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Martial Peak – Chapter 5729, Three Days

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Only those in at least the Seventh Order could enter the Universe Furnace in search of an opportunity, as it was pointless to enter if one’s cultivation realm was too low. Those below the Seventh Order would just needlessly lose their lives if they ran into a Territory Lord or even a Feudal Lord.


Therefore, the Humans curated a list of numerous Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Masters who were given the right to enter the Universe Furnace when it opened this time.


That being said, not everyone who had the right to go in could do so as the Humans could not enter the Universe Furnace if the Black Ink Clan controlled the entrance.


Even if the Human Race had the upper hand on some of the battlefields, these Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Masters could not enter at will.


Quite often, these chosen few were the core pillars in the battle of the armies they served in, so if they all just left, the advantage they had would be lost almost immediately as the tides turned against the Humans.


As a result, none of the Humans on the various Great Territory Battlefields had entered the Universe Furnace yet. They were doing their best to cull the enemy as they would only be able to leave in peace once the threat posed by the enemy was under firm control.


Meanwhile, the Black Ink Clan knew little about the Universe Furnace, so even though their Masters deduced that the Universe Furnace opening was an entrance to a Sealed World, they dared not make any hasty decisions when they did not have any clear evidence. In addition to that, the Humans were also doing their best to suppress the Black Ink Clan in the fight, so the latter had to match them with equal force.


Thus, Masters from both sides fought furious battles around the Universe Furnace openings on all the different Great Territory Battlefields. With each passing breath scores of Masters from both sides died as their souls were extinguished in the empty void.


In Azure Sun Territory, Luo Ting He managed to occupy three Pseudo-Royal Lords all by herself. It took a lot of effort from her, but she was still able to hold her own against them for now.


However, in a different Great Territory, another Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was going all out to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


This Ninth-Order Master had a burly physique and wielded a long spear in a fashion quite dissimilar to Yang Kai’s Supreme Limitless Spear Art. Each swing, sweep, or stab of his spear was imbued with a tyrannical might. The Pseudo-Royal Lord he was hunting down could not fight back at all as he sustained a series of injuries. He would have been killed by now if it had not been for the support he received from another Pseudo-Royal Lord!


This Ninth-Order Master was Wei Jun Yang of Great Battle Heaven!


Luo Ting He was not the only new Ninth-Order Master that the Human Race added to their ranks over the last few millennia. Wei Jun Yang of Great Battle Heaven was another one, and he happened to be another old acquaintance of Yang Kai’s. During Yang Kai’s time with the Profound Nether Army, Wei Jun Yang had once been a Division Commander under the former’s command.


He was one of the few Humans who had the aptitude to reach the Ninth Order back before the appearance of the Open Heaven Realm Cradles. Once the situation in Profound Nether Territory was calmed, he went into seclusion to focus on his cultivation.


Xiang Shan could not easily reach the Ninth-Order because his Order had fallen once in the past, but Wei Jun Yang had not encountered such a setback. Though his aptitude was considered a little poorer than Xiang Shan’s, his foundation was solid.


Hence, after Luo Ting He broke through and became a Ninth-Order Master, he soon followed suit.


However, Mi Jing Lun kept him hidden all this while to prevent him from being noticed by anyone else until the fierce battle broke out today. On this Great Territory Battlefield, Wei Jun Yang wielded the power of a Ninth-Order Master as he charged right at the enemy.


Cultivators from Great Battle Cave Heaven were undeniably disciplined and militaristic, but they were also all eager to fight, and Wei Jun Yang was no exception.


He did not have a Divine Ability or Secret Technique that could restrain formidable enemies the way Luo Ting He did. All he had to rely on was the long spear in his hands.


As soon as he showed up, Wei Jun Yang shot straight towards one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords and unleashed an all-out strike powered by the full might of his cultivation. He almost managed to split the targeted Pseudo-Royal Lord in two right there and then.


Even though the Pseudo-Royal Lord escaped his doom, he was thoroughly terrified now. Following that, the scene of Wei Jun Yang hunting down the Pseudo-Royal Lord unfolded across the battlefield. It was as if he had zeroed in on this Pseudo-Royal Lord and would not stop until the latter died under his spear!


Another Pseudo-Royal Lord had noticed the dire situation and immediately moved to assist. Thus, the scene changed to Wei Jun Yang chasing after a Pseudo-Royal Lord, while another Pseudo-Royal Lord chased after him.


The three figures crossed tens of millions of kilometres as they weaved through the Great Territory Battlefield. Wherever they passed through, Masters from both sides all scrambled to get out of the way.


Wei Jun Yang’s method was a little blunt and reckless, but it was his resolute stance that enabled him to completely occupy two Pseudo-Royal Lords while really only facing one of them at a time, allowing him to completely control the pace of the fight as all momentum was on his side.


If he had to face off against the two Pseudo-Royal Lords in a two-on-one fight, he would only be able to keep things even at most.


The Black Ink Clan had also sent five Pseudo-Royal Lords to this Great Territory, but two of them were currently occupied by Wei Jun Yang, and the one getting chased down was at risk of dying at any moment. As for the other three, they were similarly held up by the Eighth-Order Masters who formed Battle Formations.


The Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques of the Masters on both sides burst out across the battlefield in great sparks. The two Armies formed long defence lines that snaked across the void as they fought with great intensity.


