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Martial Peak – Chapter 5730, Yang Kai Had Already Prepared for This

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In the end, Wei Jun Yang failed to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lord he was hunting down. Even though Pseudo-Royal Lords could only wield around 70% of a true Royal Lord’s power, they were still formidable enough that it would not be easy to get rid of them in one fell swoop.


Furthermore, it had not been long since Wei Jun Yang became a Ninth-Order Master, so his heritage was even weaker than Luo Ting He’s. The situation would not be the same if he reached the peak of Ninth-Order.


At times like this, Wei Jun Yang felt envious of Yang Kai’s Space Secret Techniques. He believed that if Yang Kai reached the Ninth Order, it would have been child’s play for him to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord. He could simply use a Space Secret Technique to prevent his opponent from running away from him, whereas Wei Jun Yang had to doggedly chase down his opponent and still come up short.


While Wei Jun Yang did not want to give up on the chase, time was running out, and he had no other choice.


The entrance to the Universe Furnace was about to close, and he needed to head back over to stand guard over the area and take command of the situation. Otherwise, unexpected crises might occur once the Human Race Masters enter the Universe Furnace.


Even though he could not kill off the Pseudo-Royal Lord, he did manage to severely injure him. For now, that Pseudo-Royal Lord would not be able to do anything else but return to a Black Ink Nest to recuperate.


With Wei Jun Yang personally overseeing the entrance to the Universe Furnace, the situation there quickly stabilised. Similarly to Azure Sun Territory, the Human Race Masters were the first to swiftly enter the Universe Furnace. Soon, the Black Ink Clan Masters rushed over as well, and the Humans readily allowed some of them to pass through.


Things went according to plan at both of these Great Territories which had Ninth-Order Masters overseeing them.


Even on the Great Territory Battlefields where the Human Race were the ones at a disadvantage, the Humans’ efforts had not been fruitless.


The Masters who were chosen to enter the Universe Furnace had already received their instructions from Mi Jing Lun, and they were currently besieging the Black Ink Clan’s lines of defence as they stormed their way into the Universe Furnace.


Over at Azure Sun Territory, the Humans could not stop the Black Ink Clan from entering despite being the ones with the upper hand, but the same applied to the Black Ink Clan on these Great Territory Battlefields as they could not block all the Humans.


As the Black Ink Clan watched the Human Race Masters disappearing into the Universe Furnace, their decision solidified.


Ever since the appearance of the phantom images of the Universe Furnace, the Black Ink Clan had been mimicking their opponent’s every move, and they chose to do so this time too.


Since the Humans wanted to enter the Universe Furnace, they were going to enter as well!


On these Great Territory Battlefields, the Black Ink Clan were the ones in control of the entrances to the Universe Furnace, so nothing stopped them from heading in.


However, they soon encountered the same situation that the Humans had. As more of them entered the Universe Furnace, their advantage on the battlefield slowly diminished…


The Black Ink Clan were in complete control of the Universe Furnace entrance on the Barren Territory, whereas the Humans were in control of the openings on the three Great Territory Battlefields that the Black Ink Clan had given up.


As for the remaining entrances, the advantage oscillated between the two sides, and the situation constantly changed.


At last, the three days were over, and the Universe Furnace projections in each Great Territory suddenly began shaking violently. Everyone was unprepared as they witnessed the Universe Furnaces abruptly turning into wisps of light before completely vanishing.


The disappearance of the Universe Furnace was a pivotal turning point for the battles on each Great Territory Battlefield.


All this while, the two sides had been fighting in the vicinity of the Universe Furnace projections. Naturally, this brought about certain limitations in terms of the scope of military operations. For the most part, the party with the upper hand would organise their Masters near the entrance to guard it.


Now that the entrances were gone, the limitations were lifted as well.


Wei Jun Yang took a deep breath. He felt as if he had shrugged off a layer of restraints, and the air was clear again. He raised his long spear as he roared so loudly that his voice reached across the Great Territory, “Are you ready to die, Black Ink Clan bastards!?”


Previously, he could not freely unleash his full power. As the Ninth-Order Master who was in command here, he had to consider many variables. Otherwise, he would not have given up on his attempt to kill the injured Pseudo-Royal Lord to come back and stand guard at the entrance to the Universe Furnace.


However, there was nothing to hold him back now. The Black Ink Clan in this Great Territory were going to have to sear a name into their memories.


It was going to be his name, Wei Jun Yang of Great Battle Heaven!


Meanwhile, Luo Ting He was also finally able to unleash her full strength and she boldly stormed into the Black Ink Clan Army’s ranks. It was as if the Yin-Yang Fish had taken on a physical form as the massive image churned through a million Black Ink Clan Soldiers. Yin and Yang swirled together to grind down these enemies, reducing them to smashed meat and pools of blood.


Originally, Mi Jing Lun considered sending one of the two new Ninth-Order Masters into the Universe Furnace to aid the Human Race Masters as they went in to seize opportunities; however, after a discussion with Xiang Shan, he gave up on that idea.


Once the Universe Furnace surfaced, the battles between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan would surely erupt. All the previous agreements and pacts would undoubtedly lose all meaning, and it was far more valuable to have the two Ninth-Order Masters out on the battlefields instead of inside the Universe Furnace.


The Ninth-Order Masters did not need to get involved with the goings-on inside the Universe Furnace. Opportunities always came with risks. If the Human Race Masters inside needed a Ninth-Order Master to aid them as they went in search of these opportunities, then it would not be unreasonable to consider all their centuries and millennia of cultivation a waste.


