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Martial Peak – Chapter 5733, Wolf Fang Army, Liao Zheng

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The monster from the Universe Furnace was able to take on a humanoid physical form after devouring and absorbing the medicinal efficacies of an Open Heaven Pill.


It now had four limbs and a whole set of facial features. In fact, the monster’s outwardly appearance was around 60% to 70% similar to the Feudal Lord that Yang Kai let go…


Yang Kai began pondering on this. Such an appearance could not be a coincidence. [Could it be that this monster has a natural mimetic instinct? When it could finally hold a physical form, did it instinctively take after the Feudal Lord’s appearance because of the fight with him earlier?]


Yang Kai felt a little relieved that he did not interact much with this monster, or otherwise, it would feel pretty strange and uncomfortable if it suddenly assumed a form similar to his own.


With the existence of such strange beings, Yang Kai swiftly realized that the situation inside the Universe Furnace was quite likely a lot more complex than he originally thought.


Initially, he assumed that it would only be the Humans and the Black Ink Clan inside the Universe Furnace as they fought to gain opportunities with the Open Heaven Pills. Anyone he would encounter would either be his ally or his enemy; however, he now realised that perhaps there was a third party as well.


There was no denying that the Open Heaven Pills created by the Universe Furnace were of great use to these monsters who needed them by nature.


Since that was the case, it was going to be even more difficult for both the Humans and the Black Ink Clan to procure the scattered Open Heaven Pills.


Ever since the beginning, the Universe Furnace would create Open Heaven Pills whenever it surfaced. These native monsters would have greatly benefited from the production of these Open Heaven Pills in the past. They would have been able to escape from their chaotic state and gain a new life…


The monster that now had a physical form that looked similar to the earlier Feudal Lord was clearly a special kind of lifeform.


Yang Kai could sense some vitality, and the monster was partly sentient now. That was why it was carefully examining the world around it, but alas, it could not discover anything since it was in Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


There was a third Great Force inside the Universe Furnace, and no one knew how strong it was. This was not good news for the Human Race Masters who came in to search for opportunities.


[The strength of these native monsters… cannot be underestimated.]


A thought occurred to Yang Kai, and all of a sudden, his Soul Avatar manifested in front of the monster in his Small Universe and he slammed his palm against it. The fight broke out immediately.


Moments later, the dust settled. Yang Kai was standing still and staring at the monster’s meagre remains with a deep frown.


He encountered some of these native monsters in the great river and fought against them there too, but those monsters did not absorb the medicinal efficacies from the Open Heaven Pills and were fairly easy to deal with. The only tricky aspect was the way they merged with the Great River when they were on the verge of defeat, which made them untraceable.


However, after his latest probe, Yang Kai concluded that the monster that absorbed the medicinal efficacies of an Open Heaven Pill and gained a stable physical form was decidedly harder to deal with.


Its most significant characteristic was its endurance. Yang Kai was at the peak of Eighth Order and his strength far surpassed anyone in the same realm as him. He could even kill an Innate Territory Lord in three blows if he went all out.


However, he actually had to put in some effort to kill this monster. It seemed to have a naturally strong resistance to the World Force inside an Open Heaven Realm Master’s Small Universe. The efficacy of the attack was only about a third of its full strength.


Furthermore, these monsters’ physical bodies were odd and hard to injure.


Nevertheless, they had weaknesses too. Dao Strengths were able to restrain them significantly. Earlier on, Yang Kai harnessed his Dao Strengths as he attacked the monster. As a result, the monster howled in agony before disappearing like snow melting under the summer sun, leaving nothing but its destroyed remains behind.


Following all the experiments Yang Kai did, he came to one conclusion. It was going to be somewhat tricky to deal with these monsters from the Universe Furnace!


After taking the remains out of his Small Universe, he began to examine everything once more. He only stopped once he confirmed there would not be any lingering danger.


The most beneficial opportunities inside the Universe Furnace were the nine special Open Heaven Pills that would allow the Human Race Masters to reach the Ninth Order; however, the ordinary Innate Open Heaven Pills were clearly valuable too, so it would not do to pass up on them if found.


[Since there was an ordinary Open Heaven Pill here, there could be more.]


Yang Kai quickly began his search through the mountain range. It was formed solely of chaotic Dao Essence and it was not easy to search for treasure in a place like this. His Divine Sense was hindered and he could not inspect much further from where he was.


Thankfully, Yang Kai could move quickly and soon finished combing through the mountain range, finding two ordinary Open Heaven Pills.


Both of these had been swallowed by the native monsters, but due to this, they could not hide their presence and Yang Kai easily found them. With the surge of Dao Strengths directed at them, the two monsters swiftly turned into smithereens, and Yang Kai collected the Open Heaven Pills with great ease.


All of a sudden, he realised that native monsters shared a similarity with him. They were just as good at escaping as he was! That being said, as long as he was able to restrict their ability to flee, it would not be too hard for him to deal with them.


