Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 57, One Big, One Small

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“What are you talking about?” Hu Jiao Er’s face changed as she forced out a smile, “I don’t understand.”

[He couldn’t have found out that I was impersonating my younger sister, right? It’s not possible. He is only at the Tempered Body Ninth Stage, how could he possibly have seen through my Scheme? Mei Er and I look almost the same; regardless of if it was our voices or figures, we are indiscernible to the eye! Even the Elders in the Sect often mistook us for each other, how could he possibly have such an ability?]

Yang Kai looked at her indifferently, lightly laughing. “Lady, then are you unwilling to admit it?”

“Admit what? I really don’t know what you are talking about.” Hu Jiao Er insisted for the last time.

Yang Kai massaged his temples and helplessly explained. “Then I shall say it clearly. Lady, you are not Hu Mei Er. I think…….you are her older twin sister.”

Hu Jiao Er looked on blankly, before recovering with a chuckle.  “What makes you think I’m not Mei Er?”

This time, she didn’t force it anymore, but looked at Yang Kai full of interest; she also wanted to know in what aspect she had exposed herself. If Yang Kai couldn’t give any concrete reasons why then it would be clear that he was using words to swindle her.

[could It be that he currently held suspicions, but was ultimately unsure] This is was what Hu Jiao Er guessed was going on.

“Lady, you are now testing my observation skills.” Yang Kai didn’t get angry and he laughed. Standing up, he walked over to the table and picked up the teacup from which he had drunk from earlier and pursed his lips. “Actually, I still wasn’t sure that you really were not Hu Mei Er. Though now, I am certain that you are not her!”

Hu Jiao Er stared blankly and became really angry, to the point that she wanted to grind her teeth; it turns out that his words just then really were probing her! This infuriated her! She, a True Element Practitioner, with a moment’s carelessness was played by this Tempered Body youngster. This was such a defeat, she had lost so much face.

She held no interest in denying it further. Hu Jiao Er laughed softly, and repositioned herself on the bed, displaying her alluring body fully, while her bewitching eyes sized Yang Kai up, she asked in a gentle tone. “At what moment did you start having your doubts?”

“From the time I drank the tea.” Yang Kai lightly hit the teacup within his hands, “Although the tea was very pleasant, it couldn’t fully cover the female scent. Also, on this cup, there is a faint marking of lips, and I concluded that it hadn’t been too long since someone last used it right? And that person should be Lady Hu Mei Er.”

(Erza: GG Yang Kai. What are you trying to be? Sherlock? This is xianxia not a detective/mystery novel. -_-)


“Just from that, you don’t believe I am Mei Er?” Hu Jiao Er was amazed.

“Of course it wasn’t just from that.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “The second point that arose my suspicion was your temperament! I do not believe that in ten days or so, a woman’s temperament can undergo such a large change. Putting it nicely, Lady Mei Er’s charm is more young and tender, where as your charm is more mature and developed.”

“I like the sound of that.” Hu Jiao Er started to laugh while covering her mouth, “Please continue, do you have any more reasons?”

“Thirdly, your scent and Lady Mei Er’s are very similar, but if you are to smell carefully, they are still different. Her’s is sweeter while yours possesses a more subtle elegance.”

“Stinking brat!” Hu Jiao Er’s face was a nice pink hue because Yang Kai’s somewhat straightforward answers had caused her to be unable to maintain her calm. Thinking back at how she had wanted to probe him and the self-sacrifices she had made, Hu Jiao Er couldn’t help but want to slap this confident male in front of her into a meat patty.

“Fourthly…” Yang Kai ignored Hu Jiao Er’s oppressive glare and continued to speak.

“There is more…” This startled Hu Jiao Er. She would have never guessed that this Tempered Body youngster would be able to see this many holes, in her seemingly flawless plan.

“*He he*, the fourth point is the injury on this lady’s foot. That injury looks like it is a sprain, but it is really a self-inflicted injury, caused internally and this was the greatest clue. Although Lady Mei Er is a young lady, she is still a martial practitioner. How could it be so easy for her to sprain her ankle?”

