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Martial Peak – Chapter 5706, Are You Willing to Leave Just Like That

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Mo Na Ye’s words were sorrowful, sounding extremely emotional.


Of course, Yang Kai thought to himself, [Who would cherish a friendship with you?]


Nevertheless, looking at the situation from a different perspective, Mo Na Ye had truly done a good job of dealing with the problems Yang Kai caused over the years. If it had been any other Black Ink Clansman who was in charge instead, the results would definitely have been worse.


After delivering Mo Na Ye’s message, the Territory Lords from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction were taken aback. The attitude that the Pseudo-Royal Lord displayed towards this Human was beyond their expectations. Upon further thought though, they could somewhat understand his compromising attitude after considering the strength and abilities displayed by this person.


There was a moment of silence before the Territory Lord began to relay Mo Na Ye’s words again, “Now that things have come to this point, we should settle this matter.”


Yang Kai asked, “How do you want to settle it?”


“The flaw in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction has been repaired, so there won’t be any more Territory Lords coming out. Besides, many of the Territory Lords who snuck out of the Grand Restriction have died at your hands. What I mean is… For this matter, the Black Ink Clan will let bygones be bygones. If you agree to stop hunting down the Territory Lords, the Black Ink Clan will not pursue the previous matters. We will also continue delivering 30% of our resources to you as promised. What do you think, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai’s expression shifted slightly. He had to admit that Mo Na Ye was being very generous and making a huge concession here. Including the Territory Lords he slaughtered just now, nearly 400 had died at his hands over the past few years.


That was 400 Innate Territory Lords, not Feudal Lords or High-Rank Soldiers. If those 400 Innate Territory Lords were sacrificed to create Pseudo-Royal Lords, they could produce between 20 to 30 with such numbers. After all, there was no shortage of High-Rank Black Ink Nests at the moment.


It was such a terrible loss, yet Mo Na Ye claimed that he could regard the entire matter as though it never happened. That was an impressive show of sincerity indeed.


Looking at the situation from another angle, Mo Na Ye would rather bear such a terrible loss if it made Yang Kai stop. The fact that he had mobilised 200 Territory Lords to besiege Yang Kai indicated that even more than that were on their way to the No-Return Pass. If this issue could not be resolved today, then the Black Ink Clan would end up suffering even heavier losses!


The only method to force one’s enemy into voluntarily enduring a bitter situation was to ensure that an even worse situation was waiting for them.


In a flash of thought, Yang Kai immediately understood everything. He thus chuckled and responded, “Sure. Since you are being so sincere, Mo Na Ye, how can this Yang refuse? So, what happens if I do as you say?”


The Territory Lord quickly replied, “Brother Yang is righteous indeed. In that case, I would like you to stay put for the next 20 years. Please rest assured, Brother Yang. These Territory Lords will be accompanying you, and they will not attack you as long as you do not attack them. Also, I can guarantee that neither Sir Royal Lord nor myself will appear within the range of your perception.”


[I knew Mo Na Ye would definitely have conditions.]


There was no guarantee when it came to verbal promises. Even if Yang Kai was forced to make a vow, Mo Na Ye would never trust Yang Kai so easily. If he wanted to prevent Yang Kai from hunting down the Territory Lords, then the best method was to keep Yang Kai restrained in place. 20 years was enough time for the last batch of Territory Lords to travel from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and arrive at the No-Return Pass safely.


The reason he told Yang Kai that neither he nor Royal Lord Mo Yu would appear within Yang Kai’s range of perception was to give the latter some reassurance and prevent him from worrying about such matters.


Yang Kai smiled, “Mo Na Ye, since I have agreed to your proposal, I will not regret my decision. You have too little trust in me.”


“It’s not that I don’t trust you, Brother Yang. It’s just that there is too much at stake, so I have to be more careful. Please understand.”


Yang Kai nodded in understanding and glanced around his surroundings. The expressions of the Innate Territory Lords turned solemn when they felt his gaze on them and a sense of fear coursed through their bodies.


