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Martial Peak – Chapter 5765, Five Elements Give Rise to Ten Thousand Daos

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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The evolution of Dao Strength was an amazing process. Deep inside of the Infinite River, the yellow and blue colours were gradually replaced by five different colours of light. Gold represented the Metal Element, green represented the Wood Element, blue represented the Water Element, red represented the Fire Element, and brown represented the Earth Element!


The intermingling of five colours caused the interior of the river to become more and more colourful.


Chaos divides into Yin and Yang, and then Yin and Yang transform into Five Elements.


The Grand Dao of Yin and the Grand Dao of Yang could be encompassed into a single Grand Dao just as it could be two separate ones. The Grand Dao of the Five Elements was the same. If it were broken down, then the Grand Dao of the Five Elements would contain five different Grand Daos. There would always be preferences as to which a cultivator focused on during their cultivation.


But for any cultivator, Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements were the foundation of the Dao, and that was because once one reached the Emperor Realm in their cultivation and condensed their Dao Seal, they would have to start refining a complete set of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements materials to split Heaven and Earth apart within their bodies to form a Small Universe.


Even the tallest building had to start with a base, so the Powers of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements were critical.


Therefore, no matter which Open Heaven Realm Master it was, or whatever type of Grand Dao they cultivated, they more or less had some experience with the Daos of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements. Only, their attainments would vary in each of them.


In Yang Kai’s case, without the gains he made at the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon back then, even though he had some attainments in the Grand Daos of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, it was merely superficial.


But now, his Yin-Yang Grand Dao was quickly nearing the Eighth Level of mastery, and the Five Elements Grand Dao was also bound to transform here.


Rich and pure primordial Dao Strengths of the Five Elements surrounded his body, but Yang Kai was not in any hurry to take it in and refine it; instead, he was silently experiencing it.


After a few moments, Yang Kai opened his eyes and shook his head slowly.


His attainments in the Five Elements Grand Dao were not very high, so at this moment, he was only able to feel the Dao Strength of the surrounding Five Elements interacting with each other and changing endlessly, but not much more.


However, he was not discouraged. Right now, it was more important to raise his attainments in this Grand Dao.


Yang Kai was starting to feel some pressure again after arriving at this place. The scouring of Dao Strength around them caused the Space-Time River, which had been coiling around him and Thunder Shadow this whole time, to become restless. This was clearly because of his lack of attainments in the Grand Dao of the Five Elements.


As before, Yang Kai opened his Small Universe’s portal and swallowed up the Dao Strength here as much as possible while refining it.


The Five Elements Dao Essence was rapidly accumulating inside of Void World.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but be reminded of the situation back then in the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, which was similar to what he was experiencing now; but there, he still had to spend some effort to capture each one of the Grand Dao Rivers. Here, it was completely different. All he had to do was devour Dao Strength.


And, as the concentration of Five Elements Dao Essence increased, more and more disciples suddenly gained enlightenment in the Void Dao Temple and hurried to cultivate in seclusion.


After some time had passed, Yang Kai felt himself reaching another bottleneck, and the Five Elements Dao Essence in his Small Universe could not increase with ease anymore. Even if he took in more Dao Strength, he wouldn’t be able to refine it.


His perception told him that his attainments in the Five Elements Grand Dao were more or less the same as his Yin-Yang Grand Dao now. Both of them stopped near the peak of the Seventh Level.


Sure enough, the Eighth Level was a firm boundary in each Grand Dao that could not be broken through so easily.


Just like before, Yang Kai created an isolated area in his Small Universe and sealed some Five Elements Dao Strength for later use.


As he had previously considered, the sealed Dao Strength of Yin and Yang could be given to Qu Hua Shang and Tao Ling Wan. If he had no use for the Dao Strength of the Five Elements after leaving this place, he could still split them with the other Masters.


There was currently a considerable number of Masters among the Human Race, and though the newly advanced High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were not weak, their accumulation of heritage was still greatly lacking when compared with the older Eighth-Order veterans, especially in terms of attainments in their Grand Daos.


The older Eighth-Order Masters had already reached the limits of their own Martial Dao and were unable to reach higher Realms, but the accumulation of experience through many years still helped to improve their perception of their own Grand Daos.


The young High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had only cultivated for a short time, especially the fine seedlings who had broken through into the Seventh Order directly. The higher the starting point, the more quickly their cultivation could improve; but one’s comprehension of their Grand Dao may not be able to keep up with such a growth rate.


Many things needed to be polished with time.


This Five Elements Dao Strength would benefit many cultivators when brought out.


As Yang Kai’s attainments in the Five Elements Grand Dao deepened, the pressure on him lessened in turn.


Yang Kai waited until he had secured enough Dao Strength of the Five Elements inside of his Small Universe before stopping and continuing to sink further.


Thunder Shadow suddenly spoke up at that moment, “According to you, Chaos divides into Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang transforms into the Five Elements, then would the next step be the Five Elements give rise to Ten Thousand Daos?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Most likely.”


Thunder Shadow was shaken, “Could such a miraculous evolution happen inside of this Infinite River?”


This was not only the evolution of the Grand Dao, but also the transformation of Heaven and Earth. What the Grand Dao showed here was equivalent to presenting the Universe’s evolution from Chaos, step by step.


Perhaps this was how the vast expanse of Heaven and Earth was created in the long-lost era of Chaos.


These were just vague speculations from Yang Kai, so he dared not make a firm deduction.


