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Martial Peak – Chapter 5676, Small Universe Imbalance

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Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t show any signs of irritation however; in fact, the two appeared incredibly at ease when Zhang Ruo Xi stroked their heads. Big Brother Huang even squinted his eyes slightly while Big Sister Lan made soft sounds like a cat purring. 


Then, there was a sudden change. Incredibly pure and rich Yin and Yang Power emerged from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s bodies, pouring freely into Zhang Ruo Xi and flowing into her Small Universe.


This was the most primitive and pure Yin and Yang Power in the Universe.


Theoretically, Yellow and Blue Crystals were condensed from their powers as they originated from the same source; however, in reality, no matter if it was the Yellow Crystals or the Blue Crystals, both were just remnants of the clash between Yin and Yang. In terms of quality, they were simply incomparable to the true Power of the Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer. 


If they were solely distinguished according to the Open Heaven Order, then this kind of power definitely surpassed the Ninth Order. 


In addition to that, Big Sister Lan and Big Brother Huang Yin’s and Yang Powers were extremely abundant. Though only a small part was poured into Zhang Ruo Xi, her aura instantly soared, causing her Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation to reach its limit and even show signs of breaking through. 


Ruo Xi had already reached the peak of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, or else she wouldn’t be able to realise the anomaly of the lock of shackles on her Small Universe. If she continued to cultivate normally, she would have had a chance to ascend to the Eighth Order within 300 years. Taking her potent Bloodline into account, the time she needed might even have been shorter. 


However, this unexpected incident hastened her cultivation breakthrough enormously. 


She wasn’t totally unprepared for this eventuality. Since realising that her Small Universe might not be restricted by the innate shackles of the Open Heaven method, she had already made preparations for her ascension to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Even so, this incident was still exceedingly risky because the sudden surge of power had instantly disrupted the balance of her Small Universe.


Strictly speaking, a Small Universe was no different from a real Universe World. The balance between Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements was essential to maintaining the foundation of any Universe. Once this balance was disrupted, there would be a risk of the Universe rupturing.  


The most common method for Human Masters to enhance their cultivation was to consume Open Heaven Pills which contained the Power of the Seven Elements in perfect balance. There was no risk in consuming such pills as they could not lead to an imbalance in one’s Small Universe. 


A faster method was to refine cultivation materials directly. Compared to consuming Open Heaven Pills, the benefits of refining a set of cultivation materials were far greater. Of course, this method was much more expensive as acquiring materials of high enough Order was by no means easy.


Additionally, in order to maintain the balance of their Small Universe, a cultivator had to refine a complete set of cultivation materials, with each of the Seven Elements of the same Order. 


Because only in this way could they maintain balance in their Small Universe. During Yang Kai’s years of cultivating, this was his most common method of cultivation. 


If the Master realised that their Small Universe was out of balance for some reason, they could make up for it by refining materials of the appropriate Element. 


Due to their strict requirements for materials, it directly led to the rarity of the Yin and Yang Element materials. Yin and Yang Element materials were far less common than the Five Elements materials. While there were sufficient materials of the lower Orders, as the Order increased, less and less Yin and Yang Element materials were available.  


Before Yang Kai obtained a large amount of Yellow and Blue Crystals from the Chaotic Dead Territory, even the Cave Heavens and Paradises lacked such materials above the Fifth Order.


It wasn’t until the appearance of Yellow and Blue Crystals that this issue was solved.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan did not intend to pour their strength into Zhang Ruo Xi’s body. Rather, it was drawn out by her mysterious Bloodline Power, causing Zhang Ruo Xi to unintentionally devour their power. This surprised both of them greatly.


Zhang Ruo Xi did not anticipate such a thing to occur either, nor did she intend to devour these two’s Powers, but everything happened so seamlessly after just a moment of contact.


Immediately, Zhang Ruo Xi’s World Force soared and her aura rampaged as the imbalance of her Small Universe shook and violently impacted her. Her gorgeous face turned pale in an instant and she frantically cried out, “Sir!” 


Yang Kai was shocked as well. He was just admiring the strange act of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan a breath ago, and the next instant, Ruo Xi’s Small Universe was in peril. 


Behind Ruo Xi, the illusory phantom of her Small Universe emerged all on its own, its original tranquillity with majestic mountains and pristine waters now enveloped in a storm of yellow and blue light. As these two hues clashed, a scene of violence and destruction played out.


It was similar to what the Chaotic Dead Territory looked like before Yang Kai first came here! 


Right away, Yang Kai snapped back to his senses and immediately took out a set of Five Elements materials, all in the Seventh Order, and passed them to Zhang Ruo Xi, urging her, “Focus. Concentrate on holding together your Small Universe and quickly refine these!”


Since she had received a massive infusion of Yin and Yang Element Power, the only way to restore the balance of her Small Universe was to quickly refine more Five Elements Power. 


Zhang Ruo Xi obviously also understood that her life was at stake, so she did not hesitate to accept the Five Elements materials, sat cross-legged, and followed Yang Kai’s instructions to stabilize her mind as she went all out to suppress the chaos of her own Small Universe while preparing to refine the materials.


However, a Human Master was always greatly impacted by any disturbance in their Small Universe. 