“If I insist on leaving, these Territory Lords cannot stop me!”


The Territory Lord holding the small Black Ink Nest heaved a long sigh, perfectly and vividly expressing Mo Na Ye’s frustration, “Why must you do this, Brother Yang? I have made enough concessions!”


Even though so many Territory Lords had been killed, the Black Ink Clan was willing to overlook the matter. The Black Ink Clan had relented, compromising again and again. Naturally, their decision was a forced result of the situation. Even if Mo Na Ye wanted to take revenge, he was powerless to do so. Thus, the only thing he could do was choose the second-best option.


Yang Kai lowered his eyes and said indifferently, “There are things that can be negotiated, and there are things that cannot.”


Mo Na Ye fell silent. After a long time, the Territory Lord finally relayed his words, “Brother Yang, are you really willing to leave just like that?”


Yang Kai burst out laughing, “You really know me well, Mo Na Ye! When I advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, I will cut your head off to celebrate my achievement!”


He was definitely not willing to leave just like that. There were 150 Innate Territory Lords here, so how could he possibly leave without massacring them to his heart’s content? Rather than wasting his time and energy waiting in ambush for the scattered Territory Lords to arrive, he might as well go all out and cull all the Territory Lords here.


That was the true ingenuity of Mo Na Ye’s trap. It wasn’t that he could not mobilise the veteran Territory Lords of the No-Return Pass, but that he was not willing to do so. He only mobilised the Territory Lords from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction to give Yang Kai an opportunity to exploit and mislead the latter into believing it was possible to massacre all these injured Territory Lords.


The best outcome was for Yang Kai to accept the initial terms. Then, the 150 Territory Lords here would only need to accompany him for the next 20 years. The Territory Lords on their way would also have enough time to arrive at the No-Return Pass. In this way, the strength of the Black Ink Clan was guaranteed to increase in the future.


Even if Yang Kai did not agree to the conditions though, Mo Na Ye knew the former would not escape easily when there was such a tempting target dangling in front of him. A great battle was bound to break out. No matter how many Innate Territory Lords would succumb in battle, it would be impossible for Yang Kai to escape unscathed. Where would he find the time and energy to hunt down the travelling Territory Lords?


Therefore, it did not matter whether Yang Kai agreed to the initial conditions. Both scenarios had been included in Mo Na Ye’s calculations. The only difference was the price that the Black Ink Clan would have to pay!


Before Yang Kai even finished speaking, his figure had already appeared in front of the Territory Lord holding the Black Ink Nest. The Territory Lord had been focused on the Black Ink Nest in his hands to relay Mo Na Ye’s words, and as a result, he could not spare any attention to support the Four Symbols Formation that was maintained between him and his three companions, especially since he was unfamiliar with the Battle Formation in the first place. It was the perfect breakthrough point.


The Territory Lord clearly did not expect Yang Kai to suddenly attack, so before he could react, he saw Yang Kai flashing by him. A long spear pierced into his body at the speed of lightning, and a violent force exploded from his body. He barely had time to grunt in pain before his entire body exploded and filled the void with a cloud of blood mist.


In the next moment, Yang Kai turned his spear to the other three Territory Lords.


An intense battle broke out without any warning. Fortunately, the Territory Lords who came here had been prepared in advance. As soon as Yang Kai made his move, they immediately counterattacked with all their might. Black Ink Strength surged uncontrollably as Black Ink Clouds swirled wildly. Likewise, a few Territory Lords who received different orders beforehand shifted and scattered around the void to prepare their next strategy.


Yang Kai had just finished off the three Territory Lords without the protection of the Battle Formation when countless Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities slammed into him from all directions. His body trembled from the impact, bearing the brunt of unimaginable pressure. Nevertheless, he did not stop his massacre.


With enemies in all directions, Yang Kai swept his spear back and forth without pause. From time to time, a Great Sun would leap into the sky, accompanied by the Golden Crow’s cry.


