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Martial Peak – Chapter 5727, Battles Break Out

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Not counting the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods, Royal Lords were at the peak of what was possible for the Black Ink Clan to field and were by no means easy targets. It was already proof of how strong Fu Guang was that he could go up against two of them without being at a disadvantage. It even looked as if he could overpower them given enough time.


On the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, the Suppressing Black Ink Army was doing its best to fend off the enemy. Scores of formidable auras filled the sky as beams of destructive light shot out towards the swarming Black Ink Clan.


It seemed as if the Humans had the situation under control, but more and more enemies kept pouring out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, including many Innate Territory Lords. If things continued on this way, the pressure would only grow more intense.


50 Eighth-Order Masters quietly stood atop the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, not joining the fight.


They were the chosen Eighth-Order Masters who would enter the Universe Furnace in search of opportunities. They should have rushed straight into the Universe Furnace when it opened, but the Black Ink Clan’s attack put a stop to their plan.


This was unsurprising, as the Black Ink Clan would not have allowed the Humans to gain more benefits without a fight. The Black Ink Clan had already predicted this when the illusory phantom of the Universe Furnace first appeared.


The Divine Dragon swam through the void as his murderous intent flared wildly. He defended himself from the two Royal Lords who were charging at him as his Dragon Roars echoed thunderously.


“Go now! What are you waiting for!?”


Fu Guang saw that the 50 Eighth-Order Masters had not moved, so he could not resist scolding them.


Transmissions were coming from other Eighth-Order Masters fighting on the battlefield too, “If you miss your chance now, it will never appear again! Hurry up and enter the Universe Furnace! You don’t need to worry about us, as long as the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress remains standing, the Suppressing Black Ink Army will not fall!”


Still, the 50 Eighth-Order Masters atop the wall did not move. The entrance to the Universe Furnace was wide open, and it would only take them a moment to dive inside to seize the opportunity that would allow them to reach the peak of Martial Dao.


It was not as if they did not long for that; however, there was something else they cared about as well.


Yang Xiao laughed and said, “I only want this opportunity so that I can kill more enemies! Now that the enemy is right in front of me, why must I go round the sun to reach the moon? I shall partake in my share of the kills first!”


He rushed into the battle as soon as he finished speaking, and Yang Xue followed immediately after without saying a word. The two of them seemed to move in unison as they lunged at a Territory Lord who was trying to sneak up on a Human Master.


The 50 figures flew out from the walls, but none of them headed for the Universe Furnace, instead rushing straight onto the battlefield to join the battle.


Fu Guang saw this from afar and sighed, but he did not try to talk them out of it.


The Suppressing Black Ink Army was small, only numbering 6,000 in total. Though the army had more than 400 Eighth-Order Masters and the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, which was a Mobile Palace Artifact on par with the Great Passes of old, it took the genuine unity displayed by all of them to hold back the torrent of Black Ink Clansmen that flooded out from the gap in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


As the 50 Eighth-Order Masters fearlessly joined the fight, the Suppressing Black Ink Army soon gained the upper hand. The Black Ink Clan had not expected the Human Masters to not be tempted by the great opportunity they had in front of them, so they were caught off guard and took a heavy blow. Unfortunately for the Black Ink Clan, they could not stop midway through the battle.


Previously, they attacked the Suppressing Black Ink Army and were willing to sacrifice so many soldiers, including multiple Royal Lords, just to keep Fu Guang and Wu Kuang fully occupied. That way, they could probe the Grand Restriction for weaknesses to let Innate Territory Lords sneak out.


It was an enormous sacrifice, but also a resounding success. At least 1,000 Innate Territory Lords had managed to sneak out undetected.


However, once the situation was discovered and Wu Kuang patched the vulnerability they exploited, the Black Ink Clan ceased all combat. They knew there was no point in carrying on with the unnecessary sacrifices as the Humans were now on full alert. The Human Race Master who was controlling the Grand Restriction now would never allow himself to be tricked in the same way again, and it was basically impossible for the Black Ink Clan to mount a decisive attack that could overwhelm the Human Army outside the gap.


If they could not break past the Humans’ defences outside, they would only be wasting their forces by trying.


Thus, they did not launch any attacks in the past few years, until the Universe Furnace showed up.


To stop the Human Race Masters of the Suppressing Black Ink Army from entering the Universe Furnace and obtaining opportunities for themselves, the Black Ink Clan began a full-scale assault again. They thought this situation would turn in their favour, but who knew that the Suppressing Black Ink Army would choose to stand and fight?


The Human Race Masters were not at all blinded by the opportunity that was right at their fingertips and fully focused on the battle instead. This meant that the Black Ink Clan were caught in a seemingly hopeless situation.


It would be a waste of resources if they continued sending out more soldiers, but if they did not, then those who had already left the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction would be wiped out, including two Royal Lords!


They were caught between a rock and a hard place!


While the Suppressing Black Ink Army and the Black Ink Clan were engaged in a fierce battle outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, the Black Ink Clan was in complete control of the Barren Territory.


There was also a phantom of the Universe Furnace in the Barren Territory, and it was impossible for the Human Race Army to approach it. No Human had entered the Barren Territory over the past few millennia except for Yang Kai who had passed by a few times.


The Black Ink Clan had arranged for countless clansmen to wait by the Universe Furnace. Once it opened, the Black Ink Clan Army hesitantly checked it out before a few of their Territory Lords led the charge into the Universe Furnace. Soon, they disappeared inside the Universe Furnace World.


