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Martial Peak – Chapter 5709, Turmoil in the Universe

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Travelling through the void, Yang Kai felt an immense aura rapidly approaching him. The aura of death also loomed from behind him. Mo Na Ye’s deep voice echoed in his ears once more, “Yang Kai, you will never escape!”


He did not respond. In truth, he could not spare the strength to give a response. He was focusing all his attention on fleeing.


Purifying Light fluctuated and severed Mo Na Ye’s aura once more… Both Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye were extremely familiar with this routine by now.


In the next moment, Yang Kai activated Space Principles and prepared to escape; meanwhile, Mo Na Ye’s aura surged and shook the Void around Yang Kai’s figure to interrupt his Instantaneous Movement. Their actions were extremely in sync, almost as though their minds were connected.


Just when Yang Kai activated Space Principles and prepared to leave via Instantaneous Movement this time though, he suddenly felt a wave of turbulence in his Small Universe. He vaguely felt as though there was an invisible hand flicking his Small Universe, causing ripples to spread throughout it. As a result, his World Force abruptly became disordered and chaotic.


Under normal circumstances, such occurrences would not have had much of an impact on him. He would only need to restore his chaotic World Force to reverse the effects; however, he was currently fleeing for his life, so the effects of this sudden turn of events were horrifying.


His hazy figure that was about to vanish suddenly turned solid again because of the chaotic disruption. His expression immediately became solemn as a result.


Mo Na Ye, who was pursuing closely from behind, was also stunned by the unexpected change. It was the first time such a situation had happened throughout their chase.


In previous cases, Yang Kai would already have escaped by the time he made his move. The situation left him feeling helpless despite his immense strength and ability. Aside from forcibly interfering with Yang Kai’s Instantaneous Movement, he had not been able to make a single move up until now. The situation had been weighing heavily on Mo Na Ye as a result.


At this moment, he immediately saw an opportunity to make his move. He took action almost instinctively, raising his fist and punching in the direction of Yang Kai. Dense Black Ink Strength spewed out and formed a pitch-black light that broke through the barriers of space in an instant and slammed heavily into Yang Kai.


Mo Na Ye was overjoyed. Increasing his speed, he rushed forward and roared, “Yang Kai, suffer death!”


He raised his fist once more and blasted out another punch; however, this turned out to be useless. When the pitch-black light dissipated, Yang Kai’s figure was no longer anywhere to be seen.


Mo Na Ye’s Divine Sense spread out like a tidal wave, and he immediately perceived Yang Kai’s whereabouts. At this moment, Yang Kai’s aura had obviously declined considerably. It was clearly the work of his attack earlier.


[Is he running out of strength?] Mo Na Ye recalled the strange incident just now and made a speculation. He did not know what happened for Yang Kai to make a mistake at such a critical moment. In any case, Yang Kai’s mistake, which caused his figure to stop for a moment, had allowed Mo Na Ye to exploit. The incident greatly increased Mo Na Ye’s chances of success in capturing or annihilating Yang Kai.


Not far away, Yang Kai looked as pale as a sheet. He opened his mouth and instantly coughed up a considerable amount of Golden Blood. His heart was filled with fear and fury.


After bearing the brunt of Mo Na Ye’s long-distance attack, his poor condition worsened even more. He originally only needed to escape from Mo Na Ye for three to five years to make a comeback, but now… he had the feeling that he would not be able to endure much longer. The power behind the attack of a Pseudo-Royal Lord was extremely heavy, so it was not easy to bear, especially when he was in such poor condition at the moment.


However, what truly horrified and enraged him was that something seemed to be wrong with his Small Universe. For a moment just now, his Small Universe had been inexplicably afflicted by extreme turbulence. It had caused the World Force in his body to become disordered. If not for that, how could he have made such a mistake?


But, why did his Small Universe experience turmoil? His Small Universe had always been protected and stabilized by the World Tree Clone, so it was essentially flawless and impenetrable to external forces. Even in a difficult battle against Mo Na Ye, he should only suffer a terrible beating due to his inferior strength. There should not have been any effects on his Small Universe.


Unless… he was completely out of strength. If his World Force had been fully depleted, that would shake the very foundation of his Small Universe. However, that was also impossible. It was true that his strength had been significantly depleted after such an intense battle, but there were countless living beings in his Small Universe. His World Force was constantly being replenished at all times, so his World Force couldn’t be depleted.


[Just what went wrong?]


As Yang Kai fled with his severely injured body, he separated out a thread of consciousness to investigate the situation inside his Small Universe.


His entire Small Universe was filled with an uneasy atmosphere. The turmoil earlier had caused great panic throughout the Void World. Earthquakes had shaken the ground, rivers had flowed backwards, mountains had collapsed, and tidal waves swept across the seas. These disasters had resulted in countless casualties.


Fortunately, the disaster passed just as quickly as it came. There was no further serious damage to his Small Universe at this point. Nevertheless, the Masters of the major Sects and the Void Dao Temple were investigating the situation for the cause, without any success of course.


Yang Kai scowled deeply.


His Small Universe was safe and sound. In that case, what was the cause of the disaster earlier? What puzzled him even more was that something seemed to be drawing his attention, almost as if it was calling out to him from somewhere.


He inadvertently raised his head and looked in a certain direction. It was none other than the direction where he had fought hundreds of Innate Territory Lords earlier. Something seemed to be waiting for him there.


[Is it a trap by the Black Ink Clan? Is it another one of Mo Na Ye’s ploys? No, it doesn’t seem like a trap.]


