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Martial Peak – Chapter 5675, Guest

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Three months later, in the desolate and vast void of the Chaotic Dead Territory, the two forces of Yin and Yang entwined, sparking violent explosions and shaking the Universe each time they collided. 


Even an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would not be able to withstand the fallout of such an explosion. This was a sight that had not been seen in the Chaotic Dead Territory for many thousands of years. Such a chaotic and dangerous place certainly had a lot of opportunities, yet the dangers far, far outweighed those lucky chances.


If it wasn’t for the protection of Giant Spirit God Ah Er when Yang Kai arrived here the first time, he would have already died many times over with his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation. 


After the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3,000 Worlds, they had also set their sights on this place, but when they realised how dangerous it was, they gave up on it entirely. 


They couldn’t hold their ground in a place this dangerous. The Royal Lord was previously worried that these two Supreme Beings would direct animosity towards the Black Ink Clan and attack, but after so many years of observation, these two showed no signs of leaving. Subsequently, he discovered from some Black Ink Disciples that, though these two had a fierce reputation, they had never left the Chaotic Dead Territory since ancient times, allowing the Royal Lord to breathe a sigh of relief.


Yang Kai arrived in this place without difficulty and soon found Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, who were nurturing another Small Stone Race Army. 


Both Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were speechless when they saw Yang Kai again.


Ever since Yang Kai gave them these unique creatures, the two of them had been fixated on this type of game-like combat to establish their seniority. 


However, the last two times Yang Kai visited, nothing good happened. In addition to taking away a massive amount of Yellow and Blue Crystals, he also took away their entire Army which they had worked so hard to nurture. 


It was as if every time Yang Kai appeared, they would be robbed clean of all that they owned. 


So, seeing Yang Kai appear so soon after his last visit, Big Brother Huang’s headache and he couldn’t help grumbling, “Why are you here again?”


Big Sister Lan later added, “You can take some Yellow and Blue Crystals, but there are no more forces for you to take. It has only been a short time, and they haven’t grown much yet.” 


It had only been a few hundred years since the last time Yang Kai visited, so, naturally, they had yet to recover from the damage he caused last time.


Yang Kai cupped his fist with a smile and bowed to the two in front of him, “Little Brother greets Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. You two seem to have some misunderstanding about this Little Brother!” 


Big Brother Huang snorted sarcastically. 


Seeing this, Yang Kai hurriedly explained, “The reason this Little Brother came this time is not to ask for anything. Instead, I am purely here to visit you both. Of course, if you have anything to give… No, if you were to give me anything, I would not dare to refuse!” 


“No!” Big Brother Huang shook his head like a rattling drum, “There’s nothing for you here! Now that you’ve visited us, you can go.” 


Yang Kai suddenly felt a little heartbroken, “Big Brother Huang, why are you treating me like an outsider?” 


If the names Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan felt like a joke before, after seeing records of the Primordial Light and uncovering the truth of what happened in the past, Yang Kai no longer felt any reservations about addressing them as such. 


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan really were the Big Brother and Big Sister of the Divine Spirit Family. 


Big Brother Huang sighed, looking a little exasperated and helpless, “If I don’t treat you like an outsider, I’m afraid you’d really take away everything we own.”


Despite having a thick skin, Yang Kai couldn’t help but flush. He certainly did go overboard the last two times he visited. 


“Alright. Why did you come this time?” Big Sister Lan empathetically questioned. Now that the Black Ink Clan had invaded their land and the Human Race was in a dire situation, how would Yang Kai come here to chit-chat with them for no particular reason? 


Yang Kai’s expression turned serious, “Indeed, I have something to discuss. Do Big Brother and Big Sister remember the Primordial Light I mentioned the last time I came to visit you?”


Big Brother Huang couldn’t help but look up at him, “Did you discover something?”


The Primordial Light was also related to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s origins, thus they were naturally concerned about it. It was simply that despite having lived for so long, they had no clue about it and didn’t even know where to go for information, leaving them with no choice except to place their hopes in Yang Kai. 


Yang Kai nodded and said, “By coincidence, I happened to see the Primordial Light when I experienced the events of the past!”


Following, he narrated all the things he experienced in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land, including the blurry Human figure that emerged when the Primordial Light first arrived there. 


“Everything I saw should be the events that occurred in the Ancestral Land during the Primordial Era, and these memories were borne by the Ancestral Land itself. When this Little Brother was cultivating, I resonated with the Ancestral Land itself and got a glimpse of the mysteries of the Primordial Era. But from what I saw, before the Primordial Light hit the Ancestral Land, it was not as stable and powerful as it should have been. It undoubtedly separated its Yin and Yang components from it. This Little Brother believes that before the Primordial Light arrived at the Ancestral Land, it had already separated from Big Brother and Big Sister in the Chaotic Dead Territory!”


After Yin and Yang were separated from the Primordial Light, they did not immediately become Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan; rather, it took many years of evolution for the pure Yin and Yang to become the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer of today.


