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Martial Peak – Chapter 5707, One Was Willing to Fight While the Other Was Willing to Endure

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As the Dragon Maw closed, a huge piece of the Void seemed to go missing. Even the four Territory Lords who were there previously had disappeared. Then, the sound of chewing came from the mouth of the giant Dragon. Every crunching sound made the hair on the backs of the Territory Lords stand on end. In addition, a large amount of Black Ink Strength and thick black blood leaked out of the corners of his mouth. The gruesome sight terrified all the Territory Lords who witnessed this scene. Nevertheless, a storm of attacks continued to rain down on the Ancient Dragon from all directions.


All of a sudden, the Ancient Dragon turned to look back, his two enormous Dragon Eyes overflowing with unspeakable murderous intent. He opened his large Dragon Maw, releasing a high-pitch Dragon Roar that resounded across the entire universe. Accompanied by the sound of the Dragon Roar, a golden round bead spewed out of his Dragon Mouth.


Because of Yang Kai’s current cultivation and mastery over the Grand Daos of Time and Space, the Sun and Moon Divine Seal was undoubtedly his strongest trump card, but it was closely followed by his Dragon Bead.


The significance of a Dragon Bead to a Dragon Clansman was similar to the significance of a Monster Core to a Monster Beast. It was the crystallisation of their lifetime of cultivation.


The Dragon Clan was known for their thick skin and strong flesh, which gave them incredible resiliency and physical strength. Be that as it may, they rarely summoned their Dragon Bead in a battle against their enemies. The reason was that this method could be very harmful to them. If the Dragon Bead was destroyed by the enemy, then they would lose a large part of their cultivation. In the worst case, their Bloodline might even decline as a result.


Yang Kai himself had only summoned his Dragon Bead a handful of times in his life, and each time he did so, he had achieved remarkable results. At the same time, his actions came with significant risks to himself. 


A scorching Sun emerged in the void. The Golden Dragon Bead resembled the Great Sun that instantly pierced through the surrounding darkness. The force contained infinite power, which blasted apart the defensive layer formed through the joint efforts of the Territory Lords and demolished their Battle Formations. It would have been amazing in itself if that were all, but the invisible fluctuations of the Dragon Bead also channelled the rich power of the Grand Dao of Time which washed over the minds of the Territory Lords and blurred their perceptions.


The Dao of Time was the Bloodline Talent of the Dragon Clan, and since a Dragon Bead was the crystallisation of a Dragon Clansman’s cultivation, it was only natural for it to contain the mysteries of the Grand Dao.


With their perceptions warped and their minds disturbed, the Territory Lords were suddenly at a loss for what to do. Everywhere the Dragon Bead passed, powerful Innate Territory Lords suffered death or critical injury, collapsing like flies. Seven auras vanished from existence in an instant.


As Yang Kai unleashed this attack, he was also enduring constant bombardment from his enemies. As the dense barrage of Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities rained down on him, his huge and lumbering Dragon Form abruptly transformed into a golden light and vanished from the spot. Most of the attacks landed in nothing but empty space as a result.


The golden light suddenly appeared a certain distance away, revealing Yang Kai’s figure once more. He was no longer in his Dragon Form, but his Human Form. Having swallowed his Dragon Bead earlier, he immediately summoned the Azure Dragon Spear again. At this moment, various Dao Strengths began interweaving at the tip of the spear before Yang Kai sliced through the nearby enemies with monstrous strength.


Frequently changing between his Human Form and his Dragon Form, Yang Kai exhibited all of his skills, interweaving numerous Dao Strengths to their fullest. A feeling of comprehension filled his heart. Unfortunately, he did not have the time to enjoy the revelation in his heart. The battle had been extremely intense from the beginning, so there was no saying who would win and who would lose.


