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Martial Peak – Chapter 5669, Third-Order Nine Palaces Formation?

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There was no doubt that Zhang Ruo Xi would advance to the Eighth Order; nevertheless, Yang Kai could not be absolutely sure if what he thought was correct.


If it was as he thought, it would still be astonishing that the Heavens Order Bloodline could circumvent the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Realm method, which was something that even a Divine Spirit Bloodline could not achieve.


Yang Kai was still thinking about the Heaven’s Order Bloodline when Ruo Xi said, “Sir, I have one more thing to ask advice about, and it concerns my Bloodline.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai was intrigued and said, “Go ahead.”


Zhang Ruo Xi glanced around and then said, “It’s not convenient to talk about it here; however, I can show it to you, Sir. Can you please come to the void with me?”


“En!” Yang Kai nodded and sent a message to let the Purifying Black Ink Battleship continue to follow its current course before leaving a Space Beacon on the deck to facilitate his return. He then manipulated Space Principles, wrapped Zhang Ruo Xi in them, and darted away.


After a few Instantaneous Movements, Yang Kai and Ruo Xi were out of sight range of the Purifying Black Ink Battleship.


They came to a stop and Yang Kai said, “This should be good enough.”


The void was so vast and endless that Zhang Ruo Xi would not be limited in whatever she wanted to demonstrate.


Zhang Ruo Xi nodded, opened her Small Universe portal, and a member of the Small Stone Race stepped out.


Those of the Small Stone Race usually look simple and unassuming. However, those who were familiar with their racial characteristics would know that their peaceful look was just an illusion as they were truly war-like.


After the Small Stone Race member appeared, it immediately made a move that made Yang Kai’s jaw drop. It came to Yang Kai, cupped its fist and bowed to him!


Yang Kai swore that this was the most polite Small Stone Race member he had ever met in his life!


Under normal circumstances, when Humans summoned one, a Small Stone Race Soldier would definitely immediately rush towards the nearest source of Black Ink Strength in a fit of rage. Human soldiers would have to refine them in advance to command them; otherwise, they would definitely run off and soon become lost.


When Yang Kai handed out the first batch of the Small Stone Race Soldiers, the Humans had not figured out an appropriate method to control them and ended up wasting a lot of them.


However, he could also see that this Small Stone Race member was so courteous and mindful of etiquette because Zhang Ruo Xi had exquisite control over it.


Yet, this Small Stone Race member had no trace of being refined at all.


The Small Stone Race member was not finished after saluting Yang Kai. He started to display his fighting skills to Yang Kai and demonstrated with vigour and power. Finally, it finished its show by cupping its fist once more.


Yang Kai was more than a little dumbfounded and alternated his gaze between the Small Stone Race member and Zhang Ruo Xi’s smiling face.


“How did you do this?” Yang Kai asked in amazement.


In fact, Yang Kai could have done this too if he had been the one controlling this Small Stone Race Soldier, but that was because he had the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks given to him by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.


This Small Stone Race member was brought out from the Chaotic Dead Territory, where the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer had spent the last millennium nurturing it. These Small Stone Race members could be regarded as pieces of living Yellow and Blue Crystals; thus, the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks condensed from the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer’s Source held absolute authority over them.


Yang Kai could even use the power contained within them to generate Purifying Light!


On the other hand, Zhang Ruo Xi did not have the Marks, which Yang Kai had brought out of the Chaotic Dead Territory and distributed to the Divine Spirits.


Zhang Ruo Xi said, “Sir, please continue to watch.”


She did not answer Yang Kai’s question immediately because there was more to show him.


As she spoke, two more Soldiers came out of her Small Universe, joined together with the previous one, linking their auras. Their bodies vibrated and then in the blink of an eye, they formed… a Three Fortunes Formation!


This Three Fortunes Formation was far more solid than a Battle Formation formed by ordinary Human Soldiers. Their auras were completely connected, without any form of roughness or instability.


Next, a continuous stream of Small Stone Race members emerged from Zhang Ruo Xi’s Small Universe and joined the Battle Formation.


The Three Fortunes became a Four Symbols, then a Five Elements, a Six Paths, and finally a Nine Palaces Formation…


But that was not the end as more and more Small Stone Race Soldiers rushed out and formed more Nine Palaces Formations.


With the Nine Palaces Formation as the base, the formation grew again. 27 Small Stone Race members, forming what could only be called a Great Three Fortunes Formation, 36 Small Stone Race members formed the Great Four Symbols Formation, and finally, the 81 Small Stone Race members formed a massive Great Nine Palaces Formation…


Yang Kai was in absolute awe as he watched this scene in utter bewilderment.


He finally understood why Zhang Ruo Xi had accumulated so many Small Stone Race members in her Small Universe.


He thought that she was keeping them as backup for some kind of emergency; after all, they were easily killed on the battlefield, so it was prudent of her to keep more in reserve if she planned to take on powerful Masters like a Territory Lord.


However, now it seemed that this was not the case. Zhang Ruo Xi was really capable of commanding and controlling this many Small Stone Race members!


