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Martial Peak – Chapter 5717, Chaotic Space

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At this time, the best option was to attack Yang Kai while he was distracted. Unfortunately, the Territory Lords were under the effects of the folded Space, so how could they attack him when they couldn’t even approach him?


It was even more impossible for them to escape from this Space. Trapped in this place and affected by the layers of overlapping space, they were no different from flies caught in a spider web. It was truly a pathetic situation. Despite much deliberation, the Black Ink Clan could not figure out a solution to their miserable situation. The realisation filled them with an inexplicable sense of sorrow.


Without warning, the Void suddenly trembled like the surface of a beaten drum. The vibration was so strong that all the trapped Territory Lords could feel the movement clearly. Startled, they looked around in bewilderment and discovered that the source of the trembling seemed to be coming from Yang Kai’s direction.


Yang Kai’s eyes were tightly closed. In the space around him, Space Principles fluctuated and various Dao Strengths danced. When he pointed a finger forward, countless ripples spread out from his position. The ripples continued on endlessly, extending into the inexplicable depths of the Void. As time passed, the number of ripples grew. Even the trembling in the local space became increasingly violent…


Mo Na Ye suddenly had a bad feeling that his suggestion for Yang Kai to track the traces of the Universe Furnace back to their source had been an extremely terrible decision! Just as the thought crossed his mind, he abruptly felt a sense of crisis flooding his heart.


He hastily surged his Black Ink Strength and condensed a layer of defence around himself. In the next moment, he felt an invisible and intangible force slicing across his body, cutting through the Black Ink Strength condensed around his figure, and carving into his flesh.


In spite of his immense strength, Mo Na Ye felt a stabbing pain burst through his body. He quickly shifted his position and looked back. At the spot where he had been standing earlier, a portion of the space slid sideways like a piece of broken mirror before quickly returning to normal. The force that had sliced across his body earlier was a tiny Void Crack!


His expression changed drastically at the sight and he hurriedly shouted, “Brother Yang, please stop!”


The Territory Lords did not know why Mo Na Ye was panicking all of a sudden, so they all turned to look in his direction.


At that moment, one of the Territory Lords abruptly felt an inexplicable sense of pain in his body. His vision seemed to tilt to the side, then turned upside down. What entered his sight was a body that had been cleanly sliced into two at a diagonal angle. The incision at the wound was as smooth as the edges of a mirror, and black blood gushed out from the opening.


[This severed body… looks so familiar…] A strange thought entered his mind, but he quickly came to a realization, [Isn’t that my body!?]


He lowered his head to look and sure enough, his lower half had been severed. Everything was so sudden that he failed to notice any abnormality before. Terrified, he screamed at the top of his lungs, “Sir Mo Na Ye, save me!”


But what could Mo Na Ye do? At this moment, Mo Na Ye looked so gloomy that he was practically oozing depression. He could only watch helplessly as the two parts of the Territory Lord’s body separated. Although the Territory Lord’s blood poured out continuously, his vitality was very strong, so it would take some time before he died…


“The space has become chaotic! Defend yourselves with all your might!” Mo Na Ye called out loudly.


After hearing Mo Na Ye’s warning, the Territory Lord finally came back to their senses and hastily summoned their strength to guard themselves.


Although Mo Na Ye did not know what Yang Kai was doing, his perception was not wrong. The whole Space had gotten extremely chaotic due to Yang Kai’s actions. This was a strange place formed by the distortion of countless layers of Space folded over each other in the first place. These layers of folded Space resembled pieces of a broken mirror that fit well together in the beginning. In short, there were no issues with the original arrangement as things were relatively static, or at least changing at a slow pace. However, the Space where these mirrors used to be pieced together had now become mobile and disordered due to Yang Kai’s actions.


The upper body of the dead Territory Lord had been located in one of the layers of the folded Space, while his lower body had been located in a different one. When the two layers of folded Space abruptly separated due to the distortion, his body had also been sliced apart as a result.


Territory Lords were very strong, and if they had been at their peak strength, it would have been impossible for them to be sliced apart so easily. Unfortunately, the Territory Lords here were all arrows at the end of their flight, on top of being heavily wounded. In this situation, they were completely defenceless against such a strange attack.


Nobody knew whether their position was safe because the layers of folded Space shifted around at random. Screams of agony periodically rang out from among the Territory Lords. It was a pity, but Black Ink Strength condensed around their bodies could hardly stop the sharp Space Principles from slicing them apart.


Within a short span of time, more Territory Lords lost their lives as their bodies were severed into pieces. This situation left Mo Na Ye feeling both horrified and furious, “Brother Yang, please stop quickly!”


At this moment, he deeply regretted his earlier words! [Why did I suggest Yang Kai trace the location of the Universe Furnace’s true body with his mastery over the Dao of Space!?]


Space was an extremely mysterious Dao in the first place, and the Space here was already so peculiar. Nothing good would happen to Black Ink Clan Masters like themselves after Yang Kai began fiddling with it.


Suddenly, there was another scream. Mo Na Ye glanced over only and saw the body of another Territory Lord separating into two parts. The Territory Lord’s eyes were filled with pure terror and resentment. He did not expect to lose his life in such an inexplicable manner after managing to survive so many crises until now.


“Brother Yang!” Mo Na Ye roared angrily.


“Shut up!” Yang Kai did not even bother to open his eyes. Although he was concentrating fully on tracing the location of the Universe Furnace’s true body, he retained some awareness of the surrounding situation.


He had not expected the current situation to occur, but it was quite a stroke of good fortune for him. How could he give up just because Mo Na Ye asked him to stop? In any case, their previous agreement indicated that he only needed to spare the lives of a dozen or so Territory Lords. As for the others, it would be even better for him if all of them died. It would even save him the trouble of killing them himself.


