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Martial Peak – Chapter 5665, One day

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Yang Xiao felt sorry for Old Fang as he knew that the latter had always regarded his Adoptive Father as his role model. If Old Fang was here and saw this scene, he would surely have been proud of Yang Kai.


He had complained about Mi Jing Lun’s decision that the entire Squad was transferred to the Suppressing Black Ink Army, but Old Fang was left behind.


While Yang Xiao was sulking, Yang Kai shouted a response from the front of the deck, “It is this Yang!”


In fact, there was no need to respond. The Territory Lord had already seen his figure from afar. To all the Black Ink Clansmen, they need not remember any Human except for Yang Kai. His image and features had been sent across the entire Black Ink Clan, for all of them to study him closely.


Everyone in the Black Ink Clan was very familiar with this face…


The Purifying Black Ink Battleship stopped not far from the front of the Territory Gate. The Territory Lord who shouted the greeting was clearly tense, his Black Ink Strength involuntarily undulating. He never expected to be placed in such a position before, staring down a Warship with Yang Kai at the front. He suddenly felt that the world was dark and there was no hope or future for him…


This Territory Lord could barely resist the anxiety in his heart, which compelled him to charge towards Yang Kai in a desperate bid to attack!


However, he managed to calm down, because he knew that if he tried to strike Yang Kai, he would die! Yang Kai had already proven his ability and skill with countless of his dead comrades.


He cursed Mo Na Ye in his heart. Just because he had some verbal disputes with Mo Na Ye when they were both Innate Territory Lords, he was sent here by the latter in a kind of personal vendetta. If he was killed by Yang Kai, Mo Na Ye would not be bothered by it. There need not be any mention of avenging his death or even a report to the Royal Lord.


With fear and trepidation, the Territory Lord mustered a smile on his face and cupped his fist towards the Human and said, “By order of Sir Mo Na Ye, I am here to receive Sir Yang. Sir Mo Na Ye has instructed me to ask Your Excellency one question. What is the purpose of Sir Yang Kai’s visit today?”


Although he was smiling, he seemed to be whimpering as his voice trembled.


Aboard the Warship, the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters watched on coldly while they marvelled at how much guts it took for this lone Territory Lord to face Yang Kai and hundreds of Eighth-Order Masters.


This ship did not just contain ordinary Eighth-Order Masters, but the elite amongst the elite of the Human Race. Of course, the Black Ink Clan only feared and respected Yang Kai while they scorned the rest and did not even bother to remember their names.


“Mo Na Ye…” Yang Kai murmured. [This guy is as perceptive as ever. Though I did not hide our movements, stationing a Territory Lord here means that he must have figured out what we are up to.]


“What if I say that I’m just passing through?” Yang Kai responded indifferently.


The Territory Lord’s tense heart immediately relaxed and his smile became much more sincere as he side-stepped and made a welcoming gesture, “Sir Mo Na Ye said that if the Humans are only passing through, then go ahead. Please! “


[Interesting…] Yang Kai grinned and did not want to waste any time on this Territory Lord, so he ordered, “Defensive positions!”


Although Yang Kai believed the Black Ink Clan would not risk starting a fight here, they still had to be on guard. Once he gave the order, the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters immediately took up a defensive stance.


Yang Kai waved his hand forward and the Purifying Black Ink Battleship sailed into the Territory Gate and disappeared.


After the Purifying Black Ink Battleship entered the Territory Gate, the Territory Lord heaved a long sigh of relief, feeling as if he had returned from the gates of death.


At the No-Return Pass, the Purifying Black Ink Battleship emerged from the Territory Gate. Yang Kai stood alone at the front of the deck, straight as a post, and saw a gathering of powerful foes ahead.


Territory Lords gathered in large numbers, led by Mo Na Ye.


Fortunately, all the Territory Lords had revealed their whereabouts and there was no sign of any Grand Array being activated; otherwise, Yang Kai would have suspected that the Black Ink Clan were here to ambush them.


On the Warship, the Eighth-Order Masters surged their World Force as they met the Territory Lords in front of them with a tinge of anxiety. Both sides exchanged solemn looks as the atmosphere grew extremely tense.


The two Races had long fought ruthlessly for innumerable years, and a vicious blood feud now existed between the two sides. Peace was impossible between them.


The only reason why they did not fight immediately was because they had other priorities right now.


Just after the Purifying Black Ink Battleship crossed the Territory Gate, Mo Na Ye cupped his fist and said with a smile, “Sir Yang, we meet again!


Though he was outwardly smiling, he was actually cursing Yang Kai in his heart. It had only been a year or two since Yang Kai’s last rampage at the No-Return Pass…


“Sir Mo Na Ye!” Yang Kai also returned the salute with a smile, “Sorry to impose on you again!”


Many of the Eighth-Order Masters looked dumbfounded. If for a moment they pretended that there was not a blood feud between the two Races, just seeing how Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye greeted one another, they would think that it was a reunion of old friends.


However, this seemingly warm reunion was accompanied by many secret Divine Sense probes between the two sides, which would be extremely strange.


“No worries, you’re always welcome!” Mo Na Ye smiled eagerly and continued, “This was once a place for the Humans, there’s no imposition at all.”


Yang Kai’s eyes slightly narrowed as he heard the double speak in his words… But Yang Kai was no pushover and simply laughed as he said, “Indeed, one day, we will have to play hosts to you here.”


