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Martial Peak – Chapter 5708, Fight Alone

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Activating Instantaneous Movement under these circumstances was undoubtedly a fool’s dream. Even Yang Kai could not achieve such a feat. Fortunately, he was not unprepared for such situations. While surging his power to block the storm of attacks, he tried to connect with a Space Beacon.


Over the years, he had placed countless Space Beacons across the Black Ink Battlefield. There was no doubt that performing Space Secret Techniques was much easier and less energy-consuming with the help of these Space Beacons.


It did not take long for Yang Kai to detect the nearest Space Beacon to his current location. Space Principles fluctuated, and his figure began to turn hazy as though he was about to melt into the Void. Before he could vanish completely though, another storm of attacks rained down on him once more. His entire figure shuddered from the force and the space around him became warped, causing his blurry image to solidify again.


Sure enough, it was not feasible for him to escape even with the help of a Space Beacon when so many powerful opponents were surrounding him.


Yang Kai did not hesitate. With a flick of the Azure Dragon Spear, he brazenly charged towards the spot where the defence was the weakest in the Black Ink Clan’s siege. Since he could not escape, he had to break out of the encirclement. That was something he had considered beforehand.


His figure moved with his spear, and thanks to the Supreme Limitless Spear Art, he practically became one with it. He boldly rushed towards the Territory Lords, braving the countless attacks blasting towards him.


The Territory Lords facing him were shocked and frightened, so they instinctively moved to avoid him; however, Mo Na Ye’s furious roar came from the distance at that exact moment, “Stop him!”


After a brief moment of hesitation, the Territory Lords surged their powers in unison and challenged Yang Kai directly.


At the same time that a Battle Formation of four Territory Lords was destroyed, Yang Kai staggered back from the attacks that came from the side. Nevertheless, he threw his head back and roared with laughter, “Who can stop me if I want to leave?”


There was no time for him to exterminate the four Territory Lords whose Battle Formation was broken, but he still rushed out of the encirclement. Unfortunately, a sense of crisis threatened to overcome him before he could activate his Space Principles.


From a distance, Mo Na Ye slammed his palm towards Yang Kai’s direction with a cold snort, “You’re too arrogant, Yang Kai!”


In the brief moment that Yang Kai was delayed just now, Mo Na Ye had arrived in the vicinity!


The long-distance attack made Yang Kai stagger and his Instantaneous Movement Technique that he was about to activate was interrupted halfway. The sound of broken bones also came from his body, causing him to cough up a mouthful of Golden Blood.


A Pseudo-Royal Lord had strength almost equal to a true Royal Lord, the only difference was the amount of power they could display. A Pseudo-Royal Lord could only bring out some 70% to 80% of their full strength, making them far inferior to a true Royal Lord.


There was no doubt that Mo Na Ye was stronger than Di Wu though. If Di Wu could exert 70% of a true Royal Lord’s strength, then Mo Na Ye could exert 80%. Although it was only a difference of 10%, it was still a massive gap in power. That was especially true when Yang Kai was so heavily injured and mentally exhausted. Just a long-distance attack had nearly knocked him unconscious.


Yang Kai bit the tip of his tongue hard, then he took the initiative to trigger the power of the Soul Warming Lotus. Only then did he manage to maintain his consciousness. Not daring to delay any longer, he quickly moved to leave. However, an aura locked onto him from behind and stuck to him firmly.


“Yang Kai, I will spare your life if you surrender without a fight!” Mo Na Ye’s roar reverberated in Yang Kai’s ears as his figure gradually approached.


Without even turning to look back, Yang Kai coughed up blood while making his escape, “Mo Na Ye, you’ve gotten arrogant! Are you not even going to call me ‘Brother Yang’ anymore?”


Mo Na Ye chuckled softly, “You need to be qualified for me to call you that!”


