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Martial Peak – Chapter 5753, Going All Out

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Thunder Shadow’s injuries weren’t serious, he had only been distracting the three Territory Lords for a moment before Ou Yang Lie rushed over.


Ou Yang Lie felt so relieved and happy that he had to yell for joy after breaking through his limit and defeating three strong enemies.


If he were still at the peak of the Eighth Order, then he might not have been able to take on the three Territory Lords, who had formed a Battle Formation, on his own, but now that he was in the Ninth Order, it was no effort killing them at all.


After reaching the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, even going up by a single Order was truly like reaching another layer of the Heavens.


Otherwise, it would not have been possible that the Humans would only have seen so few Ninth-Order Masters among them. Many of the veteran Masters failed to progress once they reached the peak of the Eighth Order due to their own limitations.


Even those like Yang Kai, who could surpass his peers in the same Order, would still be overwhelmed when facing Royal Lords. Apart from escaping through the use of Space Secret Techniques, it was difficult for him to fight such Masters head-on, much less for the other Eighth-Order Masters.


When he saw Yang Kai and the others coming over, Ou Yang Lie suggested, “Junior Brothers and Junior Sister, I will go off searching for more foes. Do you want to come with me?”


Ou Yang Lie was at the height of enthusiasm after just breaking through into the next Order, and he was eager to make his mark in the Universe Furnace World. There were quite a lot of Masters from the Black Ink Clan who came in this time and he was worried about bumping into those Pseudo-Royal Lords previously; but now, Ou Yang Lie was itching to find one of them so that he could practice on them and to stabilize his cultivation through combat.


Yang Kai answered with some amusement, “No need. With Senior Brother’s current strength, I think it will be best for you to move alone. I will bring the Juniors along.”


Ou Yang Lie nodded lightly, “Fair enough.”


Indeed, as Yang Kai said, he was now in the Ninth Order and was experiencing explosive growth in his strength, so it was more suitable for Ou Yang Lie to move separately. As for Zhan Tian He and his group, it would undoubtedly be better for them to go with Yang Kai. They were four Eighth-Order Masters and Thunder Shadow. Even if they did encounter a Pseudo-Royal Lord, they could smoothly use the Five Elements Formation to deal with them. With Yang Kai acting as the Core, they should not be in any danger.


There was no need for them to worry in terms of safety.


Turning his head to look into the depths of the void, Ou Yang Lie smiled, “Big Head Xiang came in as well. I wonder if he has found his own opportunity… I’ll look for him on the way, and if the opportunity arises, I’ll try and obtain a pill for him.”


He had thought about finding a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill for Yang Kai, but it turned out that the latter couldn’t use it. Instead, he became indebted to Yang Kai. Right now, the one amongst the Humans who most urgently needed a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was undoubtedly Xiang Shan. After building up a comradery through long years of fighting alongside each other, Ou Yang Lie had a firm friendship with him.


If Xiang Shan could obtain an opportunity to advance to the Ninth-Order, then the amount of help he could provide to the Human Race would be much greater than Ou Yang Lie.


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Then, let me wish Senior Brother great success ahead!”


Ou Yang Lie patted him on the shoulder, “Take care.”


Yang Kai nodded.


Ou Yang Lie had one last laugh before turning into a long stream, instantly moving far away. From a distance, his voice was transmitted to them, saying, “Here I come!”


It was a voice that carried great confidence and freedom.


After seeing him off, Yang Kai called out to the group, “Let’s go.”


Zhan Tian He and the rest nodded and naturally followed Yang Kai’s lead. They were much more relaxed with him compared to when they first entered the Universe Furnace.


When the three of them just entered this place, they were all extremely cautious. Though they were not scared of the ordinary Territory Lords or regular Black Ink Clansmen, they had to worry about meeting a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


Unfortunately, what they feared just had to come true as they really did bump into a Pseudo-Royal Lord in the end. If it weren’t for the lone Ou Yang Lie, who had felt the fallout of their battle and rushed over to provide aid, their situation would have been disastrous.


Now, with the inclusion of Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow, the five Masters could form the Five Elements Formation at any time, which would give them full capability to fight against a Pseudo-Royal Lord if they were to encounter another, so there was no need to act as cautiously as before.


The concept of Time and Space in this Universe Furnace World was extremely strange due to the chaotic Shattered Dao Essence that filled the void. Even after several evolutions, there seemed to be no substantive change. Perhaps more evolutions were required in order to lift the invisible fog of the Universe Furnace World, and then the concept of Time and Space would become clear.


They did not have any clear goal in mind either; in fact, whether it be the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, they had no specific plan for when they entered the Universe Furnace World.


Their greatest target was undoubtedly the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, but nobody knew where they were. They could only wander around to see if they could get lucky.


Thanks to his previous efforts, Yang Kai was able to use the power of the Great Sun and Moon Marks to locate the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, but there were still some limitations. If there was no pill relatively nearby, then there was nothing Yang Kai could do about it.


So, Yang Kai was currently just leading Zhan Tian He and the group around, going wherever they could go with Thunder Shadow perched on his shoulder, faintly circulating his Innate Divine Ability to conceal their movements.


With such cover, even if a Master from the Black Ink Clan were to search around, they would not necessarily find them as long as they weren’t paying too much attention.


