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Martial Peak – Chapter 5666, Divine Spirit Nemesis

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After leaving the No-Return Pass, a tense silence fell on everyone on the Warship. Even Yang Xiao, who was normally the most boisterous, had become solemn and filled with trepidation.


However, there seemed to be a fire burning in the eyes of every Eighth-Order Master, the flame of hatred and humiliation. One day, this fire would burn so intensely that it would sweep across the Universe and burn away all their enemies.


It was not until several days later that the oppressive atmosphere gradually dissipated.


Aboard the Warship, the Eighth-Order Masters were chatting among themselves in various groups.


Among the 400 Eighth-Order Masters, most of them were rising stars like Yang Xiao, but some veterans of the Human Race Army had successfully retreated from the Black Ink Battlefield.


These veterans had spent a lot of time on the Black Ink Battlefield, with many of them having made the breakthrough to the Eighth Order in the various Great Passes. Unfortunately, the Human Race Crusade was defeated, lost the Black Ink Battlefield, and had to retreat with its remnants to the 3,000 Worlds.


After thousands of years, they finally returned to this place.


Those rising stars who had never set foot onto the Black Ink Battlefield were naturally eager to ask these veterans for some advice about this place. All of them wanted to hear stories about the Human Race Army of the past and the majestic Great Passes.


The Great Passes were all either broken or abandoned now. Many were around the No-Return Pass while the rest were scattered about. It was hard to imagine what it was like in the past.


Yang Kai was standing at the front of the deck, keeping watch, and at the same time guiding the Purifying Black Ink Battleship forward. The journey to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction would take at least 10 years at the Warship’s cruising speed, so if there was even a slight deviation from the proper course, they would be thrown off by millions of kilometres and delayed for a significant amount of time. Yang Kai did not dare to be careless.


Zhu Jian, encouraged by a group of Divine Spirits, came to Yang Kai at one point and said with a smile, “Sir.”


Yang Kai asked, “What is it?”


On the Warship, the Divine Spirits and the Eighth-Order Masters rarely interacted. It was not that the Eighth-Order Masters did not want to socialize with them, but rather that these Divine Spirits from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary still held onto their aloof arrogance that made it hard to interact with them. If not for their abrasive personalities, Yang Kai would not have thought of bringing them to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


These Divine Spirits could only be subdued by two people, so until Yang Kai could pass that responsibility onto the other individual, keeping an eye on them personally was really the only choice he had.


Zhu Jian scratched his head and said, “Sir, that chap, Fei Yi, asked me to ask you about the situation in the Ancestral Land.”


On hearing this, Fei Yi could not help but roll his eyes and cursed this bastard for tossing the responsibility onto his head.


The Divine Spirits were naturally concerned about the Ancestral Land, which was their birthplace. When a Divine Spirit reached adulthood, they would feel a Bloodline Calling and be able to sense the existence of the Ancestral Land.


They also knew that living in the Ancestral Land would be extremely beneficial to their cultivation. Nowadays, most of these Divine Spirits had reached the equivalent of the Eighth Order. If they wanted to improve and refine their Bloodline further, the Ancestral Land was their only hope.


It was a pity that although they came out from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary 3,000 years ago, they had not been to the Ancestral Land as they had been busy fighting this whole time.


The Black Ink Clan had spread everywhere, and the Ancestral Land had been abandoned by the Divine Spirits who originally lived there, so no one knew how things were over there now.


Perhaps only Yang Kai knew! He was the only one who had been running around over these years, so he had the most comprehensive understanding of the outside world.


On hearing Zhu Jian’s question, Yang Kai more or less knew what was on their minds. He knew that he had to assure them if he wanted their continued support for this venture, so he casually explained, “Don’t worry, the Ancestral Land is fine. I just returned from there a year ago; however, I’m afraid it will take some time for it to restore its Ancestral Strength.”


Zhu Jian ignored the second half of the sentence and said excitedly, “Just as I thought! The Ancestral Land is a Holy Land. How could it possibly suffer anything untoward? That fool Fei Yi even said that the Black Ink Clan had irreparably ravaged the Ancestral Land.”


Yang Kai chuckled and said, “Rest assured that the Ancestral Land is very special. Even if the whole Universe falls apart and crumbles, the Ancestral Land will not be broken!”


Yang Kai witnessed the birth of the Ancestral Land when he watched its history in reverse; thus, he was more qualified than anyone else to come to this conclusion. The battle between him and Di Wu in the Ancestral Land was fierce enough to destroy countless Universe Worlds, but the Ancestral Land remained unscathed.


A long time ago, the battle between the Dragon Emperor, Phoenix Empress, and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God raged across the entire Ancestral Land, but even that was not enough to break it…


The Ancestral Land would have been destroyed long ago if it had been as fragile as an ordinary Universe World.


“If the Black Ink Clan problem is eliminated, you and the others can return to Ancestral Land to cultivate,” Yang Kai said, reassuring them.


Zhu Jian’s eyes lit up and nodded firmly, “I’m certain that day will come.”


In the past, these Divine Spirits who came out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary were bound by their Bloodline Oath and participated in the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan. Now, the time of the Great Oath was coming to an end, so it was important to provide them with some hope so that they would still give their best efforts.


