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Martial Peak – Chapter 5680, Finally Free

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In the grand hall of the Supreme Headquarters, Mi Jing Lun let out a deep sigh as he spoke, “Our most pressing concern, Junior Brother, is the scarcity of resources. Despite the accumulation of the Cave Heavens and Paradises over the years, our people are trapped in just a handful of Great Territories now. Our access to essential resources has been severely limited, especially now with the explosive increase of Open Heaven Realm Masters. Their cultivation demands an abundance of resources that our stockpiles simply cannot sustain. Even with all the things you brought back last time, it barely made a dent in the shortfall needed to construct the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress.”


“The problem of resource scarcity can only be solved by either increasing our resources or reducing our consumption. But we are cultivators. Our cultivation and healing require resources, so how can we reduce our consumption? If we were to do so, how could we expect our soldiers to fight fiercely on the battlefield? We must devise alternative strategies. Over the years, the military merits required by the army’s supply department to exchange for resources have been increasing every year. Take the simplest Fourth-Order materials, for example; the military merits required to exchange for one have increased by 20% compared to a millennium ago! To make matters worse, some ignorant fools, the managers and commanders, are unaware of the high cost of goods and come to me, their Senior Brother, at the Supreme Headquarters to clamour for a reduction in price for them!?”


Ou Yang Lie was the one he was referring to, and Yang Kai knew about this matter as well. Ou Yang Lie even sent someone to relay a message to him, saying that the prices for resources in the army’s supply department were abnormal, and requested that he talk to Mi Jing Lun about it. 


“Haaa!” Mi Jing Lun sighed again, “Do you think I don’t want to reduce the prices? I just can’t simply do so! The military merits that our soldiers earn are priceless, paid for with their own lives. If there was a possibility, how could we, the Supreme Headquarters, do such a thing? We just can’t achieve two opposing goals at the same time.” 


“As for increasing our resource sources, there are only two ways for our Human Race to do so. One is to mine them from the New Great Territory, and the other is to loot the Black Ink Clan. But the resources in the New Great Territory are also limited. After so many years of mining, they may not last much longer. Although looting the Black Ink Clan’s convoys is a profitable enterprise, it also entails enormous risks, and the amount we can get each time is not stable.”


In the past, although there were many Open Heaven Realm Masters in the 3,000 Worlds, there were not many in the High-Rank. They were always exclusive to the Cave Heavens and Paradises, and those who had successfully cultivated to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm were sent generation after generation to the Black Ink Battlefield to fight against the Black Ink Clan, resulting in countless casualties.


Overall, the resources flowing through the market in the 3,000 Worlds were more than sufficient for Humans to use. But now, the situation had changed. The Human Race was confined to just a dozen or so Great Territories, and the channels for obtaining resources had decreased greatly, while the number of High-Rank Open Heaven Real Masters had increased exponentially. This increase in demand and decrease in supply resulted in a substantial deficit in resources. Although the various Cave Heavens and Paradises had offered up their reserves, they would not be able to sustain themselves for much longer. 


After hearing Mi Jing Lun’s complaint, Yang Kai realised the gravity of the situation. Though the issue of materials had long plagued the Human Race, he had never given it much thought until now that it had become a pressing matter that demanded immediate attention. 


If one day the Humans were to run out of supplies, the consequences would be dire.


“Senior Brother, if I may ask, do you have a solution?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.


Mi Jing Lun replied “I’ve given it some thought. The only way to resolve this is to seek resources outside. You have a direct route to the Black Ink Battlefield, right? I’d like to request that you send some people there to gather resources.”


The resources on the Black Ink Battlefield were abundant. Within the countless dead Universe Worlds lay many precious resources waiting to be extracted. If they could successfully harvest them, it would greatly ease the pressure on the Humans’ demand for supplies.


“I can do that.” Yang Kai nodded in agreement, “It’s settled then. I’ll send people over when the time comes. But Senior Brother, we’ll need some Masters to support us if we’re going to the Black Ink Battlefield. That is still the Black Ink Clan’s territory, so if the mining teams encounter them, they will be at serious risk without enough Masters to protect them.” 


“I’ll take that into consideration,” Mi Jing Lun nodded lightly.


“Then, Senior Brother, I’ll wait for your message,” Yang Kai said as he rose from his seat.


Leaving the Supreme Headquarters, Yang Kai did not venture far, choosing instead to head to Profound Nether Territory. 


However, since the agreement he made with Six Arms, the battle in Profound Nether Territory had not been as intense as before; after all, the Territory Lords and Eighth-Order Masters were banned from fighting.


Without the clash of such Masters from both sides, the battles in Profound Nether Territory were relatively tame. At most, skirmishes between the Feudal Lords and Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters took place. 


Rising stars from both sides continued to make a name for themselves and hone their skills on this battlefield, but for someone like Ou Yang Lie, an Eighth-Order Master, life had become unbearably dull.


Forbidden from interfering in battles, but required to remain stationed in Profound Nether Territory as a precaution, Ou Yang Lie had grown bored to the point of desperation over the past few millennia. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken an interest in the army’s logistic affairs at all.


He had even requested to be transferred to other Great Territories like Azure Sun Territory, where Eighth-Order Masters could participate in battles, only to be rejected by Mi Jing Lun time and time again.


