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Martial Peak – Chapter 5759, Playing Every Card in Hand

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Luo Ting He was confident when she told Yang Kai that day that this Divine Ability could be maintained for 30 breaths of time. In her mind, the greatest danger that Yang Kai could face would be to encounter a Pseudo-Royal Lord alone; however, this Soul Clone of hers was now facing the combined forces of a Royal Lord and a Chaos Spirit King, not to mention many more Chaos Spirits…


To have to hold back so many enemies alone, a newly advanced Ninth-Order Master’s Soul Clone would be severely lacking.


If the Pseudo-Royal Lord wanted to get around her, she may not be able to stop him either.


A powerful force hit Yang Kai on the back, sending his Dragon Scales flying and flaying his skin. This Pseudo-Royal Lord had attacked to kill; after all, they had the chance to seize the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, so how could they allow Yang Kai to come out of nowhere and take advantage of the situation?


So, he was unrelenting in his attack, releasing the full extent of his power.


Any other Eighth-Order Master would surely be at death’s door if not buried on the spot by such an attack; fortunately, Yang Kai had thick skin and strong flesh. Even though his five viscera and six organs were shaken after that attack, he endured the dizziness and used the force of that attack to propel himself further, making a speedy escape.


However, the Pseudo-Royal Lord did not give up his chase.


Several others wanted to follow after him as well, but they were held back by the Chaos Spirits and had no choice but to form Battle Formations to fight. However, without the Pseudo-Royal Lord leading the charge, they were soon racking up injuries, leaving them all quite miserable.


They wanted to shout at the Chaos Spirits and tell them that they did not have the pill, so fighting was useless. They might as well go and chase after the culprit who seized the pill instead; however, they knew that the Chaos Spirit Clan would not pay them any mind. To them, it did not matter whether they were from the Black Ink Clan or the Human Race, anyone who stepped into their territory was an enemy.


The Space-Time River opened up before them, rolling in all the Chaos Entities in its path and forging a way forward. The Dao Strengths of Space and Time was extremely dense within the river, and under the erosion of the Dao Strengths, most of the Chaos Entities quickly melted away into nothing, but their numbers were just too great.


Yang Kai could feel his Dao Strengths quickly draining away. Even the volume of his Space-Time River was shrinking rapidly, which was not a good sign. He was able to pull the Chaos Entity with the Supreme Grade Heaven Pill into the river, but if the Chaos Entity could not be scoured away before the Space-Time River broke apart, then it would be difficult to get the pill.


Worse, there were still some relatively powerful Chaos Spirits inside of the river that were taking advantage of his moment of distraction to go on a rampage, stirring up trouble inside the river.


On the other side, Luo Ting He’s Soul Clone had already summoned her Yin-Yang Fish Divine Ability to envelop both the Royal Lord and Chaos Spirit King. The power of Yin and Yang intertwined and transformed mysteriously, turning the area it surrounded into a kind of cage.


Without destroying this Divine Ability, even the Chaos Spirit King and the Royal Lord would find it difficult to break free.


A hint of Luo Ting He’s consciousness was undoubtedly in this Soul Clone, and at that moment, her brow was furrowed. She was trying her best to hold on, but she couldn’t imagine how Yang Kai was able to provoke two top Masters to join hands and chase after him.


The 30 breaths of time she promised him was likely going to take a large dip. It would be amazing if she could even last 20 breaths. Understanding this, she immediately sent her voice to Yang Kai, “Quickly escape!”


Once her Soul Clone failed to hold on, even if Yang Kai had his Space Secret Techniques, the chances of him surviving under the pursuit of two powerful Masters would still be slim to none.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth at her call and pushed his Dao Strengths to the fullest, forging ahead with the help of the Space-Time River.


Five breaths, 10 breaths…


One by one, furious attacks unleashed by the Pseudo-Royal Lord landed on Yang Kai’s back from behind, causing him to stumble each time. In just a short moment, Yang Kai felt as if he had sustained the greatest amount of damage in his life…


All of a sudden, the oppressive force ahead cleared up. When Yang Kai turned his eyes over, he realized that he had finally rushed out of the encirclement of the Chaos Entities and was overjoyed. He immediately circulated his World Force, turning his figure into a stream of light and speeding off into the depths of the void.


“Stop him!” The Royal Lord roared from behind him. He had been paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements even as he was fighting with Luo Ting He’s Soul Clone, so when he saw that Yang Kai was about to break away into freedom, he started to get nervous.


If it were any ordinary Eighth-Order Master, they might be able to escape for a while, but certainly not for long. With a Pseudo-Royal Lord in pursuit of them, there would eventually come a time when they had to bow down and accept death.


However, Yang Kai was different. He was proficient in the Dao of Space and was unparalleled at running away. If they let him escape, then forget a Pseudo-Royal Lord, even a true Royal Lord like himself would not be able to catch him.


With a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill at stake, how could the Royal Lord be willing to let that happen?


Previously, the Black Ink Clan had always believed that the appearance of the Universe Furnace was an opportunity for the Humans, and their many Masters had only entered so as to spoil their chances, killing off any Human Race Masters and weakening their overall forces.


However, when he came upon a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill by chance and advanced to become a Royal Lord, he understood that this was not just an opportunity for the Human Race, but also one for the Black Ink Clan!


The Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pills that were born from the Universe Furnace held astonishing power!


