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Martial Peak – Chapter 5678, Ruo Xi’s Condition

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And now, their harvest was indeed huge! Though there were some minor accidents, everything turned out alright in the end.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s emotions were stirred for a long time. They had never heard about the Heaven’s Order Bloodline before, which was passed down through generations, and had the remarkable ability to harmonize the opposing Yin and Yang Element Powers. It was no wonder when they laid eyes on this woman, an involuntary sense of awe and warmth washed over them, stronger than when facing Yang Kai, a member of the Dragon Clan.


It appeared that Yang Kai was right, although they were all born from the Primordial Light, the Heaven’s Order Bloodline must hold a unique position. This was what caused the two Supreme Beings of the Primordial Era to feel differently about Zhang Ruo Xi.


If that was the case, there might be a chance to resolve the issue that had plagued them for countless aeons. Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan exchanged glances, understanding each other’s thoughts.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai observed Zhang Ruo Xi’s condition in silence. She had already reached the peak of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, and now she unintentionally absorbed a massive amount of Yin and Yang Element Power. This could be her chance for a breakthrough.


Though it was a perilous accident, it was also an opportunity for Zhang Ruo Xi after it was resolved.


Thanks to her Bloodline Power, her refining speed became incredibly swift, rivalling even Yang Kai’s.


Yang Kai’s speed was partly due to his solid foundation, but also due to his Small Universe having a World Tree clone, which greatly assisted Open Heaven Realm Masters like him when they cultivated.


However, each World Tree Clone had to come from the World Tree itself and each one required a portion of the World Tree’s Source. Likewise, they were supported by the fortune of numerous Universe Worlds. Thus, they were not something that could be obtained in large quantities from the Old Tree.


If every Master had access to one, it would substantially reduce their cultivation time and hasten their advancement to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


In a mere month, Ruo Xi completely refined a set of Seventh-Order Five Elements materials.


Before the Black Ink Clan’s invasion, such a set of materials would have cost at least 750 million Open Heaven Pills, if one could even buy them at all. In the present era, they would be even pricier, likely exceeding a billion.


To put it plainly, Ruo Xi’s one month of cultivation consumed a billion Open Heaven Pills…


If she had simply been swallowing and refining Open Heaven Pills, she would never have been able to eat such an immense quantity in such a short time. What’s more, even if she had refined a billion Open Heaven Pills, the gains wouldn’t have matched what she had now.


Therefore, relatively speaking, if they had the resources, Masters preferred to refine materials to enhance their Small Universe rather than use Open Heaven Pills. Unfortunately, most did not have the resources, so they could only choose to refine Open Heaven Pills to improve themselves.


Yang Kai had a large reserve of cultivation resources. Mo Na Ye compensated him a lot of materials on behalf of the Black Ink Clan last time, most of which he had handed over to the Supreme Headquarters for the Human Armies to use, but he had still reserved some for himself.


With his cultivation reaching the peak of the Eighth-Order Realm, Yang Kai no longer needed to deliberately cultivate. Technically, these resources were useless in his hands right now, so he was more than willing to use them to resolve Ruo Xi’s current crisis.


After Ruo Xi finished refining a set of Seventh-Order materials, Yang Kai took out another set and handed it to her, allowing her to continue.


With the increase in Five Elements Powers, the imbalance of Ruo Xi’s Small Universe was gradually fixed. The most obvious indication was the two-coloured wings behind the Heaven’s Order figure gradually dimming. It was a sign that the Powers of Yin and Yang had been completely absorbed and merged into Ruo Xi’s Small Universe.


As her Small Universe’s heritage increased, its boundary walls also showed signs of reaching their limit. Once this limit was broken through, it would be time for Ruo Xi to advance to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. At that time, her entire Small Universe would greatly expand, and Ruo Xi’s heritage would also increase significantly.


12 years passed by in a flash.


The Heaven’s Order figure in Ruo Xi’s Small Universe had all but faded away, and the two-coloured wings behind it had almost disappeared. By refining a large amount of Five Elements materials, her Small Universe was once again balanced.


In it, wind and clouds stirred. Ruo Xi was surrounded by an extremely strong World Force, and her own aura had already heightened to its peak, a sign of an impending breakthrough.


“Sir!” Ruo Xi suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Yang Kai for help.


“You will advance to the Eighth Order today. Just calm your mind and break through. I will stand guard for you!” Yang Kai comforted her.


“En!” Zhang Ruo Xi nodded gently, and her uneasy mood immediately calmed down, allowing her to focus on dealing with the changes in her Small Universe.


A few days later, with a final infusion of Five Elements Power, the Powers of Yin and Yang were devoured completely and the Heaven’s Order figure disappeared. Zhang Ruo Xi had increased her Small Universe’s heritage greatly and finally crossed the threshold.


From the depths of her soul, there seemed to be a cracking sound. Ruo Xi’s body trembled slightly, and her peak Seventh-Order aura suddenly soared. At the same time, the original boundaries of her Small Universe broke, and the already maximised territory quickly expanded like a blown-up balloon.


