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Martial Peak – Chapter 5672, The Human Race Must Get Stronger

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Fu Guang was not reprimanding and neither was his tone intense. Though it seemed like a simple question, it caused everyone’s heart to feel heavy. How could they face the true enemy if just gazing upon its shield of darkness was enough to frighten them?


Yang Kai immediately cupped his fist and said respectfully, “Junior understands!”


Yang Kai took a step forward and said, “I’ll check out the situation.”


He disappeared in a flash as Fu Guang looked on with his brow raised. The way Yang Kai utilised Space Principles was at a level no different from the late Phoenix Clan Leader.


The Dragon Clan’s Bloodline Talent was the Dao of Time while the Phoenix Clan’s was the Dao of Space.


Fu Guang was surprised that Yang Kai, a Dragon Clan member, was so proficient in both the Dao of Time, and the Dao of Space.


Amidst the great struggle between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clans over the dominion of everything under the Heavens, there was always a need for special existences to rise up.


Looking at the direction Yang Kai went, Fu Guang became lost in his thoughts as he realised that he was not one of those special beings.


Outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, a portal seemed to open up in the darkness when Yang Kai arrived. Yang Kai followed the portal, took a step inside, and saw Wu Kuang sitting cross-legged.


Yang Kai swiftly activated the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks. Yellow and blue rays burst out and merged into a huge beam of Purifying Light that rained down on Wu Kuang’s head.


Wu Kuang, whose body was so black that his face could barely be seen, was instantly enveloped by the Purifying Light, and with a piercing sound, the huge mass of Black Ink Strength was purified.


The light dissipated and Wu Kuang returned to his original appearance. He appeared grim as he asked, “What the hell are you doing?”


Yang Kai replied casually, “I need to make sure that I see a Human Wu Kuang, not a Black Ink Disciple Wu Kuang!”


Anyone else who saw Wu Kuang’s appearance would have thought he had been completely corrupted by Black Ink Strength, mainly because this guy was covered in it and looked very abnormal.


“What about now?” Wu Kuang asked rhetorically.


Yang Kai said, “It should be fine, but I’d like to check your Small Universe if you don’t mind.”


Wu Kuang snorted and replied, “If I were a Black Ink Disciple, I would have awakened the old thing inside and unlocked the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction long ago.”


“Who knows? The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor is quite the schemer, who can tell what you’re up to?”


Wu Kuang rolled his eyes. The rich Black Ink Strength continued to be pulled in, and under Heaven Devouring Battle Law, he seemed to have turned it into a bottomless pit. Still, he warned Yang Kai, “Refrain from acting out. Do you know how tricky it is to steal something from someone’s home without disturbing the sleeping owner? Besides, didn’t you give me a World Tree clone which can stabilize and isolate my Small Universe? How could Black Ink Strength corrupt me so easily?”


When he saw that Yang Kai was unconvinced, Wu Kuang immediately sneered and snarled, “You’re going to get your ass kicked!”


As he said that, he revealed his aura threateningly.


Yang Kai immediately sat cross-legged in front of him and said, “Your fist is bigger. Fine, you win.”


Wu Kuang had already become a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. He was clearly not exaggerating when he said that he would achieve this within 3,000 years.


Yang Kai was more and more amazed at the power of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Unfortunately, only Wu Kuang could truly bring out the full power of this Heaven-defying cultivation technique.


Wu Kuang was able to advance from the Seventh Order to the Ninth Order in just 3,000 years with this Secret Art and special environment.


In the end, Black Ink Strength was also a kind of power. While sitting here, the Black Ink Strength was endless and inexhaustible. With the help of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and the protection of Flawless Purifying Golden Lotus and a World Tree clone, Wu Kuang was able to achieve the unimaginable in just 3,000 years.


Without even one of these conditions, Wu Kuang would not have been able to advance to the Ninth Order in such a short time.


“Senior, I would like to ask you something,” Yang Kai said solemnly.


Wu Kuang chuckled softly.


“Hmph! So, you call me ‘Wu Kuang’ when you want and then address me as ‘Senior’ when you want something. Brat, you’re as disrespectful as ever.” Wu Kuang sneered and thought to himself scornfully.


“Speak!” Wu Kuang snarled.


“The 10 Martial Ancestors all must have understood the Open Heaven Realm method is flawed. How did Senior overcome the limitations of the Open Heaven Realm method to cultivate the Ninth Order?”


Wu Kuang’s current body originally belonged to Mo Sheng, the Great Demon God, who was killed back in the Star Boundary. Wu Kuang’s Soul took over that fallen Master.


Yang Kai still remembered that when he saw Wu Kuang again after leaving the Star Boundary, Wu Kuang was just a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master at that time.


In other words, Wu Kuang should have been an ordinary Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master back then; so theoretically, his limit was the Seventh-Order. How did he become a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master?


“You want to know?” Wu Kuang grinned, “You won’t be able to do it. The Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art is enough to keep you busy.”


Yang Kai probed and asked, “Is it related to the Secret Art practised by Senior?”


Back in the days when Wu Kuang was still Shi, he already perceived the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Realm method and knew that the 10 Martial Ancestors alone could only confine Mo but could not completely destroy it. He needed more power and to reach a higher Realm to destroy Mo!


The Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art was one of the methods Shi deduced that could potentially solve the limitations of the Open Heaven Realm method; however, this method had extreme limitations. If Wu Kuang did not know that Yang Kai had the Soul Warming Lotus, he would not have taught it to him; after all, the mere process of cutting one’s Soul in half was essentially like committing suicide if not for the Supreme Treasure.


Since Shi had formulated the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art, but did not practice it, there must be another way to overcome the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Realm method.


Yang Kai guessed that this should be the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!


Wu Kuang nodded, “En, it is related to the Secret Art that I practice. The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was not only the fastest method to improve one’s strength, there are other subtleties involved with it that you cannot understand right now. To avoid the limitations of the Open Heaven Realm method, the Flawless Purifying Golden Lotus is also indispensable, so only I can do this in this world. As for the others…” Wu Kuang slowly shook his head and his message was self-evident.


Yang Kai was silent for a moment and then he suddenly said, “Senior, I saw the Primordial Light.”


Cang told the Ninth-Order Masters that finding the Primordial Light was the best and most secure way to resolve the issue of Mo and the Black Ink Clan. 


Yang Kai overheard this when he was serving tea to them; otherwise, he would not have known about such a secret, as he was just a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master back then.


However, of those Ninth-Order Old Ancestors who were present, only two of them were still alive today.


Wu Kuang was the reincarnation of Shi and naturally knew more about the Primordial Light than anyone else.


Wu Kuang was stunned for a moment before he became incomparably excited, his eyes widening as he asked, “Where is it?”


He was so agitated that he even grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulders and shook him.


Yang Kai felt his shoulders were about to be crushed and his body shaken apart, and hastily said, “S-Senior, don’t get so excited! I only witnessed the Primordial Light by chance when travelling back through millions of years of time.”


“You travelled back in time!?” Wu Kuang gawked as this was an impossible feat as far as he knew.


After his eyes stopped spinning, Yang Kai explained exactly what happened in the Ancestral Land, causing Wu Kuang’s expression to change as he listened.


After Yang Kai finished explaining, Wu Kuang’s expression became extremely odd and he could not tell whether he felt relief or not, “So, that’s what happened! The Primordial Light has long since ceased to exist…”


Back then, the 10 Martial Ancestors theorized that the only way to deal with Mo once and for all was to find the Primordial Light. That was naturally a source of hope for them.


However, today, Yang Kai had confirmed that the Primordial Light had disappeared from the Universe, and its remnants had evolved into the Divine Spirit Family. Thus, this hope no longer existed.


Wu Kuang couldn’t help feeling some disappointment in his heart.


However, he had also long expected this situation. Even if he was disappointed, he did not despair.


The Primordial Light was certainly the safest and simplest solution to resolve the issue of Mo, but it was not necessarily the only solution!


Mo was in the Creation Realm, so if he could break through the Ninth Order and reach the Creation Realm, he would be able to compete with Mo directly!


Collecting himself, Wu Kuang quickly said, “Brat, since the Primordial Light has long since dissipated, the only hope for the Human Race now is to further strengthen themselves and rise above the Ninth Order as soon as possible.”


“Yes,” Yang Kai answered, but after thinking about it, he did not say anything about Zhang Ruo Xi; after all, her story was still just his own speculation. Thus, he would have to take her to that place before he could say for certain his hypothesis was the truth.


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai said, “I brought some men and a powerful weapon with me this time to ease the burden on Senior. If Senior needs any help from them, just order them as needed.”


“There is always a need for more help,” Wu Kuang said seriously, “Previously, Mo was hit by whatever Mu left behind and has been in deep sleep ever since. Over these years, although there have been some faint mental activities, it has not awakened yet. Fortunately, I have made it to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and my control over the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction is much stronger now; otherwise, all Hell would have broken loose already.”


Yang Kai was astonished and asked, “Then, can Senior estimate when Mo will awaken?”


Wu Kuang spread his hands helplessly and replied, “It’s impossible to say, maybe it will wake up in the next moment, or perhaps it will continue to sleep for a few thousand more years.”


Yang Kai’s anxiety increased greatly as he asked, “If it really wakes up, can Senior suppress him?”


“Perhaps for a short while, but certainly not for long; after all, I have not yet reached Cang’s level of strength. Although Cang was still technically in the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he was much, much further along that path that I am right now. It was for that reason that he could single-handedly stay here and maintain the Grand Restriction. Still… I am also growing stronger all the time. In short, the longer it takes Mo to wake up, the better it is for the Human Race.”


After a pause, Wu Kuang said, “There are many Black Ink Clansmen inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, including many Royal Lords. If the Grand Restriction were to be broken now, it would be difficult to stop them. However, if you have brought enough capable people, we might be able to reduce the power of Black Ink Clan in advance. When the day comes, and make no mistake, it will come, the burden on the Human Race would lessen if we act now.”


Yang Kai listened and asked eagerly, “How should we go about eliminating them?”


Wu Kuang replied, “Simple, I’ll create a small opening in the Grand Restriction and release some of them out in batches. You guys just need to kill them as they emerge!”



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