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Martial Peak – Chapter 5755, There are Two

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After cleaning up the battlefield and collecting the remains of the Eighth-Order Masters who died here, the group continued on their way in silence and with heavy hearts.


This time, many from the two Races had entered the Universe Furnace World, especially the Black Ink Clan. There were 20 Pseudo-Royal Lords alone, possibly more.


While teams like Yang Kai’s were hunting down those from the Black Ink Clan, weren’t the Pseudo-Royal Lords also killing Open Heaven Realm Masters?


The peace agreement that had been maintained for thousands of years had been completely shattered by the arrival of the Universe Furnace. Now it was inevitable for a massive all-out war to break out between the two sides. The real battle that would determine the fate of both Races had already begun, which made the battle in the Universe Furnace World that much more important.


If the Human Race could cull more Masters from the Black Ink Clan here and gain more opportunities, it would be a great help to their situation outside; otherwise, it would give their enemy an even greater advantage.


In the past, whenever the Universe Furnace appeared, the Masters that entered it would fight for not just opportunities, but also the fates of their Race!


Fortunately, this time was a special case. As all of the Black Ink Clansmen which were originally occupying the Black Ink Battlefield had been wiped out, destroying all their previous knowledge and intelligence. As such, the Black Ink Clan was completely clueless about anything relating to the Universe Furnace. In comparison, the Humans had much more information in their possession.


However, this superiority in intelligence was still not enough to determine the final course of this event. The Humans still had to fight hard for victory.


This time, nine Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills were produced in the Universe Furnace, and currently, the only one Yang Kai had found was the one refined by Ou Yang Lie. The remaining eight were still nowhere in sight.


It would be impossible for the Human Race to obtain all nine pills, a fact Yang Kai understood from the beginning.


Without even mentioning the Black Ink Clan, the native Chaos Spirit Clan were the ones with a unique advantage when it came to obtaining the Open Heaven Pills. The Chaos Spirit Clan were spread throughout the entire Universe Furnace World, so chances were high that wherever those Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills drifted off to, the Chaos Spirit Clan would be the first to find them.


Did Yang Kai not also snatch the Spirit Pill he found previously from those jellyfish Chaos Entities?


Now that only eight of the pills were left, it was very possible for any one of them to have already fallen into the possession of the Chaos Spirit Clan. If the Humans or the Black Ink Clan were able to get to them in time, then they might be able to fight for them, but if they were too late, and the pills were refined by the Chaos Spirit Clan, then it was useless even if they found them.


So, even from the start, Yang Kai felt that the Human Race should be able to secure four of the nine Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, which would still be a great harvest. Naturally, the more the better. If they could get five or six, Yang Kai could not complain.


He still had the Great Sun and Moon Marks, but finding the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills was still not going to be easy; otherwise, he would not have found only a single one until now.


While Yang Kai was thinking about how he could look for the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills with greater efficiency, he suddenly felt something which caused him to turn and look in another direction, his expression brightening.


This truly was wearing out iron shoes while seeking one’s feet! He was just wondering how he was going to find the remaining Open Heaven Pills when the Great Sun and Moon Marks caught onto a hint of one!


Had fortune come so suddenly that he couldn’t even block it?


Thunder Shadow, who was perched on his shoulder, could sense his delight and asked, “What did you find?”


“A Spirit Pill!” Yang Kai gave him a simple answer before sending a Divine Sense message to everyone, “Hide your presence and follow me!”


Saying so, he took off and flew in that direction. Everyone also concealed their auras in a hurry while Thunder Shadow activated his Innate Divine Ability and enveloped everyone in it.


In the silent void, the group of six Humans and one leopard moved silently, like shadows.


After a few moments, the joyful look on Yang Kai’s face gradually faded away and became serious.


He could vaguely sense Masters fighting up ahead, but since it was still far away, he could not probe the situation, which made it hard to ascertain the strength of both sides.


However, despite the distance, the fallout could still be felt, which showed how extraordinary both fighters were.


[Is it a Pseudo-Royal Lord and an Eighth-Order Master? No! There are only two fighters. If it truly was an Eighth-Order Master against a Pseudo-Royal Lord, they would surely be no match for them. It’s simply impossible for such a fight to be so intense.]


As they continued to move, Yang Kai’s face turned increasingly grave.


At this point, Tian Xiu Zhu, the veteran Eighth-Order Master with the greatest heritage among them next to Yang Kai, sensed it too. He could not help but throw a suspicious glance at Yang Kai. He found it a little hard to understand how Yang Kai was able to detect the unusual situation here and rush over from so far away.


As they drew closer, Zhan Tian He and the others noticed it too. All of them were alert, circulating the World Force inside their bodies and waiting for Yang Kai to give the order for them to attack the enemy.


This was how things went thus far. They would go into battle, winning each fight. There were many Territory Lords who had already died by their hands.


However, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and looked gravely at the source of the disturbance. A golden slit appeared in his left eye which looked both bizarre and majestic at the same time.


The scene that entered his eye made his heart heavy beyond measure.


The situation he had feared most had appeared, and it was happening right before his eyes!