On these frenzied battlefields, three days felt like forever.


As time passed, the situation across the messy battlefields slowly settled into place. Apart from the three battlefields that the Black Ink Clan had given up on, the two Armies on the other Great Territory Battlefields were beginning to solidify their control over the openings of the Universe Furnace. 


To put it simply, both sides had their wins and losses.


The final moments were approaching, and the Human Race Masters on the list began gathering near the openings to the Universe Furnace. They had to enter now, or else the openings would vanish and it would be too late. While they no longer needed to get involved in the battle outside, there was still a battle waiting for them inside the Universe Furnace.


In Azure Sun Territory, Luo Ting He was still keeping the three Pseudo-Royal Lords occupied, but her Yin-Yang Fish could not hold out much longer. The moment her Divine Ability faltered, she would no longer be able to restrain all three of these enemies.


Thus, when Luo Ting He saw that most of the chosen Human Masters had gathered, she ordered, “Go!”


The Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Masters had been prepared for this and all jumped into the opening to the Universe Furnace without hesitation. All at once, they disappeared inside.


Their actions shocked the Black Ink Clan. Even though they had deduced that the opening was an entrance to a Sealed World, they dared not be certain about it.


Now that they saw what the Humans did, they realised that it was indeed as they had thought. The opportunity from the Universe Furnace was inside, and the Human Race Masters had already rushed in!


If the Humans gained any more Ninth-Order Masters, then the Black Ink Clan would have wasted countless lives and resources for nothing!


Therefore, when the Black Ink Clan noticed what was happening, they immediately began focusing their attacks on the entrances, and the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who were being suppressed by Luo Ting He found the chance to unleash a joint attack. The turbulent force from their combined strikes warped the Yin-Yang Fish. It looked as if it would crumble at any moment now.


Initially, the Humans had the advantage in Azure Sun Territory, but what they worried about had indeed happened. Once a large group of Human Race Masters entered the Universe Furnace, they lost their advantage and the Black Ink Clan seized the chance to go on the offensive.


The Human Race Army formed lines of defence all around the opening, but once the Black Ink Clan charged at them, the lines began to buckle.


All at once, the Human Race was under great pressure.


At the same time, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords finally broke free of Luo Ting He’s suppression. The moment the Yin-Yang Fish Divine Ability shattered, the three of them turned into streaks of darkness that flashed in three different directions.


Luo Ting He could only stop one while she could not do anything about the other two. Thankfully, after three days of intense battle, both she and the three Pseudo-Royal Lords had used up a lot of their strength and could not fight at their peak anymore. Even though they broke free, they did not pose a huge danger to the Humans.


A fury of Divine Senses streaked across space as the Black Ink Clan higher-ups discussed their next move.


It was clear that the opening in the Universe Furnace could be entered, and the opportunity had to be inside! If they ignored the Universe Furnace, they were strong enough to gain the upper hand on this Great Territory Battlefield, but the Human Race had a Ninth-Order Master here, so their advantage would not necessarily turn the tides in their favour.


Nevertheless, soon, they came to a decision!


They decided to give up on the flimsy advantage they had and instead send their own Masters into the Universe Furnace to stop the Humans from seizing the opportunities, lest the Humans gained even more Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters!


The orders went out in secret, and under the command of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, these Masters swiftly charged towards the entrance to the Universe Furnace.


They thought the Humans would do their best to stop them, and the Pseudo-Royal Lords were mentally prepared to sacrifice some of their Masters in order to achieve their goal, but things did not go the way they assumed.


Many managed to rush over from all directions and enter the entrance without needing to waste much energy. They could charge straight into the Universe Furnace.


It was as if the Humans did not want to stop them…


In reality, it was not that the Humans did not want to stop them, but the phantom of the Universe Furnace was colossal and the opening was just too massive. If the Black Ink Clan was determined to enter the Universe Furnace, the Humans could not stop all of them.


Since they could not do so, they decided to voluntarily let some of their enemies pass as this would take some pressure off those who remained outside.


This was the strategy that those at the Supreme Headquarters had come up with. Mi Jing Lun oversaw all the military operations from his place at the Supreme Headquarters, so it was not at all surprising that he foresaw the possibility of the current situation taking place.


Once a large number of the Human Race Masters entered the Universe Furnace, the Humans would be weakened and the remaining Masters outside would be under intense pressure. If they tried to stop the Black Ink Clan completely, it would only result in unnecessary casualties.


The best way to ease the burden was to allow some enemies to enter the Universe Furnace. Naturally, just how many they should allow entry would depend on the situation on the respective Great Territory Battlefields.


If too many Black Ink Clan Masters entered the Universe Furnace, then things would get harder for the Humans inside, but if too few were let in, they could not alleviate the pressure off those who remained on the Battlefields.


It was a fine line and the Human Race Masters who were in charge of these Battlefields would have to decide at their own discretion.


Thus, once a certain number of Masters from the Black Ink Clan rushed into the Universe Furnace, Luo Ting He, who seemed exhausted just moments ago, immediately changed. She seemed to burst forth with renewed energy as the Yin-Yang Fish reappeared beneath her and rapidly spread across the void. She then glared at the Pseudo-Royal Lord she had been keeping occupied the whole time and growled, “Ready for round two?”


As soon as her crisp, cold voice sounded, it was time for the Pseudo-Royal Lord to meet his doom!



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