Meanwhile, within the Space on the Black Ink Battlefield, Mo Na Ye who was restrained here had been on edge for nearly two years, but after seeing no sign of Yang Kai, he was certain that the latter had somehow left this place. Although he did not know how that was possible, or what the swirl that devoured Yang Kai was, it was still a good thing for him. At least, he did not have to worry about Yang Kai appearing all of a sudden to kill him.


There was no threat to his life now, but the injuries he previously sustained were quite serious and he could not tend to them while he was being held down here.


When the illusory phantom of the Universe Furnace solidified and the opening appeared, Mo Na Ye felt the ground shaking and the Void fluctuating. When he came back to his senses, he was already inside a vast, boundless space.


Mo Na Ye instantly raised his guard as his Divine Sense flooded out in all directions. Though he did not detect any signs of danger, he did not relax as he had no idea what would happen to him after suddenly appearing in a strange new place.


A moment later, it struck him that he could be inside the Universe Furnace right now. After comparing his experience to the way Yang Kai had disappeared earlier, he came up with a possibility.


[Yang Kai entered the Universe Furnace World approximately two years ago! So that was why he never showed up!] All of a sudden, Mo Na Ye felt a heightened sense of danger. If he ran into Yang Kai here in his present, injured state, there was no guarantee as to who would survive the clash!


Mo Na Ye forcefully composed himself, but did not move away from his spot immediately.


He had entered the Universe Furnace from that strange, folded Space, so if the Territory Lords outside had even the semblance of sense, they would have noticed something had happened.


Regardless of whether they made the decision themselves or consulted with the Royal Lord instead, the Territory Lords would most likely be entering soon. Mo Na Ye was going to stay in this spot and wait for them. He would only feel safe when he regrouped with others.


However, to his disappointment, despite waiting for quite some time, he did not see any signs of the Territory Lords.


When the phantom of the Universe Furnace solidified and the opening appeared, Mo Na Ye’s aura disappeared too.


Outside the Universe Furnace, the Territory Lords who had set up the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array were at a loss. They had arranged the Grand Array here to stop Yang Kai from fleeing, but Yang Kai was long gone and Mo Na Ye had now disappeared as well, so what were they supposed to do?


Furthermore, when the projection of the Universe Furnace solidified, a mysterious power arose from the furnace opening. It seemed to have turned into a passage that led into another World.


The Territory Lords had a quick discussion before sending a report back to No-Return Pass to seek guidance from Royal Lord Mo Yu.


Meanwhile, Mo Yu received reports from the Barren Territory which stated that after the solidification of the Universe Furnace’s illusory phantom, the Universe Furnace itself did not show up. Instead, a strange passage appeared at the furnace opening. It seemed to be the entrance to the Universe Furnace, and the Black Ink Clan Army stationed at the Barren Territory had started entering it to explore.


It dawned on Mo Yu at that moment that the Black Ink Clan’s understanding of the Universe Furnace had been wrong. The dozen or so illusory phantoms had always been portals to the Universe Furnace.


Realizing this, he immediately ordered the Territory Lords to enter the Universe Furnace to aid Mo Na Ye.


After getting the order, the Territory Lords outside the opening did not hesitate. They quickly made some preparations before rushing into the furnace.


However, when the Territory Lords entered the Universe Furnace, they realised that they had all been sent to different places. Even though they had entered from the same opening, they were now standing alone in a vast void…


This was the reason why Mo Na Ye did not see any of the Territory Lords coming to his aid despite waiting around for a long time.


He had no choice but to leave and find a secure location. What was most important for him right now was to find a way to tend to his injuries.




Battles broke out at the same time across all the different Great Territory Battlefields.


The Black Ink Clan did not know much about the Universe Furnace, so for the past years, they basically moved to mirror the actions of the Humans.


When the Human Race gathered their Armies outside the Universe Furnace, the Black Ink Clan followed suit. When the Humans moved their Masters around, the Black Ink Clan did likewise. Essentially, they decided the best counter was to mimic the Humans’ actions.


This was an astute move on the Black Ink Clan’s part, and it was Mo Na Ye who came up with it.


He thought that since they did not know much, they should simply respond as their enemy did.


On the Battlefields across the void, the Human Race Army and the Black Ink Clan Army gathered around the entrances to the Universe Furnace as they engaged in a fierce battle. With every breath, countless lives were lost.


Mi Jing Lun was at the Supreme Headquarters overseeing everything when a series of reports came in one after the other.


Soon, a deep frown was etched on his forehead!


There had been an unexpected turn of events on the Great Territory Battlefields. The Human Army had managed to break through the Black Ink Clan’s blockade in three of the Great Territory Battlefields and killed countless enemies in an extremely short amount of time. 


There was no one around to stop the Human Race Masters from their charge.


The reason behind this was that the Black Ink Clan did not assign any of their Territory Lords to defend these three Great Territory Battlefields. Not a single Territory Lord showed up, and even the Feudal Lords were few and far between.


On these three Great Territory Battlefields, while the Black Ink Clan Army was large in numbers, they were obviously only there to draw the Humans’ attention. Most of the soldiers were just expendable cannon fodder!


Mi Jing Lun immediately realised what was happening.


The Black Ink Clan had already decided to give up on these three Great Territory Battlefields long ago, but they moved their troops in secret to trick the Humans into thinking that there were still Territory Lords positioned there.



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