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Martial Peak – Chapter 5744, Forced to Fight

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The Universe Furnace World had just experienced its first evolution, but the chaotic and disorderly Shattered Dao Essence had only slightly improved. This place was still vast and boundless, so wanting to find a helping hand in this sort of environment was going to be difficult.


The other worry was that Yang Kai might even attract other enemies before finding the help he needed.


Based on the information he obtained from Liao Zheng and the others, as many as 20 Pseudo-Royal Lords had appeared on the various battlefields, and there could be more of them.


If he were to draw in another Pseudo-Royal Lord, then even Yang Kai would have trouble dealing with them.


There was no helping it, however. He could only keep going with his plan.


As he fled, Yang Kai silently opened the portal of his Small Universe and quickly closed it again, his figure sweeping quickly away without any pause.


He seemed to have done nothing, but Thunder Shadow, who was resting on his shoulder, was keenly aware of the moment his Small Universe’s portal was opened. He even saw Yang Kai release a jellyfish Chaos Entity that he had brought in earlier.


The moment the Chaos Entity was released, it just happened to be in an illusory state and was imperceptible to one’s eyes or Divine Sense, which was within Yang Kai’s calculations.


Naturally, Thunder Shadow understood what Yang Kai was trying to do and he could not help but divert some of his attention to the rear alongside Yang Kai.


The next moment, when Meng Que crossed the point where the trap was set, the Chaos Entity revealed itself and as its body bloomed with multi-coloured light. Meng Que naturally hit the jellyfish straight on.


This was a great shock to Meng Que. Even though he believed himself to be far stronger than Yang Kai, he did not dare to be careless in the face of this powerful enemy who had been causing endless troubles for the Black Ink Clan for thousands of years. During the chase, he was constantly on guard to avoid being taken by surprise.


Yet, he never thought that he would still fall for Yang Kai’s trickery.


The jellyfish-like Chaos Entity was one that Meng Que had previously discovered at the place where the Territory Lords died. Back then, he did not examine them carefully, but now that he touched one, he could sense a shapeless chaotic energy emanating from it that attacked his Soul.


Meng Que was taken aback for a moment and threw his palm out by instinct, slapping away the Chaos Entity in his face…


Up ahead, Thunder Shadow, who had seen everything clearly, licked its paws leisurely and commented, “Useful, but not very much so!”


Yang Kai nodded.


This jellyfish Chaos Entity emitted a very special type of energy that disrupted one’s Soul, and this shock was clearly powerful enough to affect the Pseudo-Royal Lord behind them; unfortunately, the disturbance the jellyfish caused was minimal. It was very different compared to the Territory Lords before, who fell into a complete daze after being hit by these Chaos Entities.


This wasn’t too much of a surprise though as the enemy was a Pseudo-Royal Lord. In terms of cultivation alone, Meng Que was no different from a Ninth-Order Master or true Royal Lord; thus, he had great resistance towards such attacks.


As such, Yang Kai’s plan to use his collected jellyfish Chaos Entities in the fight against this Pseudo-Royal Lord fell apart. At the very most, these Chaos Entities could only hinder a Pseudo-Royal Lord a little rather than become a key to attaining victory.


In fact, regarding this Pseudo-Royal Lord, Yang Kai had at least two ways to deal with him on his own; however, the price he would have to pay was too great and not considered cost-effective in this situation.


He would be better off trying to seek help instead!


Going round and round in this Universe Furnace World where Time and Space were extremely blurred, three figures swiftly moved, one chasing and two fleeing, though only one of the latter was actually exerting any effort. It was not known just how much distance they had traversed or how long it had been.


As long as Yang Kai wanted to run, then Meng Que would not be able to catch him, but he also could not bear to give up on a big fish like Yang Kai, so he had no choice but to soldier on.


After such an extended chase, Meng Que had also garnered some clues from his enemy’s actions. He may not be as smart as Mo Na Ye, but he was still a Pseudo-Royal Lord who had a lot of information about Yang Kai and knew his habits and thoughts well. How could he not understand that Yang Kai was purposefully leading him on after so long?


Even though Meng Que knew his enemy’s intentions, he could not understand what Yang Kai’s ultimate plan was, or if he had a hidden plot beneath the chase, which made him feel slightly uneasy.


As the chase continued, the void suddenly shook. The second evolution was emerging. Just like the first evolution, it came fast and left just as quickly, but after this evolution, the Shattered Dao Essence became a little bit more perfect.


For Yang Kai, who had great proficiency in the Dao of Time and Dao of Space, he had a greater intuition for such details compared to others.


However, the helpers he needed were still nowhere to be found.


Until a certain moment, Yang Kai suddenly sensed the fallout of a fierce battle up ahead. Instantly, he had a bad premonition and focused his senses.


Then, his brow furrowed.


After the second evolution, the interference he experienced during his search was less than before, and very soon, Yang Kai realized that the fight up ahead was between Masters from the Black Ink Clan and the Human Race.


About 4 or 5 different auras were coming from the Humans’ side, all of them in the Eighth Order. To be able to converge in one place so quickly was obviously thanks to physical contact they must have shared while entering the Universe Furnace.


However, the Black Ink Clansman opposing had one particularly powerful aura among them. Though it contained the strength of a Royal Lord, it was clearly a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


The worst situation Yang Kai expected had happened.


What Yang Kai hoped most to encounter along this chase was a group of at least three Eighth-Order Masters travelling together. That way, alongside him and Thunder Shadow, they could easily form the Five Elements Formation and teach the Pseudo-Royal Lord behind him some proper respect.


