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Martial Peak – Chapter 5758, The Butterfly Soars

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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The Pseudo-Royal Lord reacted quickly, but there was someone else who was quicker, the Chaos Spirit King who was fighting the Royal Lord nearby.


For the Chaos Spirit Clan, any creature that intruded on this place was an enemy regardless of whether they were from the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan!


So, the moment it sensed an enemy lurking in the shadows, it struck from afar. Though it was being hounded by the Royal Lord and could not withdraw easily, it still opened its mouth in the direction of Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow. In the next instant, it seemed to have shouted, but no sound came from its mouth; however, a formless force travelled through the void, launching an attack towards the shadow where one Human and one leopard were hiding.


Chaos was shattered, and Grand Daos shook.


At that moment, Yang Kai just happened to have summoned the Space-Time River to swallow up the Chaos Entity that had devoured the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, as well as several other Chaos Entities and Chaos Spirits which were protecting it, and he was about to escape using his Space Secret Technique.


When the blast of Dao Essence crashed down on him, Yang Kai felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His chest felt extremely stuffy and it was hard for him to manipulate Space Principles. Even the Space-Time River that he summoned was in turmoil as the water splashed about wildly.


The Space-Time River was greatly destabilized by the attack of the Chaos Spirit King, and with this opportunity, two of the Chaos Spirits who were around the Eighth Order in strength managed to free themselves from its confines.


These two had humanoid forms, and their eyes immediately turned to look at Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow before charging them to attack.


Not only that, the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was nearby also freed a fist out of his fight and punched towards Yang Kai!


In an instant, Yang Kai was attacked from three sides; moreover, the local space was so disturbed at the moment that he could not even hope to escape using Space Principles.


In this life-or-death moment, Thunder Shadow roared and transformed into his original size with thunder markings flashing all over his body. When he charged towards the two Chaos Spirits, Yang Kai also let out a shout as a golden light erupted and a Golden Dragon phantom enveloped him.


As Dao Strength was hard to manipulate at the moment, he had no choice but to maintain it with the help of his Dragon Vein.


However, the Golden Dragon phantom only lasted for a moment before shattering. The fierce power was so overwhelming that Yang Kai’s chest felt like it had caved in. In an instant, who knew how many of his bones had broken. Fresh blood came pouring out, but he managed to keep it down. Gritting his teeth, he shot a cold glare at the Pseudo-Royal Lord and with fierce determination, Spiritual Energy flared madly as he roared, “Die!”


The Pseudo-Royal Lord did not even have the chance to shudder before he felt a strange pain in his Knowledge Sea, as if a long, invisible needle had pierced through the defences of his Soul, causing him to stagger back.


It was a strange technique that targeted one’s Soul! The Pseudo-Royal Lord understood that instantly.


The Black Ink Clan had a lot of information about Yang Kai, and most of them were generally aware of such tricks, but according to what they knew, this was an unpredictable technique that was hard to guard against. Back then, many Innate Territory Lords had been killed by Yang Kai with this very technique, which gained him an infamous reputation.


However, this technique did almost as much damage to its user as its target, and Yang Kai had rarely used it over the last few thousand years.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord never would have expected that Yang Kai would use that very technique against him at this moment, so he was unfortunate to suffer quite a loss from it due to being caught off guard!


Taking an injury to his Soul was a great headache for the Pseudo-Royal Lord, but he quickly steadied himself. He was, after all, a Pseudo-Royal Lord who was not something an Innate Territory Lord could compare to, so he could still resist such attacks.


He was only stalled for a moment, but Yang Kai had already disappeared from sight. Following his aura, he saw Yang Kai not far in the distance, clutching a large river and fleeing alongside the black leopard with lightning flashing all around its body…


Yang Kai knew that a Soul Rending Thorn would not be able to do much to a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and his determined gesture from earlier was just to stall his enemy. After sending out a Soul Rending Thorn, he sent a message to Thunder Shadow and they ran.


Thunder Shadow could not gain any advantage when he fought two Chaos Spirits head-on either. In just a few moments, he was beaten to the point where the lightning around its body had dimmed considerably.


The sudden appearance of a third party not only made those from the Black Ink Clan want to spit blood, but even the Chaos Spirits were distracted. Their main target was supposed to be the enemies from the Black Ink Clan, but now they left them behind to attack Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow!


Yang Kai could even sense that two powerful auras were locked onto him and were swiftly moving towards him.


The Royal Lord and Chaos Spirit King!


The two of them had stopped their fight and were now tacitly chasing after Yang Kai.


For the Chaos Spirit King, anyone with the intention of snatching away the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was an enemy.


The Royal Lord clearly did not want the pill to fall into the hands of the Humans either, and especially not Yang Kai’s hands. So, when the Chaos Spirit King tried to withdraw, he did not resist and instead joined forces with it.


This time, Yang Kai had stirred up the hornet’s nest.


Yang Kai grumbled audibly. Everything was going smoothly just as he planned; he would have been completely capable of secretly snatching the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill while both sides were fighting each other, then disappear after that.


However, one accident led him to be chased down by the Masters of both sides!


