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Martial Peak – Chapter 5756, Seizing the Pill

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Of the nine Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills, six were still missing, and it was uncertain how many of these six the Humans could seize; therefore, no matter what, this third Open Heaven Pill they had found could not land in the hands of the Black Ink Clan. Otherwise, if another Royal Lord was created, then the situation of the Human Race in the Universe Furnace would become extremely difficult.


However, seizing the pill was an exceptionally difficult thing to do as there was a Chaos Spirit King standing guard here. Furthermore, there were dozens of Chaos Spirit Clansmen also present.


This place was most likely one of the gathering spots of the Chaos Spirit Clan since Yang Kai had never seen so many together like this before.


They were not like the stumbling Chaos Entities without consciousness or even a stable form. During this trip, Yang Kai had encountered many Chaos Spirits with the group he was leading, and if a comparison was to be made, the ordinary Chaos Spirit Clansmen were able to exert strength around the Human Race’s equivalent of the Seventh-Order to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


One or two was nothing to worry about, but several dozen gathered in one place would be difficult to handle.


Looking over from where he stood, Yang Kai realized that the Royal Lord that the Chaos Spirit King was fighting seemed as if he were riding a tiger. He had attained this identity as a Royal Lord through the help of a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill produced in the Universe Furnace World; thus, he knew just how amazing these pills were and was determined to snatch another. Clearly, he could not do much here, but even so, it would be a great shame just to give up, so he continued fighting with the Chaos Spirit King.


Only after reaching a safe place where they could no longer feel the shockwaves of the battle did Yang Kai speak, “Senior Brother Tian, I’ll leave the Junior Brothers and Sisters with you for now. Take them away quickly, as far away as possible.”


Yian Xiu Zhu nodded, “What is Junior Brother planning to do?”


[Could he be thinking of stirring up trouble while the Chaos Spirit King and Royal Lord are fighting?] That was not a sound idea as a battle between two peak Masters was not one that an ordinary person could just step between, not even Yang Kai.


He thought about dissuading him, but Yang Kai added, “There’s a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill there, I have to snatch it!”


Yian Xiu Zhu had to choke back down his words when he heard that while Tian Xiu Zhu was stunned and asked, “There’s a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill there? Did Junior Brother see it?”


Everyone else was also itching with excitement. A Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was basically a guaranteed ticket to becoming a Ninth-Order Master, how could they not be moved?


Yang Kai nodded, “Currently, the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill is wrapped inside of a Chaos Entity that’s refining it; moreover, there’s at least several dozen Chaos Spirit Clansmen standing guard nearby. The Royal Lord must have come to fight with the Chaos Spirit King because he noticed the Spirit Pill there.”


“Several dozen…” Everyone drew in a cold breath.


They had an idea of what the Chaos Spirit Clan was capable of, so with several dozen of them gathered together, they were going to take a lot of work to deal with.


“No wonder!” Tian Xiu Zhu exclaimed in realization. He was wondering why the Royal Lord would clash with the Chaos Spirit King over there. It turned out it was because of the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, “In that case, we will act together with Junior Brother. At least, we can take care of each other.”


Zhan Tian He and the others nodded in unison.


If they wanted to seize this pill from the hands of several dozen Chaos Spirits, if they were not careful, they would land themselves in grave danger. If they were to move together with Yang Kai though, they could at least use a Battle Formation to split up the pressure, which would be much better than Yang Kai having to fight alone.


Yang Kai shook his head, “No. While we may have a higher chance of success if we all go, it will also make us a bigger target. Even if we did manage to seize the Spirit Pill, we may not be able to leave unscathed. It will be easier for me to move about if I just bring along Thunder Shadow.”


Tian Xiu Zhu pondered on his words before nodding lightly, “That is indeed true.”


Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability concealed his presence perfectly. With the blessing of this Divine Ability, he and Yang Kai could approach the pill unnoticed, and with Yang Kai’s skills, he was very likely to be able to seize the Spirit Pill if he burst out and caused a stir. With his proficiency in the Dao of Space, he could then make a speedy escape.


If Yang Kai brought all of them along with him though, his mobility would be seriously hampered.


After understanding this point, Tian Xiu Zhu wore a serious look, “You must be careful, Junior Brother. Seize the pill if you can, but if it’s too risky, then don’t force it. As long as there are green hills, there is no fear of lack of timber. Junior Brother’s safety is extremely important to the future of the Human Race!”


Yang Kai nodded, “I will keep it in mind.”


Tian Xiu Zhu cupped his fist to Yang Kai, then he turned to Zhan Tian He and the rest, “Let’s go.”


Without delay, Zhan Tian He and the rest cupped their fists in farewell to Yang Kai before leaving.


After watching the five of them depart, Yang Kai turned around again, and with Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability activating, he quietly crept towards the battlefield.


As for the safety of Tian Xiu Zhu and his group, there was little need to worry since they could form the Five Elements Formation at any time. As long as they did not bump into a Royal Lord in the Universe Furnace World, or a large group of enemy Masters, they would naturally be in no danger. Even if they did bump into a Pseudo-Royal Lord, they should be able to put up a fight.


A while later, Yang Kai opened his Demon Eye of Annihilation once more after approaching the edge of the battlefield and looked in from outside.