If there was a fight between Masters of the same Order and strength, the one whose Small Universe was shaken first would quickly be defeated and perish. 


Because of this, every Cave Heaven and Paradise had developed Divine Abilities or Secret Techniques designed exclusively for protecting their Small Universe. These methods were mainly used to defend their Small Universes from external shocks.


During the Great Evolution Army’s battle at the Royal City of the Great Evolution Theatre, Yang Kai used his Cow Punch Secret Technique to kill a Ninth-Order Black Ink Disciple. In terms of raw strength, Yang Kai wasn’t a match for a Ninth-Order Black Ink Disciple. In fact, a Ninth-Order Black Ink Disciple might only be slightly weaker than a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye. 


However, Yang Kai’s Cow Punch was the most profound Secret Technique capable of directly impacting an enemy’s Small Universe. Even if there was a great disparity in strength between Yang Kai and his opponent, Cow Punch could bypass all conventional defenses to cause massive damage. 


The current situation of Zhang Ruo Xi was equivalent to her Small Universe being attacked by rampaging energy. Worse yet, this power was the purest essence of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, two Supreme Beings whose strength exceeded the Ninth Order!


As someone only at the peak of the Seventh Order, how was Zhang Ruo Xi supposed to be able to endure it?


The only reason her Small Universe did not rupture on the spot was because only a small amount of Yin and Yang Element Power flowed into her before it was cut off. However, this disturbance in her Small Universe made it incredibly difficult for her to focus her mind. In such an unsteady state, let alone refining materials to balance her Small Universe, even suppressing the chaos in her Small Universe was proving all but impossible. 


If Zhang Ruo Xi was unable to suppress the turbulence in her Small Universe quickly, it would only further destabilize, worsening her condition and creating a deadly feedback cycle. 


In a matter of breaths, Ruo Xi’s aura became more and more chaotic, and the illusory phantom of the Small Universe behind her also began to expand and contract, showing extreme signs of instability. The yellow and blue lights also became more violent as they thrashed about wildly. 


Yang Kai felt chills all over. He thought that having Zhang Ruo Xi visit Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan might bring about some unexpected gains, but he never imagined that things would go so awry! 


Wracking his brain desperately, Yang Kai suddenly thought of something that might help Ruo Xi, so he quickly shouted, “Open your mind!” 


The next moment, a seemingly illusory lotus flower covered in multi-coloured light flew out from Yang Kai’s head and into Zhang Ruo Xi’s. 


Soul Warming Lotus! 


Although this was a Supreme Treasure of the Universe that had accompanied Yang Kai for millennia, other individuals could immediately use it without any kind of refinement as long as he passed it to them. Since he previously lent it to Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao to use in her battle inside the Black Ink Nest Space, it meant that he could lend it to Zhang Ruo Xi as well.


The Soul Warming Lotus was the best solution to stabilize a person’s shaken mind. 


As the Seven-Coloured Soul Warming Lotus entered Zhang Ruo Xi’s forehead, her expression quickly calmed down; obviously, the Soul Warming Lotus was helping.


After her mind was calmed down, she worked hard to suppress the turbulence in her Small Universe before starting to refine the Seventh-Order materials.


Only when the situation was stabilised temporarily did Yang Kai heave a sigh of relief. It had only been a short moment, yet he was already drenched in sweat.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan stood to the side, completely dumbfounded by what they just experienced. Only after a long silence did Big Brother Huang murmur, “How… How did this happen?”


Although the two of them have lived for countless years and were far more powerful than any other Divine Spirit, due to their lack of interaction with others, they were quite innocent and naive.


All they knew was the woman in front of them, who they felt quite close to, almost died because of their power.


Big Sister Lan gave it a little bit more thought than Big Brother Huang before turning to Yang Kai to ask, “Who is she?”


Even when she first met Yang Kai, a member of the Dragon Clan, she had never experienced the same level of closeness as she did with this mysterious woman.


She was even more puzzled by the fact that this young woman had freely drawn in her and Xiao Huang’s Power.


That was their pure Yin and Yang Power, their innate strength; it wasn’t something just anyone could devour. However, recalling when her power was being devoured, Big Sister Lan felt no sense of rejection of disharmony at all.


“I’ll let you both know later. Can Big Brother and Sister restrain and take back your power?” Yang Kai asked seriously.


Allowing Ruo Xi to refine Five Elements materials to balance her Small Universe was the best solution to the current problem, Yang Kai quickly discovered a problem at this moment.


It was taking too long!


Refining materials was not something that could be done overnight. One would require a lot of time to refine a set of Seventh-Order materials, let alone Zhang Ruo Xi who was only in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Furthermore, even if this set of Five Elements materials were truly refined, it still wouldn’t be sufficient. In order to balance the Yin and Yang Element Power that she took in, many sets of Five Elements materials would be required.


Yang Kai estimated it would take Zhang Ruo Xi at least 10 years to reach a state of balance. 10 years was quite a long time, and in this kind of unstable situation, many, many things could go wrong, any one of which could put her in grave danger. The power from these two was akin to a pair of giant blades hanging above her head, at risk of falling at any moment.


However, if Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan could take back their Powers, then all these issues could be resolved.



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