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Martial Peak – Chapter 5749, I Dare Not Accept It

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Cultivators spend so many years striving hard on cultivating, was their goal not so they could reach greater heights in the Martial Dao?


It could be said that no Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could stay indifferent in the face of a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill; this was merely Human nature, not greed or selfishness.


However, Zhan Tian He and the others quickly put away their thoughts for they knew that with Yang Kai and Ou Yang Lie present, this Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill would not be for them to refine no matter what.


After all, the pill did not belong to them.


Yang Kai had guessed that Ou Yang Lie would reject the pill; only, he never thought that his Senior Brother would reject it so resolutely.


This reinforced Yang Kai’s idea that it was right of him to offer up the Open Heaven Pill. Not just anyone could muster the same determination to reject it when they were able to recognize what the pill was.


Patting the back of Ou Yang Lie’s hand, Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother, please listen…”


Ou Yang Lie shook his head like a rattle drum, “I’m not listening. Take and refine this thing right now. We will stand guard for you. Once you break through to the Ninth Order, go and wipe out all those Black Ink Clan bastards. Wouldn’t all the good stuff that’s left be ours without the Black Ink Clan creating a disturbance here?”


Zhan Tian He and the others nodded in agreement, “Senior Brother Ou Yang has a point.”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “If this was useful to me, I would have found a place to refine it long ago and not keep it until now.”


Ou Yang Lie was stunned as he did not quite understand, “What do you mean? This thing is useless to you? Could I be mistaken about what this is?” He did not think he was wrong. It should be a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, no doubt about it, but could he have been mistaken?


Yang Kai explained, “Yes, it is what Senior Brother is thinking of, but unfortunately, it really is useless for me.”


Ou Yang Lie frowned, “If it really is that thing, then how could it be useless to you? Don’t try to fool me. I won’t believe a thing you say.”


Yang Kai had no idea what to say to that as he too felt helpless, “That’s why, please let me finish. Senior Brother…” Speaking up to this point, he changed to Divine Sense transmission and began relaying the story about how he obtained the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art from Wu Kuang. Ou Yang Lie listened with changing expressions, his eyes going back and forth between Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow.


[This Thunder Shadow Great Emperor who was born in the Myriad Monsters World is made of part of Yang Kai’s Soul, created with the help of a Secret Technique? That aside, there is still a Human Self, and only when three Selves unite can he break his limits and overcome the shortcomings of the Open Heaven Realm Method to step into the Ninth Order?]


The story sounded bizarre yet Yang Kai looked so serious when he told it to him. Ou Yang Lie did not even know whether he should believe him or not.


However, he did not see any trace of Yang Kai in Thunder Shadow. Could that still be considered part of him?


A moment later, Yang Kai continued, “Senior Brother, I know the situation of the Human Race better than anyone. If I could have broken through to the Ninth Order with this pill, then I naturally wouldn’t hesitate. If you would excuse me for shamelessly boasting, if I were to make a breakthrough to the Ninth Order, then it would be much more valuable than any other Eighth-Order Master. If I had such an opportunity, I would never give it up; however, this pill really is of no use to me. Everything else aside, does Senior Brother feel something unusual in the barrier of your Small Universe when you see this pill?”


Ou Yang Lie gently nodded.


The barrier around his Small Universe, which had been shackling him for so many years did in fact show signs of loosening the moment the multi-coloured light spread out, and it was because of that that he was able to conclude that it was a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


Only Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills could have such a miraculous effect in this world.


Yang Kai said, “I don’t feel anything. That is why this pill is of no use to me.”


Ou Yang Lie’s expression turned complex at that, and he was silent for a long time before saying, “You’re not lying to me, right?”


Yang Kai chuckled, “I have already spoken up to this point, how could I deceive Senior Brother? If I may ask, please refine this pill as soon as possible and break through to the Ninth Order, Senior Brother. Then we can strengthen our people’s position and eliminate more powerful opponents.”


As Yang Kai said, if this pill was truly useful to him, then whether it be for personal reasons or the greater good of the Human Race, he would not give it away to anyone else.


However, facts proved that it was of no use to him.


The way the two of them kept pushing the pill to and fro made Zhan Tian He and the others gape in awe.


Even though they had no idea what Yang Kai said to Ou Yang Lie earlier, it did not matter. That was still a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, and no Eighth-Order Master could possibly remain unmoved in front of it.


The opportunity to climb up to the Ninth Order was right in front of them, but these two were showing humility to each other, causing Zhan Tian He and the others to praise the nobility of these two Senior Brothers…


Ou Yang Lie held the wooden box containing the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill in his hand. Though it was a small thing, it felt unusually heavy.


There was a moment of silence before he said, “Junior Brother, I don’t know whether or not I can make a breakthrough with this pill. You should be familiar with my condition. After fighting for so many years and accumulating so many dark injuries, my Small Universe is a mess. If I refine it and do not make it to the Ninth Order, would that not be a shame?”


Yang Kai quickly said, “This pill was conceived by the Universe Furnace and created by the Heavens and Earth. Its wonders are beyond our comprehension. It’s worth a try, Senior Brother!”


Ou Yang Lie shook his head, “It’s still risky. This is an opportunity for someone to become a Ninth-Order Master. I don’t want it to go to waste, no matter how small the possibility.”


Saying so, he handed the wooden box to Zhan Tian He on the side, “Tian He, you do it!”


Zhan Tian He was flabbergasted, “M-Me?”


He was just watching from the side. How could such a good thing suddenly fall on his head? Did the Universe suddenly flip upside down? This was a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill! The goal of all those who came here! Why was everyone refusing to refine it!?


