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Martial Peak – Chapter 5748, What Is That

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A Pseudo-Royal Lord with only 50% of his power left may not have the guts to make a move even if he were to encounter other Eighth-Order Human Masters. Even though Meng Que did not die, his threat in the Universe Furnace had already been greatly reduced.


Ou Yang Lie could not help but raise his brow at that, “So, that means it wasn’t a loss for us?”


“No, of course not,” Yang Kai shook his head.


The worst-case scenario he originally envisioned was that he would be forced to join hands with Thunder Shadow to fight Meng Que alone. Of course, just his true body and his Monster Self were no match for a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but as long as they dared to put their lives on the line, then they would not let Meng Que off easily no matter what. As long as Meng Que realized that continuing the fight with him was going to cost him greatly, he would naturally withdraw by himself.


Fortunately, that did not happen, and he was able to borrow the strength of Ou Yang Lie and the others to form the Six Paths Formation.


When the other Eighth-Order Masters heard Yang Kai’s words, they were greatly relieved. They had fought against two Pseudo-Royal Lord’s in a row, and the intensity of the fights, especially against Meng Que, was far greater than anything they had ever experienced before. It was also a great benefit to their understanding of their own Grand Daos. 


The cultivators who had emerged over the millennia had grown through life-or-death struggles in battle, and the experience of fighting two such Pseudo-Royal Lords could be an invaluable asset to them.


The situation prior was so urgent that they had no time to exchange pleasantries, but now that they had some free time, the other three Eighth-Order Masters introduced themselves and respectfully greeted Yang Kai as Senior Brother Yang.


The three Eighth-Order Masters were two men and one woman. One among the men was Zhan Tian He, a man of proper origins. He was a disciple of a certain Cave Heaven, but he was sent to the Star Boundary to cultivate long ago and was fed by the power of the Star Boundary’s World Tree clone. He advanced directly to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm then.


Zhan Tian He was born with delicate features. With red lips and white teeth, he looked like a young man in his early twenties, obviously achieved by a high enough aptitude and a fast enough cultivation speed to achieve great strength at a young age, which allowed his youthful appearance to persist.


The other man was much more rugged with a waist like a bear’s and a back like a tiger’s. He was also unusually tall, resembling a steel pagoda when he stood up.


This burly fellow called Xiong Ji was also from a Cave Heaven, Bright King Cave Heaven, to be exact. The cultivators of Bright King Heaven were extremely powerful and robust as they mainly cultivated Body Tempering. Yang Kai had encountered many of Bright King Cave Heaven’s Masters before, but a man of Xiong Ji’s stature was still rare.


The woman, Liu Fei Fei, was not from a Cave Heaven or Paradise, but from a small Great Force. Though it was called a ‘small’ Great Force, it was in fact comparable to the Cave Heavens and Paradises now. That Great Force had also once dominated a Great Territory in the early days. It was similar to that of the Void Land back then, which made it a Second Class Great Force. However, no High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had ever come out from there.


After the great evacuation of the Human Race, this Great Force also moved to High Heaven Territory, and Liu Fei Fei, as a young elite disciple of the Sect, was sent to the Star Boundary to cultivate in order to achieve her present success.


The Sect where Liu Fei Fei came from had now moved to the Myriad Monsters World, where there was no shortage of rising stars. In the future, there would definitely be a lot of good seedlings who could make her Sect shine.


The greetings were all exchanged. Originally, the three rising stars felt more or less restrained when faced with a legendary character like Yang Kai. They had all grown and cultivated in the Star Boundary, so naturally, they had long heard of Yang Kai’s reputation and achievements, so they were all honoured to join forces with a legend such as he.


However, after a short conversation, they realised that the legend was not as imposing as they had imagined. Instead, he was very approachable, and with the friendship gained through their previous battle, a sense of affinity had grown between them.


Yang Kai asked Ou Yang Lie and the others about their situation and learnt that it was by chance that the four of them had come together.


Ou Yang Lie had originally come from Azure Sun Territory alone. As he wandered through the Universe Furnace World, he happened to sense a fight and rushed over to take a look to discover that Zhan Tian He and the others had formed a Three Fortunes Formation and were fighting against a Pseudo-Royal Lord. Ou Yang Lie immediately came to their aid, leading to the scene that Thunder Shadow saw after that.


If Ou Yang Lie had come any later, then Zhan Tian He and the others would likely have been in mortal danger. A Three Fortunes Formation would most likely have been unable to defend against a Pseudo-Royal Lord. As long as the Pseudo-Royal Lord was determined to pay the price to forcibly cut one of them down, the Three Fortunes Formation would easily be broken.


Though Zhan Tian He and the two others were of different origins, they had similarly grown up in the Star Boundary and had fought together with each other many times on the Great Territory Battlefields. So, they had grown to know each other well and formed a deep friendship. This time, the group had also entered through one of the Universe Furnace’s entrances together.


Ou Yang Lie was worried that Yang Kai would not know of the Universe Furnace’s oddities, so he was in a hurry to bring him all the information gathered by the Humans so far. When he found out that Yang Kai had already met up with other Eighth-Order Masters and was informed of all the intricacies, only then did he rest.