The number of Territory Lords reduced steadily, but Yang Kai was also beginning to feel tired. His Small Universe had always been much bigger than others in the same Order. Combined with his cultivation that was at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Yang Kai generally had no trouble responding calmly to any situation, regardless of the intensity or ferocity of a battle. However, he was confronting too many enemies today, a testament to Mo Na Ye’s determination.


Yang Kai had summoned his Dragon Bead three times in a row, slaughtering innumerable Territory Lords in the process, but at this point, he could no longer afford to summon it, otherwise, he would risk breaking it into pieces.


Inside his Small Universe, the consumption of World Force was also bordering on excessive. Although he had the World Tree Clone to stabilize it, draining too much World Force from his Small Universe might cause some problems for him. Nothing might happen to Yang Kai himself, but it would be a catastrophe for the living beings in his Small Universe if it was completely drained.


The Black Ink Clan had been repeatedly trying to set up the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array, but the Array always failed to take shape due to Yang Kai’s interference. At this point, they seemed to have completely given up on their plan to restrain Yang Kai with it.


It was not because they were willing to give up on this plan. On the contrary, it was because most of the Territory Lords who brought the Array Boards and Banners with them had been killed by now. As the saying went, ‘Even the cleverest woman could not cook a meal without rice’.


At a certain point, the intense battle suddenly ceased. 


Yang Kai stood in the void with his spear in hand. The murderous intent radiating from him was practically tangible, and there was not a single intact spot on his body. Moreover, he was dyed in a mixture of golden and black blood. His tightly bound hair was dishevelled and draped around his shoulders. Although his appearance was bedraggled, he gave off a heroic spirit in his own right.


Even now, over 100 Territory Lords surrounded him and stared at him. In addition, countless overpowering auras wound around him like invisible chains in an attempt to hold him in place.


Yang Kai had slain more than 100 Territory Lords in this battle. The main reason another hundred or so Territory Lords were surrounding him was that more had gradually arrived over time and joined the fight.


At this moment, the gazes watching Yang Kai were filled with absolute horror and fear. They had witnessed how this Human had slain their companions like he was slaughtering chickens and butchering dogs. The only reason they were still alive was not that they were stronger than their dead companions; rather, they were simply lucky enough not to be targeted. None of the Territory Lords targeted by this Human Race Master survived. All of them died.


The battlefield was absolutely silent as severed limbs and broken pieces of bone floated around the void. The atmosphere was extremely tense.


The Territory Lords silently questioned themselves whether the astounding price they paid so far was worth the effort. Be that as it may, the person presiding over this matter was Mo Na Ye. Not only were they simply acting on orders, but they could not disobey their orders either.


Lightly taking a breath and spitting out the blood in his mouth, Yang Kai glanced in the direction of the No-Return Pass. He knew that Mo Na Ye was rushing over from that direction. There was also a possibility that Mo Na Ye was hiding somewhere in the vicinity just beyond the range of his perception.


The only reason Mo Na Ye did not reveal himself was that the time was not yet right. Yang Kai had enough strength in him to continue fighting with no trouble; not to mention, he was proficient at escaping. Mo Na Ye did not have the confidence to stop Yang Kai from fleeing if he showed himself at this moment. Hence, his only option was to wait until Yang Kai was completely exhausted. Only then would he come forward and finish things in one blow!


In any case, Mo Na Ye was certain that Yang Kai would not be willing to leave just like that. That was because the Innate Territory Lords standing in front of him were nothing but meek lambs waiting to be slaughtered. As long as he cared about the future of the Human Race, Yang Kai would not stop fighting until the very last moment.


Yang Kai broke into a grin, and his bloodied appearance made the grin on his face seem even more gruesome. He had to admit that he had fallen completely into Mo Na Ye’s trap. More importantly, he had willingly done so!


[Mo Na Ye is truly the genius of the Black Ink Clan!]


Yang Kai gave a flick of the spear in his hands, and his murderous intent began to surge turbulently as he shouted, “Again!”


