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Martial Peak – Chapter 5746, Six Paths Formation

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Ou Yang Lie’s goal in coming to the Universe Furnace wasn’t to look for any opportunities for himself.


He was thinking that, if possible, he would like to obtain a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill and give it to Yang Kai so that he could break through to the Ninth Order! Due to the suppression of the Cave Heavens and Paradises back then, Yang Kai was forced to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm; but now, he was being relied upon to carry the heavy burden of helping the Human Race survive.


This was what the Cave Heavens and Paradises owed him, so he should find a way to make it up to him.


Moreover, Yang Kai himself was far more powerful than his peers as it was, so to have him advance to the Ninth Order would give them an even greater advantage and even greater benefits.


Of course, these were the thoughts and considerations of Ou Yang Lie alone, so things may not necessarily go as he wished. As the number of Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills was very small, and with the Humans, Black Ink Clan, and the native Chaos Race Masters scouring the Universe Furnace, obtaining a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was not going to be easy.


Putting his thoughts away, Ou Yang Lie turned his head in the direction of Monster Race leopard and recognised it as the Myriad Monsters World’s first Great Emperor who had risen to fame in the last millennium. He was just about to thank him when Thunder Shadow’s voice sounded in his ears, “Yang Kai is facing a Pseudo-Royal Lord alone and may not be able to hold out much longer. Please quickly come and support him!”


Ou Yang Lie’s face turned serious at once, “Where is he now?”


Thunder Shadow turned into a black shadow and shrouded the four Eighth-Order Masters, his voice reaching their ears as well, “Enter my Divine Ability and I will bring you there!”


As the black shadow flickered, the four figures disappeared. Using his Innate Divine Ability, Thunder Shadow swept silently towards the battlefield where Yang Kai and Meng Que were.


Yang Kai’s condition was steadily deteriorating on that battlefield. There was a dent on his chest and half of the fine Dragon Scales were cracked. He was clearly in a precarious situation.


Even Yang Kai was struggling to keep up with this reckless Pseudo-Royal Lord. He should be able to last for an hour at the very most, and by then, he would be too wounded to fight back. Before then, he would have to use his trump card if he wanted to stay alive.


He could only hope that everything was going smoothly on Thunder Shadow’s side.


This bastard, Meng Que, just had to keep rambling despite having the upper hand, shouting that if Yang Kai dared to run away, he would immediately go and kill those Eighth-Orders Masters…


Hearing that irritated Yang Kai, but he was indeed not Meng Que’s opponent. He also had to rely on the jellyfish Chaos Entities he had collected over and over to save himself from danger, but the Chaos Entities had a limited effect on a Pseudo-Royal Lord. Every time Yang Kai released a Chaos Entity, it would immediately be swept away by Meng Que, causing Yang Kai to nearly exhaust the supply he gathered in just a short period of time.


In contrast, Meng Que was undoubtedly feeling extremely smug at the moment. The Black Ink Clan’s attempts at stopping Yang Kai have all ended in failure so far. Furthermore, Mo Na Ye had once said to the Royal Lord that one should not target him rashly without a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array to restrain Yang Kai’s Space Secret Techniques, lest they be subjected to his retaliation later.


The Royal Lord was also convinced of that back then. Yang Kai had brought endless shame and incalculable damage to the Clan, but his greatest strength was not the power he had which surpassed his peers, his greatest strength was his ability to escape just like a slippery ghost.


Without being able to restrain him, any plan would be meaningless.


That was why the clan had Black Ink Disciple develop the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array and refined many Array Plates and Banners so that they could set it up anywhere Yang Kai appeared.


But now, Meng Que had pinned Yang Kai in place all by himself without the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array or any helpers. All he had to do was threaten him with a few words.


How could Mo Na Ye compare with such efficiency?


If he could kill Yang Kai here, it would definitely be a huge achievement, not to mention the fact that Yang Kai had an Open Heaven Pill on him.


Once he returned to the No-Return Pass with this success, the Royal Lord would definitely praise him greatly, and the trivial Mo Na Ye would be trampled under his feet sooner or later.


Meng Que was filled with anticipation for that future, but he did not forget about the threat of the Monster Race leopard. He was still a Pseudo-Royal Lord, after all, so he would not be so careless.


It was at that moment that Meng Que suddenly sensed something and slightly restrained his attacks towards Yang Kai. Instead, he threw a fierce punch at the void behind him with a cold smile curling his lips.


There was an unusual movement in that direction. Clearly, the leopard finally could not resist making its move.


At first, Meng Que thought that even if he could not take it down with this blow, it would definitely be enough to force the leopard to show itself; however, what greeted him was a powerful blow,  like a mountain overturning the sea, one that vastly exceeded what that leopard could produce.


The sneer on Meng Que’s face turned to shock, and the Black Ink Strength that covered his body was dissipated by the blow. He could not even stop himself from stumbling under the impact.


An invisible force spread out like ripples as Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability was broken, and one by one, figures appeared in Meng Que’s eyes.  


Meng Que was stunned at first, not understanding how several Eighth-Order Masters had suddenly appeared, but he quickly reacted to the situation.


