match for his enemy, they at least fought, which was much better than the last time.


This was considered a positive development. It was difficult for a Royal Lord’s strength to improve, but it was different for Yang Kai. He had been an Eighth-Order Master for around three thousand years. Now, he was at the peak of the Eight-Order Open Heaven Realm and might have a chance to break through and become a Ninth-Order Master.


When he reached the Ninth Order, he was confident that he would be able to kill such a Royal Lord with ease!


Even so, there was still a long way to go.


Behind Yang Kai, Black Ink Strength was like a tidal wave. The Royal Lord’s murderous intent was revealed and he was in hot pursuit.


Yang Kai manipulated Space Principles and was about to leave with the Instantaneous Movement.


However, since the last encounter with Yang Kai, the Royal Lord seemed to have found a way to deal with Yang Kai. Just like the Royal Lord who chased him out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. The way to deal with Yang Kai was to use his own aura to destabilize the Void around Yang Kai while he was performing the Instantaneous Movement technique.


In this way, although it could not interrupt him, it could cause the location of the teleportation to deviate.


This was proven in the Royal Lord’s previous attempt.


As expected, when Yang Kai used Instantaneous Movement again, the Royal Lord used his aura to destabilize the Void and the Instantaneous Movement did not meet Yang Kai’s expectations. Not only was the distance much shorter, but the position was not even close to a thousand kilometres.


However, Yang Kai was still more than satisfied with this.


He still remembered the time when he escaped from Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. When the sheep-headed Royal Lord chased him, every aura blast would hurt him. Now, it was just his Instantaneous Movement that was affected. It was much better than getting hurt.



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