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Martial Peak – Chapter 5720, Is This What You Meant?

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Space Principles along with various Dao Strengths fluctuated wildly around Yang Kai as he coldly snorted, “You can’t give me what I want.”


Mo Na Ye calmed down upon hearing those words. He had been worried that Yang Kai would ignore him and refuse to speak to him. Since Yang Kai was talking to him, that could only mean that Yang Kai had a request to make. The crisis today might not be unresolvable!


He immediately raised his voice and said, “Sir Royal Lord is right here. Even if this Mo Na Ye is unable to satisfy your request, are you saying Sir Royal Lord would not be able to? But… Brother Yang, I hope you don’t make any unrealistic demands.”


His greatest fear was that Yang Kai would demand that the Royal Lord commit suicide on the spot. If such words came out of Yang Kai’s words, then communication between them would break down immediately.


No matter how highly the Royal Lord valued Mo Na Ye, it was impossible for him to value him more than himself. He would never harm himself just for Mo Na Ye’s sake.


As soon as the words left Mo Na Ye’s mouth, Mo Yu, who was standing outside, hesitated for a moment before he agreed, “Negotiation is permissible!”


Mo Yu could tell that Mo Na Ye was in a precarious situation, and it would be bad to lose such a capable subordinate.


Throughout the years, the management of the Black Ink Clan had been well-organised under Mo Na Ye. The only exception was this plan to besiege Yang Kai, which had resulted in heavy losses. Even so, there was nothing wrong with the plan itself. It was simply a huge coincidence for the projection of the Universe Furnace to appear at this time and place, which unfortunately gave Yang Kai a chance to catch his breath.


In short, Mo Na Ye was extremely capable and loyal. If there was a way to save Mo Na Ye, then Mo Yu certainly would not mind taking a shot.


When Yang Kai heard those words, the movements of his hands gradually slowed down. The Territory Lords, who were exhausted from running around, were secretly relieved to witness the sight.


A short while later, Yang Kai quickly said, “Remove the surrounding Grand Array. I want to leave this place safely!”


Mo Na Ye turned to glance at Mo Yu. The latter pondered for some time before he finally nodded in agreement, “Good. I can remove the Grand Array. I can even lead all the Territory Lords away. Just stop what you’re doing!”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t trust you. Even if you leave this place, who can guarantee that you will not sneak back here in secret? I have experienced the strength of a Royal Lord in the past. How am I supposed to defend myself if you attack me after I leave this place? In that situation, you will only need to keep me busy for a short time until the Grand Array is formed again!”


Mo Yu quickly said, “I will not go back on my word!” 


Yang Kai snorted in disdain. Mo Yu had agreed so readily, so it was obvious he was plotting against him. There was one thing Yang Kai knew for sure, if he left the space within the projection, the other party would definitely attack. It would be troublesome if his enemies cut off his escape routes and then concentrate on fighting him.


Mo Yu snapped impatiently, “What do you want? How are you going to leave if you want to leave but refuse to leave?”


Mo Na Ye persuaded, “Brother Yang, the Royal Lord is being quite sincere.”


Yang Kai replied, “Since he is being sincere, then he should do as I say; otherwise, all negotiations are off the table.”


Mo Yu suppressed his rage and spoke in a cold voice, “Let’s hear it.”


Yang Kai already had a plan in mind and immediately quipped, “I want the Black Ink Clan to contact the front lines and pass a messenger Black Ink Nest to the Supreme Headquarters. As for the rest, the Black Ink Clan does not need to worry themselves with such matters.”


Under the current circumstances, he would require the escort of a Human Race Master if he wanted to leave this place safely. However, he had no means to contact the Human Race at the moment. Borrowing a Black Ink Nest for communication was the best solution in his situation. In this way, he could contact the Human Race directly and explain the situation here clearly.


There was no need for many escorts. A single Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be enough!


Although his actions would expose the fact that there was a hidden Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master among the Human Race, now that the Universe Furnace was about to emerge, that would soon happen anyways.


