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Martial Peak – Chapter 5764, Chaos Splits into Yin and Yang

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Deep inside the Infinite River, when the density of the chaotic energy reached a certain limit, an amazing change happened that got Yang Kai excited, and it was also the reason why he insisted on diving further.


As for what exactly that change was, Yang Kai could not describe it for the time being. Perhaps it would become clearer as he continued to descend; however, he could clearly feel the impact of the water surrounding him weakening slightly.


Did things reverse once they reached extremes?


With the weakening of the river’s impact, the pressure that he had to bear naturally lessened, so Yang Kai was in no hurry to retreat now.


He had already gotten through the most difficult part, and now it was, naturally, time for a proper exploration of the Infinite River’s depths. Yang Kai had a feeling that he might be able to touch upon some secrets here that were not known to the world at large.


There may have been those who thought about exploring the Infinite River before, but it would have been impossible for them to reach this far.


It was more than the accumulation of Yang Kai’s heritage that enabled him to reach this place, it was also his other blessings. Whether it was the Soul Warming Lotus to protect his mind or the World Tree clone to protect his Small Universe, these were all conditions that ordinary people could not meet.


Not even the Ninth-Order Masters could copy such a performance!


Moreover, Yang Kai was not inferior to any Ninth-Order Master when it came to attainments in one’s own Grand Daos, he was merely lacking in cultivation. The greatest asset one could rely on to explore the depths of the Infinite River was Dao Strength. One’s cultivation was merely secondary.


That was why Yang Kai could conclude almost for certain that nobody had ever reached this place before, let alone explored the Infinite River’s depths to begin with.


The inside of the Infinite River was originally dim, but at some point, a few faint spots of fluorescence began to appear in the surging river around him.


The fluorescence was divided into two colours, yellow and blue…


It wasn’t obvious at first, but as Yang Kai went deeper, more and more points of light began to appear around him. Looking around him, the lights were like ribbons, floating in the river, their luminescence creating a beautiful and colourful sight as they swayed along the flow of the water.


The colour of those lights felt familiar to Yang Kai; moreover, their auras were not unfamiliar either.


Yang Kai was jolted by sudden enlightenment, “Chaos divides into Yin and Yang!”


Thunder Shadow was also filled with profound thoughts at the sight, but he was not as knowledgeable as his main self, so though he had some understanding, it was not very clear.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. The idea to explore the Infinite River’s interior had been a mere whim at the start. Many Black Ink Clansmen were searching for him outside so he just wanted to wait inside of the river for a while longer and let the storm die down; but to gain such an unexpected harvest here was a true surprise to him. He actually witnessed Chaos dividing into Yin and Yang at an unknown depth deep inside the Infinite River.


This was a true evolution of Dao Strength, the primordial separation of Chaos.


Yang Kai steadied himself and concentrated, silently perceiving the changes in the Grand Dao around him.


Only after a long time did he open his eyes again with a thoughtful expression; then, his body moved, continuing deeper together with Thunder Shadow.


The lower down he dove, the more the yellow and blue lights grew in number until at a certain point that was all Yang Kai could see.


Moreover, Yang Kai no longer felt any chaotic Shattered Dao Essence after reaching this place. This was where the Grand Daos of Yin and Yang gathered.


A pure and primordial power surged in this place, openly displaying the ultimate profundity of the two Grand Daos of Yin and Yang.


Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow were practically swimming in an inexhaustible Grand Dao River!


Yang Kai was thrilled, but also felt that it was a pity at the same time.


He was thrilled because of how pure and rich the Dao Strength was in this place. Anyone who came here would be able to absorb and refine it, rapidly increasing their attainments in the Grand Daos of Yin and Yang.


This was primordial Dao Strength which had split from Chaos after all, so there was no way it would not be pure.


It was just a pity that the Daos of Yin and Yang was not the main Grand Daos that Yang Kai cultivated, though he did have some of its Dao Essences in his Small Universe. However, that was only there as a part of what he gained from the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon


If a cultivator from Yin-Yang Heaven were to come here, they would truly be like thieves entering a treasure mountain!


For example, Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao, Luo Ting He, and even his own wives Qu Hua Shang and Tao Ling Wan would definitely save centuries, if not millennia of hard cultivation to raise their attainments in their Grand Daos.


He sighed in his heart. Since they couldn’t come here to grab these benefits, he would just have to do it in their place.


When he opened up his Small Universe, it began swallowing up the Dao Strengths in this place as if it had been starving for hundreds of years.


Yang Kai had done a similar thing in the past, inside of the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, but the conditions then were different from now. The many Grand Dao Rivers of the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon were all of varying volume and strength, each of them containing a random Grand Dao. Back then, Yang Kai had taken each one of those Grand Dao rivers into his Small Universe and refined them there.


However, there was no need for that here. The Dao Strengths of Yin and Yang here were so rich that he just had to open up his Small Universe and they would crash inside by themselves.


Currently, a considerable number of Emperor Realm Masters had been gathered in the Void Dao Temple in Yang Kai’s Small Universe. All of them had condensed their Dao Seals and were usually cultivating in retreat or training and sparring with each other.