His confidence in his ability to defeat Yang Kai was reflected in his expression, which was so smug it was irritating.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had to admit that it would be difficult for him to escape Mo Na Ye’s pursuit in his current condition. He couldn’t help feeling relieved that his pursuer was a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye. If it had been Mo Yu, a true Royal Lord instead, things would have been much worse for him.


Activating the Great Sun and Moon Marks, blue and yellow lights merged and transformed into pure white light. When the pure white light covered Yang Kai, the aura that Mo Na Ye locked onto him was severed in an instant. Then, Yang Kai hurriedly activated Space Principles to leave.


Mo Na Ye coldly snorted. The aura that was severed earlier exploded, like an invisible punch, disrupting the Void around Yang Kai. After fighting Yang Kai for so many years, he had already prepared plans for how to deal with such situations.


If Yang Kai had been at full strength, Mo Na Ye’s approach would not have been effective. It was just that Yang Kai had already fought so many Territory Lords earlier, so he was both physically and mentally exhausted. Although he was not at the point where he was a dry oil lamp, he was practically an arrow at the end of its flight; hence, he was a little powerless in the face of Mo Na Ye’s interference.


Yang Kai’s figure turned hazy and vanished from the spot. Then, he left with the Instantaneous Movement Space Technique. Be that as it may, he did not manage to flee far.


Mo Na Ye found Yang Kai’s location with a sweep of his Divine Sense and his powerful aura stretched out again in that direction, clinging to Yang Kai like leeches.


Having sacrificed so many Innate Territory Lords, how could Mo Na Ye’s plan have no effect on Yang Kai? He had already calculated and anticipated all the possible scenarios that could occur when he came up with this trap. Everything was within his expectations.


The next step was for him to hunt down Yang Kai with all his might! He was not going to rest until Yang Kai was dead! As long as he could annihilate Yang Kai, the deaths of all the Innate Territory Lords earlier would be worth it. If he allowed Yang Kai to carry on hunting down the Territory Lords who escaped from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, the losses suffered by the Black Ink Clan would be even greater.


When Yang Kai reappeared, he staggered. He felt light-headed and dizzy, a feeling that he had not felt in a long time. That was when he knew that he had been too greedy. In order to slaughter as many Innate Territory Lords as possible, he had spent too long in the battle which resulted in heavy injuries and extreme fatigue.


Be that as it may, under those circumstances, how could he bring himself to retreat before the last possible moment? Nobody would be willing to leave when faced with so many Innate Territory Lords who could be killed almost effortlessly. Even now, he could only sigh in appreciation. In this confrontation, he had to admit that Mo Na Ye’s trap was truly superior! It was not an easy feat to acknowledge the strength of one’s enemy.


In this battle, he had known that it was a trap Mo Na Ye had prepared for him. Despite that, he had willingly walked into the trap and allowed himself to fall into such a miserable state. Nevertheless, it was unknown who would have the last laugh in this confrontation. It would all depend entirely on their respective skills.


If he could escape Mo Na Ye’s pursuit, then all the scheming and plotting that Mo Na Ye did would turn into something extremely laughable instead. In fact, Mo Na Ye would become thoroughly humiliated. For that reason alone, Yang Kai had to escape the pursuit of a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye and survive!


He had to fight alone with no help from external forces, there was a significant difference in their strengths, and his life was on the line… All of these factors were disadvantageous to Yang Kai. Fortunately, he was accustomed to such situations. How many times had he been chased by unimaginably powerful enemies? In the end, he always managed to turn the situation around. How could the ship capsize on calm seas now?


Purifying Light appeared once more, severing the aura wrapped around Yang Kai for a second time. Yang Kai then activated Space Principles to escape. Without any delay, he was struck by Mo Na Ye’s interference just as he was about to escape. The severity of his injuries increased. When he reappeared once more, Mo Na Ye swiftly gave chase.


The same situation kept repeating over and over…


The current situation felt familiar to Yang Kai. He couldn’t help but recall the first time he was hunted down by a Royal Lord during his previous escape from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. The current situation was similar to the situation at the time. He had used the Purifying Light to sever the aura that the enemy had locked on him; then, he activated Space Principles to escape. It was just a pity that his enemies would catch up to him soon after.