With a Five Elements Formation, ordinary Eighth-Order Masters could just about put up an even fight against a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but with Yang Kai serving as the Core, the chances of defeating a Pseudo-Royal Lord were relatively high. As for killing such an opponent… that would be a bit difficult.


If they were to encounter 1 or 2 straggling Eighth-Orders, Yang Kai could accept that too.


However, this was what he feared most, where there were enough Eighth-Order Masters to fight a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but they were already encumbered…


Seeing this and understanding the situation, Yang Kai swiftly turned away, hoping to lure his pursuer away with him.


The pursuing Pseudo-Royal Lord’s Divine Sense was not the least bit weaker than Yang Kai’s, so if Yang Kai could detect the movements there, then Meng Que who was chasing him should have felt them too.


However, Meng Que only hesitated for a moment before turning around and continuing to chase Yang Kai.


Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief when he noticed this. This Pseudo-Royal Lord… did not seem very smart. If it were Mo Na Ye, he would not be coming after him.


While thinking so, Meng Que suddenly paused. Clearly, he had also realized something before shouting at Yang Kai from afar, “I’ll go kill those Humans first before coming back to deal with you!”


After venting his anger, Meng Que immediately turned around and swept towards where the battle was taking place earlier.


However, before he could get far, the space in front of him rippled and a figure emerged from within, holding a long spear that he immediately thrust out.


Meng Que seemed to have anticipated that this would happen and let out a hearty laugh before swinging his fist out to meet Yang Kai in battle.


The spear shadow was smashed and Yang Kai was sent flying back while Meng Que only staggered slightly, clearly showing the disparity in their strengths.


In the void, ripples were constantly forming at Yang Kai’s back. He had activated Space Principles to try and defuse the force of the counterattack and was soon able to stabilize himself with a sigh.


Even though this Pseudo-Royal Lord was not very bright, he was not a complete fool either if he knew to threaten him with the lives of Eighth-Order Masters.


If Yang Kai let him leave and join together with that other Pseudo-Royal Lord up ahead, then the Eighth-Order Masters there would certainly be in danger. So, as soon as Meng Que said those words, the chase was over, and the initiative also fell into Meng Que’s hands.


This was the reason why Yang Kai was worried about encountering this situation, because once he did, he would be forced to fight with this Pseudo-Royal Lord.


This was not the outcome he wanted.


Meng Que was extremely pleased that he had successfully forced Yang Kai to face him head on and even felt that his idea was simply a stroke of genius.


He studied Yang Kai carefully and his eyes shone as if he were looking at his own war trophy.


He had seen Yang Kai before, but even though he had been stationed in the No-Return Pass all along, both times that Yang Kai caused a stir, Meng Que had been an Innate Territory Lord, so having to face a killing star like Yang Kai was not something he had confidence in back then.


The number of Innate Territory Lords who fell to Yang Kai’s spear was in the hundreds.


However, Meng Que was now a Pseudo-Royal Lord and naturally in a different state of mind.


Despite having taken the initiative, Meng Que did not let down his guard and turned to look around him, “Where is that leopard? Tell it to come out. I won’t be accused of bullying you.”


Meng Que did not see any trace of the leopard that was sitting on Yang Kai’s shoulder previously, which made him suspicious. He had no idea what Yang Kai was planning by hiding it away.


Even though he was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, it would not be very pleasant for him if he were attacked from behind by a Monster Race Master during a critical moment.


Yang Kai curled his lip and kept silent. He just raised his spear in front of him and silently gathered his strength. Dealing with this Pseudo-Royal Lord could mean losing his life at any moment, so he could not be sloppy.


Meng Que lost patience and sneered, “Good. No matter what plans you try to use, this will be your burial ground today. Remember, the one who killed you is the Black Ink Clan’s Meng Que!”


As soon as those words were said, he turned into a stream of dark light and lunged at Yang Kai.


The next instant, two figures clashed with each other, and in the moment after that, a figure was sent flying out, Golden Blood pouring out of his mouth. It was Yang Kai.


Even though he had fought with two Pseudo-Royal Lords before and even killed Di Wu, it was Yang Kai’s first time fighting a Pseudo-Royal Lord head-on at full strength.


During his fight with Di Wu, the latter had been suppressed by the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land. Yang Kai had favourable conditions and an advantageous position, so that fight did not count for much.


As for the fight against Mo Na Ye… Most of it was just Yang Kai running away from him. During that time, Yang Kai was not in peak condition since he had fought against many Innate Territory Lords earlier, so he no longer had the capital to battle Mo Na Ye.


This was Yang Kai’s first real clash with a Pseudo-Royal Lord without either side having a distinct advantage.


Meng Que was very strong, and even though he could not exert his full strength, he was still not an enemy Yang Kai could fight against freely. Still, Yang Kai steadied himself and went all out.


Compared to Yang Kai’s cautious seriousness, Meng Que was sighing in his heart.


The killing star whose name resounded through the Humans and Black Ink Clan was truly not comparable to ordinary Eighth-Order Masters.


Before meeting Yang Kai, Meng Que had met three other Eighth-Order Masters. One of them was alone, whereas the other two moved in a pair; however, faced with a Pseudo-Royal Lord like him, it did not matter whether they were one or two, there was simply no way for them to fight back and they died swiftly under his palm.


However, Yang Kai was able to block his blow head-on…


Rather than find this ridiculous, Meng Que felt it was only right for Yang Kai to be this strong. If he wasn’t, it would have been impossible for Yang Kai to make the Black Ink Clan suffer so many losses.



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