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Martial Peak – Chapter 5686, Meng Que

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After leaving the Main Hall, Mo Na Ye headed straight towards the High-Rank Black Ink Nest belonging to that Royal Lord. Ever since Mo Na Ye had been entrusted with the affairs of the No-Return Pass and the entire Black Ink Clan after his ascension to the rank of Pseudo-Royal Lord, the Royal Lord frequently stayed inside this Black Ink Nest and rarely ventured out. 


It was only because he had received the news from the clansmen inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction a few days ago that the Royal Lord made an appearance to deliver good news to the many Territory Lords.


Standing before the Black Ink Nest, Mo Na Ye sighed inwardly. Despite having arranged for clansmen to track Yang Kai’s movements and protect the teams carrying resources, their enemy was Yang Kai. No matter how meticulous the arrangements were, they were simply not secure enough.


In front of the Territory Lords, Mo Na Ye pretended to be resolute and unwilling to give up anything, but he knew that if Yang Kai really had his sights set on Black Ink Clan’s resources, they would not be able to stop him. 


At present, the Black Ink Clan seemed to be flourishing, but there was a simmering danger as the Human Race grew stronger bit by bit, gradually narrowing the gap in power between the two sides. Mo Na Ye had long felt a strong sense of crisis brewing in his heart.


He could only hope that there would be some pleasant surprises from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction soon. 


Meanwhile, a female Feudal Lord, who was a personal attendant to the Royal Lord of relatively low cultivation, came out of the Black Ink Nest and greeted Mo Na Ye, “Sir Mo Na Ye, please come in!”


Mo Na Ye nodded and followed the Feudal Lord into the Black Ink Nest.


Soon, they saw the Royal Lord using the Black Ink Nest to communicate with the outside world. Mo Na Ye waited quietly without disturbing him, knowing that the Royal Lord was probably speaking with those inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


After a while, the Royal Lord withdrew his consciousness from the Black Ink Nest Space, and Mo Na Ye noticed a hint of joy in his expression. He understood instantly that there might be some pleasant surprises from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. 


He didn’t ask too much as the Royal Lord would say if he wanted to. Instead, he just respectfully bowed. The Royal Lord sat down and asked, “What’s the matter?”


He knew Mo Na Ye wouldn’t come to see him without a specific reason. Since Mo Na Ye was here, it must be a matter of importance. Mo Na Ye immediately summarized Yang Kai’s raid on the Black Ink Clan’s resources outside of the No-Return Pass and told the Royal Lord about Yang Kai’s demand for a 50% share. Hearing this, the Royal Lord was infuriated, and his good mood was instantly ruined.


“Impudence! How dare he make such a request! We already compensated him with a large amount due to the Ancestral Land incident, yet he is still not satisfied!?” 


Mo Na Ye understood that the Human Race was lacking in resources while the Black Ink Clan had plenty, so naturally, Yang Kai came to Black Ink Clan to take advantage of them.


After allowing the Royal Lord to vent his anger for a while, Mo Na Ye continued, “Sir Royal Lord, I have ordered the Territory Lords to search for Yang Kai’s whereabouts and also ordered escorts for the transport teams. However, Yang Kai is proficient in the Dao of Space and his combat strength is extremely high. Even if the Territory Lords form Battle Formations, they may not be able to match him if they encounter him.”


The Royal Lord pondered for a moment before saying, “You must personally take action and find an opportunity to kill him!”


Mo Na Ye shook his head and replied, “I have considered this option, but if I leave the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai may find an opening to infiltrate. What if he comes to the No-Return Pass and targets the Black Ink Nests?”


These words made the Royal Lord’s face darken. 3,000 years ago, with him standing guard, the Black Ink Nests in the No-Return Pass would still be safe, but after Yang Kai emerged from his long retreat and revealed his strength, the Royal Lord knew that he alone could not protect all the Black Ink Nests in the No-Return Pass. 


During these 3,000 years, Yang Kai’s strength had increased that much.


“Furthermore…” Mo Na Ye considered and said, “Due to the Ancestral Land incident, our Black Ink Clan suffered significant losses. If we anger him again this time, the situation may be difficult to contain.” 


They wouldn’t know how many resources they would have to offer up if the situation reached that point.


Upon hearing this, the Royal Lord abruptly turned his head and glared at him, “Our Black Ink Clan has so many rising talents, yet we can’t even deal with one damn Human!?”


The wrath directed at him frightened Mo Na Ye who immediately lowered his head and replied, “It is all due to my incompetence!”


The atmosphere in the Black Ink Nest became tense as Mo Na Ye suppressed his aura while the attendants who lived in the Black Ink Nest also held their breaths.


After a while, the Royal Lord said, “Create another Pseudo-Royal Lord and let him secretly guard the No-Return Pass with me while you deal with Yang Kai!”


“Create another Pseudo-Royal Lord? But, Sir, the number of our Innate Territory Lords has decreased greatly. If we create another Pseudo-Royal Lord…” Mo Na Ye was startled by the suggestion. 


In fact, he had discussed this matter with the Royal Lord before. Although the creation of a Pseudo-Royal Lord represented the loss of more than 10 Innate Territory Lord and a High-Rank Black Ink Nest, as long as it was for an appropriate purpose, it would still be useful for the Black Ink Clan.


However, as Mo Na Ye said, after thousands of years of battles, the number of Innate Territory Lords in the Black Ink Clan had decreased sharply and was now quite low. Not to mention that every High-Rank Black Ink Nest sacrificed was a heavy blow. In the grand scheme of things, it was not suitable to create too many Pseudo-Royal Lords.