Yang Kai could as well. Not to mention 81 Small Stone Race members, he could even control an Army of millions of Small Stone Race Soldiers; however, he needed to use the Marks to command them in a general manner, while the scene before him was completely different.


He could only give simple orders to such a Small Stone Race Army; however, it was essentially up to the individual Soldiers to figure out how to carry out his commands.


The 81 Small Stone Race members controlled by Zhang Ruo Xi on the other hand were like extensions of herself, akin to her hands and feet, completely within her ability to control.


The massive Nine Palaces Formation before Yang Kai should only have existed in theory and was supposedly impossible for cultivators to actually achieve.


This was because each base point of this Great Nine Palaces Formation was a First-Order Nine Palaces Formation. Nine cultivators were needed to form the initial Battle Formation, and these nine people had to adjust their auras to link with each other without clashing. Essentially, they needed to become one in both heart and mind.


On a real battlefield, forming a Nine Palaces Formation was already the absolute limit, so trying to form this kind of Great Nine Palaces Formation was nothing but a fantasy.


Considering the Small Stone Race members’ low sentience, it was unbelievable that Zhang Ruo Xi was able to control them to such a fine degree.


Yang Kai had already sensed the crux of how this happened though and remarked, “Bloodline Power?”


When the number of Small Stone Race members was small, Yang Kai did not sense anything; however, with Zhang Ruo Xi using 81 Small Stone Race Soldiers, he did notice that there was a faint fluctuation of Bloodline Power from her body. So, it was obvious she was controlling the Small Stone Race members with her Bloodline.


“En,” Zhang Ruo Xi nodded. This was exactly the Bloodline mystery that she wanted to seek Yang Kai’s advice on.


It was only recently that she had discovered this ability.


There were only two times that Yang Kai had provided the Human Race with Small Stone Race Soldiers. Once was 3,000 years ago when he was travelling around the Great Territories to refine Universe Worlds. When he met many Great Forces of the Human Race who were evacuating, he gave them large numbers of Small Stone Race Soldiers as escorts.


However, almost all of those Small Stone Race Soldiers he sent out at that time had their own owners, and Zhang Ruo Xi was not able to attain any.


Recently though, Yang Kai tasked some Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land to bring back several million members of the Small Stone Race. Thereafter, the Supreme Headquarters distributed them to the Armies in the Great Territory Battlefields. They were placed in the individual Army’s War Materials departments for the soldiers to exchange for Military Merits.


Out of curiosity, Ruo Xi acquired a few of them and found that she could very easily control them. Thus, she began to exchange her Military Merits for more.


If the Army’s resource department did not stop her, her Small Universe would have many more Small Stone Race members inside, at least far more than a mere 200.


Yang Kai did not know about any of this, but looking at the Nine Palaces Formation in front of him, he was amazed that such a Battle Formation formed by 81 Small Stone Race Soldiers could be this powerful. The strength of the Small Stone Race that made up this Formation was not high, generally only equivalent to Second or Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. However, after they assumed this Formation, the aura they radiated reached the intensity of the Seventh Order!


If these Small Stone Race Soldiers were stronger to begin with, then the power of the Formation would grow even further.


“Can you control more?” Yang Kai asked.


Ruo Xi nodded and replied, “En, but I don’t have enough to form another complete Battle Formation layer.”


The corners of Yang Kai’s face twitched. He just asked Zhang Ruo Xi if she could control more, but this little girl was even more ambitious. She actually wanted to use this Great Nine Palaces Formation as the base to form an even higher Order Formation!


Having 81 Small Stone Race members as a base to form the simplest Three Fortunes Formation would require 243 Small Stone Race Soldiers, so Zhang Ruo Xi really did not have enough.


But Yang Kai had them…


Although he gave the Human Race several million Small Stone Race Soldiers, he kept a few million for his own use.


With the wave of a hand, an army of Small Stone Race Soldiers flew out of his Small Universe, appearing both grand and majestic.


“Go all out. Let me see what your limit is.”


Zhang Ruo Xi agreed readily as she also wanted to know her limits. She immediately surged her Bloodline Power to draw many from the Army released by Yang Kai.


Soon, a new Nine Palaces Formation was formed using Great Nine Palaces Formations as nodes. The number of Small Stone Race Soldiers involved had now reached 729! Their combined power had surpassed the Seventh Order and almost reached the Eighth Order!


Yang Kai was dumbfounded by the Formation in front of him.


The Great Nine Palaces Formation existed in theory and was basically impossible to be formed by Humans, but what about this Nine Palaces Formation formed from Great Nine Palaces Formation as its base be called?


A Third-Order Nine Palaces Formation?


If a normal Nine Palaces Formation was the First-Order and a Great Nine Palaces Formation was the Second-Order, then there should not be any problem calling this one Third-Order.


The Bloodline Power coming from Zhang Ruo Xi’s body became more and more intense, and Yang Kai began to feel a slight pressure that caused his Dragon Vein to roil and riot.


This kind of pressure was somewhat similar to a Dragon Clan bloodline suppression…


So, it seemed like his suspicions were true. This Heaven’s Order Bloodline was more powerful than any Divine Spirit Bloodline. All of a sudden, his thoughts became clear and he understood what was happening with Zhang Ruo Xi and her Bloodline!



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