He then said with excitement, “With Junior Brother Yang and Thunder Shadow joining us, we can now explore the Universe Furnace World freely with the Six Paths Formation.”


There was sense to his words. They were all injured previously and also fought off Meng Que, but now that they were mostly recovered from their injuries, with the Six Paths Formation, they no longer had to fear any Pseudo-Royal Lords. The only existence likely to be able to be any threat to them in the Universe Furnace World now would be the as of yet unconfirmed Chaos Spirit Kings.


Zhan Tian He and the others were also excited. Originally, the three of them were cautious and uneasy, worried that they would accidentally come across a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and they did end up bumping into one in the end. It was fortunate that they were able to turn a dangerous situation into a beneficial one. With a stronger Formation, there was no longer any need for them to worry about anything.


Ou Yang Lie stood up eagerly, “Junior Brother Yang, shall we get going?”


His wounds had yet to fully heal, but he was well enough to go searching for opportunities while recovering on the way.


Namely, he was eager to go off and search for a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


“There’s no rush.” Yang Kai smiled, “Senior Brother Ou Yang, I have something to give you.”


Ou Yang Lie was surprised, “What is it?”


What would Yang Kai have for him at such a time?


Yang Kai did not explain and just took out a wooden box, tossing it to Ou Yang Lie, who casually caught it and smiled, “Anything that comes from Junior Brother’s hands surely won’t be ordinary. Let me take a look.”


Saying so, he released the many seals on the box as Zhan Tian He and the others looked on curiously.


In the next instant, a dense multi-coloured light suddenly entered their eyes, accompanied by an indescribable fragrance. Ou Yang Lie’s smile froze on his face, but he was only taken aback for a moment before quickly closing the wooden box and sealing it again. He raised his head and narrowed his eyes at Yang Kai while putting on the airs of an Elder, “Stinking Brat, how can you casually throw such a thing around? Hurry up and put it away!”


He quickly walked up to Yang Kai and grabbed his hand, pressing the box heavily onto his palm as he glared solemnly at him.


He tried to take his hand away, but failed to do so. Yang Kai had caught his hand, causing Ou Yang Lie’s face to become even more serious as he scolded, “Damn Brat! You’re still not going to let go? Tugging and pulling at someone’s hand like this is highly improper!”


Ou Yang Lie really never expected that Yang Kai would actually give him “that’’ when he offered to give him something!


Despite having never seen it before, he knew the instant he opened the box and saw the dense multi-coloured light surrounding the object.


It was the greatest opportunity to help cultivators break through their limits, as well as the cause that triggered this great tide of competition between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan.


A Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill!


Ou Yang Lie had to sigh in admiration at this twist of fate. He had been planning to give Yang Kai a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill if he ever came by the opportunity to obtain one so that the latter could advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and so that he could better lead the Human Race to victory and lift the darkness enveloping the 3,000 Worlds.


However, despite his search, Ou Yang Lie never caught a glimpse of a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill’s shadow, only finding a few Ordinary Grade Open Heaven Pills.


He never thought that Yang Kai would actually want to give him one instead.


[What is this boy thinking?]


The moment he saw the Open Heaven Pill, Ou Yang Lie felt a mix of emotions inside of him. He felt touched, but also annoyed at the same time.


He was touched that Yang Kai would so simply part with such a precious item as a gift to him, which was not something that could be done casually. In the end, he and Yang Kai merely knew each other well and shared some friendship as war comrades, but they were not at the level that warranted him being given a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill so simply.


Ou Yang Lie had the idea of giving Yang Kai a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill for the greater good of the Human Race, not to mention the fact that it was still a question as to whether he would get a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill to begin with.


But what was Yang Kai thinking when doing this?


Ou Yang Lie was annoyed at why this brat would give the pill to him when he himself needed it as well. How could he accept such a gift? This Stinking Brat could not be thinking that the pressure on him was too much, and so was thinking of shirking his responsibilities, was he?


Otherwise, why would he not take the Spirit Pill himself after obtaining it?


That would certainly not do. Yang Kai was not just a name, but the spiritual pillar of the entire Human Race. If he were to quit here, then it would greatly impact the morale of everyone.


While such thoughts were running through Ou Yang Lie’s mind, Zhan Tian He and the others were all stunned after seeing the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. Even though they were not as old as Ou Yang Lie and had not seen as much as he had, it was still easy to recognise something like the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


Excitement, shock, thrill, admiration… They all instantly went through a tangle of emotions.


Since the three of them entered the Universe Furnace World Together, other than meeting the Pseudo-Royal Lord, their trip had been smooth so far. However, they had not seen a trace of a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill along the way.


Yet, Senior Brother Yang had already gotten his hands on one! As expected of the legendary figure that they had been hearing about from their Elders since they were young! They were truly impressed by the speed at which he was able to find and acquire such a treasure.


The presence of this Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was a direct correlation to the birth of another Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the Human Race, which would definitely have a huge impact on the struggle between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan in the Universe Furnace World.


A Ninth-Order Master could provide great help to the Humans.


Of course, they were also Masters who were in need of this Spirit Pill; otherwise, they would not have come into the Universe Furnace World. Though they came spurred on by the situation of the Human Race, they also came because of their own needs.


Now that the opportunity was right in front of their eyes, who would not feel their heart race?



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