[It was that leopard…]


He had thought that Monster Race leopard was hiding nearby and waiting for an opportunity to attack, but instead, he had gone to the other battlefield and joined forces with four Eighth-Order Masters to repel his fellow Pseudo-Royal Lord before rushing them over to help.


Meng Que could not help but curse in his heart.


He had no idea who that Pseudo-Royal Lord was, but he had to curse him for being such a waste, to have been forced back in such a short amount of time.


Meng Que also cursed himself for his poor decision-making. He thought that he would win the battle against Yang Kai by mere threats and was already on the road to victory when, in fact, his opponent already had a plan to deal with the situation.


Rather than bothering with Yang Kai, he should have joined forces with the unknown Pseudo-Royal Lord in his fight against the four Eighth-Order Masters, then Yang Kai surely would not just stand by and watch.


If Meng Que had done so, then it would have been two Pseudo-Royal Lords against Yang Kai and Monster Race leopard, as well as the four Eighth-Order Masters, which would give them a much bigger advantage!


One mistake led to another and quickly piled like an avalanche. Meng Que learned for the first time just how difficult it must have been for Mo Na Ye to deal with a cunning bastard like Yang Kai. Sure enough, one must not be the least bit careless or assume anything until this slippery Human was dead!


Meng Que comforted himself that it was not his fault, just that Yang Kai was too tempting a target to let off. Any other Pseudo-Royal Lord would not give up on a large catch like Yang Kai so easily to chase after a different target.


However, it was too late to consider such things. When the leopard brought over the four Human Masters, Meng Que knew that his plan to kill Yang Kai today had failed. Right now, he had to consider whether he was going to fight to the death or immediately turn tail and run.


The power of Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein burned and the Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation that had been enveloping him shone brilliantly, pouring green light into his body. At a rate visible to the naked eye, the injuries over his body could be seen healing. Even his chest, which had been caved in, was pushed back into place.


Yang Kai turned his head and spat out a mouthful of blood before pointing his Spear at Meng Que, a stern look on his face as he sneered, “Ready for round two?”


Not since he was chased by the Royal Lord outside of the Primordial Heaven Source Grand Restriction had Yang Kai suffered such a big loss.


It was not that the Black Ink Clan did not have anyone who was stronger than him, but the only one that had beaten him so badly was this Pseudo-Royal Lord called Meng Que in front of him.


This naturally built up a huge grudge in Yang Kai’s heart.


While he was speaking, Yang Kai had already connected his aura to Ou Yang Lie and the others. In an instant, a new Battle Formation was formed.


Originally, the Battle Formation that Ou Yang Lie and the three other Eighth-Order Masters formed was only the Four Symbols Formation. With Thunder Shadow’s inclusion, it became the Five Elements Formation. Now, with Yang Kai joining the formation, it became the Six Paths Formation.


Ou Yang Lie was originally the Core of the Formation, but he had willingly retrieved his aura and transferred this position. In the next moment, Yang Kai, who had now become the Core of the Formation, swelled with power, seemingly surpassing the Eighth Order.


The void trembled and Meng Que’s expression became grave.


He naturally recognised the Six Paths Formation, a Battle Formation of the Human Race. The Black Ink Clan had also studied this Formation. Back then, in the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye had made many Territory Lords attempt to form this Formation, but they never got the essence of it.


The many Territory Lords were only able to form up to the Four Symbols Formation, with a select few being capable of barely forming the Five Elements Formation. As for the Six Paths Formation, none of them had ever successfully performed it.


The reason for that was because the Formation required the concerted efforts of all involved, which not only required close coordination but also a tacit understanding of each other. Most importantly, unconditional trust towards the person presiding over the Formation as its Core was essential.


In other words, once a Battle Formation was created, the participants would become parts of a whole, surrendering their Will and strength to a single leader. They had to hand their life and all their power over to the one that stood as the Core of the Formation.


Naturally, the Human Race could more easily form higher ranking Battle Formations due to the oppression of death they faced, formed along with a close camaraderie among those that fought together since long ago. However, that was different for the Black Ink Clan.


Which of them would not have their own plans? The Territory Lords were basically the peak of the Black Ink Clan, so it would be a tough demand to ask them to hand their lives over to another Territory Lord.


Black Ink Clan aside, though there were precedents of the Six Paths and Seven Stars Formation being used by the Human Race, the Eight Desolations Formation and the Nine Palaces Formation was still difficult even for the Human Race. This was no longer a question of trust, but rather the difficulty of the Core withstanding and coordinating the pressure of the immense power gathering at that level. Thus, the Formation’s difficulty increased with numbers.


Right now, Ou Yang Lie and the other three Eighth-Order Masters were willing to entrust Yang Kai with their lives. After so many years of hard work, Yang Kai’s name had become a mainstay in the Human Race. He was the pillar that held back the Black Ink Clan. Which rising star would not have heard of Yang Kai’s illustrious name on their Martial Dao? One could practically say that most of them have grown up with Yang Kai as their goal in life.


With Yang Kai present on the scene, how could they hesitate? There was no need to even mention Ou Yang Lie and Thunder Shadow. The former was a close personal friend, and the latter was his own Monster Self.


Trust was not an issue.



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