Tian Xiu Zhu also noticed that something wasn’t right, but he did not have Eye Techniques like Yang Kai, so he could not see what was going on in the distance. After a moment, he could not resist the urge to ask, “Junior Brother Yang, who are the ones fighting?”


The shockwaves from the battle were too intense. Before they had even got close, the Shattered Dao Essence here had already been thrown into disorder. It gave the impression that it was a Ninth-Order Master fighting a Royal Lord!


Yang Kai sighed, “It’s a Royal Lord fighting a Chaos Spirit King!”


Everyone was shocked, but then they drew in their breaths, looking at Yang Kai in disbelief.


Yang Kai chuckled bitterly, feeling a headache coming on, “I was hoping that I had seen it wrongly, too, but it is not one of our Masters fighting there!”


There was nothing wrong with Blood Crow’s information. There were indeed powerful existences in the Universe Furnace World like the Chaos Spirit Kings, who stood on equal footing with the Ninth-Order Masters and Royal Lords.


It must have been luck that they had not encountered one thus far, which was an indication that such existences were rare to begin with and were hard to find.


Yet, they would never have expected to bump into one here!


Moreover, Yang Kai had also revealed another piece of information that was even more difficult for them to accept than the presence of the Chaos Spirit King.


“The Black Ink Clan… has managed to create a Royal Lord here?” Zhan Tian He’s face looked extremely grim.


Mo Yu was the only Royal Lord left in the Black Ink Clan after the war in the Barren Territory, so no Royal Lords had entered the Universe Furnace this time. The strongest among them were the Pseudo-Royal Lords that they had created as a temporary measure.


However, a Royal Lord had appeared here now, which obviously meant that they had become one in the Universe Furnace World. In other words, this guy had obtained a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill and refined it.


Indeed, the Black Ink Clan was lacking in information about the Universe Furnace, but the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills were amazing treasures. One of them landing into the hands of the Black Ink Clan was one thing, but they may not even have that much of an interest in them as their main goal in coming here was to kill the Humans and to ruin their opportunities to prevent new Ninth-Order Masters from being.


However, since such a pill landed into their hands, they could naturally understand its profundity. Just by refining one, one would have the opportunity of advancing and becoming a Royal Lord.


Many of the Black Ink Clan’s Masters had entered this time, so there were bound to be lucky ones who could gain such opportunities, and this Royal Lord must be one such example.


Yang Kai was drawn here by the reaction of his Great Sun and Moon Marks. In other words, there was a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill here, and in fact, after he used his Demon Eye of Annihilation, he saw not only the two figures exchanging blows, but also the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


Multi-coloured light was emanating every so often from within a Chaos Entity without a fixed form. What could that be if not a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill?


The Royal Lord must have spotted the opportunity and come to snatch it, but he did not expect there to be a Chaos Spirit King standing guard over this place. Thus, the two got into a huge fight. Under Yang Kai’s observation, the Chaos Spirit King was much stronger than the Royal Lord, and it was very clear that it had the upper hand in this fight.


That was understandable though.


The Royal Lord had only just broken through, so like Ou Yang Lie, he must not have familiarized himself with his newfound power yet and was unable to bring out his full strength. However, it was different for this Chaos Spirit King who became one, at the earliest, when the Universe Furnace last appeared.


The time they had spent in this realm was vastly different, and so their strengths naturally could not be compared.


Moreover, there was not just a lone Chaos Spirit King here. There were many other Chaos Spirit Clansmen who had taken on defined forms! They took on all sorts of different shapes, some appearing like Humans, while others looked not much different from the Black Ink Clan. Layer by layer they gathered, protecting the Chaos Entity that had swallowed the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, awaiting the birth of a new Chaos Spirit King.


“It’s him!” Liu Fei Fei suddenly exclaimed.


Everyone was confused, but Liu Fei Fei explained, “Our comrades that died back there were most likely victims of this Royal Lord!”


It was then that Zhan Tian He and the others finally realized and Tian Xiu Zhu nodded in agreement, “It’s highly likely.”


Yang Kai was unsurprised. In fact, he had suspected a Royal Lord had appeared among the Black Ink Clan when he saw the traces on that battlefield.


With five Eighth-Order Masters joining hands, unless they were met with a truly formidable enemy, there was no way they would have been wiped out. A single Pseudo-Royal Lord would not have been able to achieve that.


However, if it were a true Royal Lord, then that was a different matter.


There were no useful clues left at the battlefield, so it was hard to be absolutely certain, but now that he saw this Royal Lord, everything became clear.


The Eighth-Order Masters must have encountered this Royal Lord, and even in their Battle Formation, they were no match for him and were cut down. After that, the Royal Lord came to this place and discovered the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


Currently, one Royal Lord had been created with the help of the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, which meant one less Ninth-Order Master for the Human Race. With this, the advantage gained by Ou Yang Lie’s advancement to the Ninth-Order has also been lost.


Right now, they had accounted for three of the nine Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills. One was used by Ou Yang Lie to advance to the Ninth-Order, another was used by this Royal Lord, and the third was currently inside a Chaos Entity, which was in the midst of refining it.


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