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Martial Peak – Chapter 5757, Life is Full of Disappointments

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The rich Dao Essence that filled the Universe Furnace World was the source of the Chaos Spirit King’s power, and it seemed that as long as it was in this World, it would never tire.


After observing for a long time, Yang Kai concluded that this Chaos Spirit King was extremely difficult to deal with, and if he wanted to kill it, then he would have to cut off its connection with the World to deprive it of its source of power.


The Royal Lord clearly noticed this too, so he kept trying to pour out his Black Ink Strength so that he could use it as a barrier to isolate his enemy and stop it from recovering its strength; however, it was all for nought. The Chaos Spirit King was stronger than him to begin with, so it was all the Royal Lord could do to keep himself alive under his opponent’s attacks. How would he be able to do anything else?


The two continued to fight fervently with each other.


All of a sudden, the Royal Lord’s body exploded into a giant Black Ink Cloud that scattered in all directions and he escaped just like that.


The Chaos Spirit King’s Dao Essence shuddered for a moment, then it broke up the Black Ink Clouds, but the true body of its enemy was no longer anywhere to be found. However, it did not give chase and just stood there with an expressionless face, guarding its clansmen behind it.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded.


[Was my guess incorrect? How can that be? If the Royal Lord was not waiting for backup, then why would he keep on struggling against the Chaos Spirit King? What’s more, the Black Ink Clan can communicate with each other through the use of their miniature Black Ink Nests, so why would he not gather help?]


However, the Royal Lord had indeed retreated, which put Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow in an awkward position. First of all, with the cover of Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability, one man and one leopard were lurking not too close from the battlefield, but definitely not far either. The reason why they were not caught previously was naturally because the Chaos Spirit King’s attention was being focused on the Royal Lord.


Now that the Royal Lord escaped, the Chaos Spirit King was no longer restrained, and with what happened previously, even the slightest breeze might cause the Chaos Spirit King to go on alert.


This caused the two of them to not even have the courage to move a single muscle, and Thunder Shadow had even pushed his Divine Ability to its limits before looking over with a questioning expression on its face, which clearly asked, ‘what should we do now?’.


At this moment, he did not even dare to use his Divine Sense to transmit his voice.


Yang Kai had a gloomy look on his face. With how things were now, if he were to choose to withdraw here, then he would undoubtedly expose himself, which would not matter as the Chaos Spirit King was unlikely to come after him, but then his plan to snatch the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill would come to naught.


The pill was right in front of his eyes, so how could Yang Kai be willing to retreat here? This was the key that would allow an Eighth-Order Master to advance to the Ninth-Order!


Yang Kai still believed that his assumption had been right, and that the Royal Lord had withdrawn because his backup was not able to arrive swiftly.


Since his backup was late, there was no point in the Royal Lord wasting his strength here. It would not be too late to wait for reinforcements before making a move again.


So, it did not take very long for Yang Kai to make up his mind to continue waiting! If that Royal Lord came back, it would prove that his assumption was correct, and when that time came, he would have more wriggle room to carry out his plans.


Time gradually passed unnoticed.


After a certain amount of time, Thunder Shadow was starting to feel as if he could no longer keep up his Innate Divine Ability. If that failed, then there was a great chance they would be revealed under the senses of the Chaos Spirit King.


Just as Yang Kai was considering whether or not they should retreat for the time being, his expression had a slight change. From the direction the Royal Lord escaped in previously, an undisguised powerful aura was rising, which immediately drew the attention of the Chaos Spirit King who had remained on guard this whole time.


Immediately afterwards, a massive Black Ink Cloud rushed over from that direction, reaching the Chaos Spirit King in the blink of an eye, and a fight broke out once more.


[He’s back!]


Sure enough, the Royal Lord that ran away previously came back. Relieved, Yang Kai shot a glance at Thunder Shadow, who also breathed a sigh of relief and took this opportunity to catch his breath.


With his previous experience fighting the Chaos Spirit King, the Royal Lord was clearly being much more cautious than before. Though he was still no match for the Chaos Spirit King, it wasn’t easy for the Chaos Spirit King to just defeat him either.


As the battle raged on, Yang Kai turned in another direction. There, another powerful aura entered his senses, an aura that was not any weaker compared to the Royal Lord who had shown himself.


This aura was just like a lamp in the dark of night, extremely conspicuous, which reminded Yang Kai of the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords who did not have full control of their powers found it impossible to contain their auras, so hiding had never been one of their strong suits.


This was, without a doubt, a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


From what Yang Kai could sense, there were even a few Territory Lords gathered around the Pseudo-Royal Lord.


These were undoubtedly the helpers that the Royal Lord called for, which was exactly what Yang Kai had suspected. The Royal Lord was simply trying to distract the Chaos Spirit King in a fight as his other companions took the opportunity to seize the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


Without being able to conceal himself, the Pseudo-Royal Lord rushed straight into the gathering of Chaos Spirits with several Territory Lords in tow. When the Chaos Spirit King noticed this, its attacks against the Royal Lord became even more ruthless. It clearly intended to force its opponent to back off quickly. Though the Chaos Spirit King was stronger than the Royal Lord, the difference was not enough to one-sidedly end their fight. Meanwhile, its opponent was putting their all into defending, getting them to back off wouldn’t be easy.