Ou Yang Lie was solemn, “You do it. I don’t have complete confidence in succeeding, while Xiong Ji is from Bright King Cave Heaven. Even if he succeeds, he would still just be a meathead. What he can offer to the Human Race is limited. As for Junior Sister Liu, her heritage is still lacking. You’re the best candidate, so you take it!”


Watching from the sidelines, Liu Fei Fei nodded lightly. Out of the three of them, she had broken through to the Eighth Order last, so it was true that she was still lacking in comprehension and heritage. She was not in as urgent a need for the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


Even though Xiong Ji was called a meathead by Ou Yang Lie, he just scratched his head and laughed embarrassedly as he could not deny it.


“Senior Brother, you… I…” Zhan Tian He was at a loss for a moment.


“Don’t go stuttering on me,” Ou Yang Lie slapped the box down on Zhan Tian He’s hand, “Hurry and refined it. We will stand guard for you.”


Zhan Tian He’s body froze as if he had been put under a spell. He had not been at such a loss even when he was facing the Pseudo-Royal Lord earlier.


Opening the wooden box by instinct, the multi-coloured light poured out once more. His heart throbbed and the barrier that stopped his Small Universe from expanding was shaking faintly from the pill’s fragrance.


The greatest opportunity was now in his hands. As long as he took it into his Small Universe, refining and absorbing it, then the walls would be broken through and he would advance to the Ninth Order!


However, Zhan Tian He remained still for a long time…


“Still not refining it? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the Black Ink Clan to come and attack us?” Ou Yang Lie could not resist the urge to reprimand him.


The look of struggle on Zhan Tian He’s face gradually eased up. Seemingly having made up his mind, he let out a bitter chuckle and shut the wooden box, handing it back to Ou Yang Lie.


Ou Yang Lie couldn’t help but narrow his eyes at him, “What are you doing?”


Zhan Tian He chuckled bitterly, “Senior Brother, please don’t make things difficult for me.”


Ou Yang Lie shouted, “Make things difficult for you? I’m giving you an opportunity and you say I’m making things difficult for you?”


Zhan Tian He took a step back and bowed respectfully to Ou Yang Lei, “Please forgive me, Senior Brother, but I can’t accept this, nor do I have the right to! Please refine it yourself, Senior Brother.”


Next to them, Yang Kai who was silent the whole time, raised his brow a little. He handed the Spirit Pill to Ou Yang Lie, but the latter did not have the confidence to refine it successfully and was worried about disappointing his expectations, so he turned around and gave it to Zhan Tian He instead. It was not because Ou Yang Lie lacked commitment, but because of how severe the matter was. Right now, having one more or one less Ninth-Order Master could make all the difference in their situation.


If he left it to Zhan Tian He, then a new Ninth-Order Master would definitely be born.


That was why Yang Kai did not stop Ou Yang Lie from doing so. For the greater good, Yang Kai had planned to find an Eighth-Order Master to have them refine the Spirit Pill after he discovered it was useless to him. Before that decision was even made, he never thought that he would end up bumping into Ou Yang Lie.


However, there was bound to be a little bit of selfishness in everyone. Compared to the rising star Eighth-Order Masters like Zhan Tian He, whom he just met, Yang Kai more or less shared a friendly relationship with Ou Yang Lie and would rather have him take the Spirit Pill. This was naturally why Ou Yang Lie became his first choice as a recipient.


As for whether or not it would give Zhan Tian He and the others any ideas, Yang Kai did not care. The Spirit Pill belonged to him so it was his own freedom to choose who to give it to. Nobody had the right to make that decision for him.


However, he truly never thought that Zhan Tian He would be able to resist such a great opportunity when it was brought before him. His virtue was praiseworthy indeed.


Yang Kai suddenly had the feeling that it was worth fighting for the Human Race for all these years.


Zhan Tian He’s quiet voice entered his ears, “Since this Junior Brother entered a Sect and began cultivating, the Elders have been telling us of our Senior Brothers and Sisters honoured names. The fact that the Human Race can occupy a place in the 3,000 Worlds and continue to survive under the oppression of the Black Ink Clan is all thanks to you Seniors. We, the next generation, have been able to grow and cultivate in the Star Boundary without lack of resources or mentors, all thanks to our Seniors and Ancestors, who sacrificed their lives, fighting on the frontlines.”


“It can be said that everything we have now is a result of the life offered and blood spilled by those who came before us. This time, we entered this Universe Furnace World to seek treasures and opportunities to make a breakthrough, but even that chance is thanks to the millennia of effort the Seniors and Elders have dedicated to the cause. If we gained something on our own, then the opportunity belongs to us. In that case, this Tian He would not stand on ceremony in seizing that opportunity. We as cultivators should be determined when forging ahead; if we are to act so timidly in front of opportunities, then what are we cultivating for? However, this was something brought here by Senior Brother Yang. Compared to what you two Senior Brothers have given to the Human Race, we are not qualified to receive it, nor do we dare to.”


While saying that, he gave a deep bow, “Tian He gives many thanks to Senior Brother Ou Yang for his kindness, however… Senior Brother Ou Yang, you have fought the Black Ink Clan for the sake of the Human Race for more years than any of us, then continued to do so on the Great Territory Battlefields of today. Isn’t this the reason why those dark injuries have accumulated all over your body? We, the younger generation, have no way of doing anything for you, but at the very least… I cannot rob you of your opportunity; otherwise, it would make me feel guilty. If that happened, how could I possibly hold my head high again?”



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