Then, his figure transformed into a stream of light and charged towards four Territory Lords in Formation.


After fighting for so long, there was no need for flowery moves at this point. Yang Kai just had to kill as many of the powerful enemies in front of him as he could before he made his escape. On the other hand, the Territory Lords who came here on orders had to put constant pressure on Yang Kai so that he continued to accumulate injuries.


The battle at this point played out differently from the initial flexible context at the beginning. Yang Kai no longer had the strength nor the mood to avoid the incoming attacks. Most of the time, he just took those attacks directly in exchange for reaping the lives of the Territory Lords. His Dragon Form which was only one step away from advancing to the Divine Dragon realm gave him the capital to withstand such abuse.


When the Four Symbols Formation was destroyed, Yang Kai wielded his spear and covered the four Territory Lords in his spear aura. Although the four Territory Lords struggled desperately, how could they escape? A spear light came down, and each Territory Lord stiffened abruptly…


At the same time, a barrage of assaults rained down on Yang Kai. These attacks left him coughing up blood as his figure shuddered violently. Nevertheless, he simply turned around sharply and charged towards the nearest group of four Territory Lords.


The battle was not as intense as earlier; after all, both the Territory Lords and Yang Kai had exhausted themselves. Nonetheless, the brutality was considerably higher than before. The Territory Lords were gutted and beheaded at a constant rate; likewise, Yang Kai’s aura weakened steadily.


About an hour later, Yang Kai’s figure faltered involuntarily when he killed another Territory Lord. His vision also blurred for a moment. He was almost at his limit!


He had not counted how many Territory Lords he slaughtered in this battle, but the Black Ink Clan had invested at least 250 Innate Territory Lords altogether. In contrast, there were only about 70 or 80 surviving Territory Lords at the moment… In this battle alone, Yang Kai had slain some 170 Territory Lords!


That was a terrifying battle record, but it was not something Yang Kai could have achieved on his own strength. If these Territory Lords had not been wounded from the start and Mo Na Ye had ordered them never to retreat, he would not have achieved such a feat so easily.


The outcome of this battle was only possible because one party was willing to fight while the other party was willing to endure. Mo Na Ye was desperate to succeed and Yang Kai was willing to cooperate.


All of a sudden, a powerful aura invaded Yang Kai’s perception from the direction of the No-Return Pass and approached at lightning speed. He turned to look in that direction, coldly snorting in his heart. [Mo Na Ye’s arrival sure is timely. Out of all the times he could choose to come, he had to come just when I was planning to retreat.]


If he was in perfect condition, he would not be scared to encounter Mo Na Ye in the vast, empty void. He had been chased by more than one Royal Lord in the past and had even killed one of them, so what was a mere Pseudo-Royal Lord in comparison?


However, he was heavily wounded at the moment. Yang Kai’s strength was no longer at its peak as both his World Force and Spiritual Energy were basically depleted. If he was targeted by Mo Na Ye in this condition, he was not confident that he could successfully escape.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai did not regret his actions today. Mo Na Ye had taken the initiative to dangle such tempting carrots in front of him. Even if he knew that it was the Black Ink Clan’s trap, Yang Kai could not resist biting. Now was the best time to reduce the strength of the Black Ink Clan. If he did not take this opportunity to kill as many Innate Territory Lords as he could, then many more Humans would die in the future.


Space Principles lingered around his figure as Yang Kai immediately prepared to escape after having sensed Mo Na Ye’s aura approaching.


However, how could the Territory Lords surrounding him allow him to escape so easily? These Territory Lords had been terrified of him earlier, so nobody had dared to confront him recklessly, but at this moment, they seemed bolstered by a newfound sense of courage. Every one of them became as mighty as a dragon and as fierce as a tiger. Their auras locked onto his body, surging violently as they channelled their power. To disrupt his escape, some blasted Secret Techniques at him while others went all out to shake the surrounding Void with their power.



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