While the Chaos Spirit King raged, the Pseudo-Royal Lord and the Territory Lords stormed into the gathering of Chaos Spirits. A dozen or so Chaos Spirits stayed back to protect their clansman refining the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill while the rest rose to meet the others in battle.


Black Ink Strength spread out and Dao Essence flared. The scene became heated in an instant.


The Royal Lord and Chaos Spirit King aside, the Pseudo-Royal Lords and the Territory Lords were able to overwhelm their enemies despite being fewer in number.


With the Pseudo-Royal Lord acting as the vanguard, and the Territory Lords in Battle Formations, they charged right through, and the many Chaos Spirits could hardly hold them back.


Most of these Chaos Spirits were of varying levels of strength, but the majority were only equivalent to Seventh-Order Masters or Feudal Lords, with less than 30% being on par with Eighth-Order Masters and Territory Lords. How would they be able to halt the charge of a Pseudo-Royal Lord?


Fortunately, there were not only Chaos Spirits who had gained solid forms here, but also an incalculable number of Chaos Entities. Under the command of the Chaos Spirit Clan, countless Chaos Entities rushed towards the Black Ink Clan from all directions, without fear of pain or death, which allowed them to keep the Black Ink Clan in check.


Yang Kai and the others also had a hard time due to the Chaos Entities when they were standing guard for Ou Yang Lie during his advancement. If it were not for Yang Kai’s enlightenment and development of the Space-Time River, things might have gotten out of hand back then.


At the moment, that was exactly what was happening.


The Black Ink Clan’s side must not have expected that these Chaos Entities that they normally wouldn’t bother with would actually be so difficult to deal with when their numbers swelled. It looked as if they had sunken into a Great Sea of Chaos Entities. Amidst them were also several dozen Chaos Spirits who were eyeing them closely.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord was furious. He had already pushed his strength to its peak and spread out Black Ink Strength as far as he could. Forcibly, he cut a bloody path through the encirclement with the Territory Lords following him and lunged towards the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


All they had to do was get their hands on the pill, then they could immediately escape from here, and the Chaos Spirit Clan would have no way of pursuing them in the vast expanse of the Universe Furnace World. Meanwhile, their Royal Lord only needed to keep the Chaos Spirit King busy for a while longer.


At this point, neither side had noticed that a small shadow in the void was approaching the battlefield like a phantom, slowly creeping towards the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


Inside the shadow, Thunder Shadow was pushing his Innate Divine Ability to its fullest and was hiding the auras of both Yang Kai and himself as far as possible. Under the blessing of his Divine Ability, they blended in and became one with the shadows.


After waiting for a long time, Yang Kai’s speculation was finally proved correct. The Black Ink Clan had now made their move, so why would Yang Kai stay idle? Whether or not he could seize the pill here would be up to whether Thunder Shadow could bring him close enough or not.


It would not be easy to pass through such a chaotic battlefield. There were constantly Chaos Entities here and there that would inadvertently cross into the shadow, but they were all caught and restrained by Yang Kai.


Fortunately, there were so many Chaos Entities here that neither side noticed the unusual situation going on; otherwise, Yang Kai’s plan would have fallen through.


Yang Kai watched the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill get closer and closer, and just as he was about to reach out to snatch it, a cloud of Black Ink Strength happened to sweep past the shadow where Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow were…


The source was a nearby Territory Lord…


Nobody was too concerned when the Chaos Entities were taken away by Yang Kai, but the feedback the Territory Lord received from the energy it released alerted him instantly. Amid the battle, he raised his head towards the shadow and shouted, “Watch out!”


He thought that it was one of the Chaos Spirits hiding, waiting for an opportunity to strike…


That shout had without a doubt exposed Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow completely. Yang Kai could clearly feel two powerful auras, one from the Royal Lord and the other from the Chaos Spirit King, spreading over from the battlefield. Very clearly, it was the two Masters investigating the situation here.


Yang Kai was so angry that his lungs could burst!


If this could have happened just five breaths later, after Thunder Shadow had brought him close enough, he could have seized the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill and used Space Principles to escape, then there would be a great probability that he could have achieved his goal without a scratch.


However, this plan, which should have been safe, ended up being inadvertently ruined by a Territory Lord.


Life was full of disappointments!


Instantaneously, a great gushing river was summoned and covered a stretch of the void, swallowing up the Chaos Entity that had devoured the Open Heaven Pill and was refining it along with a dozen or so Chaos Spirits protecting it nearby.


This turn of events was so bizarre that both sides that were battling each other were stunned for a moment.


Then, a bellow broke out, “It’s a Human! Stop him!”


It was the Pseudo-Royal Lord who reacted first. He was furious that some Human would actually try to remove the firewood from under the pot while they were taking on huge risks, fighting the Chaos Spirit Clan so that they could get their hands on the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill.


How could that be tolerated?!



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