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Martial Peak – Chapter 5650, Helplessness

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One chased while one fled, quickly moving away from the No-Return Pass.


It was a similar scene to the past, and this alarmed Yang Kai.


Previously, he managed to lure the Royal Lord out of the No-Return Pass and then used his Space Beacons to quickly wheel around and destroy several High-Rank Black Ink Nests.


After suffering such a loss, could the Royal Lord really still be so gullible? He was either overwhelmed by rage or the Black Ink Clan had a backup plan.


As the supposed only Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, guarding the No-Return Pass was his biggest responsibility at the moment. How was it possible that he could let his rage control him to the point he forgot the bigger picture?


The only logical conclusion was that the Black Ink Clan had some way to guarantee the No-Return Pass’s safety! The Royal Lord was confident that even if he was not here, the Black Ink Clan would be able to deal with Yang Kai’s attack.


That meant that there was at least one more Royal Lord hiding there, possibly more than one…


Even though he had already guessed this, Yang Kai had to follow his original plan. He had planned to draw out the hidden Royal Lord no matter the price he needed to pay.


Yang Kai kept using Instantaneous Movement. However, each time he was interfered with by the Royal Lord’s aura, causing small wounds to gradually build up.


Although his strength was far superior to last time, Yang Kai could not keep this up forever.


The two gradually moved further away from the No-Return Pass.


The Territory Lords behind wanted to chase after them, but Mo Na Ye sent an order in time to stop them.


Mo Na Ye sighed slightly as he looked in the direction the Royal Lord disappeared. He chastised himself for not understanding the situation sooner, so that he could discuss with the Royal Lord about countering Yang Kai before he appeared.


This situation was not what he had expected.


If he had any say, Mo Na Ye would not have let the Royal Lord chase after Yang Kai. If he could not kill Yang Kai, then what good would it be to chase him away?


As long as the No-Return Pass was properly set up, the Black Ink Clan’s numerous Territory Lords and two Royal Lords had a good chance of trapping Yang Kai as soon as he showed up.


As long as the Territory Lords were able to get into position in time and seal Yang Kai off, then the two Royal Lords could join forces and slaughter him.


Unfortunately, the Royal Lord did not give Mo Na Ye a chance to make proper arrangements and just rushed out as soon as he noticed Yang Kai’s aura.


Now, it was difficult to ambush Yang Kai since he was alerted to the situation.


Now, Mo Na Ye could only do his best to respond accordingly. He gave his orders for the Territory Lords to set up the area. As for himself, he did all he could to restrain his aura.


In the void, the Royal Lord chased Yang Kai a billion kilometres from the No-Return Pass. Soon, Yang Kai felt he had led the Royal Lord far enough and activated the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks on the backs of his hands. A pure white light enveloped his figure.


The Royal Lord, who was behind him, was stunned. In that instant, the aura he had locked onto Yang Kai was cut off…


The Purifying Light has such a mysterious effect.


As soon as the Royal Lord’s aura was severed, Yang Kai’s mind connected to a Space Beacon he had placed near the No-Return Pass, and he vanished as soon as his Space Principles surged.


The Royal Lord chased Yang Kai to the place where he disappeared. He then coldly snorted and turned his head to look back at the No-Return Pass, secretly praying that Mo Na Ye would not let him down.


[Yang Kai must have thought that there is no strong Master at the No-Return Pass now. With his skills and past battle records, he would definitely not take the Territory Lords seriously. If he is complacent enough, he might be trapped by the Array. When that time comes, Mo Na Ye can engage him and when I return, we can easily kill this menace off.]


With such thoughts in mind, the Royal Lord hurriedly dashed back towards the No-Return Pass.


At the same time, Yang Kai appeared inside a Black Ink Cloud some 10 million kilometres away from the No-Return Pass.


Without stopping and without hesitation, even though he knew that the No-Return Pass was a lion’s den, he rushed out to attack.


With his own aura surging openly, the Territory Lords guarding the No-Return Pass went on high alert as they awaited their greatest enemy.


As his figure flickered forward, Yang Kai pushed his Time Principles madly, trying to intuit where the future crisis might come from.


He did not think that there would be much risk even if there was one or two Royal Lords hidden at the No-Return Pass. He could still run away if he was no match for them. The greatest danger was undoubtedly the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array.


If he was trapped in such an Array, the Royal Lord would pose a fatal threat to him.


Thus, Yang Kai had to look out for the locations where this Array might appear. The Array needed a certain number of Territory Lords in order to be activated so in fact, he only needed to take note of the location of those Territory Lords.


It was a pity that there were too many Black Ink Nests around. Not only were there around 100 High-Rank Black Ink Nests, there also were thousands of Mid-Rank Black Ink Nests. The aura of each of the Black Ink Nest was so strong that Yang Kai could not detect any Territory Lord hiding inside.  