This applied to Yang Kai too, and he quietly mused to himself. [The Black Ink Clan probably thought of this solution to deal with me too, so that was why they had to set up that Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array.]


Once again, Yang Kai continued travelling along the meandering great river.


Throughout the journey, he saw many of the curious and intriguing sights of this Sealed World that were real eye-openers for him. He did also run into several Black Ink Clansmen who were alone.


The Black Ink Clan Army had been separated when they came in, but there were still millions of them, so it was unsurprising that Yang Kai ran into them.


There was not much to be said about dealing with them as Yang Kai just executed them on the spot as soon as he spotted them.


Space and Time in this place seemed to grow hazy as it was filled with chaotic Dao Essence. Yang Kai did not know how long he had been travelling, but after doing so for what must have been quite some time, he suddenly sensed disturbances from a fight taking place up ahead.


The cultivation realm of both parties… was not low by any means.


Yang Kai’s gaze hardened as he hid his aura and used Space Principles to fade into the Void before rushing straight for the fight.


Soon, he arrived and saw an Eighth-Order Master battling a Territory Lord.


The Territory Lord seemed to be an Acquired Territory Lord, and the Eighth-Order Master was an unfamiliar face. Yang Kai had never seen him before, so he figured that this person must have become an Eighth-Order Master fairly recently.


The two were evenly matched in battle, but both the Eighth-Order Master and the Territory Lord were clearly holding back, neither of them going all out.


This was not because they were averse to killing each other, but because a fight inside the Universe Furnace would naturally draw attention. If a newcomer was an ally, then it would be great, but if it was an enemy, then the situation would become dangerous.


By reserving some of their strength, they would be able to escape if they sensed that things were going south for them.


Thus, even though the fight was intense, it was unlikely to result in an actual death on either side. All in all, neither one could defeat the other in this kind of battle.


Yang Kai quietly observed for a brief moment before secretly communicating with the Eighth-Order Master. The latter was deeply shocked but he did not let it show on his face.


The next breath, he suddenly caught the Territory Lord unaware by launching an attack with full force. However, the Territory Lord had been on guard and swiftly counterattacked with full strength as well.


Just then, a figure popped up behind him like a ghost. Mysterious Dao Strengths flared as Space solidified and Time blurred…


Just as the Territory Lord’s perception was disrupted by Space-Time Strength, a large hand reached out to him from behind and smashed down on his head.


His head collapsed into his chest and his forehead split open.


The Eighth-Order Master also launched a series of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques to kill the Territory Lord at once.


He was delighted from having killed a strong opponent and was about to greet Yang Kai when the latter’s expression changed. Yang Kai turned in a certain direction. The very next moment, his figure dashed off into the distance and disappeared.


“Stay here and wait for me!” The Eighth-Order Master heard a voice saying to him.


At first, the Eighth-Order Master was a little confused, but he soon realised what was happening and felt belated fear. He knew he would have been in a disastrous situation if Yang Kai had not come along and given him a hand.


After cleaning up the battlefield a little and consuming a Spirit Pill to replenish himself, he stood still and waited. A moment later, Yang Kai reappeared.


The Eighth-Order Master immediately cupped his fist and bowed, “Wolf Fang Army, Liao Zheng greets Sir Yang!”


They were both Eighth-Order Masters, but Liao Zheng looked rather excited. It was as if he was meeting someone he greatly admired.


In reality, that was exactly what was happening. Among the rising stars of the Human Race, no one was as famous or lauded as Yang Kai, not even Mi Jing Lun who oversaw the Supreme Headquarters or the new Ninth-Order Masters.


The Humans went through many crises and difficulties after the great evacuation all those years ago, and Yang Kai’s efforts largely contributed to the Human Race’s ability to hang on thus far.


Without Yang Kai, Profound Nether Territory would have been lost. Without Yang Kai, the rising stars would not have had a suitable place to temper themselves and cultivate. Without Yang Kai, the Human Race would not have Purifying Light, and the Black Ink Clan would not be hindered as much as they were now.


When these rising stars first started cultivating, their Seniors told them stories of Yang Kai’s many contributions. Their Seniors wanted them to know how everything the Human Race had now come to be, and for them to look up to Yang Kai and follow in his footsteps.


The respect and admiration they had for Yang Kai were seared deep into their hearts. It would not be affected no matter how much stronger they became in terms of cultivation.


Yang Kai nodded lightly and observed the Eighth-Order Master before saying with a smile, “We’re both Eighth-Order Masters. Just address me as Senior Brother. You don’t need to address me as Sir.”


At that moment, he suddenly understood what it must have been like for Wei Jun Yang and Ou Yang Lie when they met him back then in Profound Nether Territory.


Before he returned to Profound Nether Territory, both Wei Jun Yang and Ou Yang Lie were his Seniors, but upon meeting them again after becoming an Eighth-Order Master himself, they insisted on interacting with him as equals.


For Open Heaven Realm Masters, age was not the deciding factor in the way they interacted with and addressed each other. It was based on their cultivation!



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