The Ancestral Land was where their hope lay.


Yang Kai asked them about the Divine Spirit’s dealings with other Divine Spirits.


The Divine Spirits who were on the side of the Human Race were not only the ones who came out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. There were three groups of Divine Spirits in fact. 


One of the other groups was the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, originally from the No-Return Pass, while the other was from the Ancestral Land.


These two groups of Divine Spirits were fundamentally from the same source and got along fairly well.


However, they did not like Zhu Jian and the others.


This could not be helped as the Divine Spirits from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary were all basically imprisoned there for their Ancestors’ crimes. Their initial performance on the battlefield was unreliable as well; thus, the different groups of Divine Spirits did not interact much with each other.


Zhu Jian was also rather helpless when it came to this matter.


If he ever returned to the Ancestral Land in the future, he would have some problems trying to get along with those Divine Spirits.


At that moment, another person walked over, drawing Yang Kai’s attention, “Junior Sister Gu!”


“Senior Brother Yang,” Gu Pan replied with a smile. She was a Core Disciple of Lang Ya Paradise from Yang Kai’s generation that he had met in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. After thousands of years of cultivation, she had also reached the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm and became one of the pillars of the Human Race.


Zhu Jian also knew Gu Pan and nodded to her.


It was not surprising that they knew each other, as Gu Pan was chosen as a Bearer by Kui Niu in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and had gained some benefits from the latter. Gu Pan had naturally met Zhu Jian back then.


Seeing how his business was finished, Zhu Jian said, “Sir, please excuse me, I’ll take my leave now.”


On saying so, he turned around and left.


When he passed by Gu Pan, she opened the portal of her Small Universe and a figure came out.


Zhu Jian instantly froze as he seemed to sense something. He turned his head and looked towards the figure that had just appeared. Before him was a Human woman whose cultivation was only at the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


This made him frown slightly. After a brief look at her, he did not notice anything worthy of his attention, so he just shook his head and left.


When he returned to the Divine Spirits, they saw his serious expression and a Divine Spirit asked, “What happened?”


Zhu Jian scratched his head, looked back, and said, “Nothing, perhaps I was mistaken.”


The moment he brushed past that female Seventh-Order Human who appeared from Gu Pan’s Small Universe, he suddenly had an ominous feeling, as if he had met some kind of nemesis…


He would naturally not mention this to Fei Yi and the rest, lest they laugh at his cowardice; however, that feeling did not seem to be an illusion…


Something was odd about that Seventh-Order woman.


The woman who appeared from Gu Pan’s Small Universe was none other than Zhang Ruo Xi. Over these years, she and Gu Pan were essentially inseparable. With a Core Disciple like Gu Pan and Yang Kai having close relationships with her, Zhang Ruo Xi’s life in the Lang Ya Paradise was quite comfortable.


It was a pity that she only advanced directly to the Fifth-Order; otherwise, she would have been more valued by Lang Ya Paradise.


Earlier, Yang Kai asked the Eighth-Order Masters to take in the other Suppressing Black Ink Army Soldiers; thus, Zhang Ruo Xi was taken into Gu Pan’s Small Universe.


“Sir!” Zhang Ruo Xi bowed elegantly.


Yang Kai reached out and helped her up, smiling happily as he said, “Ruo Xi is now in the Seventh Order too!”


Back at the Star Boundary, many Great Emperors joined hands to fight Great Demon God Mo Sheng. He and Zhang Ruo Xi also participated in that great battle, after which they left the Star Boundary together. Unfortunately, halfway through their trip, they were separated. Yang Kai was stranded in the Seven Wonders Land while Zhang Ruo Xi went through some difficulties, but eventually managed to reach Lang Ya Paradise. She then became a disciple of Lang Ya Paradise through the relationship it shared with her Ancestor.


Over the years, although they had met each other, their interactions had been quite limited.


The last time Yang Kai saw her, Ruo Xi had just broken through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, yet now, she was already in the Seventh-Order.


There was nothing better in life than to see a familiar face in the crowd after thousands of years of war.


Lang Ya Paradise had also contributed some manpower to the Suppressing Black Ink Army, among which, Gu Pan, a rising star, was their leader. Since Gu Pan came, Zhang Ruo Xi naturally came along with her.


Thinking of Zhu Jian’s look of uncertainty, Yang Kai laughed again and said, “It looks like your Bloodline has also become much purer.”


Zhang Ruo Xi possessed the Heaven’s Order Bloodline. Yang Kai did not know what exactly was the name of this Bloodline, he only knew that in the Star Boundary, Heavens Order was the nemesis of all Divine Spirits.


There was a place in the Star Boundary known as the Ancient Wild Lands, which was a paradise for the Monster Race. Over there stood the Blood Gate, behind which were many Divine Spirit Sources. If a Monster Beast could obtain the appropriate Source, they would have a chance to inherit the power of a Divine Spirit.


The Blood Gate was created by Zhang Ruo Xi’s Ancestor, the original owner of the Heavens Order Bloodline. Legend has it that when the Star Boundary was overrun by Divine Spirits, Heaven’s Order took pity on the World and killed many Divine Spirits who were causing trouble, extracting their Sources and sealing them behind the Blood Gate as punishment!



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