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Martial Peak – Chapter 5661, Forming the Suppressing Black Ink Army

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Fang Tian Ci had worked together with Yang Xiao and Yang Xue all these years. He was proficient in the Dao of Space and originated from Yang Kai’s Small Universe, which was why the Supreme Headquarters paid attention to him.


Mi Jing Lun had also heard of this person. When Yang Xiao’s Squad was sent to the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, he did not expect Fang Tian Ci to take the initiative to ask him to send a message to Yang Kai.


With Yang Kai’s confirmation, he was relieved that Fang Tian Ci’s deployment was something arranged by Yang Kai himself. Mi Jing Lun secretly sighed as he looked at the 6,000 soldiers and 60 or so Divine Spirits below. There were great uncertainties ahead. It was fine if everything went well but if the situation went south, then there was no telling how many of them would survive.


Yang Kai was also deep in thought.


[Fang Tian Ci took the initiative to speak to Mi Jing Lun about not being able to be transferred. Was this the result of my memories sealed in his body slowly awakening? Or was it just an instinctive feeling that he could not leave the 3,000 Worlds?]


In the future, Yang Kai would have to perform the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art to try to advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm. If Fang Tian Ci was to be appointed there, he would be unable to perform the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art. Thus, both Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow Great Emperor would have to stay in the 3,000 Worlds in case of an emergency.


When Yang Kai looked up, he was glad to see that Thunder Shadow had not been transferred over.


Gathering all eyes on himself, Yang Kai began to speak, “Thousands of years ago, the Great Passes joined forces on a crusade to the depths of the Black Ink Battlefield. 3 million troops rallied under the banner of over 100 Ninth-Order Old Ancestors. They marched towards the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest to eliminate the evil we now know as Mo. It was an ambitious and gallant effort by a mighty army with the finest of arms.”


“However, in the war outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God launched a surprise attack from our Human Army’s rear, causing the collapse of our forces and resulting in heavy losses. The Army was defeated and forced to flee from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Great Passes were destroyed and Ninth-Order Old Ancestors died in that battle, with we Humans suffering massive casualties along the way.”


“The remnants retreated to the No-Return Pass to establish a new defensive position with the assistance of the Divine Spirits; however, the sheer disparity in strength allowed the Black Ink Clan to drive straight in and capture the No-Return Pass. The reconstituted forces were hit hard again with the No-Return Pass being abandoned and many Divine Spirits being killed or injured.”


“Fortunately, with the help of the Giant Spirit God, Ah Er, the Human Race finally managed to stabilize its position in the Barren Territory. However, Mo’s desire to wipe out our kind never waned. After much scheming and plotting, the Black Ink Clan finally opened a passageway from the Barren Territory to Wind Mist Territory. That day, the Human Race lost many powerful elites. All but two of the surviving Ninth-Order Old Ancestors, and both the Dragon and Phoenix Clan Leaders sacrificed themselves in the final moments of that battle, taking with them all but one Royal Lord and severely injuring the Black Ink Giant Spirit God. Their sacrifice allowed the rest of the Army to retreat to safety.”


“Afterwards, the Black Ink Clan invaded our 3,000 Worlds and the Human Race retreated to the current Great Territory Battlefields. So far, we have been guarding High Heaven Territory as the last pure land for more than 3,000 years. Since the Late Ancient Era, our people have always been the Heavenly Way’s favoured, but now, we have been forced by Black Ink Clan into such a desperate state. We have failed to live up to the favour shown us by the Heavenly Way!”


Most of the 6,000 soldiers present had never experienced these great battles, but as they listened to Yang Kai’s words, the tragic scenes from the past seemed to flash in their minds, and their hearts swelled with rage.


“It is undeniable that the Black Ink Clan is strong and our Human Race is weak. In those battles, the Black Ink Clan managed to break our hands and feet, but they could not break our backbone! The Human Race will never compromise with the Black Ink Clan and will never surrender!”


Yang Xiao fumed as his Dragon Blood boiled. He could not help but yell with a high-pitched Dragon Roar, “THE HUMAN RACE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!”


Several dozen Divine Spirits who stood beside him looked at him strangely. They all felt a bit strange that a pure-blood Dragon Clansman would shout such words…


Although they were willing to fight alongside the Human Race to drive away the Black Ink Clan, so that they could find a place to live in the future, they never shouted such words as it was inconsistent with their identity.


However, the eager fighting spirit of the 6,000 soldiers was completely ignited by Yang Xiao’s roar. A loud thunderous roar shook the entire world.




The battle spirit was raging and every soldier thirsted for revenge. Their ferocious auras shot to the sky and seemed to penetrate the Heavens, shaking the world itself.


Thousands of years ago, when the Old Ancestors died in the last battle on the Barren Territory, the same earth-shattering cries could be heard.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, waited for the chants to die down before continuing, “All of you must be curious why you were transferred here. You are all heroes with great merits who have killed countless enemies in the past. All of you can be regarded as the elites of the Army. Since you are all elites though, the duties entrusted to you will also be beyond normal.”


“What you are standing on is the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, which is an artifact that has taken 1,000 years and countless resources to construct. It is designed specifically to defend against the Black Ink Clan, and you have all been transferred here to operate it and resist the coming crisis.”


