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Martial Peak – Chapter 5752, Ninth-Order Ou Yang Lie

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The creation of the Space-Time River fully displayed Yang Kai’s deep understanding towards Dao Strength, and for Zhan Tian He and the others, was this not an opportunity for them to observe and emulate a true Master?


Yang Kai had opened the door to a new world, and at the same time, brought a surprise that gave them great insight.


Of course, whether they were able to manifest their Dao Strength as Yang Kai did would depend on their own enlightenment and their attainments in their own respective Grand Daos.


This was not a simple matter. Yang Kai’s ability to achieve it was naturally through constant enlightenment and polishing of his own Grand Daos, and the countless years of accumulated experience was what led to his current achievement.


But in any case, the Eighth-Order Masters here had now seen another way that Dao Strength could be used.


The Space-Time River that emerged was still nascent, but it was just like a coiled Dragon protecting Ou Yang Lie, silently eliminating all the endless Chaos Entities that were charging in from all directions.


Zhan Tian He and the others were all freed from their task as Yang Kai alone could completely protect Ou Yang Lie through the use of his Space-Time River.


It wasn’t until Zhan Tian He and the others recovered that they were surprised to realize that Thunder Shadow had disappeared at some point in time, and they had no idea where he went.


Time kept on passing and the strong pill aura of the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill kept on bursting out from the barrier of the Space-Time River. Ou Yang Lie’s aura was also flaring madly, though it had reached a kind of limit long ago.


The medicinal efficacies of the Spirit Pill were currently dissolving the barriers of his Small Universe and breaking his shackles; however, there were many problems with Ou Yang Lie’s Small Universe to begin with. If he wanted to make a successful breakthrough, then it would take more than just removing that barrier to succeed. He had to find the perfect moment through breaking the barriers of his Small Universe and achieving equilibrium of his Powers; otherwise, he would risk losing everything.


There was nobody who could help him through this point. He could only rely on himself.


After an unknown period had passed, Yang Kai, who was fully committed to keeping the Space-Time River running, suddenly had a chance of expression.


Ou Yang Lie’s aura, which had long reached its limit, was fluctuating, signalling that he had reached the most critical point of his breakthrough. Whether or not he could advance to the Ninth Order would depend on the final push.


As a veteran Eighth-Order Master who spent countless years fighting the Black Ink Clan, Ou Yang Lie had never been short of determination or drive.


While Yang Kai was still worrying about whether his breakthrough was still proceeding normally, Ou Yang Lie had already circulated his own aura like mad with a determination to succeed or die.


Yang Kai felt deep respect for this old warrior.


The aura at the peak of the Eighth Order floated and sank hundreds of times in an instant, then the limits were smashed through and Ou Yang Lie’s aura rose wildly. The fallout was so unbridled that even the Space-Time River, which Yang Kai kept at a constant coverage, bulged somewhat unstably. 


Sensing the movement, Zhan Tian He and the others, who had been tense and apprehensive the whole time, revealed looks of joy.


All of a sudden, they noticed that the number of Chaos Entities swarming over greatly reduced. Some of them even seemed lost and confused having suddenly lost their target.


This was undoubtedly because the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill had been completely refined by Ou Yang Lie and had lost its pill fragrance which had been attracting them.


The Space-Time River was still guarding Ou Yang Lie, and though Zhan Tian He and the others were eager to see what the situation was like inside, they did not dare to intrude and could only look at Yang Kai with enquiring gazes.


Yang Kai simply nodded lightly.




The clenched hearts of Zhan Tian He and the rest of the group could finally be let go, and if not for the worry of disturbing Ou Yang Lie, they would have not been able to endure the urge to break out in joyous laughter.


Even though they were not the ones who made the breakthrough into the Ninth Order, they were still overwhelmed with the joy of seeing another Old Ancestor join the Human Race, and one who had been born in this Universe Furnace World at that.


There was no Ninth-Order Master among those who entered the Universe Furnace this time, whereas there were many Pseudo-Royal Lords from the Black Ink Clan here. The enemy had superior numbers and strength to begin with, but with the new addition of a Ninth-Order Master, it would definitely have a huge impact on the Human Race’s situation.


After a few moments, the Space-Time River gradually disappeared. It was Yang Kai who had dispersed the energy, allowing a blazing red figure that looked like he was on fire to exit from there, his powerful aura completely unrestrained. Though he was not targeting them deliberately, Zhan Tian He and the others still felt slightly pressured by it.


Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm!


Ou Yang Lie, who had successfully broken through his limits and advanced to the Ninth-Order, was undoubtedly more radiant than before. Even his appearance seemed much haler and youthful.


It was not that he was unwilling to restrain his aura, but rather that he could not as he had just broken through to the Ninth-Order and his cultivation was somewhat unstable.


“Haha, hahahaha!” Ou Yang Lie couldn’t help but laugh as he strode forward, causing Yang Kai to not know whether to laugh or cry at. Ou Yang Lie’s smug attitude always gave off the impression that he was an irreverent brute.


However, he could understand how Ou Yang Lie was feeling. Anyone would be ecstatic if they were able to break through to the Ninth Order.


There was basically no one else alive who had witnessed a Ninth-Order Master’s breakthrough, so this was an event worth celebrating.


“I can’t believe this day would come for me! Hahahaha!” Ou Yang Lie stood akimbo, continuing to laugh boisterously with his head facing the Heavens.


He really never imagined that he would one day, in this lifetime, be able to advance to the Ninth Order.


