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Martial Peak – Chapter 5659, Butterfly

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Luo Ting He would not be in such a tight spot if Yang Kai was only in the Sixth or Seventh Order. All she needed to do was to give him some gifts and give him some pointers for his cultivation, which would not be difficult.


However, Yang Kai’s cultivation had been increasing rapidly over the years, leading to him reach the peak of the Eighth Order.


In terms of strength as an Eighth-Order Master, Yang Kai was definitely the strongest. Even Xiang Shan was incomparable to him.


This made it difficult for Luo Ting He to figure out what she could give him in return. Since she successfully advanced to the Ninth Order and was stationed here to guard the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, she had been thinking long and hard about this.


“I pondered a lot on this. Since you are always out and about, you should be constantly in danger; so, why don’t I give you something to protect yourself? It might come in handy one day.”


Upon saying so, she did not allow Yang Kai to refuse. Her slender jade finger gently lifted and the sea of flowers that blanketed the mountain valley started to detach and turned into balls of light that converged at her fingertip.


The flowing lights lingered and gathered, slowly converging into one and reconstituted into a colourful butterfly which gently flapped its wings.

When the glow waned, the butterfly completely materialized.


She was not finished yet though as Yang Kai clearly felt Luo Ting He’s World Force surging madly and pour into the butterfly. The little butterfly, which was the size of a baby’s palm, was like a bottomless pit, constantly swallowing World Force from the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai was immediately dumbfounded.


Although he did not know what mysterious Secret Technique Luo Ting He had performed, he could tell that this Senior, who came from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, was injecting the heritage from her own Small Universe into this butterfly.


This was undoubtedly a huge loss to her. When this butterfly was activated, it would be as if Luo Ting He was present to take action!


It was truly a treasure! Just as Luo Ting He said, Yang Kai travelled around regularly as he no longer needed to cultivate in retreat. Previously in the Ancestral Land, he was surrounded by powerful Black Ink Clan Masters, and when he went to the No-Return Pass, he faced two Royal Lords and countless Territory Lords.


He really did encounter a lot of danger, so such a defensive treasure could be a life-saving token in certain critical moments.


Setting other incidents aside, if he had this butterfly when he was at the Ancestral Land, would Di Wu have even been a threat to him?


With the infusion of a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s Small Universe heritage, the Secret Technique butterfly became increasingly dynamic, as if it really came alive and was ready to fly.


Luo Ting He soon began to look fatigued.


It was only after half an hour that Luo Ting He exhaled a long breath and severed the connection between her Small Universe and the Secret Technique butterfly. With a flick of her fingertip, the butterfly flew towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai opened his palm and the butterfly landed on it. The gorgeous light then dissipated and turned into a butterfly-shaped crystal.


“If you encounter a dangerous situation that you can’t get out of, activating this will certainly help. It contains my full power, but remember that it can only last for 30 breaths.” Luo Ting He warned.


Although the butterfly felt light, Yang Kai’s heart was heavy. He estimated that to create this Secret Technique butterfly, Luo Ting He had sacrificed at least 500 years of hard cultivation. In other words, several centuries of effort had been used up to create this butterfly, which only lasted 30 breaths of time.


In some sense, while such a Secret Technique was extremely damaging to Luo Ting He, it was a potentially life-saving treasure to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai put the Secret Technique butterfly away, bowed, and solemnly said, “Many thanks for Old Ancestor’s generosity!”


Luo Ting He smiled lightly and said, “You are now a pillar of the Human Race. We cannot afford any mistakes with your life.” After a pause, she continued, “You have been out and about a lot, and understand far more than others about the situation between the two Races today. Tell me, if the two sides were to go to war today, what are the chances of the Human Race winning?”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment and said, “The odds of our victory are actually quite high, but we cannot just focus on the immediate crisis…”


It was not that the Human Race did not dare to fight back against Black Ink Clan in an all-out war today, but rather that they needed to not be short-sighted.


Yang Kai gave up an absolute advantage in Profound Nether Territory and made peace with the Black Ink Clan to create a relatively safe environment for the next generation to grow up in. He did this because he realized that this was not a war that one person alone could control, and that the Human Race needed more Masters if it truly wanted to win in the end.


Later on, the scope of the peace talks extended to more Great Territory Battlefield, and now that some 2,000 years had passed, the Human Race truly had nurtured many rising stars into powerful Masters. The Star Boundary, the Myriad Monsters World, and even his Small Universe continued to witness the birth of such talents.


Now, the Human Race had one more Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it could be said that their situation was much better than 3,000 years ago.


If a full-blown war started today, the Human Race would likely win. Yang Kai alone would have a huge impact as he would be unshackled, able to slaughter Acquired and Innate Territory Lords freely.


Although the Black Ink Clan could create Pseudo-Royal Lords, they would have to sacrifice a lot of Territory Lords to do so, which would not be worth it as a dozen Territory Lords were actually more useful than one Pseudo-Royal Lord.