At his cultivation realm, Yang Kai’s mind and will were strongly fortified. It should be impossible for him to be affected by external influences. The force that was guiding him was most likely a form of guidance from something on a much higher level.


Yang Kai quietly observed Mo Na Ye’s expression as the latter rapidly closed the distance between them.


Mo Na Ye was not hiding the murderous intent radiating from his entire being, but more importantly, he seemed oblivious to Yang Kai’s current abnormal state.


Unbeknownst to Yang Kai, when the wave of turbulence struck his Small Universe, the same phenomenon had occurred throughout the entire 3,000 Worlds. As long as it was a place occupied by the Human Race, be it High Heaven Territory, the New Great Territory, the battlefields across the various Great Territories, or the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, all the Human Race Masters at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm and above had experienced the same turbulence in their Small Universe and subsequently felt the same subtle pull.


Fortunately, most of these veterans at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm were not engaged in battle at the time; otherwise, they might have been severely wounded or killed as a result.




In one of the peaceful Universes located in the New Great Territory, although the World’s Grand Dao had been perfected and the vitality was flourishing, the Universe World had yet to produce any living creatures with high sentience.


There was a simple thatched hut on one of the tall mountains inside the Universe World, but there was no telling how long the thatched hut had been there as it was surrounded by various Arrays to protect it from the erosion of time.


After the Human Race Masters at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm experienced the turbulence in their Small Universe, a figure suddenly flew out of the thatched hut. He came to stand in the middle of the sky and looked up at the Heavens solemnly. Then, his expression seemed to change slightly.


If any of the Black Ink Clan higher-ups were here, they would most likely have recognised him. He was the Human Race Master, Xiang Shan! Aside from Yang Kai, he was one of the few Human Race Masters who were a major concern to the Black Ink Clan.


Mo Na Ye had always suspected that a new Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had already appeared. Among the possible candidates, Xiang Shan and several other veteran Eighth-Order Masters had the highest possibility of breaking through. That was because they had not appeared on any of the Great Territory Battlefields for many centuries.


Nobody knew where these veteran Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were hiding. Although the Black Ink Clan had many Black Ink Disciples acting as spies, such top-secret information could not be obtained no matter what methods were used by these low-level personnel. Even Yang Kai did not know where Xiang Shan was in seclusion, not that he had ever bothered to ask.


Unfortunately, the reality of the matter was that Xiang Shan, whose cultivation had regressed after he sacrificed a large portion of his Small Universe in the past, had not been able to break through to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm even though he had been cultivating in retreat for so long. Even now, he was only at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Nevertheless, there were very few among the veteran Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters with the qualification to advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the first place. It could be said that Xiang Shan was one of the few cultivators closest to the Ninth Order.


When the turbulence swept throughout the Universe, Xiang Shan had also been disturbed. The phenomenon had interrupted him in the middle of his retreat, causing nearly 1,000 of hard work to come to nought. 


If it were anybody else, they would inevitably have lost their composure. In the worst case, they might even suffer a trace of cultivation dissonance. Luckily, Xiang Shan’s mind was strong and stable thanks to the many ups and downs he suffered in life. Although he was disappointed, he was not too bothered by the loss. He simply pondered for a moment before he vaguely understood what had happened.


Xiang Shan was different from Yang Kai after all. Yang Kai might be famous throughout the known Universe, but he had lived a much shorter life than the true veteran Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. It was only natural that he had experienced much less in life compared to these old monsters.


What Yang Kai did not know; Xiang Shan understood almost instantly. With a vertical movement, his figure transformed into a stream of light and charged out of the Universe World, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


At the same time, various messages began to spread among the Human Race as the Open Heaven Realm Masters who had lived long enough had a vague understanding of what was about to take place.




On the Black Ink Battlefield where Yang Kai had fought hundreds of Innate Territory Lords earlier, after Yang Kai escaped and Mo Na Ye pursued, the surviving Innate Territory Lords seemed to be in no hurry to leave. It was not that they did not want to leave, but rather that they were heavily wounded and their energy reserves had been depleted, so they were having trouble moving about freely.


They might have survived the battle, but too many of them had lost their lives to Yang Kai. Nearly 200 Innate Territory Lords had been slaughtered by Yang Kai in that fight, an outcome that would surely be recorded in the annals of history.


In any case, they were not worried that Yang Kai might return here. Mo Na Ye was personally hunting him down after all. He would be having enough trouble just escaping with his life, so where would he find the energy to wheel around to attack them again?


While they were resting though, none of the Territory Lords noticed that an extremely mysterious force was slowly permeating the nearby void. There were no words to describe the force accurately, but it was no threat to the Territory Lords. On the contrary, it seemed to seamlessly seep into everything without a sound.


As the force began to condense, numerous illusory lines emerged and slowly connected with each other to form a strange image… The illusory phantom covered a huge swath of the void and enveloped the Territory Lords. Strangely enough, none of the Territory Lords noticed anything at all. It was not until a certain Territory Lord suddenly opened his eyes and looked around that he realised something was wrong. He shouted a warning, startling the other Territory Lords from their rest.


Not knowing exactly what was happening, let alone what the illusory phantom that inexplicably appeared was, the Territory Lords did not dare to remain. They quickly summoned their strength to leave this place; however, they soon discovered something strange.


The void within the range of the illusory phantom had twisted and folded upon itself. No matter how they tried to escape, they could not leave the range of the illusory phantom. It was as if they were trapped inside an inexplicable Array, a reality that shocked and horrified them.



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