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Martial Peak – Chapter 5760, Seizing Chestnuts from the Fire

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In the next moment, the Royal Lord and Chaos Spirit King who had finally broken away from Luo Ting He’s entanglement rushed over, but they were too late. From a distance, all they saw was Yang Kai’s fading figure.


The Royal Lord felt his heart drop. He had formulated a plan with the hopes of giving rise to a new Royal Lord, yet he never expected to have prepared a dowry for the Humans instead.


Moreover, the one who seized the Spirit Pill just had to be the infamous Yang Kai. With this loss, the disparity in strength between the two sides was going to become enormous.


Fury was boiling inside of him as the Royal Lord was so angry that he could explode!




A violent power suddenly blasted over. The Royal Lord stumbled as he was caught off guard and turned around in anger, only to see the Chaos Spirit King coming at him with red eyes.


“What are you coming at me for!?” The Royal Lord was extremely vexed, “The one who stole your Spirit Pill is that Human, so why don’t we stop here and join forces to catch him instead?”


Yang Kai had only just escaped, and he was riddled with injuries, so if they chased after him now, they might just have a chance to catch up. However, this inexplicable being was picking a fight with him instead. How foolish!


That said, he hadn’t been able to figure out just what the hell these Chaos Spirits were. The Humans had Blood Crow to provide them with information, so they had some basic knowledge of and could take precautions against the Chaos Entities and the Chaos Spirit Clan; however, the Black Ink Clan did not have any of that.


This Royal Lord had encountered many Chaos Entities before, but this Chaos Spirit King, who was even more powerful than him, was a first.


He only knew that these strange beings were most likely native to the Universe Furnace World, but he did not know much else other than that.


Based on his previous experiences though, he could tell that the sentience of the natives was not very high.


Trying to explain was pointless. The Chaos Spirit King had just lost a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, which meant that they had lost the opportunity for another Chaos Spirit King to be born amongst them. So, it obviously wanted to vent all of its anger on the Royal Lord.


Helpless, the Royal Lord had no choice but to fight, so how could he still have any energy left to chase after Yang Kai?


Moreover, fighting an opponent who was stronger than himself was not a pleasant experience. What aggravated him even more was the fact that his Black Ink Strength had only a limited use against this powerful enemy…


After a few moments of fighting, the Royal Lord had the intention to run; after all, the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was already gone, so there was no use getting tangled up with the Chaos Spirit Clan any longer. However, leaving wasn’t going to be easy either. After fighting for a while longer, the Royal Lord finally found an opening to withdraw and quickly shot off into the distance.


The Chaos Spirit King gave chase at once, seemingly intent on killing him ruthlessly. This naturally made the Royal Lord so depressed that he could spit blood.


“Sir Royal Lord, save me!”


A Territory Lord’s wail rose from afar as he and his comrades had been surrounded by several dozen Chaos Spirits and were almost failing to hold on.


Originally, they had a Pseudo-Royal Lord leading them, and with the aid of a Battle Formation, they could still defend themselves, but after the Pseudo-Royal Lord had run off to chase after Yang Kai, leaving them behind, they were struggling to fight off so many Chaos Spirits.


Seeing that their Royal Lord was also about to leave, one of them couldn’t hold themselves back from yelling for help.


But how could the Royal Lord have any strength to care about them? The Chaos Spirit King was right behind him. He would have a hope of escaping if he was alone, but if he had to bring along those Territory Lords with him, he would most likely be caught and then killed.


Even though he heard the pleas of the Territory Lords, this newly-advanced Royal Lord did not have the strength to care about them right now. As his body was wrapped in a Black Ink Cloud, he left in a hurry.


Seeing that their Royal Lord had abandoned them, the Territory Lords knew they could not hold on any longer. One of the Territory Lords suddenly withdrew his aura and broke away from the Battle Formation in an attempt to escape alone…


“Don’t!” Another Territory Lord shouted, but it was too late. After one Territory Lord took the lead, the rest followed suit, scattering in all directions, leaving each of them to fend for themselves.


However, they were all still surrounded by the Chaos Spirit Clan. With the Battle Formation, they could still hold on for a while, but now that they had taken the initiative to disperse, how could they still be any match for the numerous powerful enemies around them?


One by one, their auras were buried. Every last one of the Territory Lords was butchered, their Black Ink Strength and hashed remains all that was left behind…


This was probably the reason why the Black Ink Clan could not truly grasp the essence of the Battle Formations. A true cohesive unit would stick together to either cut open a path to survival, or die in battle with honour. They would never choose to leave the Battle Formation like these Territory Lords.


The Chaos Spirit King went after the Royal Lord while the Territory Lords died miserably at the hands of its Chaos Spirit subordinates. On the other hand, the one Pseudo-Royal Lord had left, chasing after Yang Kai after he escaped using Instantaneous Movement.


Yang Kai was badly injured this time, and so was Thunder Shadow, who was almost blown up in the fight. Both were quite miserable at the moment.


Even though they managed to seize the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, they weren’t out of danger unless they shook off the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was chasing after them.


If Yang Kai was alone, he would have nothing to worry about since he could use Instantaneous Movement freely, but now that he had to bring Thunder Shadow with him and with his body so battered, the pressure on him was high.


A single round of Instantaneous Movement would not be enough to shake off a Pseudo-Royal Lord completely.