The only thing he could use was the faint sense of crisis he felt, but unfortunately, he could not do anything about it. Thus, he could only use Time Principles to try to peer into his future.


Soon, Yang Kai closed in on the No-Return Pass, but instead of attacking, he began circling the perimeter.


He could clearly sense the Divine Senses of numerous Black Ink Clansmen probing him from the Black Ink Nests below, which allowed him to determine which ones were occupied.


Mo Na Ye did not intend to engage Yang Kai as he hid in one of the High-Rank Black Ink Nests. He just sat like a rock while reigning in his aura. With the information transmitted through the Black Ink Nests, he was able to monitor Yang Kai’s movements without actively searching for him.


Naturally, he became alarmed by Yang Kai’s movements.


Since Yang Kai had already lured the Royal Lord away, this should have been his best opportunity to go on a rampage and create a huge mess. If Yang Kai wanted to, with his current strength, destroying several High-Rank Black Ink Nests was entirely possible.


If he did that though, the Black Ink Clan would have a chance to trap him during the chaos.


However, Yang Kai did not do that. Instead, he kept circling the No-Return Pass.


[What keen instincts!]


Mo Na Ye definitely did not reveal his presence; however, Yang Kai’s experience in the Ancestral Land must have made this killing star wary of the Black Ink Clan. Perhaps, he could guess that there was still another Royal Lord lurking at the No-Return Pass.


Mo Na Ye was both excited and worried.


He was excited because it was more to his liking to fight such an enemy; he felt such clashes were far more interesting than simple head-to-head battles. However, he was worried about this enemy being so difficult to handle. Even with all his arrangements, they might not be sufficient.


Outside the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly narrowed before retreating immediately.  


Before he arrived at the No-Return Pass, he already had a very strong ominous feeling. Now that he was here, that feeling spiked tremendously.


This undoubtedly meant that he was in extreme danger. If he attacked the No-Return Pass from this direction, he might fall into the Black Ink Clan’s ambush.


[Is it a Royal Lord? Or is it the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array?]


Yang Kai could not be certain.


After silently calculating the time, Yang Kai continued to circle the No-Return Pass without slowing down before coming to certain conclusions.


Three locations caused him to feel especially uneasy, indicating they were particularly dangerous. There were some aura fluctuations in those locations, but the differences were not that great.


It now appeared that his mastery over the Dao of Time was quite useful in detecting future threats. He had just thought of trying this out and planned to practice it more frequently from now on.


Time was running out as the Royal Lord whom he lured away should be back soon if he came back at full speed.


After a brief hesitation, Yang Kai decided on a direction and swooped down, summoning the Azure Dragon Spear as a Golden Crow cawed. A Great Sun manifested at the tip of his spear before flying straight down towards a certain Black Ink Nest.


Inside this particular Black Ink Nest, an Innate Territory Lord was scared to death when he saw this. He had never met Yang Kai head-on so this was the first time he was feeling such a terrifying presence. Although he had heard of the horrifying reputation of this killing star, it was only today that he realised just how powerful he was.


He swore and cursed at Yang Kai, thinking there were more than 100 High-Rank Black Ink Nests at the No-Return Pass distributed over a vast area, yet this killing star just had to target the one he was hiding in. It was a better than 100 to 1 chance, yet he was that unlucky 1.


In the face of Yang Kai’s attack though, he could not even escape. He had to do whatever he could to protect the High-Rank Black Ink Nest. If he dared to run now, then he would definitely be the first one to perform the Source Fusion Technique the next time.


With a roar, the Territory Lord rushed out of the Black Ink Nest and headed straight for the Great Sun with a defiant look on his face.


In the face of death, this Territory Lord managed to summon his courage.


At the moment the aura of one of the hidden Territory Lords was revealed, many nearby Territory Lords linked their auras to form a Battle Formation and shot towards Yang Kai.


In the Black Ink Nest where Mo Na Ye was hiding, he could not help but sigh and had no choice but to lunge out.


Yang Kai knew that danger was waiting for him at the No-Return Pass and yet he still came. Even though Mo Na Ye knew he would not be able to trap Yang Kai if he showed himself right now, the moment the enemy attacked, he could not hide any longer. It would be difficult for the Territory Lords to stop Yang Kai from destroying the Black Ink Nests, so if Mo Na Ye did not move, the damage would surely be catastrophic. 


Sometimes, even a powerful Master like a Royal Lord was helpless.


Mo Na Ye surged his Royal Lord might towards Yang Kai, hoping to frighten him off.


Unfortunately, rather than looking frightened, Yang Kai actually appeared relieved when he perceived the aura of a Royal Lord. One of his primary objectives for this trip had now been achieved.



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