Occasionally, they would come across chaotic areas where the Chaos Entities gathered, then they would explore deeper into those places. Though they did not find any Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, they did find some Ordinary Grade ones.


In contrast to the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, there were quite a lot of Ordinary Grade Open Heaven Pills that were produced by the Universe Furnace. As long as one had the will to search for them, they would eventually find a few.


Though these Ordinary Grade pills were unable to help a cultivator break through their innate shackles, they were still very useful. With the help of these pills, Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who had yet to accumulate enough heritage could use them to cut down the time needed for them to stay in retreat, allowing them to break through their bottlenecks sooner and advance to the next Order.


This time, many Seventh-Order Masters had entered the Universe. Yang Kai had even met a few such cultivators previously.


It was predictable that many new Eighth-Order Masters would be created after this trip into the Universe Furnace.


As they were travelling, Yang Kai suddenly felt something and changed directions, rushing off into the distance while sending a Divine Sense transmission to Zhan Tian He and the others, “Get ready!”


Zhan Tian He and the others understood instantly that an enemy had been spotted, so they all prepared themselves for combat.


A short while later, two powerful auras entered the range of their senses. From the aura alone, they could deduce that these were undoubtedly two Territory Lords who had entered the Universe Furnace World together.


It was five against two, and with Yang Kai here, it should not be a difficult fight.


Moreover, with the blessing of Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability, the two Territory Lords did not even notice them until they had gotten quite close.


Zhan Tian He and the others could not help but be amazed by this. The Innate Divine Ability of this Monster Race Great Emperor that came from the Myriad Monsters World was truly a nightmare to guard against. Even with foreknowledge now, if Thunder Shadow wanted to sneak up on them, they might still not be able to detect him.


Most importantly, this Innate Divine Ability could not only be used on himself, but also used to conceal others.


They were glad that a Master of this calibre was on their side. If he were an enemy, then he would really be a headache to deal with.


The two Territory Lords who were travelling together did not notice them until Yang Kai struck out to attack them. They had only just circulated their Black Ink Strength and had yet to make a single move when they suddenly heard a gushing sound.


This puzzled the two Territory Lords greatly. How could there be sounds similar to flowing water in this empty void?


When they turned their heads, they saw a huge river sweeping towards them like a torrent. The two Territory Lords were shocked and instinctually sent out an attack at the river.


However, their efforts were futile. Their attacks filled with condensed Black Ink Strength were like stones sinking into the Great River, rousing no reaction whatsoever. Unimpeded, the river washed over the two Territory Lords, swallowing them up without a trace in an instant.


To the side, Zhan Tian He and the others, who had assumed a combat stance all froze and glanced at each other, feeling a little at a loss as their enemy had literally vanished right in front of them.


In a five-on-two battle, there was already no suspense to the outcome, but a lion still fought rabbits with all its strength. Zhan Tian He and the others had been prepared to launch their attacks together to achieve a quick victory.


How could they have known that Yang Kai would not even allow them to act as he summoned his Grand Dao River directly, sweeping the two Territory Lords into it?


Turning their heads to look at Yang Kai, they saw his brow furrow as Dao Strength surged around his body. Then, it dawned on them that he must be trying to test out his new ability on these two Territory Lords.


The Space-Time River had only just been created by Yang Kai. It had previously shone in battle when used to protect Ou Yang Lie, but that was because of the natural restraint Dao Strength had against Chaos Entities.


Whether or not such techniques could truly be used against all enemies, Yang Kai himself was not sure, so he naturally had to run some experiments with it.


The two Territory Lords did not die immediately and were now flailing about inside the Space-Time River, trying to find a way out.


However, the Space-Time River surged turbulently and was rich with Dao Strength. The interplay of Space and Time greatly impaired the senses of anyone who fell into it other than Yang Kai. Unless a Master was far stronger than Yang Kai, or had extremely high attainments in the Grand Daos of Time and Space, finding their way out was basically impossible.


The two Territory Lords were trapped inside like headless flies. In fact, despite being quite close to each other, they could not even sense each other’s presence at all. They were separated by the ever-changing space.


The Space inside of the Space-Time River was somewhat similar to the Space projected by the Universe Furnace when it first appeared. Things that may seem close were in fact very far away.


Yang Kai observed them for a while and could feel the strengths of the Territory Lord struggling inside of the Space-Time River, which made his brow raise.


He did not use the power of the Space-Time River to its fullest, so the two Territory Lords were simply trapped and not suffering any real crisis.


The result that he could see now was that this new technique had far exceeded his expectations in its ability to contain enemies. He had easily trapped two Territory Lords, so Yang Kai felt that there should be no pressure on him even if he were to swallow up eight to 10 more of them.


Even if it was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, Yang Kai felt that he could trap them; and if he could trap them, he had the chance to kill them. After all, Yang Kai was able to enter the Space-Time River himself and attack the enemies inside.


With that idea in mind, Yang Kai dashed into the Space-Time River.


In just a few moments, there was a splash and Yang Kai leapt out, carrying the body of a Territory Lord devoid of life.


It had only been two breaths from start to finish…


Zhan Tian He and the others were dumbfounded. That was a Territory Lord, so how was Yang Kai able to kill him so easily? It was as if he had casually dove into the water, caught a helpless fish, and come back to roast it.



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