 Mo Na Ye smiled and replied, “I hope that I’ll be around to see that day.”


 Yang Kai nodded and said firmly, “You will be!”


Mo Na Ye’s smile froze as he was slightly off-put by this subtle threat; still, he quickly composed himself and asked, “Sir Yang Kai’s purpose for coming here is…”


“Rest assured, I’m not here to stir up trouble with the Black Ink Clan. I just want to take a trip to the depths of the Black Ink Battlefield.”


“So that’s how it is!” Mo Na Ye appeared as if his suppositions were correct, “The two sides seemed to be constantly fighting recently. Since Sir Yang Kai is leading so many Human Masters, obviously it must be something important. In that case, I won’t delay you any longer!”


Extending his hand, he gestured, “Please!”


“Many thanks!” Yang Kai replied courteously and took a step out of the Purifying Black Ink Battleship. The next moment, Mo Na Ye realized that Yang Kai was standing side by side with him.


Mo Na Ye was surprised by this move, and could not resist as he turned to look at Yang Kai for a moment.


He would not have thought of anything if Yang Kai had stayed aboard the Purifying Black Ink Battleship, but now that he suddenly came so close to him, things were different. Was Yang Kai not afraid of being attacked?


With his strength as a Pseudo-Royal Lord, if Mo Na Ye struck, Yang Kai might not be able to retreat even with his Space Secret Techniques. If the Royal Lord came out from the Black Ink Nests, they might very well have the chance to trap Yang Kai!


[No, it is impossible for him to be that foolish. If he was, then he would have died many times over. But what does he want to do? What the hell is he up to?] Mo Na Ye nervously thought.


Yang Kai grinned at him and casually asked, “Where is Sir Royal Lord? Why haven’t I seen him?”


If it was before, he really would have kept his distance from Mo Na Ye. A Pseudo-Royal Lord was also a Royal Lord and not someone he should take lightly, but now that he had a life-saving trump card, he was not afraid of Mo Na Ye.


Acting in a way that seemingly disadvantaged oneself was a good way to confuse one’s opponents. When dealing with a smart guy like Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai could not just force his way through things. He should act with a certain degree of eccentricity to keep the other side off-balance.


The fact that Yang Kai asked him about the Royal Lord made Mo Na Ye even more wary. It was one thing standing so close to him, but Yang Kai was now even casually inquiring about the Royal Lord…


[What the Hell is this bastard up to?]


Many thoughts flashed through Mo Na Ye’s mind, before in the end he still casually answered, “Sir Royal Lord has minor injuries to deal with and is now resting in the Black Ink Nest.”


“Sir Royal Lord’s injuries… were caused by me years ago, weren’t they?”


Mo Na Ye was dumbfounded by this question.


A rather odd scene was now playing out at the No-Return Pass. Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye were chatting casually as they walked side by side, the Purifying Black Ink Battleship following closely behind, and a mass of Territory Lords lining up on either side. The atmosphere was tense but peaceful.


The two sides continued to walk further and further away.


Only after sending them a million kilometres away from the No-Return Pass, did Mo Na Ye stop and say, “I believe this is far enough, Sir Yang!”


Yang Kai said with a smile, “Good, I will return to the No-Return Pass to enjoy a drink with you soon, when I have time. The fine wine of the Human Race cannot be missed.”


Mo Na Ye immediately declared, “I never drink wine!”


“All the more reason to try it!” Yang Kai laughed and said, “It has been decided.”


After saying that, he did not care how Mo Na Ye reacted and just dashed back to the Purifying Black Ink Battleship before giving the order. The Purifying Black Ink Battleship immediately turned into a stream of light and shot off into the Black Ink Battlefield.


Looking at the direction where the light disappeared, Mo Na Ye felt a headache setting in…


Yang Kai was leading so many Eighth-Order Masters to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and certainly would not be back soon; nonetheless, he would soon return to the frontlines of the battlefield. As for how long ‘soon’ was, that could not be determined.


In other words, Yang Kai had hit the final nail with that one statement. The No-Return Pass currently had Mo Na Ye and the Royal Lord jointly stationed here so that they could keep the Black Ink Nests safe. If Mo Na Ye left and the Royal Lord was alone, he might not be able to stop Yang Kai from causing trouble. While Mo Na Ye could freely roam the battlefields, Yang Kai could then freely destroy the Black Ink Nests at the No-Return Pass.


[He sure is a tough nut to crack!]


After leading the Territory Lords back to the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye thought about it, but eventually decided not to leave unless another Pseudo-Royal Lord was created by the Black Ink Clan.


Unfortunately, the cost of creating a Pseudo-Royal Lord was immense and the Black Ink Clan could not afford it.


Aboard the Purifying Black Ink Battleship, the group of Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters fell silent. It was not because they had transited the No-Return Pass peacefully, but rather because they felt a strong sense of shame.


This could not be helped. When passing through the No-Return Pass, they saw the Great Passes that had been abandoned by the Human Race. Within the Great Passes, were a large number of Black Ink Nests which were buzzing with activity.


Those were the Human Race’s greatest weapons of war against the Black Ink Clan on the Black Ink Battlefield, inherited from their Ancestors dating back to the Late Ancient Era. Countless soldiers had shed blood to defend those Great Passes, and recorded on the Monument of Heroes within each one were the names of all those heroes who sacrificed their lives to defend the 3,000 Worlds.


But now, they had become trophies of the Black Ink Clan!



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