As the auras of numerous Territory Lords withered and disappeared, Yang Kai suffered numerous wounds. Fighting 150 Innate Territory Lords with the strength of one man alone was an unprecedented feat that had never been seen since ancient times.


If these 150 Innate Territory Lords had been at full strength, even a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would not have lasted long against them; much less an Eighth-Order Master like Yang Kai. It was a case where even an elephant would die from enough ant bites.


Fortunately, these Territory Lords were all heavily injured, so their strength had been reduced considerably. In addition, it was difficult for them to move around and coordinate properly with so many of them trying to attack just one highly mobile target.


Yang Kai’s figure flickered about, having no trouble bearing the attacks for the time being. Mo Na Ye had set the stage, and Yang Kai had to pay a certain price if he wanted to participate. It was inevitable.


Territory Lords continually lost their lives, but the encirclement still grew tighter and tighter. Overwhelming auras closed in from all directions like an invisible barrier, pressing down on Yang Kai. The space in which he could move around grew smaller and smaller.


At a certain point, the encirclement reached its limits and it no longer mattered how ferociously Yang Kai fought back. In this situation, two fists simply could not block four strikes. Even though he could forcibly slaughter the Territory Lord in front of him, at least a dozen different attacks would land on him at the same time. These attacks caused his body to tremble violently as he coughed up Golden Blood.


A Dragon Roar suddenly burst out, and an enormous Golden Dragon Head emerged behind Yang Kai before plunging into his figure. Golden light erupted in all directions as Yang Kai’s small humanoid figure abruptly transformed into an enormous Golden Dragon. Covered in Dragon Scales, the Golden Dragon had Dragon Horns on his head and a thick, fluttering Dragon Beard below his jaw.


The violent assault slammed into Yang Kai’s Dragon Form and broke many of his Dragon Scales; however, he remained indifferent. Unleashing a Divine Dragon Tail Sweep, Yang Kai sent numerous Territory Lords around him flying backwards. Then, his enormous Dragon Head abruptly turned to look in a certain direction where four Territory Lords were gathered in secret. His Dragon Maw opened, and a Dragon Roar reverberated through the void, “What do you think you’re doing?”


Mo Na Ye’s plan was not as simple as it appeared on the surface. He seemed to want to take Yang Kai’s life in exchange for the lives of these Territory Lords, but that would not be worth the effort and sacrifice. In reality, he had a larger ambition. He wanted to trap Yang Kai here so that he could eliminate Yang Kai himself!


Faced with an elusive opponent like Yang Kai, it was extremely difficult to trap him in one place. The only method that the Black Ink Clan could use to accomplish this was to set up the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array. Once the Grand Array was activated, it would have a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking effect, rendering Yang Kai powerless to flee.


These Territory Lords from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction had not spent much time at the No-Return Pass, but aside from practising the Four Symbols Formation, they had diligently familiarised themselves with this Spirit Array. Some of these Territory Lords had brought along the necessary Array Plates and Banners and were secretly preparing the Grand Array while their companions were keeping Yang Kai busy.


The moment the Grand Array was completed would be the moment of Mo Na Ye’s dazzling debut. The reason he had not appeared earlier was to not alert Yang Kai to his presence. Once his aura appeared in Yang Kai’s perception, the latter was bound to escape immediately.


However, how could Yang Kai fail to notice Mo Na Ye’s plans? Even if the Territory Lords setting up the Grand Array were extremely secretive, he had been on guard against such tricks from the beginning.


Dragon Scales flew everywhere, bearing the attacks that came from all directions. A series of hideous and terrifying scars appeared on the huge Dragon Form, but the Dragon’s Head soon stretched across the distance and loomed over the four Territory Lords without paying the attackers any mind. Following the fluctuations of Space Principles, the Void froze instantly. At the same time, the Dragon’s Mouth opened wide; then, with a loud cracking noise, Yang Kai actually bit off a piece out of the Void!



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