In any case, the Black Ink Clan had always guessed that there was a hidden Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master among the Human Race, it was just that they did not have concrete proof to support their suspicions. 


After listening to Yang Kai’s demand, Mo Yu fell silent and Mo Na Ye frowned deeply. They had to admit that Yang Kai’s request was exceptionally simple. Be that as it may, the request was also extremely meticulous. There was no room for the Black Ink Clan to secretly interfere.


Mo Na Ye couldn’t help but sigh helplessly. He knew that the Royal Lord would never accept Yang Kai’s demand. The reason the Royal Lord had been willing to remove the Grand Array and leave with the Territory Lords was that the resulting situation would have remained within his control. There had been a possibility of ambushing Yang Kai again…


On the other hand, all their previous efforts would go to waste if they agreed to Yang Kai’s demand and allowed him to contact the Human Race. More importantly, the Territory Lords would have died in vain.


Yang Kai studied Mo Yu’s expression and sneered, “Mo Na Ye, it looks like the Royal Lord doesn’t value you very much!”


Mo Na Ye sighed lightly, “Now that things have reached this point, why bother trying to provoke discord, Brother Yang?” With a solemn expression, he turned and bowed respectfully in Mo Yu’s direction, his voice steady and sonorous, “Sir Royal Lord, this plan has already cost the Black Ink Clan hundreds of Innate Territory Lords. You must not allow our previous efforts to go to waste just because of this subordinate; otherwise, even more Territory Lords will lose their lives in the future.”


“Yang Kai is a great talent of the Human Race. It is necessary to annihilate him now, more than ever, especially since the Universe Furnace is about to appear in the world. If he were to obtain an opportunity from the Universe Furnace, he would surely become a catastrophe for the Black Ink Clan in the future. Sir Royal Lord, regardless of whether this subordinate lives or dies today, you must not let the efforts of our many clansmen be in vain.


“I, Mo Na Ye, am willing to sacrifice my life in exchange for the life of the Human Race Master, Yang Kai!”


His words were extremely sincere, and his voice resounded throughout the void. Mo Yu and the many Innate Territory Lords outside the projection were deeply moved by his speech. There were very few people among the Black Ink Clan who could disregard life and death for the greater good. Combined with his profound sense of righteousness, the Black Ink Clansmen could not help feeling a sense of admiration towards him.


Originally, many of these Innate Territory Lords had held negative opinions towards Mo Na Ye. They were all Innate Territory Lords after all, so none of them should have stood above anybody else. Many felt Mo Na Ye was simply lucky in that he succeeded in using the Source Fusion Technique and took the last spot available for the position. After he became a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he showed some measure of wit and intelligence that the Royal Lord appreciated, which was why he was put in charge of all matters regarding the Black Ink Clan.


However, over the years, he did not seem to gain anything from the war between the Human Race and his confrontation against Yang Kai. On the contrary, he caused heavy losses to the Black Ink Clan. Anybody could have done that in his place…


Nonetheless, many of these Territory Lords could not help but change their opinion of Mo Na Ye after listening to his speech. Leaving everything else aside, they could never bring themselves to speak such profound and righteous words or show such willingness to sacrifice themselves for the greater good!


Mo Yu glanced at Mo Na Ye, a hint of apology flashing through his eyes as his slight dissatisfaction towards Mo Na Ye over the heavy casualties among the Territory Lords dissipated into nothing. He had been hesitating, wondering whether he should follow Yang Kai’s demand and allow the latter to contact the Human Race. Although that would allow a tiger to return to the mountain, he would be able to rescue his capable subordinate, Mo Na Ye.


Nevertheless, Mo Yu made up his mind after listening to Mo Na Ye’s little speech.


Mo Na Ye was correct. Yang Kai was already a great threat to the Black Ink Clan even though he was only in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Now that the Universe Furnace was about to appear, the consequences would be unimaginably dire if he were to escape and obtain an opportunity from the Universe Furnace! 