It had to be said that Thunder Shadow’s stealth Innate Divine Ability truly was exceptional. Even at this distance, Yang Kai would very likely have been noticed by the two fighting Masters if he were alone, but under the cover of Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability, neither the Chaos Spirit King nor the Royal Lord were aware that somebody was spying on them.


Yang Kai watched quietly and did not rush into action.


Soundlessly, Thunder Shadow sent his voice over, “How confident are you?”


He was Yang Kai’s Monster Self after all. Though he grew up in a different environment and had different life experiences, causing his personality to differ slightly, he still inherited some of Yang Kai’s characteristics.


Despite how simply Yang Kai had described the plan to Tian Xiu Zhu and the rest, as if the Spirit Pill would fall into his hands with barely any effort, the chances of succeeding were slim from his perspective.


Sure enough, Yang Kai’s response was “Less than 30%!”


The difficulty of seizing the pill lay not in grabbing the pill itself, but rather dealing with the dozens of Chaos Spirits that were in the way; but Yang Kai did not necessarily have to fight them.


With the help of Thunder Shadow’s Divine Ability, he just had to reach a certain distance, then he should be able to seize the Spirit Pill.


The difficult part of this task was going to be how he was going to escape after seizing the pill.


The Royal Lord was currently engaged in a fierce fight with the Chaos Spirit King, seemingly planning to settle their life and death here, but if an outside force were to dive in and seize the pill, Yang Kai was sure that they would immediately join hands to deal with him.


Yang Kai did not even have the confidence to be able to face one top Master, much less two of them, and even the slightest blunder or delay could cost him his life.


The Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was indeed important, but to put his life on the line to seize it was still not worth it.


Hearing this, Thunder Shadow felt his head throb. Less than 30% was too risky in his opinion and he couldn’t help but worry, “Then, what should we do?”


“We’ll wait!” Yang Kai gave a succinct answer.


That puzzled Thunder Shadow, “Wait for what?”


Yang Kai shot a glare at him, which caused Thunder Shadow to become annoyed, “I’m your Monster Self, so in a sense, I’m you. Don’t look at me as if I’m an idiot because that’s just calling yourself an idiot.”


Yang Kai choked for a moment because what Thunder Shadow said was true.


He could only explain patiently, “Look at those two who are fighting. Who do you think is stronger?”


Thunder Shadow answered, “Naturally, it’s the Chaos Spirit King. Is there even a need to ask?”


There was no doubt that the Chaos Spirit King occupied the absolute upper hand in this battle. The Royal Lord was basically pinned down and beaten in the fierce exchange of blows as his rich Black Ink Strength splattered out.


“Then, do you think that there’s an opportunity that the Royal Lord can seize the pill?”


“Of course not!” He could not get by the Chaos Spirit King, much the dozens of Chaos Spirits protecting the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


If Yang Kai had a 30% chance of sneakily achieving his plan, then the Royal Lord, who had already exposed himself, had a 0% chance at all unless he could overpower the Chaos Spirit King.


“If he doesn’t have a chance, why does he continue pestering his opponent rather than retreat obediently? He’s also taking a huge risk fighting the Chaos Spirit King here, and it would not be a pleasant experience for him to be wounded.”


Thunder Shadow instantly realized something, “You mean…”


Yang Kai grinned, “Since he cannot seize the pill from the Chaos Spirit Clan but continues to fight without retreating, I’m guessing there’s a very high chance that he has already called for help.”


“He’s repairing the bridge on the surface while secretly crossing the river!” Thunder Shadow finally understood, and his amber eyes brightened a little, gleaming as if he recalled one of his previous encounters.


This was exactly the same thing he experienced when he was fighting the Territory Lords for the first Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill. The Territory Lords had called their allies using the miniature Black Ink Nest they brought with them, and if Yang Kai had not bumped into him by chance, he would have had to flee.


“There may already be Masters from the Black Ink Clan hiding nearby, we just haven’t noticed them.” As he said so, Yang Kai scanned the depths of the void with his golden cross left eye, but he did not find anything.


Thunder Shadow, on the other hand, looked extremely smug, “As expected of myself, to be able to see through things so thoroughly.” 


Yang Kai was speechless. With his Monster Self’s boasting, it seemed to not have inherited much of his wisdom, but he could understand; after all, he was from the Monster Race…


The battle between the two Masters went on for who knows how long, and it was not known how much longer it would continue for. Yang Kai did not stay idle, however. It was the first time he encountered a Chaos Spirit King in the Universe Furnace World, and there was even a Master on a similar level fighting it. It was a good opportunity for him to observe their fighting styles and assess their strengths and weaknesses.


Soon, Yang Kai noticed something.


Rather than calling this Chaos Spirit King a peculiar living being, one might as well call it an aggregate of Grand Daos. Its body was purely an amalgamation of various Dao Strengths, formed into a humanoid shape with its own consciousness. The way it fought its enemy was also extremely simple, which was to circulate the various Dao Strengths in its body and smash them into its opponent.


It was simple, yet fierce!


Every blow was Heaven-shattering and Earth-shaking, causing various cracks in the void as it thrust the surrounding Dao Essence into disorder. Inwardly, Yang Kai weighed the odds of how things would go if he were to call Ou Yang Lie over, but there was a great chance that the latter would not be a match for this Chaos Spirit King either.



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