Earlier, as soon as Yang Kai reemerged from the Void, a blow was sent out by his opponent followed through the spatial corridor and hit Yang Kai, causing him to stagger.


From behind, the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s Divine Sense washed over, obviously trying to determine Yang Kai’s position.


Yang Kai grit his teeth and used Purifying Light in order to shield himself from his opponent’s probing; then, without stopping at all, he left again using Instantaneous Movement.


Yang Kai repeated this several times before he finally left the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s detection range, but he knew that they were not that far apart, and chasing after him was the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s top priority now, so it was best for him to hide.


However, where could he hide in this vast void? If Thunder Shadow was unharmed, then they could’ve hidden themselves with his Innate Divine Ability, but Thunder Shadow had almost been turned into a dead leopard, so how could he still have the energy to use any sort of Divine Ability or Secret Technique?


Forcing down the blood that threatened to surge up his throat, Yang Kai grit his teeth and gathered his strength as much as he could while bringing Thunder Shadow along in a random direction.


A few moments later, the Pseudo-Royal Lord rushed to the vicinity of where Yang Kai was previously and began searching around with his Divine Sense, but he did not find any traces. His face turned dark and he quickly swept away to continue investigating the nearby area.


This was a matter of whether or not he could advance and become a true Royal Lord, so he was determined to dig Yang Kai out. Even though he was currently a Pseudo-Royal Lord, a gap still existed between him and a true Royal Lord.


After reaching his current height, how could he not want to go further?


Moreover, he had a vague feeling that if he did manage to catch Yang Kai this time, then there was a high probability that he would be able to kill him and end his scourge once and for all!


Yang Kai had caused far too much damage to the Black Ink Clan, and many of their people had lived under his threat in their early years, so how could anyone from the Black Ink Clan not hate him to the bone?


That was why he spared no effort in searching for Yang Kai. Even though he had lost sight of the latter, he had no intention of giving up at all. The Pseudo-Royal Lord even sent messages out in all directions, summoning more from his clan to join the search.


For a time, many from the Black Ink Clan within the Universe Furnace began to gather in one place, to the shock of the Humans. Fortunately, the Humans basically moved in groups to form Battle Formations, and those from the Black Ink Clan had other tasks to focus on, so they did not have time to start random conflicts with the Humans.


However, this unusual gathering still raised the guards of the many Humans as they had no idea what the Black Ink Clan was up to.


In the void, Tian Xiu Zhu, alongside Zhan Tian He and his other three companions, stopped in place and looked back from where they came and all of them wrinkled their brows.


This couldn’t be helped as they had already encountered several groups of Black Ink Clansmen who were converging towards a certain direction. Just like the Humans, there was no longer anyone from the Black Ink Clan moving alone. It had been a while since the Universe Furnace opened up. So, after being inside for so long, the Masters of both sides should be able to find allies by now. As for those who did not, it was highly likely they had already been killed or were hiding somewhere, not daring to reveal themselves.


The Black Ink Clansmen that Tian Xiu Zhu and the others encountered during this period were all groups of several Territory Lords. Even though both sides had sensed each other’s presence, neither had any intention of starting trouble with the other. They just brushed by each other from a distance.


Liu Fei Fei was more sensitive among them, so she had noticed the unusual situation from early on and could not help but ask, “Senior Brother Tian, do you think Senior Brother Yang may be in trouble?”


These Territory Lords had quite clearly received some sort of message to gather; otherwise, there was no reason for all of them to be heading in the same direction. Moreover, they were all heading towards where they came from, and they knew exactly what had happened there and what was going to be happening next as well.


Tian Xiu Zhu had clearly sensed it as well and nodded, “It’s inevitable that he’ll stir up some trouble by trying to snatch chestnuts straight from the fire, but there’s nothing we can do to help!”


If they could have provided any help to him, then they wouldn’t have left so easily. There was a great possibility that Yang Kai might draw the attention of both the Royal Lord and the Chaos Spirit King by attempting to seize the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill from right under their noses. When that happened, he could escape by relying on his Space Secret Techniques, but they did not have that ability, so following Yang Kai would only hinder him.


But from the current situation, it seemed that things were not going too well on Yang Kai’s side; otherwise, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be gathering so many Masters.


“Let’s go look for Ou Yang Lie!” Tian Xiu Zhu quickly made a decision.


The Black Ink Clan had their Royal Lord, and the Chaos Spirit Clan had their Chaos Spirit King; however, the Human Race had a Ninth-Order Master in the Universe Furnace as well. Only by seeking Ou Yang Lie’s help would they be able to provide Yang Kai the capital to fight back.


After making up his mind, Tian Xiu Zhu was about to depart with his group when his expression suddenly changed and he shouted, “Link!”


The faces of Zhan Tian He and the others turned serious, but there was no helping it as a powerful aura suddenly intruded into their perception, and the aura was equivalent to those of a Ninth-Order Master or Royal Lord.


Of course, there was also the possibility that it was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, as there was hardly any difference between them and a true Royal Lord in terms of aura alone. This was especially the case if their aura was fully exposed. The only difference was that the Pseudo-Royal Lords could not fully make use of their power and could only effectively bring out around 70% of what a true Royal Lord could.


The aura they perceived was unfamiliar, so it was obviously not a Ninth-Order Master. That could only mean that it was either a Royal Lord or a Pseudo-Royal Lord!



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