He had only been in the peak of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm at the time, so his strength was a far cry from that of a Royal Lord. Although Yang Kai was now at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he was severely injured, so his situation was not much better than it had been last time.


Back then, he had been hunted by the Royal Lord for many years. It was only with the help of the numerous mysterious Celestial Phenomena scattered in the void that he managed to escape danger on many occasions. In the end, Yang Kai had dived deep into the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon and cultivated hard for thousands of years inside numerous Temporal Rivers. When he advanced to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm and came out of the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, he managed to slaughter the Royal Lord through a series of coincidences and pure luck.


But what about now? Could Yang Kai borrow the power of the Celestial Phenomenon like before? Regrettably, that was not an option. Leaving aside the various dangers hidden within the mysterious Celestial Phenomena, there was too much distance between him and that part of the Black Ink Battlefield. In his current condition, he did not have the confidence to last until he could reach the nearest Celestial Phenomenon.


Escaping to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was another option. The Suppressing Black Ink Army and Divine Dragon Fu Guang were there, so if he could lure Mo Na Ye that far, he would not only guarantee his own safety, but Fu Guang could also take the opportunity to rip Mo Na Ye in two. Unfortunately, the distance to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was even further than the Celestial Phenomena, so Yang Kai quickly dismissed the idea.


The only ones in the vicinity who could help him were the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters secretly watching over the Human cultivators mining resources nearby. However, Yang Kai would only bring disaster to them if he sought their help. Those Eighth-Order Masters might be able to resist Mo Na Ye for some time if they joined forces, but the cultivators who were responsible for mining or harvesting resources did not have high strength. Many would die just from the fallout of such a battle. Moreover, they would inevitably be besieged by the Black Ink Clan once their whereabouts were revealed.


These tens of thousands of cultivators were heroes who had gone behind enemy lines for over 1,000 years, risking their lives to collect resources from the depths of the Black Ink Battlefield. It would not be appropriate for Yang Kai to drag them into danger for his own self-interests; therefore, his only option was to face this battle alone!


He couldn’t help feeling secretly resentful. It could be seen that Mo Na Ye was determined to remove him from the equation altogether. He did not have the slightest breathing space in their pursuit. Otherwise, he could have connected with the World Tree and asked the Old Tree to guide him to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary so that he could hide there for some time. It was too bad that he needed a few breaths for the World Tree to receive him, long enough for Mo Na Ye to butcher him.


Now that there were no external forces that Yang Kai could rely on, he could only rely on himself.


He silently perceived his condition. His physical wounds were slowly healing thanks to his potent Dragon Vein, and the World Force in his Small Universe was gradually recovering with each passing moment. Likewise, the Soul Warming Lotus was soothing the headache in his mind… As long as nobody interfered with his healing process, he would be fully recovered in 10 to 15 days. His recovery abilities had always been very strong.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai was currently being hunted by Mo Na Ye, and every time he activated Space Principles to escape, he would suffer additional injuries. Hence, his strength and Spiritual Energy were constantly being depleted.


Under such circumstances, Yang Kai would probably need to escape Mo Na Ye for three to five years before he could recover sufficiently to throw off his pursuer.


Yang Kai did not know whether he could persist for three to five years, but he knew that a disastrous fate awaited him if he made a careless mistake and gave Mo Na Ye an opportunity to capture him. Unfortunately, the current situation left him with no other choice. If he wanted to survive, then his only option was to endure and persist!


After considering all his options, Yang Kai calmed down considerably. Since that was the only path ahead, he just had to walk it. Once three to five years had passed and he had the confidence to escape alive from Mo Na Ye’s pursuit, he would thoroughly mock and ridicule him for his failure. He was certain that Mo Na Ye’s expression would be extremely exciting to watch at that point!



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