Both Di Wu and Mo Na Ye were Pseudo-Royal Lords created because of Yang Kai’s existence.


Unexpectedly, because of this killing star, the Royal Lord actually had the idea to create another Pseudo-Royal Lord. If this continued, the number of Innate Territory Lords in the Black Ink Clan would continue to decrease sharply.


“Rest assured, it won’t cause any major problems if we only create one more,” said the Royal Lord calmly.


Mo Na Ye was initially stunned, as this was different from the Royal Lord’s previous attitude towards creating Pseudo-Royal Lords. However, thinking about the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction’s situation, Mo Na Ye suddenly realised something and immediately accepted the order, “I will arrange it immediately!”


The Royal Lord snorted, “When the new Pseudo-Royal Lord is created, you go and deal with Yang Kai directly. Try to provoke him as much as possible and make him come to the No-Return Pass. I will wait for him here with the new Pseudo-Royal Lord!”


“Yes!” Mo Na Ye couldn’t help feeling a little excited. If the Royal Lord’s strategy worked as planned, they might really have a chance to take down Yang Kai.


Shortly after, a dozen or so Territory Lords stationed at the No-Return Pass were once again summoned. Learning that the Royal Lord was asking them to perform Source Fusion, the Territory Lords had mixed feelings.


They had originally been left at the No-Return Pass to avoid the risk of facing Yang Kai because they couldn’t meet the requirements of the Battle Formations. However, they did not expect that they could avoid Yang Kai but not the orders of the Royal Lord!


The Source Fusion Technique was extremely dangerous, with fewer than 1 in 10 being able to survive it. Who could guarantee that they would be the one to live?


The birth of the first two Pseudo-Royal Lords had already sacrificed 25 Innate Territory Lords. Could they be so lucky to avoid sacrificing themselves?


It was as the saying went for the Human Race, “Fortune and misfortune walk hand in hand”.


However, the Royal Lord’s order had been given, and they were powerless to disobey it. Under Mo Na Ye’s supervision, 12 Innate Territory Lords entered a High-Rank Black Ink Nest and began to perform the Source Fusion Technique.


One by one, the auras of the Innate Territory Lords disappeared as the Black Ink Nest shook incessantly.


Several days later, when the last remaining Territory Lord’s aura had completely merged with the Black Ink Nest, a new Pseudo-Royal Lord was born.


Meng Que!


Mo Na Ye stayed at the No-Return Pass for another month, allowing Meng Que to familiarise himself with his new strength before he rushed out into the depths of the void.


During this month’s time, the Black Ink Clan lost eight teams that were transporting resources, a significant increase compared to the month before!


The response from the Black Ink Clan seemed to have completely removed Yang Kai’s apprehensions. Previously, half of the teams were allowed to return, but now they had almost all been wiped out!


A few days later, in the depths of the void, Mo Na Ye met with four Territory Lords who had been maintaining a Four Symbols Formation. They had clearly experienced a great battle recently, but it had ended almost as quickly as it began. There were many bodies of Black Ink Clan Soldiers left behind, but the four Territory Lords remained unharmed.


Seeing Mo Na Ye, the four exhausted Territory Lords finally had the opportunity to catch their breath as maintaining the Four Symbols Formation consumed a great deal of their focus and energy. Though it was manageable for a short time, these four Territory Lords had not dared to relax once since leaving the No-Return Pass. No one knew when the Human killing star, Yang Kai, would appear. If they did not maintain the Battle Formation at all times, they might die the moment he mysteriously showed up.


“Sir Mo Na Ye!” The four Territory Lords saluted apologetically.


Mo Na Ye looked around, frowning, “He didn’t fight you?”


The dead here were just some ordinary Black Ink Clan soldiers, and the four Territory Lords had no wounds on them, which was obviously suspicious.


The four Territory Lords glanced at each other, and the leader sighed, “He moves stealthily, and we find it difficult to predict when he will appear.”


Mo Na Ye nodded in understanding. If Yang Kai didn’t want to fight, they could do nothing about it, so he instead asked, “What about the resources?”


The Territory Lord who had spoken before looked even more ashamed, “It was originally with me…” After meeting with the team transporting the resources, he took the Space Ring which contained them.


“And then Yang Kai took it from me.”


Mo Na Ye frowned again, “How did he take it from you if he did not come face to face with you?” The Space Ring was so small and could easily be kept close to the body. Unless Yang Kai had completely incapacitated them, they should not have been easily robbed.


The Territory Lord hung his head, “I handed it over!”


Mo Na Ye’s eyes narrowed in response, staring fiercely at the Territory Lord, who explained in a frightened voice, “Yang Kai locked us with his Divine Sense and threatened to kill us even if it meant damaging his Soul if we didn’t hand it over. So…”


“So you just gave it to him!?” Mo Na Ye roared furiously.


“Please punish us, Sir!” The four Territory Lords looked terrified.


They had no choice. It wasn’t that they were cowardly, but when Yang Kai locked them down with his Divine Sense, the immense sense of danger forced them to make that choice. At that moment, they had no doubt that Yang Kai had the ability to kill them!


Mo Na Ye took a deep breath. Though he was angry, he knew that it wasn’t the Territory Lords’ fault. Anyone in such a situation would have had trouble putting their lives aside. 


In the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land, Yang Kai had killed Di Wu and eight Territory Lords who formed Battle Formations. If he could do that, then killing a mere four Territory Lords would not be an issue. 



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