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Martial Peak – Chapter 5673, Prepare for Battle

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Yang Kai winced and whispered, “Senior may not know, but more than 3,000 years ago when the Human Crusade Force came here, Cang did what you suggested and it ended in disaster!”


Of course, when Cang chose to open a gap, it was based on the same reasoning.


Before the Human Crusade Force arrived, Cang had guarded this place alone for over 100,000 years and was approaching his limit. The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction not only sealed Mo’s true body, it also held back all of Mo’s creations. Cang could not bear the burden by himself and eventually he would not be able to contain them.  


If the seal broke and Mo and its true body escaped, the Human Race would not be able to handle the subsequent catastrophe.


So, after the Human Crusade Force arrived, Cang proposed, as Wu Kuang did now, to open a gap in the Grand Restriction, to relieve some of the pressure.


Initially, everything had gone according to Cang’s expectations, until the appearance of a Black Ink Giant Spirit God!


Unexpectedly, a Black Ink Giant Spirit God emerged from the Grand Restriction and forcefully held the gap open. The Black Ink Clan Army swarmed out and overwhelmed the Human Race Army.


All the Black Ink Clansmen who died in that battle left behind massive amounts of Black Ink Strength, which was then absorbed by the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, increasing its power.


In the end, Cang was forced to use the last card Mu left behind and sacrificed his body to reseal and reinforce the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction while Mo fell into a deep slumber.


However, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God who had been roaming in the Late Ancient Era battlefield had been awakened and struck from the rear to rout the Crusade Force.


Although Yang Kai was not present for many of those events, he was at least involved up until the emergence of the first Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


Thus, when Wu Kuang proposed this same strategy 3,000 years later, Yang Kai was naturally a little worried.


Wu Kuang had obviously heard about what happened back then and chuckled, “Accidents are inevitable.”


Yang Kai said solemnly, “Is Senior certain that you can reseal the Grand Restriction at any moment?”


Wu Kuang said bluntly, “There is no guarantee.”


Yang Kai’s face twitched. If Wu Kuang did not dare to make this guarantee, then how could he propose such a risky plan? The hidden ace that Mu had left behind had been used up. The Human Race could not afford another mistake of that magnitude.


However, Yang Kai soon realized what the problem was and asked, “Is Senior’s burden so great that you are unable to bear it?”


Yang Kai hit the nail on its head, so Wu Kuang could not help but sigh and reply, “I just became a Ninth-Order Master and my strength is incomparable to Cang. It’s only a matter of time before the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction breaks apart.”


“Why didn’t Senior just say so then?” Yang Kai said with some displeasure. Listening to Wu Kuang’s tone earlier, he thought this guy was having an easy time staying here at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Who would have thought that his life was hanging by a thread all this while?


Wu Kuang simply replied, “Don’t I need some face?”


Yang Kai was immediately incensed and did not know how to respond. He fumed for a moment before asking, “If we do as Senior said, will there be any effect on Mo’s true body?”


“Would you believe me if I said that there will be no effect? Mu left a strong gambit behind. Now, we can only trust her.”


“Then what about Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods?” Yang Kai asked again.


“There is no way a newly promoted Ninth-Order Master like me could sense what’s going on inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction when even Cang, Shi, and the others could not back at their peak. Only Mu ever dove deep into the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. We have never done so. Unfortunately, she died after we resealed the Restriction and did not leave any clues as to what she saw inside. That is why no one knew a Black Ink Giant Spirit God was lurking inside. The only thing I can do now is to try to re-seal the gap when I notice any anomalies and try to avoid things getting out of hand.”


What Wu Kuang meant was that if there was a Black Ink Giant Spirit God that wanted to break out of the Grand Restriction, he would immediately close the opening. It was pointless for Yang Kai to ask if he was able to do it at this point.


Wu Kuang followed up, “You do not have to worry too much though. Even if Mo is already at the Creation Realm, there will not be many Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods.”


“How do you know?” Yang Kai asked.


“Mo must have paid a huge price to create such a powerful being. Every Black Ink Giant Spirit God must require a part of its true essence. Although Mo is very powerful, its Soul and essence cannot be divided too many times; otherwise, it will be in great danger itself.”


“Is Senior certain of that, or is it just a guess?” Yang Kai frowned.


“I have evidence this time,” Wu Kuang smiled, “Thousands of years ago, the Black Ink Clan laid out an elaborate scheme and made many sacrifices to awaken the Black Ink Giant Spirit God in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land, just like they did with the one from the Late Ancient Era battlefield. If Mo could freely create Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods, why would it bother going through all that trouble? Sending even one more out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction would have ended everything right from the start, right?”


Yang Kai pondered over it a little and had to admit that Wu Kuang’s analysis had some truth to it. Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that he just wanted to believe a comforting lie rather than face an unwelcome truth.


Wu Kuang continued, “So, even if there are still Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods in this Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, there won’t be many of them. Perhaps just one or two!”