Ou Yang Lie was so infuriated that he considered cutting ties with Mi Jing Lun and even vented his frustration by insulting him in front of others at the Supreme Headquarters.


When he saw Yang Kai coming, Ou Yang Lie’s eyes filled with tears as he clamoured for Yang Kai to leave his seal on the transfer order.


The main reason Ou Yang Lie hadn’t been transferred from Profound Nether Territory for all these years was that Yang Kai was like an elusive Dragon, appearing and disappearing unpredictably.


Yang Kai, as the Army Commander of the Profound Nether Army, had Ou Yang Lie as his subordinate General. Even if the Supreme Headquarters wanted to mobilise manpower from the Profound Nether Army, they would need to go through Yang Kai; otherwise, what would be the point of having an Army Commander?


Mi Jing Lun had previously told Ou Yang Lie that as long as he could receive Yang Kai’s seal on the transfer order document, the Supreme Headquarters would have no objections.


But where and how could Ou Yang Lie find Yang Kai?


Previously, Yang Kai had been in retreat at the World Tree, so it was not convenient to disturb him. That retreat lasted for some 2,000 years. It was not until Ou Yang Lie heard the news that Yang Kai had finally ended his retreat that he rushed back to the Star Boundary, only to find that Yang Kai had already left.


Unexpectedly, Yang Kai appeared in front of him right now.


Ou Yang Lie was so grateful that he took out the transfer order document that was long prepared and stared at Yang Kai with an attitude that indicated ‘if you don’t agree, I’ll die in front of you’.


Yang Kai looked at the contents of the transfer order document and frowned slightly, his expression inexplicable. After a long time, he sighed, “Senior Brother Ou Yang, are you sure you want to leave Profound Nether Territory?” 


“Absolutely! I can’t stand this damned place anymore!” He exclaimed.


Just looking at what he had been doing for the past 3,000 years. All he did was patrol various forward outposts each day, give speeches to newly arrived soldiers, and then drink until he was thoroughly drunk…


He was even bored enough to go to the Black Ink Clan and argue with the Six Arms and the other Territory Lords… 


These boring and miserable days were nothing compared to charging into battles and killing enemies. Before Yang Kai made an agreement with the Black Ink Clan, though the situation in the Profound Nether Army was dire, at least they were living boldly and valiantly. 


For a hot-blooded man like him, even if his life ended in battle, it would still be preferable to a life of obscurity and insignificance. 


With that said, Ou Yang Lie added, “Junior Brother, please do not misunderstand me. I am not dissatisfied with you, nor am I dissatisfied with the Profound Nether Army. It’s just that this environment isn’t quite suitable for me. Ever since I joined the Black Ink Battlefield all those years ago, I haven’t experienced such idle days. Time just crawls by here!”


Yang Kai nodded in understanding, “I understand. In that case, Senior Brother Ou Yang, please go.” 


Saying so, he stamped his seal onto the transfer order.


Ou Yang Lie immediately smiled and snatched the document, scanning it before cheering, “I’m finally free!”


It was as if a prisoner, who had been trapped for years, had regained his freedom!


Ou Yang Lie pocketed the document and cupped his fist to Yang Kai, “Junior Brother, I’ll be reporting to the Supreme Headquarters now. Take care of yourself. I’m sure we’ll fight together again someday!”


“En,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


Ou Yang Lie couldn’t wait to turn and leave. He didn’t want to spend another moment in Profound Nether Territory. He cried out joyously in his heart, [Azure Sun Territory, here I come!] And his laughter echoed into the distance.


Watching Ou Yang Lie’s departing figure, Yang Kai sighed. In life, there would always be unexpected disappointments. Senior Brother Ou Yang’s departure would likely not bring him the satisfaction he hoped for. 


After bidding farewell to Ou Yang Lie, Yang Kai concealed his aura and figure before wandering around Profound Nether Territory to investigate its situation. 


With his current cultivation, as well as his proficiency in the Dao of Space, he could easily avoid detection even from the Innate Territory Lords if he was careful enough.


Profound Nether Territory was unremarkable, everything was just as it was when he left so many years ago, except that the number of Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had significantly increased.


Without staying long in Profound Nether Territory, Yang Kai returned to the Supreme Headquarters a few days later to await further orders. 


Mi Jing Lun was quick to prepare, and within a month, everything was ready.


When Yang Kai arrived at the main square, he saw that tens of thousands of soldiers had already gathered. However, these soldiers were quite different from the norm. 


Many of them had either grey or white hair, and although they didn’t look particularly old, they certainly weren’t young. Their cultivation levels were also generally low, with most of them at the Fourth or Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, some even at the Third-Order. 


Yang Kai understood immediately that these were the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were born in the early days and their current cultivation had already reached their innate limit.


Such a cultivation would be ineffective on the various battlefields, as they would be very vulnerable to corruption from the Black Ink Strength. Thus, they were typically assigned to logistics roles. 


This group of people would have limited usefulness in combat; however, if they were brought to the Black Ink Battlefield to mine resources, that wouldn’t pose any hindrance.


It was clear that Mi Jing Lun had considered this issue thoroughly, which was why he had summoned this group of people, wanting Yang Kai to escort them to the Black Ink Battlefield.



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