Within the Small Universe, the sky trembled and the wind and clouds swirled in constant transformation.


Large swaths of new territory begin to appear, at first chaotic, but gradually evolving and harmonising with the Powers of the Seven Elements, becoming part of her Small Universe.


Yang Kai remained vigilant, but he wasn’t worried.


Zhang Ruo Xi’s breakthrough was a seamless and stable process, devoid of any signs of instability. As long as she remained focused, her breakthrough posed no real risks.


Advancement in the Open Heaven Realm carried a certain degree of danger. Without a sturdy foundation, rushing a breakthrough could lead to unforeseen complications during the expansion of one’s Small Universe. For example, some of the newly formed territory might not have fully evolved and instead retain their initially chaotic state. Such an occurrence would undoubtedly have a profound impact on a person. It could cause anything from minor damage to total collapse of their Small Universe, which would end in their demise.


Ruo Xi did not face such risks as she had a solid foundation, coupled with her unique Bloodline. As a result, the new territories swiftly evolved into thriving lands.


Yang Kai had undergone numerous breakthroughs in the past, but he had only sought to enhance his strength without paying much attention to the process itself. However, this time, as Ruo Xi’s protector and witnessing the various transformations of her Small Universe, he experienced a unique sense of enlightenment.


It was commonly believed that Mo had reached the Creation Realm that stood above the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm. However, no one could adequately explain what the Creation Realm was, not even Cang nor Wu Kuang.


It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, it was rather that they did not know how for they had never reached that realm.


Yang Kai used to believe that the Creation Realm referred to the ability to create life from nothing.


The Black Ink Clan was a creation of Mo, who was capable of producing such terrifying existences such as the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods. The title of Creator was certainly well-deserved.


For all Black Ink Clansmen, Mo was their Creator.


Throughout the Universe, the only existence of a similar level of power as Mo was the Primordial Light.


The Primordial Light had stripped itself of its Yin and Yang Elements to create the Serene Glimmer and Burning Light. Its innumerable points of light produced countless Divine Spirits. In other words, it possessed the power of Creation.


But was that really the power of the Creation Realm?


At a fundamental level, the Black Ink Clan was merely a peculiar extension of Mo’s power, which meant Mo did not truly ‘create’ life from nothingness. Whether it was the Black Ink Clan’s soldiers or the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, without Mo’s power, they had no basis for existence.


[Are the Divine Spirits not technically an extension of the power of the Primordial Light? Is that all there is to the Creation Realm? Or am I misunderstanding something?]


According to this logic, when a cultivator reached the peak of the Emperor Realm, they would begin to condense their own Grand Dao into a Dao Seal, refine the Power of the Seven Elements, and use that as a foundation to split Heaven and Earth apart within their bodies, creating their own Small Universe.


So, in a way, didn’t every Open Heaven Realm Master have Creation Force?


However, those Small Universes were truly born out of nothingness rather than the extension of the Masters’ power. It was created by the harmonious balance of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements.


Didn’t this mean that all Open Heaven Realm Masters possessed the means of using Creation Force? Where did this power come from, and what distinguished reaching the Open Heaven Realm from the Creation Realm?


Yang Kai suddenly found himself deeply lost in thought, questioning his own Grand Dao and exploring an unknown domain…


When one’s strength was meagre, it was difficult to ponder over these things, as their sole focus was to advance to a higher realm and get stronger.


But when one had reached their pinnacle and stood at a lofty height, many doubts involuntarily arose.


Yang Kai had a vague feeling that if he could understand the answers to these questions, he might discover something incredible.


However, his deep contemplation bordered on questioning his very existence. Though he remained standing in the same spot, it was as if he had entered another Universe. Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan immediately noticed something was amiss and turned their heads towards him.


Big Brother Huang even called out to him a few times, finally allowing Yang Kai to be jolted back to reality where he promptly broke out into a cold sweat…


The momentary doubt that had risen in him had caused him to doubt his own Grand Dao, and it even resulted in his Small Universe shaking, triggering what felt like an earthquake in Void World.


This was highly abnormal; after all, his Small Universe had a World Tree clone to stabilize and protect it. Additionally, his Small Universe was firm and flawless, impervious to external forces. Even during his battle with a Royal Lord, his Small Universe had never trembled.


However, though his World Tree clone could resist external forces, it could not prevent internal turmoil.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a chill shoot up his spine. If he had continued to linger in that kind of state, it would have inevitably caused immense damage to himself. Though the Open Heaven Realm method of the Human Race was not flawless, it was the fundamental basis for their rise to power and had been inherited for countless millennia. Before his strength and realm had reached a certain level, it was necessary to be more cautious about such ponderings.


Yang Kai was forced to reflect on this matter in silence.


Silavin: OG Title – Ruo Xi’a Breakthrough to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm



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