Yang Kai pondered silently before exhaling a long sigh, “In that case, we can only act and see what happens.”


It was necessary to open up a gap in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction as Wu Kuang needed to ease his burden. They could only hope that he could control the situation after.


Yang Kai was glad that he had convinced the Supreme Headquarters to build the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress 1,000 years ago; otherwise, he would not have known how to handle the current situation.


The original purpose of the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress was to prevent problems that might emerge from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, including when the Grand Restriction would be broken.


“Senior, please wait a moment, I will go make some arrangements!” Yang Kai said and got up to leave.


Wu Kuang suddenly said, “Wait. There’s one more thing I need to explain to you.”


“What is it?”


Wu Kuang said solemnly, “The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction has existed for a very long time, which means that it has fallen into disrepair. Every time the Grand Restriction opens and closes, it will impact its stability to a certain degree. Do you know why Cang did not dare to open the gap to relieve its pressure even when he had reached his limits?”


Yang Kai frowned and said, “Fear of collapse of the Grand Restriction?”


Wu Kuang nodded gravely, “Indeed! Even if there was only a one-in-a-million chance, Cang did not dare to take that risk. Thus, he kept holding on until the arrival of the Human Crusade Force. It was only then that he took the risk as others were around to help him contain the situation. After that, the Source Grand Restriction should have become extremely unstable.”


“Should?” Yang Kai raised an eyebrow.


Wu Kuang smiled lightly and replied, “This happened many times during the long existence of the Grand Restriction. Otherwise, why do you think my old friends chose to strengthen the restriction by sacrificing themselves? Do you think they didn’t cherish their lives?”


Yang Kai finally realized something when he heard this.


“The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was created by us under Mu’s instructions. Mo struggled violently when it was in the Grand Restriction. For countless years, it has struggled and attempted to break out a few times, which put a great strain on the Grand Restriction. As a result, whenever there are signs of collapse, someone would make the sacrifice and merge with the Grand Restriction!” As he spoke, Wu Kuang’s eyes glowed in remembrance, clearly lost in his memories of a time long past.


“When one of us merged with the Grand Restriction, it was equivalent to reinforcing it. Therefore, it has been maintained until today without collapsing. 3,000 years have passed since Cang did just that, and today’s Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction is no longer the same as when it was first built. When I open the Grand Restriction, you will have to deal with all the Black Ink Clansmen that leak out by yourselves. I won’t close it unless a Black Ink Giant Spirit God is trying to break out.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly and replied, “I understand. I will explain this to the Army.”


He knew the reason why Wu Kuang had told him this. It was because he did not want the Suppressing Black Ink Army to expect any help from him. Wu Kuang could only take care of the opening and be ready to close it at any moment. He could not provide any direct assistance to the Suppressing Black Ink Army. He also wanted the Suppressing Black Ink Army to be prepared for anything horrendous that may occur.


After leaving the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, Yang Kai returned to the debris of the Great Pass and explained what he had discussed with Wu Kuang. 


Fu Guang nodded his head and said, “We can only deal with it as it is.”


Yang Kai continued, “I can’t stay for long, so I must ask Senior to take care of things here.”


Fu Guang smiled and said, “Not a problem. I’ll take care of it!”


Yang Kai looked at the numerous Human Eighth-Order Masters and shouted, “Prepare for battle!”


Small Universe portals opened up and numerous figures emerged from each of them, the soldiers soon assembling according to their Divisions and Squads.


Yang Kai moved away from the debris and his World Force surged to clear a space in the void. Afterwards, he took out the orb that contained the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress and threw it forward with force. 


Manipulating Space Principles, the orb shattered and Space inside expanded rapidly.


In the blink of an eye, a large area of space was added to the Void, causing ripples in space. Yang Kai rapidly formed a set of hand seals and surged both World Force and Space Principles to smooth the disorder.


After everything calmed down, the huge Suppressing Black Ink Fortress came into view, in all its intimidating majesty. This was a true weapon of war. It sat in the void like a fierce beast, facing the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction like a tiger that was watching its prey.


In the square, Fu Guang raised his brow slightly when he saw this.  


With such a powerful platform in hand and the 6,000 elites of the Suppressing Black Ink Army, they should not have any problems dealing with a few Black Ink Clansmen from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


“Suppressing Black Ink Army!” Fu Guang pointed his hand to the front and shouted, “Assume your positions!”


“Yes Sir!”


Under Fu Guang’s command, the 10 Divisions rapidly entered the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress from all sides. Division after Division was assigned to each of the artifacts and everything was ready after just two hours.


Fu Guang stood proudly in the middle of the void as this huge Suppressing Black Ink Fortress came to life and prepared for war.


At the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress core, 10 Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters sat cross-legged in a circle, ready to activate its power to provide all possible assistance to the soldiers outside.



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