After countless years of battling with the Black Ink Clan and accumulating countless hidden injuries, the situation in Ou Yang Lie’s Small Universe had become a mess. He had also reached his peak in the Eighth Order and had been stagnating there for some 10,000 years.


He had only one wish in this life, and it was to one day die in battle, but not without dragging along several Masters from the Black Ink Clan to be buried with him to make his death worthwhile.


So, when Mi Jing Lun secretly arranged to have Yang Kai bring him to the Black Ink Battlefield to guard those who were going to collect resources, Ou Yang Lie was more than a little unwilling.


Though collecting resources was still of utmost importance for their Race, Ou Yang Lie had spent his entire life directly fighting against the Black Ink Clan, brushing shoulders with death countless times. It was not his wish to hide around with those who had gone to mine resources.


Fortunately, the escape of the Innate Territory Lords from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction had forced Yang Kai to send him back from the Black Ink Battlefield to make a report, which gave Ou Yang Lie another opportunity to continue fighting.


When the Universe Furnace projection appeared in Azure Sun Territory, filled with bloodthirst for war, Ou Yang Lie had only one plan, and that was to charge into the Universe Furnace, or more likely, die in Azure Sun Territory, paving the way for the rest of his people in blood. Since he was going to be dying in battle anyway, his life would not have been considered a waste.


Many Territory Lords had already died at his hands, so he had already played his part as an Eighth-Order Master.


Ou Yang Lie was lucky to get the chance to enter the Universe Furnace and was originally planning to search for a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill for Yang Kai, but in the end, it was Yang Kai who gave him the opportunity to make a breakthrough. This twist of fate was simply hard to put into words.


But no matter what, the current Ou Yang Lie was a true Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master of the Human Race!


Yang Kai saluted him with a smile, “Congratulations to Senior Brother for advancing to the Ninth Order. Now, we have another Ninth-Order Master among our ranks!”


Zhan Tian He and the others also saluted him, “Congratulations, Senior Brother!”


Ou Yang Lie quickly withdrew his laughter and returned the salute solemnly, “Many thanks, Junior Brothers and Junior Sister, for standing guard for me.”


They all exchanged glances, then there was another burst of laughter.


After laughing, Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother has just advanced. Why not cultivate for a while to stabilize your cultivation?”


The current Ou Yang Lie was just like the Pseudo-Royal Lords. He couldn’t withdraw his own aura. The reason for that was because the Pseudo-Royal Lords were unable to completely control their strength, which was currently also the case for Ou Yang Lie.


However, the difference for the Pseudo-Royal Lords was that that was how it would always be for them, but the same was not true for Ou Yang Lie. As he continued to improve his control over his strength and stabilize his foundation, the situation would improve with time.


Ou Yang Lie waved his hand, “That won’t be necessary. I have been fighting my entire life against the Black Ink Clan. As for stabilizing my cultivation… Just killing a few of them will work. The more I kill, the more my cultivation will stabilize.”


There was nothing wrong with what he said, so Yang Kai smiled, “In that case, Senior Brother, why don’t you look over there?”


Saying so, he pointed in a certain direction.


Ou Yang Lie looked in the direction Yang Kai was pointing and soon raised his brows, “So, there are those who come knocking by themselves to court death?”


As he said so, he had already turned into a red glow, charging over to the other side.


At the same time, a powerful force suddenly erupted over there, seemingly from Masters engaging in a fight.


It was only then that it dawned on Zhan Tian He and the others, “Were there Territory Lords who were lured in too?”


There were several auras currently erupting from the battle in that direction, one of which was Thunder Shadow who had disappeared earlier.


Zhan Tian He and the others could not figure out when Thunder Shadow had disappeared as their attention had been drawn to Yang Kai’s Space-Time River at the time, much less where he had gone.


Only now did they realize that Territory Lords had long been attracted by the commotion, but they just didn’t dare to rush forward and just waited in the shadows, watching.


Naturally, the enemy’s actions had long been noticed by Thunder Shadow and Yang Kai.


It was most likely Yang Kai who noticed them and arranged for Thunder Shadow to sneak over; otherwise, Yang Kai couldn’t pinpoint their location so accurately.


Ou Yang Lie’s advancement to the Ninth Order was undoubtedly noticed by those from the Black Ink Clan, which made them even more afraid to do anything rash.


It was only when Yang Kai revealed their whereabouts that Ou Yang Lie began to move, forcing the enemy to reveal themselves while Thunder Shadow, who had been lurking in ambush, began attacking to tie down the stronger enemies.


As soon as Zhan Tian He finished his exclamation, the commotion grew even greater. Clearly, Ou Yang Lie had entered the battlefield and was fighting with the Territory Lords.


“Let’s go take a look,” Yang Kai said to them before making his way there, unhurried.


Zhan Tian He and the others followed closely behind.


By the time Yang Kai led them over to the battlefield, the fight was mostly over.


The three Territory Lords who had been drawn to the commotion were fighting against Ou Yang Lie with a Three Fortunes Formation, but these Acquired Territory Lords were still limited in strength.


Ou Yang Lie had just broken through so his cultivation was yet to fully stabilize. If it had been three Innate Territory Lords fighting in Formation, then the battle might take a while, but three Acquired Territory Lords were far too weak to fight him.


One by one, their lives were extinguished. When Yang Kai and the others arrived, they just so happened to see Ou Yang Lie killing the last Acquired Territory Lord with one punch.


Thunder Shadow was staying on the sidelines, showing no intention of helping. He seemed to have been slightly injured, likely from when he was pestering the three Territory Lords earlier, making sure to delay the enemy for a moment. However, the other side had naturally fought back and injured him.



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