Mo Na Ye gritted his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart. They were enemies in the first place, not to mention they were engaged in a life-and-death clash just a few months ago. What was the point of begging Yang Kai now? All Mo Na Ye could do was record his loss for today. If he had a chance in the future, he would return the debt a hundredfold!


The Territory Lords were tense and nervous. Although they constantly changed positions while simultaneously activating their power to protect themselves, the attacks caused by the distortion of space came with no warning whatsoever. It was very difficult to defend against these attacks. In the end, those destined for death would lose their lives no matter how hard they tried.


Even Mo Na Ye was inadvertently wounded. Fortunately for him, he was strong and in good condition, so there was no threat to his life for the time being, but it was hard to say what would happen if the situation dragged on…


It was hard to tell how much time had passed. More than a dozen Territory Lords had lost their lives by now and the space within the projection of the Universe Furnace was scattered with severed limbs. The wounds on these severed limbs were extremely smooth, and a large amount of black blood now floated around in the void.


Yang Kai suddenly paused with a slight frown on his face. It was not that he could no longer continue his search or that he had not gained anything from his efforts. The truth was that he had indeed been able to trace the Universe Furnace’s aura, but it was difficult for him to determine its exact location.


More importantly, Yang Kai had a feeling that something beyond his control would happen if he persisted in his attempt. It was difficult to deduce whether the phenomenon would be good or bad, but he had the feeling that it was not very dangerous since he did not detect any warning signals. To be on the safe side though, he decided to stop while he was ahead.


Yang Kai looked up at the dishevelled Mo Na Ye with an almost imperceptible light flashing through his eyes… A group of Territory Lords had tragically lost their lives during the events earlier while even a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye had been wounded, although the latter’s injuries did not seem serious.


There was no denying that Yang Kai was no match for a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye in a one-on-one battle, but his proficiency in the Dao of Space meant that Mo Na Ye could not hurt him either when he was at his peak.


Now however, Yang Kai might just have a chance to kill Mo Na Ye in this Space within the projection of the Universe Furnace! If he carried on with his previous exploration, he could cause constant damage to Mo Na Ye; then, he would make his move when Mo Na Ye’s injuries had accumulated to a critical degree…


[Let’s see if he can survive that!]


Mo Na Ye regarded Yang Kai as an enormous threat to the Black Ink Clan; how could Yang Kai not be wary of Mo Na Ye? Mo Na Ye could be considered an anomaly in the Black Ink Clan. If Yang Kai could remove Mo Na Ye from the equation, Royal Lord Mo Yu would lose an exceptionally dependable helper. In the future, the Human Race would also have one less threat to worry about in the final war. 


[I have to thank Mo Na Ye for suggesting such a convenient and effective method to me.]


Seeming to sense the malice in Yang Kai’s gaze, Mo Na Ye’s expression changed slightly. They had been enemies for so many years now, so how could he fail to realise what Yang Kai was thinking?


He suddenly felt bitter and resentful. His suggestion not only caused heavy casualties to the Territory Lords, but he might also have doomed himself to a miserable death. The entire situation left a bitter taste in his mouth. At the same time, he couldn’t help feeling as though he had lifted a rock only to smash it onto his foot.


Yang Kai chuckled and slowly climbed to his feet when their gazes met.


Under the watchful gaze of Mo Na Ye and the many Territory Lords, he leisurely walked towards the outside. The distorted and folded space did not hinder his movement. It did not take long before he arrived at the edge of the projection.


“Are you leaving, Brother Yang?” In the end, Mo Na Ye could not stop himself and blurted out the question. It would be wondrous news if Yang Kai were to leave this place, but how could Yang Kai possibly depart so easily? He had clearly seen the malice in Yang Kai’s eyes earlier.


“What? Do you expect me to stay behind and chat with you instead?” Yang Kai replied without much thought. Thanks to his mastery of the Dao of Space, he easily stepped out of the folded Space!


Seeing that scene, Mo Na Ye felt a strange feeling wash over him, [This guy… It turns out that he could have really left at any time.]


Trapped inside this space within the projection, even a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye was powerless. He couldn’t find a way out, but it was no trouble for Yang Kai at all.


While he did not know the meaning behind Yang Kai’s actions, Yang Kai’s departure was good news for him. At the very least, he would no longer be in danger once Yang Kai was gone. Besides, he had secretly made arrangements in advance. As long as Yang Kai dared to stray far enough, then those arrangements would come in handy.


Mo Na Ye stared after Yang Kai’s back expectantly, hoping that Yang Kai would venture further into the distance; however, Yang Kai only took two steps before he abruptly turned to look in a certain direction and shouted, “Mo Yu, I spared the lives of your Territory Lords, yet you dare try to ambush me?”


As soon as those words rang out, Mo Na Ye’s expression changed drastically. [Were we discovered!? That’s impossible! I even specially warned them not to expose their whereabouts when I asked the Royal Lord to set up an ambush nearby with the Territory Lords!] 


Not to mention, he had secretly observed his surroundings and confirmed that the Black Ink Clansmen had hidden themselves very well. It was impossible for them to be discovered so quickly, so how did Yang Kai discover them?


There were indeed reinforcements that Mo Na Ye had arranged beforehand outside the projection!


The greatest difficulty in dealing with an enemy like Yang Kai was his Space Secret Techniques. Even if they were stronger than him, it was meaningless if they could neither capture him nor restrain him. For example, the Black Ink Clan once had an opportunity to annihilate Yang Kai in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land. Unfortunately, Di Wu had wasted the opportunity back then.


When Mo Na Ye chased Yang Kai into this strange place several months ago, he quickly realised that he had been tricked. At the same time, he was keenly aware that this was a rare opportunity to remove Yang Kai once and for all!



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