[No matter what, no matter how great the price, Yang Kai must die here today!] Mo Yu closed his eyes slightly. When he opened them again, his eyes were filled with murderous intent, “Yang Kai, if you stop now, I promise that I will only corrupt you with Black Ink Strength. But, if you dare harm another one of our Masters, I swear I will rip your corpse into 10,000 pieces when the time comes!”


“Were you… referring to this?”


While speaking, Yang Kai took a step forward. Nobody could see his movements clearly under the effects of the chaotic folding space. When he reappeared again, he was grasping a heavily wounded Territory Lord by the head in his large hand.


The Territory Lord had been flustered from concentrating on defending against the attacks of the disordered space. As a result, he was caught completely off-guard by Yang Kai. At this moment, he was fully immobilised and at Yang Kai’s mercy.


Yang Kai turned and stared into Mo Yu’s eyes with a fierce look on his face; then, he put some strength into his hand and the Territory Lord’s head shattered in his grip.


He had remained in one spot without moving, simply urging Space Principles to trace the location of the Universe Furnace’s true body. However, he was actively making his move now. Mo Yu’s ruthless threat was nothing but wind in his ears to him.


“Or, did you mean this?” He asked once more. At the same time, he abruptly appeared behind another Territory Lord. He summoned the Azure Dragon Spear and pierced it through the Territory Lord’s body. With a flick of his spear, World Force erupted and the Territory Lord exploded into blood mist!


After killing seven or eight Territory Lords in a row, Yang Kai finally stopped and glanced at Mo Yu mockingly.


Mo Yu was so furious that his entire body trembled with rage as he roared explosively, “Good, very good! You will regret this!” 


After saying that, he closed his eyes. What the eyes did not see, the heart did not grieve.


Yang Kai could not be bothered to argue with Mo Yu and simply continued to manipulate Space Principles. At the same time, he turned to look at Mo Na Ye and smiled slightly, “How cunning!”


He was not sure whether Mo Na Ye’s speech earlier had been truly sincere or merely a show for the public. It might have been a mixture of both. Nonetheless, there was no denying that Mo Na Ye had driven both himself and Yang Kai into a corner.


In any case, this was the crisis that Yang Kai would eventually have had to face. It became impossible for him to leave the moment Mo Na Ye secretly arranged for the Royal Lord and the Innate Territory Lords to ambush him here. That being the case, he might as well slaughter all the Black Ink Clansmen trapped inside the space within the projection first. After two years, his survival would be decided by the Heavens in that decisive battle!


There were less than 20 surviving Innate Territory Lords trapped inside the space within the projection at this moment. If Yang Kai wanted to obliterate them, he could have killed them easily. Only Mo Na Ye posed some trouble for him. He needed to reduce Mo Na Ye’s strength and let the latter’s injuries slowly accumulate over time. Then, he would make his move when the time was right.


The Dao Strengths and Space principles became more and more chaotic. Inside the projection, the random movements of the folded Space increased in frequency. There were too many dangers lurking around with no warning signs. One by one, the Territory Lords who survived by luck eventually died over time.


On the other hand, black blood continuously gushed out of Mo Na Ye’s body as the number of injuries on his body gradually increased. Nevertheless, he was unwilling to wait for his death without doing anything even though he was stuck in such a desperate situation. He constantly changed positions and summoned his strength to protect himself. Although he had valiantly offered to sacrifice himself for the greater good earlier, it was only natural for him to struggle to survive in the face of death.


As time passed, the Innate Territory Lords trapped in the space within the projection gradually lost their lives until not a single one remained. The void was filled with the remains of these Territory Lords after their tragic deaths. It was a bloody and miserable scene.


The only survivors of the massacre were Yang Kai, who was not affected by the effects of this space, and Mo Na Ye, who was struggling to survive. Their situation could not be more different. Yang Kai was casually pushing his Space Principles to their limits. On the other hand, Mo Na Ye was in a terrible state. Their situations were in stark contrast to each other.



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