After discovering that there was another Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill here, he decided to gather up as much help as he could to seize it. Everything was going well at first, until Yang Kai appeared out of nowhere, throwing the situation into disarray…


This made the Royal Lord extremely frustrated. Why could they seemingly never rid themselves of this killing star? He seemed to be practically everywhere, always spoiling their plans!


At this point, whether it be the Black Ink Clan or the Chaos Spirit Clan, everyone was engaged in a messy fight. Only the Pseudo-Royal Lord was chasing after Yang Kai without letting up.


That was mainly because of how powerful he was, so the average Chaos Spirit would not be able to hold him back.


Seeing Yang Kai break away from the battlefield, the Pseudo-Royal Lord was also feeling anxious and circulated his aura madly to lock onto Yang Kai’s figure in case he was to suddenly disappear. At the same time, Black Ink Strength surged, and a series of killing moves were blasted in Yang Kai’s direction.


The blows battered Yang Kai to the point of dizziness, which was especially troublesome to his current situation where he was trying to run away and had to use Space Principles to do so; however, without dealing with the problem that was the Space-Time River, it was simply impossible for him to perform Instantaneous Movement.


Therefore, most of his energy was spent on circulating his Dao Strength and dealing with the Chaos Spirits and Chaos Entities that were trapped inside his Space-Time River.


As for the attacks of the Pseudo-Royal Lord behind him, he had no choice but to bear them with his body.


Unfortunately, even with his potent Dragon Vein, Yang Kai couldn’t last too long.


Thankfully, he still had Thunder Shadow. As soon as he saw that things were looking bad, he leapt out from his shoulders and in a flash of lightning, revealed his true body. He circulated the power of his lightning to shield Yang Kai’s back while fighting back against the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was chasing them across the Void.


However, he could only endure for five breaths…


After five breaths, the lightning around Thunder Shadow’s body dimmed and his aura dropped noticeably, reducing him to a panting mess.


Even though Thunder Shadow was quite strong, no weaker than any peak Eighth-Order Master, he was still far from being able to fight a Pseudo-Royal Lord all by himself.


At this point, Yang Kai had also taken some time out to open up his Small Universe, releasing the few jellyfish Chaos Entities that he had left from before.


Not only that, he also deployed batch after batch of Small Stone Race clansmen…


Yang Kai always kept an army of Small Stone Race inside of his Small Universe that he prepared in order to deal with some critical situations, but even if they could not delay their enemies for long here, he did not care.


With the help of the jellyfish Chaos Entities and the Small Stone Race Army, Yang Kai was barely able to buy himself a few breaths of time.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s cold voice came from behind him, “Yang Kai, hand over the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill or die!”


After receiving information from that newly-advanced Royal Lord, the Pseudo-Royal Lord understood what a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill could do. At the moment, he was already a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but if he could refine that pill, then he could become a true Royal Lord!


This should have been his Spirit Pill, so how could he allow Yang Kai to seize it?


Yang Kai, who was still fleeing up ahead, turned a deaf ear to these threats. All of a sudden, he shook the Space-Time River that he had been holding all this while. As the Dao Strengths shook, several splashes came out of the large river, accompanied by several figures.


It was the Chaos Spirits that he had swept up previously!


Usually, it would not have taken him long to eliminate these Chaos Spirit Clansmen with the power of his Space-Time River as under the scouring of such potent Dao Strength, they would quickly be ground away into dust, but the situation now was urgent, so how could Yang Kai bother wasting time and energy to eliminate these fellows?


Since he could not do so, he simply tossed them out.


With that, only the Chaos Entity that had devoured the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was left inside the Space-Time River.


As Dao Strength circulated fiercely, the entire river seemed to have been stimulated. The Chaos Entity had not been very strong to begin with, so how could it resist such corrosive power? Its body soon dissolved, and the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill that had been in its body this whole time fell into the river.


With little effort, Yang Kai easily scooped the pill out.


Seeing this, the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was chasing after him shouted urgently, “Hand that pill over to me!”


“Bite me!” Yang Kai spat out the blood in his mouth. Even though his aura seemed extremely drained, he still looked much more relaxed compared to before.


With the trouble in his Space-Time River dealt with and no other external forces holding him back, it was time to go!


It was at that moment that a powerful aura dissipated in the distance. Yang Kai knew that it was a sign that Luo Ting He’s Divine Ability had expired. In other words, her 500 years worth of cultivation had dissipated.


She had not lasted 30 breaths of time, and probably not even 20; however, being able to last as long as she had was already quite a feat in itself, as she was holding back two Masters with power equal or greater than her own.


Without Luo Ting He’s Soul Clone holding back his enemies, the Royal Lord and the Chaos Spirit King were now charging over quickly. From afar, Yang Kai felt two powerful auras stretching over to lock onto him.


How could Yang Kai dare to dally in this situation? He was confident that he could escape if he was only being chased by a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but if he waited for these two to catch up to him, then he really would be just waiting for death.


On the back of his hand, the Great Sun and Moon Marks appeared. Yellow and blue light flowed, gathering and transforming into a dazzling pure white light that enveloped his body, cutting off the aura of the Pseudo-Royal Lord.


Space Principles surged, enveloping Thunder Shadow who had returned to his shoulder and had almost become a dead leopard…


In the next instant, the Void rippled and their forms blurred.


“Don’t you dare!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord howled and a fierce power was unleashed in Yang Kai’s direction. His ruthless attack crashed against his fading illusory phantom, and the aftershock pierced through the barriers of the Void to chase after him.



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