So, if a full-scale war broke out, the Human Race’s chances of winning were more than 70%, though they would have to pay a terrible price to achieve victory. Such a war would likely result in 50% losses on the Human side.


The problem was what came after. The root cause of the Black Ink Clan was slumbering inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Even if the Black Ink Clan that invaded the 3,000 Worlds was ruthlessly wiped out tomorrow, the problem would not be resolved until Mo was completely eliminated.


The Human Race needed to be much stronger to deal with what was to come.


The Suppressing Black Ink Fortress was one such preparation for that future.


For the time being, delaying was the Human Race’s best option. The longer they could delay, the greater their advantage would become. However, there was a limit to this. If Mo’s true body completely awakened, the Human Race would have to deal with it, regardless of whether they were prepared or not.


Thus, Yang Kai was willing to accept 1,200 Black Ink Disciples and a multitude of resources to resolve his confrontation with the Black Ink Clan at the No-Return Pass. It was not because he turned soft to them, but that now was not the time to confront the enemy directly.


Speaking of the 1,200 Black Ink Disciples, Yang Kai suddenly remembered that they were still suppressed in his Small Universe. He had forgotten to release them back at Supreme Headquarters when he was there.


There was no hurry though. Furthermore, they posed no danger as they remained in his Small Universe for the moment.


Yang Kai had a long chat with Luo Ting He, describing the situation of the two Races while she listened intently.


Although she was a Ninth-Order Master, after leaving Azure Sun Territory some 1,000 years ago, she had been stationed here the whole time. Thus, she really did not know much about the situation in the outside world.


Yang Kai only knew so much because he was able to move around freely while the others could not.


“I understand now,” Luo Ting He nodded lightly, then smiled and said, “You are so certain of victory? Have you found a way to deal with that Black Ink Giant Spirit God?”


If the two sides were go to war, the Black Ink Clan’s biggest advantage was not the huge number of troops they had, or that the number of Territory Lords exceeded the numbers of Eighth-Order Masters, it was the Black Ink Giant Spirit God who was pinned down by the two veteran Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Barren Territory!


That was the true existence that could single-handedly tip the balance of power between the two sides.


The Black Ink Clan now had two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods. One was held in check by Ah Er, so they did not need to worry too much about it. Those two had been fighting each other for several thousands of years and neither side had gained any kind of advantage. It was the Black Ink Giant Spirit God that had once been subdued by the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land that they had to worry about. Once it freed itself from the Old Ancestor’s restraint, it would be an absolute disaster for the Human Race.


Before, while it was seriously injured, it was locked in place by the two Ninth-Order Masters using their Secret Techniques; however, after so many years had passed, most of its injuries should have been healed by now. Nevertheless, that alone would not be enough of a reason for Yang Kai to personally go to the Barren Territory to torment it.


If the Black Ink Clan was in a life-or-death struggle, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God would not stand idly by. In that situation, it would likely sacrifice its arm to fight back.


If it broke free, then it would be difficult for the Human Race to counter it.


However, from what Luo Ting He had heard so far, Yang Kai did not seem concerned about it, so he obviously had a way to deal with it.


Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter and said, “Old Ancestor is truly sharp!”


While Luo Ting He mentioned this, she did not ask any more questions about it.


Yang Kai left after some more small talk, and Luo Ting He continued to meditate to make up for the heritage that she had just used up.


Instead of returning to the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, Yang Kai flew directly up into the void, where he opened up his Small Universe and released the 1,200 Black Ink Disciples he had received from the No-Return Pass.


The Black Ink Strength in their bodies had already been purged by Purifying Light and they were now ashamed to face Yang Kai.


If Yang Kai had not got them back from the Black Ink Clan, they would still be working for the enemy.


Yang Kai was not surprised by this and did not say much to them. He only gave them instructions and then provided them in the direction of the Supreme Headquarters.


The 1,200 saluted in unison, turned into a stream of light, and disappeared.



The Supreme Headquarters spent months mobilizing the necessary troops. It was not an easy task to gather so many Open Heaven Realm Masters. They could not draw too many from any single battlefield; otherwise, it may affect the situation on the front lines.


They also needed to balance the personnel appropriately, which was no easy task.


Before the arrival of the soldiers, a group of Divine Spirits came to Yang Kai to report.


They were the Divine Spirits that he brought out from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Since Yang Kai killed Tao Wu in Profound Nether Territory, these Divine Spirits had been performing much better on the battlefield because they were afraid of Yang Kai’s ferocious methods.


Tao Wu, who was comparable to an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master at the time, was beheaded by Yang Kai without being able to resist. None of the Divine Spirits wanted to be the next Tao Wu, so over the years, whatever the Humans requested, they would do their best to complete.


The Divine Spirits all stood in a field near to the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, but when Yang Kai looked out at them, he suddenly felt rather saddened.



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