One female cultivator who mainly cultivated the Yin-Yang Grand Dao felt a stir, as if something new had been added to the world around her, and she couldn’t help but be enlightened to many things all at once. Things that she usually couldn’t understand opened up to her at this moment. She immediately ended her chat with her companion and sat down cross-legged to meditate. This made her companion dumbfounded, completely flabbergasted at how she had suddenly gained enlightenment out of nowhere.


Unseen by others, a vast amount of the Yin and Yang Dao Essence had appeared in Void World, and the amount was increasing in a continuous flow.


By swallowing and refining the Dao Strengths of Yin and Yang, Yang Kai also gained many new insights, and his understanding of these Grand Daos also increased significantly.


Originally, his attainments in the Yin-Yang Grand Dao were not very high. Based on his own classification, he would at most be at the Fourth Level, Traversing a Familiar Path, which was around an average level for a newly promoted Open Heaven Realm Master; however, as Yang Kai continued to refine more of this pure Dao Essence, that rapidly improved his mastery.


Attaining Mastery Through Comprehensive Understanding, Exceeding the Ordinary to Reach the Extraordinary, Standing Above All Others Within Sight, Yang Kai only felt that he was reaching a bottleneck when he was nearing the Eighth Level, Summiting the Peak. No matter how much more Dao Strength he took in, it would be difficult for him to make any more improvements within a short time.


This was within his expectations though.


It was impossible to increase one’s attainment in a Grand Dao without limits simply by swallowing up and refining Dao Strength. One would reach a wall sooner or later.


Just like eating, even the greatest king of appetites would reach a limit of what they could consume, and only by slowly digesting that food could their capital be increased gradually.


Yang Kai did not feel that full right now; after all, his Small Universe was exceptionally large, so he could continue swallowing up more of this place’s Dao Strength; however, he was unable to refine more of it into his own Dao Essence.


He had never thought that he would one day be troubled about finding too much wealth. Pure, practically unlimited primordial Dao Strengths was right before his eyes, free for the taking, yet he was unable to refine it.


However, Yang Kai was still very satisfied with what he’d gained. His attainments in the Yin-Yang Grand Dao were originally only at the Fourth Level of mastery, but he was now at the border of the Eighth Level after such a short amount of time. Even with thousands of years, such a thing would be difficult to achieve simply by cultivating in seclusion.


Yang Kai could vaguely feel that the Eighth Level was a bottleneck for him.


Previously, he had also reached a standstill for a long time before breaking through to the Eighth Level of mastery in the Dao of Space and the Dao of Time, and those were his primary Grand Daos while the Yin-Yang Grand Dao was something he never actively cultivated.


As for the Ninth Level, it was useless to even think about it. Yang Kai himself had no idea how long it would take to make a breakthrough to the mysteries of the Ninth Level.


Though he had no way of refining more, he faced no obstruction when it came to taking it in.


As such, rather than close his Small Universe’s portal, Yang Kai continued swallowing up more of the Dao Strengths as he created a separate, isolated region in his Small Universe to store it for later use.


If the Infinite River had a consciousness and saw what Yang Kai was doing, it would likely feel the urge to cry.


Eating and drinking his fill here wasn’t enough for him, he was even packing up a massive amount of takeaway. Such greed was simply too much!


Yang Kai’s thoughts were simple though. He had reached a bottleneck now, but there was no saying when he would not have the blessing to make a breakthrough later. When that time came, this Dao Strength that he saved would be of use to him in order to raise his attainments again.


Even if he ultimately did not use it himself, he could still bring it to his two wives. They came from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so they certainly had a better understanding of the Yin-Yang Dao and could use this to strengthen themselves.


As for Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao and Luo Ting He… They were already in the Ninth Order and had cultivated for so many years. They had most likely reached their own limits in their cultivation, and that was not something that could be changed with outside help.


Thunder Shadow stood aside, completely silent about Yang Kai’s behaviour. Indeed, his true self’s greed was embarrassing, but fortunately, nobody else was there. Moreover… If anyone else were to be faced with such a blessing, they would most likely also find it difficult to refuse.


After taking his fill, Yang Kai was in high spirits. After closing his Small Universe’s portal, he continued downwards with Thunder Shadow.


Diving deeper into the Infinite River did not come without pressure, but it was still easier than the most difficult time they faced here. Fortunately, Yang Kai had some attainments in this Grand Dao to begin with, and those attainments were climbing with each passing moment, so the pressure became less and less. At this point, it had become no more difficult for Yang Kai than an idle walk in his courtyard.


“What sort of changes do you think we’ll see down there?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.


Thunder Shadow was sullen, “Don’t know. I’m not guessing!”


Yang Kai laughed, “Even though you’re from the Monster Race, you still need to use your head a bit more. Monsters without brains don’t survive long!”


Thunder Shadow looked askance at him, thinking to himself, [If you scold me, then it’s equal to scolding yourself, don’t you know? It’s your fault I don’t have more smarts!]


But Yang Kai went on by himself, “It is said that the world began as Chaos, then after many long years of evolution, Yin and Yang were born from it; afterwards, it transformed into… the Five Elements!”


As if to verify his guesses, the river, which was filled only with yellow and blue before, now suddenly had other colours appearing.


The Yin and Yang Dao Strengths were no longer pure. As the two Dao Strengths intersected, traces of other Dao Strengths emerged.



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