One Human and one Monster continued to sink down, and the evolution of Dao Strength around them happened just as Thunder Shadow suggested. As the Five Elements intersected and intertwined, they began to transform into Ten Thousand Daos.


The further down they went, the more brilliant the colours became. Colourful bands of all different colours gathered deep in the river, converging into a turbulent flow.


Even though he had expected it before, Yang Kai still could not help but feel complicated emotions well up within him when he saw this sight with his own eyes.


Exhaling softly, Yang Kai cheered, “Third Brother, we’re rich!”


Thunder Shadow had no time to care about him right now as he had long circulated his power to grab onto a flashing lightning ribbon, opening up his mouth wide and gulping it down.


That was naturally a manifestation of Thunder Dao Strength in its purest, most primordial state…


Thunder Shadow’s mouth was full of lightning as he chewed. Even the pattern on his fur was shimmering. While swallowing, he mumbled, “It really is convenient for you with your Small Universe.”


To devour and refine Dao Strength, Yang Kai need only open the portal to his Small Universe, but not Thunder Shadow. He was from the Monster Race and cultivated the Primal Art, so was without a Small Universe and thus only able to benefit by doing this.


Previously, he was already filled with envy when he saw Yang Kai wantonly devouring and refining the Grand Daos of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements. Now, he finally got his turn to reap some benefits.


While refining the Thunder Dao Strength, Thunder Shadow lamented, “It’s a shame that Second Brother isn’t here…”


Yang Kai had not been able to find his Human Self, Fang Tian Ci, all this while. He had no idea where the latter had hidden himself.


Though, it was just a passing lamentation. 


Thunder Shadow caught another shadowy Dao Strength ribbon and continued chewing and refining it. As for his poor Second Brother, he had long been tossed to the back of his mind.


Unlike Thunder Shadow, who was selective with what he ate, Yang Kai naturally did not reject anything that came his way, like an ocean open to all rivers.


As the portal was opened again, the colourful rivers flooded into his Small Universe. Despite putting all his effort into refining them, Yang Kai still could not keep up with the speed at which the Dao Strengths were pouring in.


The Dao Essences of all sorts of Grand Daos were constantly accumulating inside his Small Universe, and his attainments were steadily increasing.


Inside the Void Dao Temple, things had been strange recently. Firstly, a female disciple who cultivated the Yin-Yang Grand Dao suddenly gained enlightenment and sank into cultivation. Following that, another three disciples cultivating the Five Elements Grand Dao showed similar signs.


This made the other disciples very envious.


Their cultivation had long since reached the peak of the Emperor Realm, and they had also condensed their own Dao Seals and refined various materials. They were only one step away from advancing to the Open Heaven Realm.


It was just a shame that the Dao Lord never showed himself in these recent years to guide them out, so there was no way for them to leave Void World.


After reaching their cultivation realm, it would be difficult to make any further progress unless they left this world to advance to the Open Heaven Realm.


So, it was inevitable that the others would become envious as they saw these people making gains in their Grand Daos.


Recently, however, more and more disciples were gaining enlightenment, often without doing anything at all. Some were even blessed inexplicably while merely chatting idly and drinking tea with their companions, gaining a sudden understanding of mysteries they could not see through in the past.


For a while, the originally lively Void Dao Temple became extremely quiet. Practically nobody could be seen in the large Dao Temple as all of them had retreated to cultivate…


This was something that had never happened since the establishment of the Void Dao Temple tens of thousands of years ago, so it could only be described as fantastical.


In the outside world, Yang Kai was starting to feel stuffed. If he were asked to cultivate bitterly on his own, then if he had to raise any one Grand Dao to the peak of the Seventh Level, it would take at the very least hundreds, if not up to 1,000 years, even if he were to start from his current level.


However, there was no need to cultivate here. He just had to swallow up the Dao Strengths and refine them.


The pure, primordial Dao Strengths could be refined into Dao Essence and integrated into his Small Universe.


His Spear Dao quickly reached the peak of the Seventh Stage, and so did his Sword Dao, Saber Dao, and even his Dao of Spirit Arrays…


With the accumulation of all these Dao Strengths, while Yang Kai’s Small Universe may not look any different on the surface, it was completely different from before in terms of substance.


Peeking into his condition, Yang Kai could feel that even if the Dao Strengths gathered in his Small Universe did not reach 10,000, it would still likely have reached 3,000…


Nobody had ever cultivated so many Grand Daos before, much less raised so many to such a high level of mastery.


It was not out of Yang Kai’s abilities that he was able to achieve such a thing, but through the combined blessings of two unique opportunities.


The first would be the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, which paved a foundation for his 10,000 Daos, and the second was this Infinite River.


Yang Kai gained a huge harvest back then from the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon; only, he was lacking in time and had left in a hurry as soon as he ran out of cultivation materials.


Before leaving, he left a Space Beacon behind so that if he ever had the time, he could go back to it and gather more benefits he left behind in the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon.


Unfortunately, he had not been free all these years, nor did he have the energy to do such a thing; after all, to come and go from the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon would take him far too much time. Also, how would he dare to leave when the situation between the two Races was still undetermined?


But now, it seemed like he wouldn’t be needing to go to the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon again. The Infinite River’s benefits alone were enough.


In fact, the Infinite River’s benefits were even more primordial and pure in comparison, and even easier to obtain. Over at the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon, Yang Kai still needed to expend some effort and energy to find and then refine the individual Grand Dao Rivers.



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