“Thousands of years ago, the Human Race Army was defeated outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. The true body of Mo fell into a deep sleep and there is no telling when it will awaken. Although some arrangements have already been prepared and are in place, nothing is certain. We need you all to head to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction to guard the place!”


The Humans roared while even the Divine Spirits were moved.


Although they all knew that Yang Kai might want them to do something big, they never expected that the reason why they were deployed to the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress was for them to guard the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction!


That was where the Mother Nest was located. In other words, that was where the true body of Mo was. It was the source of all the current chaos. Those survivors of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction War looked grave as they could not help but recall the tragedy that occurred there.


It could be said that the battlefield over there marked the first defeat of the Human Race which precipitated all the tragedies that followed. It was a traumatic experience for all those who lived through it.


Thousands of years ago, they carried this great humiliation when they escaped from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Now, after thousands of years, they finally got a chance to go back and seek revenge! The fighting spirits in their hearts had never been higher!


They would never retreat again!


Yang Kai continued, “That place is cut off from the world, so you will not be able to receive any assistance from this side. You can only rely on yourselves and the compatriots standing beside you. You may encounter far more dangers than anywhere else in the Great Territories. This mission may very well be your last, so if any here are unwilling to go, leave now and no one will blame you!”


Yang Kai raised his eyes and glanced around, but no one moved. After waiting for more than 10 breaths, all 6,000 soldiers still stood straight, none of them wavering in the slightest.


Yang Kai was greatly relieved and nodded, “Good! With such determination, there is no longer any need to worry about Mo! Today, I, Yang Kai and Mi Jing Lun are here to form the Suppressing Black Ink Army on behalf of the Supreme Headquarters of the Human Race. I wish you all a speedy and triumphant return!”


When the Great Evolution Army was first established, Yang Kai was just a Seventh-Order Squad Leader, like these 6,000 soldiers in front of him. Now, he stood there looking at them with the majesty of an Eighth-Order Army Commander. He could not help but feel proud. Now, times had changed, and the younger generation had also begun to carry the banner of the Human Race, shouldering their share of responsibilities.


Mi Jing Lun stepped forward, took out a jade book, and shouted, “Where is Su Yan?”


In the crowd, Su Yan, who looked solemn and graceful, cupped her fist and shouted, “Su Yan, reporting for orders!”


Mi Jing Lun looked at her and punched out the jade book, “Today you are appointed as the Division Commander of Suppressing Black Ink Army’s First Division. You will be the Commander of 600 soldiers! In this jade book, you will find the names of the soldiers appointed as your subordinates. As for the Squads and their Squad Leaders, you will be the one who decides later!”


Su Yan was immediately baffled. Although she had killed many enemies on various battlefields over the years, and her merits were numerous, she had not done much to be deserving of becoming a Commander. 


When their group of women gathered together, it was always Yu Ru Meng who led them. It was not that Yu Ru Meng was stronger than her; in fact, the strongest of all Yang Kai’s Wives was currently Su Yan; after all, she possessed a Phoenix Clan Bloodline and was now in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. She was naturally more powerful than the average Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


However, Yu Ru Meng was a former Demon Saint from the Demon Realm, a leader of billions who held a high status and loft position for 10,000 years. In short, she was used to ordering people around and was naturally better at it. So, Su Yan and the others became accustomed to following her directions.


Su Yan was at a loss when she was suddenly given the heavy responsibility of having 600 soldiers under her.


She glanced towards Yang Kai and saw him looking back at her with confidence. Steeling herself, she nodded lightly and firmly declared, “Su Yan has received the order!”


After receiving the jade book, she used her Divine Sense and was relieved to find out that her personnel included Yu Ru Meng. Mi Jing Lun also knew about the inner workings of their group and had naturally made some arrangements. With Yu Ru Meng with her, she would not have any problems being a Division Commander.


Mi Jing Lun shouted again, “Where is Yang Xiao?”


Yang Xiao instantly shouted with great vigor, cupped his fist with enthusiasm, and shouted, “Yang Xiao, reporting for orders!”


With what just happened to Su Yan, he naturally expected that he was going to be named a Division Commander. He was so happy that he smiled from ear to ear, even winking at Yang Kai, as if to say that he had not disgraced him.


Of course, Yang Kai knew what he was thinking and couldn’t help rolling his eyes to himself, [This Brat, he still hasn’t grown up after all these years.]


Yang Kai did not expect that Mi Jing Lun would appoint Su Yan and Yang Xiao to be Division Commanders. The appointment of a Division Commander of the Suppressing Black Ink Army was a decision made by the Supreme Headquarters itself, so Yang Kai was not involved in the slightest.


However, it wasn’t a big deal. Both Su Yan and Yang Xiao were qualified to be Division Commanders by virtue of having Dragon and Phoenix backgrounds and strengths. No one would accuse Yang Kai of nepotism because of this.


Besides, it was not easy to be a Division Commander. Things were so unpredictable and dangerous at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction that perhaps the Division Commanders would become the first to lead soldiers into battle, meaning they had to shoulder the greatest amount of risk.



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