Furthermore, the area inside the Universe Furnace was boundless, so even if a Ninth-Order Master went in, they might not be able to contribute much.


At the time, Blood Crow, who had been listening on the side, casually remarked, “I don’t know whether or not a Ninth-Order Master can enter the Universe Furnace, but the last time it opened, none of the Ninth-Order Masters or Royal Lords went in. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, or perhaps the Universe Furnace imposes a limit on the cultivation realm of those who enter.”


Either way, the two new Ninth-Order Masters did not enter the Universe Furnace.


However, Mi Jing Lun was certain that the dangers inside the Universe Furnace this time would far surpass all the previous times in history!


This was because many Pseudo-Royal Lords had entered as well, and the Black Ink Clan most likely did not have Pseudo-Royal Lords the last time the Universe Furnace emerged, so this situation had no precedent to judge from.


It would be a challenging trial for the Human Race Masters who entered the Universe Furnace this time.


When the Universe Furnace phantoms vanished, tremors were felt across the 3,000 Worlds and the entire Black Ink Battlefield.


Over at Wind Mist Territory, Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing were sitting cross-legged. World Force was circling around them, rippling through the air. There was a rip in the boundary wall in front of them, and a gargantuan arm stretched out. The massive arm looked like a pillar that cut through the void.


The chains that wound tightly around the arm were created by the two Ninth-Order Old Ancestors using some kind of joint Secret Technique.


Many millennia had passed since the Black Ink Giant Spirit God broke through the Boundary Wall between Wind Mist Territory and the Barren Territory to let the Black Ink Clan Army launch its invasion into the 3,000 Worlds.


Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing had been sitting in the same spot for just as many millennia as they engaged in a cross-territory battle with the Black Ink Giant Spirit God!


It was impossible for the two to fight a Black Ink Giant Spirit God head-to-head, let alone restrain one of his arms, but when they were separated by the Boundary Wall, the power that the Black Ink Giant Spirit God could wield greatly weakened.


Furthermore, this Black Ink Giant Spirit God sustained serious injuries previously, which allowed Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing to restrain him all these years.


Over 1,000 years ago though, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God managed to restore much of his strength, causing the two Ninth-Order Masters to experience even more pressure. Thankfully, Yang Kai came in time and used Purifying Light to grind down their opponent’s strength.


However, over 1,000 years had passed since then, and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s power was restored little by little over that time. Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing did not know how much longer they could hold out.


The Universe Furnace had appeared, and they could sense the rumbles of the Universe’s Grand Dao. They exchanged a glance in silence as they knew a major change was about to come!


At that very moment, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God who never bothered to interact with them throughout the many millennia started laughing out of the blue. Its laughter came through the rip, “The Humans will soon be exterminated!”


As its voice came through, the chains around its arm vibrated slightly before letting out a hissing sound.


Wu Qing and Xiao Xiao did not hesitate even for a breath as they quickly channelled their powers, using their World Force to strengthen the chains.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God did not make another futile attempt. It was as if it had only been testing things out earlier, but even so, the Ninth-Order Masters felt heavily pressured.


“You can run your mouth when you’re able to escape unscathed!” Wu Qing coldly snorted.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God scoffed, but did not respond.


Wu Qing’s expression was dark, and his brow was furrowed tightly. He could tell that the Black Ink Giant Spirit God could have escaped a long time ago if it wanted to. The latter simply had to cut off the arm that he and Xiao Xiao were restraining.


However, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was evidently unwilling to suffer such a loss. That was why it did not do much and allowed the two to restrain it here.


All these years, it was quietly gathering its strength in order to escape unscathed, and from the looks of it, it would happen soon.


Moreover, no Black Ink Clansmen had ever come to disrupt the two throughout these years, and clearly, something was strange about that too. They were keeping the Black Ink Giant Spirit God occupied here, but was it not also doing the same to them?


[Perhaps the Black Ink Clan wants to change things now…]


Wu Qing could not resist glancing at Xiao Xiao, who remained unperturbed. She was holding something in her hand that was hidden beneath her sleeve, and she nodded at him before using Divine Sense transmission to say, “Yang Kai had already prepared for this!”


What she held was something that Yang Kai had secretly given her when he came to check on them previously. She had furtively studied the item, and once she realised what it was, she was both shocked and in awe.


However, she kept quiet about this and did not even inform Wu Qing because too much was at stake, and she had to guard against the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s probing.


Hence, Wu Qing was startled when he heard Xiao Xiao and frowned as he asked, “Do you have so much faith in that boy?”


Xiao Xiao smirked before firmly declaring, “It’s not just my faith in him. He has given the Human Race something that allows us to be this confident!”


Faith alone was meaningless. What she held in her hand was the most important key to dealing with this Black Ink Giant Spirit God. All was well if their opponent chose to stay put and do nothing, but if he tried to escape, it would be time for her to use the trump card in her possession.


Wu Qing nodded lightly and did not ask for more details. He was also a Ninth-Order Master, but he was unfamiliar with Yang Kai. He had been an Army Commander at Yin-Yang Pass, then the Old Ancestor of the Yin-Yang Theatre during Yang Kai’s rise to prominence, so his interactions with Yang Kai were minimal. He had many rumours which, simply put, described Yang Kai as a Junior who often created unexpected but definitely pleasant surprises. As such, he took the simple approach of, [I shall wait and see…]



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