“This was actually my own negligence.” Hu Jiao Er lightly nodded her head. Back then, she was only concerned with revealing Yang Kai’s true colours, thus she had not thought too deeply.

As she lifted up her head, she saw that Yang Kai was still deep in thought, so Hu Jiao Er questioned, “Don’t tell me you there were more flaws that you saw through.”

Hu Jiao Er was quite unconvinced. How could her plan, that she thought was flawless and perfect, actually be full of holes and flaws in his eyes? Not to mention all of his analysis was clear and logical, leaving no room for argument.

Looking at this stinking brat filled her with loathing.

[If he dared to point out any more flaws, this Lady would definitely show you some attitude! You completely forgot to leave others some face!]

“Then I’ll say no more.” Yang Kai replied as he wrinkled his brows.

Hearing this, Hu Jiao Er became unhappy and her charming eyes turned frosty. Laughing captivatingly, biting down with her ivory teeth she spat out a single word, “Speak!”

“I better not say anymore!” He said shaking his head.

Hu Jiao Er’s anger rose. “If I want you to speak then speak. How could there be someone like you who likes leaving a person hanging.”

Yang Kai bitterly laughed. “I’m afraid that if I say it, I could cause this lady to become angry.”

Her almond eyes narrowing, she replied, “Make me angry? What is this flaw, is it an upsetting thing?”


“Then all the more I want to hear it!”

“But you must promise me that you do not become angry.”

“If you don’t say it, then how will I know whether or not I will be angry or not?”

“Nevermind then.”

“Y-You…don’t you know that when you are arguing with a woman, you should back down a step?” Hu Jiao Er was gloomy inside. This youngster seemed shrewd, but he was actually a stubborn and cold headed youth, without a shred of sensitivity.

“If I back down a step, I would become injured. I think… I would be unable to match you.” Yang Kai’s face was serious.

“I see that you still have some sensitivity!” Laughing proudly, Hu Jiao Er sprang up from the bed, carrying with her a sweet aroma, both from the bed and herself over to the table. Her clothes dancing around, she sat down and gracefully looked towards Yang Kai. Muttering for a while, she responded. “Okay then, I promise that I will not become angry with you.”

“And you also promise not to hit me.”

“Fine!” Biting her ivory teeth, Hu Jiao Er continued, “Tell me, what is this final flaw?”

His face stern Yang Kai answered: “Actually, it can’t really be counted as a flaw. It’s just that between you and Lady Mei Er there is a slight difference between you.”

“Where is this difference?” Hu Jiao Er looked at him oddly because she and her younger sister were both practically carved from the same mould. So where would this difference be?

(Silavin: same mould… you girls came out of the same vag but that doesn’t mean that you are the same… BTW, they are not twins.)


Yang Kai opened and closed his mouth and hesitated for a good while before mumbling out. “It’s your buttocks, one side is smaller than the other! It is incomparable to Lady Mei Er’s well proportioned ones!”

As soon as he said this, Hu Jiao Er’s face suddenly became bright red and all of her True Element Stage Yuan Qi burst out, engulfing the house in a powerful gale.

“Please remember the words you just said!” Remaining calm, his heart steady, Yang Kai reminded her faintly.

Hu Jiao Er’s imposing air unexpectedly receded. She was so furious her entire body was shaking yet she could not vent her anger, she nearly shattered her ivory teeth from biting down too hard. It wasn’t till after a long time had passed that she banged the table and spoke out in her sweet but enraged voice, “Utter rubbish!”

For a proper girl to utter these coarse words, one could only imagine Hu Jiao Er’s current rage.

[This brat should be made into mincemeat, he dares to evaluate my buttocks as one small and one big. Is this something a man should say? How is one smaller than the other? Aren’t they clearly well proportioned? This stinking brat, I’m afraid that you don’t know how to write the word death right?]


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  1. What a strange thought process the older sister has.

    “I’m going to try and seduce this man and if he tries to do anything with me, he must be black hearted and I will murder him”

    like… what?

    1. Don’t think about it too much, they’re all mentally retarded and it’s just one of those types of novels. Just have to read for the MCs glory and ignore the rest.

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