Big Brother Huang previously mentioned this too. In the beginning, they were muddled and only felt as though they had been abandoned somehow. It was only a long time after they gained full sentience that they realised that they were in the Chaotic Dead Territory and had never left this place since ancient times. 


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan exchanged glances, their expressions unreadable. 


Sometime later, Big Brother Huang finally murmured, “So, we were really born from the Primordial Light?”


He had this conjecture the last time Yang Kai discussed the Primordial Light with them, but he had no way to prove it. Now, Yang Kai’s words had eliminated all his doubts. 


Yang Kai said with a smile, “This is no surprise. The Primordial Darkness of this World also awakened its sentience and became Mo, so it is not strange that both of you were born from the Primordial Light. Besides, the Primordial Light not only created both of you, but all the Divine Spirits as well!” 


After giving it some thought, Big Sister Lan said in a daze, “In that case, we are a Family with the Divine Spirits. Xiao Huang and I were born first, followed by those Divine Spirits…” 


Xiao Huang remained silent. 


The corner of Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he acted like he didn’t hear this name.


Big Sister Lan cheered, “Xiao Huang, this means all the Divine Spirits are our Little Brothers and Sisters!”


She was delighted beyond belief to realise such a relationship. She had been fighting with Big Brother Huang since time immemorial about who was the Elder Sibling, but now, all of a sudden, they both had so many Younger Brothers and Sisters. Big Sister Lan was filled with satisfaction. 


When he heard this, Big Brother Huang’s eyes glistened too. He would usually be irritated if Big Sister Lan called him ‘Xiao Huang’, but at this moment, he couldn’t be bothered about it. Compared to all the Little Brothers and Sisters he now had, what did it matter if he had to be called Xiao Huang for a time? 


He couldn’t help but stand up, spread his arms akimbo, and laugh proudly!


He then turned his head to look at Yang Kai again and said proudly, “Come come, call me Big Brother.” 


Yang Kai cupped his fist with a smile, “Little Brother greets Big Brother Huang.” 


Not forgetting Big Sister Lan who was looking at him eagerly from the side, Yang Kai paid his respect to her as well.


Previously, when they were addressed in this manner, the two of them were secretly on guard, wondering whether Yang Kai had any other intentions; however, at present, the same way of addressing and greeting sounded much more comfortable.


Yang Kai felt a little sentimental at this moment. Although these two were Supreme Beings with great seniority and profound strength, something as simple as having Little Brothers and Sisters actually brought them such joy, showing their innocence and cuteness, the polar opposite of how ferocious they were reputed to be outside.


The only thing of concern now was how these two would react if they discovered that they still had another Divine Spirit who might have higher seniority above them.  


Considering all this, Yang Kai quickly remarked, “Big Brother and Sister, Little Brother brought a guest for you this time.”


With his brows lifted, Big Brother Huang asked, “Oh? Is it a Divine Spirit?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”


Strictly speaking, Heaven’s Order could be considered a Divine Spirit too; however, her Divine Spirit Bloodline wasn’t exactly the same as the others…


“That being the case, let me see which Little Brother it is!” He was already thinking about the greeting gift he should give to this new younger sibling. Since they all originated from the Primordial Light and he and Big Sister Lan were the firstborn, he shouldn’t be too stingy with the gift as the Big Brother of the Family. 


In response, Yang Kai opened up his Small Universe right away, and a figure emerged. 


When he decided to bring Zhang Ruo Xi to the Chaotic Dead Territory to meet Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, Yang Kai imagined many different ways this first contact would go, but nothing could have prepared him for what happened next. 


Just as Zhang Ruo Xi stepped out of his Small Universe, she sensed a peculiar aura and looked over at Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. 


A different kind of smile appeared on Big Brother Huang’s face all of a sudden as he stared straight at Zhang Ruo Xi. Though it was their first time meeting each other, he felt incredibly warm and close to this person in front of him, like a long-lost child finally meeting a family member… 


Big Sister Lan tilted her head as she gazed at Zhang Ruo Xi, her eyes somewhat lost. Like Big Brother Huang, she felt at home with this person. This overwhelming feeling filled her with a sense of anticipation, even though she had no idea what she was anticipating. 


This feeling was seemingly reciprocal. Yang Kai had not told Zhang Ruo Xi where they were heading or who she was about to meet; she only stayed in Yang Kai’s Small Universe and waited for his instructions.


The moment Zhang Ruo Xi stepped out of the Yang Kai’s Small Universe, she was attracted to the two tiny children in front of her. Maternal love flooded her heart as she reached out and stroked Big Brother Huang’s hair and patted Big Sister Lan’s head. 


Yang Kai felt chills all over his body and secretly thought that women were definitely bolder than men. No one other than Zhang Ruo Xi in this Universe would dare act so intimately with the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer. 


Immediately after, something much more terrifying happened though. Ruo Xi seemed to have misunderstood something as she asked, “Are these your children, Sir? They’re so adorable.” 


[I don’t dare! I don’t have one!] Yang Kai screamed in his heart. [They are the Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer. Never mind about you patting their heads, you even dare to say such things in front of them. If this angers them both, how can the Chaotic Dead Territory contain their rage?]



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