Yang Kai wished he could rip that damn Territory Lord who exposed him into 10,000 pieces…


Yet, he just had to have trouble with using Space Principles at this moment. While dragging along the Space-Time River with several Chaos Spirits inside, all of whom were struggling to break out, he could not use Instantaneous Movement.


It would not take long for Yang Kai to deal with the captured Chaos Spirits, but that little bit of time was enough for both the Chaos Spirit King and the Royal Lord to kill him 100 times over!


There was practically no way out!


Yang Kai sighed in his heart. In the end, he had no choice but to use that. Whether this venture was still worth it or not, he had no idea.


With a thought, he stretched out his hand and made a movement, and in the next instant, a butterfly that was as vivid as if it were alive suddenly appeared in his palm, its body giving off a soft glow. It danced on Yang Kai’s hand before its wings flapped and a beautiful halo of light emerged.


“Go!” Yang Kai whispered and threw the butterfly over his shoulder.


The butterfly fluttered, then its small little body expanded. In the blink of an eye, the shadow of a large butterfly enveloped the Void.


A halo of blue light swept through the chaos, cleansing the world.


All of a sudden, the butterfly burst into a million points of light.


Many from the Black Ink Clan and the Chaos Spirit Clan, who were chasing after Yang Kai, clashed headfirst into the shower of light, and under its glow, their expressions became indiscernible.


The glow of light suddenly gathered towards a certain point, and in the blink of an eye, a gracefully enchanting figure appeared in the void, blocking the many pursuers.


The Chaos Spirits did not have much of an opinion regarding what they saw, but the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s face paled as he stared at it and exclaimed, “Luo Ting He!”


It was quite a coincidence, but this Pseudo-Royal Lord had come from the Great Territory Battlefield that Luo Ting He oversaw. He had also fought her before and was almost cut down in the process. Naturally, seeing this Ninth-Order Master again here made him fearful.


He could not help but think, [Did this woman also come in?]


But when he focused his eyes on her again, he realized that the woman was not living, rather, it was some kind of manifestation or Divine Ability that was shaped in her image.


However, despite it being a mere manifestation, it was still the Divine Ability of a Ninth-Order Master, so it should not be trifled with. The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s expression turned grave in an instant.


At this point, Yang Kai’s heart felt like it was bleeding.


He had used up such a trump card just like that…


The butterfly was given to him by the newly-advanced Ninth-Order Luo Ting He when they met back then. It was something that was condensed from 500 years of Luo Ting He’s cultivation as gratitude to Yang Kai for his help.


This Ninth-Order Master had been trapped in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Samsara Pavilion and was unable to return. It was by chance that Yang Kai had awakened her memories after experiencing nine reincarnations with Qu Hua Shang, which freed her.


After advancing to the Ninth Order, Luo Ting He had been thinking of ways to repay Yang Kai, but she could not come up with anything she could give him. Considering how Yang Kai was constantly on the move and would often encounter many strong enemies though, she spent her own cultivation to create this butterfly for him, which could be used to save his life during a critical moment.


This was arguably one of Yang Kai’s strongest trump cards that he kept hidden away all this while and never used.


Even when he was chased across the Black Ink Battlefield and nearly cornered by Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai never thought about using it. That was because Yang Kai thought it too much of a waste to use such a thing to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


But now, he had no other choice. If he didn’t use it, then he really wouldn’t be able to get away.


30 breaths of time!


He only had 30 breaths of time!


Luo Ting He made it clear to him when she passed him the butterfly that summoning it was equivalent to summoning her to fight, but it could only last for 30 breaths.


This Divine Ability could be seen as something akin to a Soul Clone of Luo Ting He; however, considering Luo Ting He’s strength and that of the enemies Yang Kai was facing now, it may not even be able to last for 30 breaths. 


Yang Kai needed to get out of here even sooner than that.


Almost as soon as Luo Ting He appeared, a battle broke out. The Pseudo-Royal Lord did not dare to step forward as he was wary of Luo Ting He’s power, but the Chaos Spirit Clan knew now fear. Soon, the Royal Lord and Chaos Spirit King had also rushed over.


Yang Kai didn’t even have the time to turn around and look. He just felt Dao Strengths fluctuating behind him and the immense aftershocks of their battle blasted out and nearly knocked him over.


At this moment, he was rushing forward while carrying his Space-Time River. No matter whether it was a Chaos Entity or Chaos Spirit blocking his way, the river would flow out and take them all in to be taken care of later.


Yang Kai didn’t dare to waste any time here. The Chaos Entities weren’t difficult to deal with usually, but it was not a good idea to be getting tangled up with them right now.


As a result, the pressure inside of his Space-Time River was growing greater and greater, making it even more difficult for him to escape using Space Principles.


“Yang Kai, you court death!” A furious roar came from behind him, followed by a fierce attack.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord had somehow made it over to give chase. Yang Kai was exasperated. Luo Ting He’s Divine Ability didn’t seem to be as effective as expected; otherwise, how could this Pseudo-Royal Lord have come over? This was making an already bad situation worse.


However, he knew that it was not because the Divine Ability was not powerful, just that even Luo Ting He herself must not have expected him to be able to stir up so much trouble.



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